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Trump-backed Michigan attorney general candidate involved in voting-system breach, documents show

Tennessee sheriff's deputies call one-legged homeless woman 'satanic'

What kind of vehicle is this?

Locked Up For A Finger - Lawsuit (LackLuster)

Senate Democrats push sweeping climate, health care bill as Republicans try to slow passage

CPAC Day 3 in 2 Minutes - The Lincoln Project

Temperatures rise as France tackles its worst drought on record

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats are favored according to 538.

Evening + Sunset, southern MD 8/7

Army vet sentenced to 18 months, must pay $1.3M, for stealing Fort Hood military gear

Russian Aggression Brings High Anxiety to Polish Border Towns

Iraq broils in dangerous 120-degree heat as power grid shuts down

Waxing Gibbous, 67% visible

How Breaking Bad and an Infamous Economist Can Explain the Viking Age

The "Dark Brandon" meme is probably one of the most effective repurposing of a negative slogan

TCM, 'now'

These seven GOP senators voted to keep $35 insulin cap in reconciliation bill

Leo Rojas - El Condor Pasa

Sen. Coons: Passage Of Inflation Reduction Act Will Make 'Big Difference For Majority Of Americans'

DA Fani Willis puts Lindsey Graham in his place in her motion seeking his grand jury testimony

What Did Ancient Whales See?

"Good Liars" On Overcrowding At CPAC And The Big Lie - MSNBC Reports

When Republicans Talk About Immigration, They Don't Just Mean Illegal Immigration

Fuck Amnesty International. That's all.

Juju intoduced me to this song and its now stuck in myhead in a good way!!

Why have so many Russian tycoons died suspiciously since war began?

Rep. Meeks says Senate bill is "icing on the cake" for Democrats' midterm message - Face the Nation

Bo Ramsey

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

A Message to All republicans:

Ivy League university set to rebury skulls of Black people kept for centuries

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Finland, Sweden, NATO, and the future....

Is Mark Meadows cooperating with the DOJ ?

OTM: Handle with Care

Living Under An Emboldened Anti-Abortion Regime - Velshi Across America - MSNBC

Brass Against - Forty Six & 2 (Tool Cover) ft. Sophia Urista

Monday's digit - 4/10: It's just too darn muggy. Jason, CWG

LIV Golf lawsuit shatters friendly facade among PGA Tour players. Now it's personal Opinion

Charles Booker (D Senate Candidate, KY) on Rand Paul voting down insulin cap

Imagine if Fox News cared about the missing Secret Service texts like this

South Beacon Hill residents say RV location encroaches on property line

well, i sucked at something new tonight.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren On Where the January 6th Committee Investigation Stands Now - Symone - MSNBC

'That split is decisive': Abortion amendment fails -- with unexpected help from rural Kansas voters

Arguably, The Democrats Biggest Enemy

Trouble Finds a Woman - Jenny Mitchell, featuring Tami Nielson

major flooding in flagstaff due to monsoon rains

Experts call for more public urgency on climate change - CBS Sunday Morning

Always tell the truth and you'll never have to remember anything - Mark Twain

With Sinema's help, private equity firms win relief from proposed tax hikes

Experts call for more public urgency on climate change - CBS Sunday Morning

Nick Drake: Day is Done

With Sinema's help, private equity firms win relief from proposed tax hikes

This foul-mouthed attendant at Houston's Abilities Expo was a disservice to all disabled attendees.

Metallica with Ozzy Osbourne - Iron Man and Paranoid

40 years later, a look back at the day Jim Rice saved a boy's life at Fenway Park

1st synthetic mouse embryos -- complete with beating hearts and brains -- created with no sperm, eggs


Michigan Candidate Involved in Voting System Breach

Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush)

Nine shot in Cincinnati

Republicans FURIOUS That IRS Might Crackdown On Tax Cheats - Ring of Fire

Florida Prosecutor Vows to Fight DeSantis Suspension

Congress is about to act on drug price reform. Here's what you need to know

Val Demings just made me tear up and then laugh

What quantity of feces will we accept?

Hundreds in New York May Be Infected with Polio

Thom Hartmann: How to Stop the GOP From Killing Medicare, Social Security, and Us

Project Veritas on hook for Stanford legal tab after defamation ruling

'Spiderwebs' to the rescue for Indonesia's coral reefs

Tweet of the Late Night:

Tracing the Republican Party's devolution to one man: Newt Gingrich Review

Growing cereal crops with less fertilizer

Furious Texas Paul EXPOSES Greg Abbott's latest Biden SMEAR attempt - Meidas Touch

Funny (strange) japan

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

The Destructionists: The Twenty-Five Year Crack-Up of the Republican Party

Highly Processed Foods Linked to Accelerated Cognitive Decline

Here are some items left out of new bill passed today...........

Giant Viruses Called 'Jumbo Phages' Could Help Us Fight Antibiotic Resistance

These Dwarf Galaxies Seem to Be Devoid of Dark Matter, And It Doesn't Make Sense

More than 900 US flights canceled, and 6,300 US flights delayed on Sunday

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

Michigan State Sen. Mallory McMorrow: 'What Happened In Kansas Is Going To Happen Here In Michigan.'

'Black hole police' discovered a dormant black hole outside our galaxy

Scientists measured the binding state of light and matter for the first time


The Republican plan for this weekend revealed in hacked strategy manual:

"T.C." has died.

The Q Queen's Crusade of Hatred: Marjorie Taylor Greene Corporate Casket

Millionaire Republican Senator Thinks Social Security And Medicare Cost Too Much To Sustain - Ring of Fire

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022.

Saddest Man on Youtube

Keith Jarrett: Part III from the Bordeaux Concert

Satellites Detect a Methane Ultra-emission Event from an Offshore Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Strib endorsed Witt and Hanson for Sheriff; Dimick and Winkler for County Attorney

Dori Caymmi with Dave Grusin - Hurricane Country

CPAC graphic boasts "We Are All Domestic Terrorists"

Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler And The Everly Brothers - Why Worry (live)

Donald Trump's Nominees and the Senate - WSJ Editorial

Stacey Abrams says she used to be anti-abortion. Hear what changed her mind - CNN

Sade - Keep Looking

Amid world crises, 'grotesque greed' wins out

The Studio KiIlers Live Experience

Vladimir Putin's career and what comes next John Sweeney

Joe Henderson Quintet - Recorda-Me

I am up, I'm up it is hot crabby bitchy time

'It was you!' Traffic spat turned police coverup leads to questions for DA Hayden (Boston Globe)

Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville was five years ago this week:

Biden Privately Informed Both Obama and Bush About the Strike on al-Zawahiri -- But Not Trump

The Isley Brothers - Who Loves You Better

Tiny lion cub expresses his opinions:

I don't have gray hair... I have "wisdom highlights" !

This monkey is very appreciative:

Another new Democratic voter because of Beto, Tweet:

Tiniest monkey & ducklings enjoy watermelon:

Performer booed in California for mentioning Texas

Culture wars could be a winning issue -- for Democrats

From the New York Times a photo

Wild Man Fischer: It's a Hard Business (Duet With Rosemary Clooney)

Tweet of the Day

Keep your mushroom cooties to yourself

GoFundMe raises $45000 for woman whose house was destroyed by Anne Heche

The UNUSUAL circumstances of Ivana Trump's death and burial raise questions - Meidas Touch

Monday Morning Good Mood Jazz Cafe Music to Start the Week

X-posted from the Lounge-Wild Man Fischer-It's a Hard Business (Duet With Rosemary Clooney)

May have another UTI and I'm gonna be mightily pissed if I do.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren reacts to Trump's CPAC poll numbers - CNN

Positive Morning Relaxing Jazz and Bossa Nova Music for Special Sumbuddies

sharing here to say- add to my playlist

Brigadoon (1954) Original Trailer

How could Bernie, The Chairman of the Budget Committee not know?

Apologies for my apparent strange behavior in previous lounge post.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Monkeypox

2 From 'The Dan'

Pardon me, but how am I gonna learn

Collage Photographer Uğur Gallenkuş

NY legislature passed bill designed to help put puppy mills...

Five Decades in the Making: Why It Took Congress So Long to Act on Climate

What I Found Out: Composting Bleach-free Cardboard

Does anyone here know why Florida and Ohio are no longer swing states?

China extends threatening military exercises around Taiwan

Facebook : Unable to block some groups

Breakfast Monday 8August 2022

Wordle 415 ***Spoiler Thread***

Alex Jones and his "whole world of trouble" - CBS Sunday Morning

Exclusive photos: Trump's telltale toilet

How Biden's big win in the Senate could change America and reshape his fortunes

My Bestest Friend is Gone

I had this thought about 2024 and it scares me because I want Joe and Kamala to run again.

The GOP is Viktor Orban's party now

It was not Family Separation, It was Abduction. It was a very serious crime.

On this day, August 8, 1904, Elmo Tanner was born.

Fragile cease-fire between Israel, Gaza militants holding

Killings of 4 Men in Albuquerque Leave Muslim Community in Fear

Will MoscowMitch step down by Christmas

Monday TOONs - Trump's Tired Tunes

Senate passes sweeping climate, health and tax package, putting Democrats on cusp of historic win

Fauci Flip Flop: Republican candidate tries to walk back 'Fauci should be jailed' comment.

The people behind the bizarre non-profit trying to kill Biden's climate agenda

Environmentalists worry climate legislation may lead to weakened permitting process

psssst. i did it. i sang in public.

so i did a thing.

The Rundown: August 8, 2022

Soliciting Multiversity: The Best of the Rest for October 2022

The strategists -by Tom Tomorrow

Republicans HUMILIATE themselves over pathetic "scandal" - Brian Tyler Cohen

An Arrogant Loser

I'm getting the distinct impression that Danny doesn't replenish:

This snip needs to be shoved in the faces of republican voters daily until Nov.

Inflation Reduction Act's $300 billion climate spending would benefit mostly red districts

The tie breaker from Kamala Harris makes it official. The bill is passed.

Robert Randolph has a birthday today.

2 men face new trial over scheme to kidnap Michigan governor


Man Who Made Threats Against Dr. Anthony Fauci...Sentenced to Over Three Years in Federal Prison

Trump v. Nixon: When prosecution is in the public interest

Jane Mayer on Ohio's Lurch to the Right (audio, The New Yorker Radio Hour)

If you're flying into O'Hara today, expect delays like yesterday.

Regulators approve Dominion offshore wind project

How Bad was the MAGA week; Bubba Wallace took 2nd in yesterday's NASCAR race.

Thank you President Biden: a drop in the high murder rates from the Trump years (NYTimes)

I think that I shall never see

3 ladies are sitting at the bar

YES the Trump campaign was in bed with the Russians....

What happens when a major political party commits political suicide?

In dry California, salty water creeps into key waterways

Average list price for a unit of insulin:

Senate Democratic Caucus Appreciation Thread

Exactly one year ago today I found four little kittens in my squash garden.

A little Rodney for you on a blue Monday morning.

Very Corny 🌽

Trump Asked Generals Why They Couldn't Be More Like 'Totally Loyal' Nazis, Report Claims

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

You raised $30.00 on August 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for DUer Stephanie DuBois

Roll With It

Photos Allegedly Show Trump's Handwritten Documents Clogging Up Toilet Bowls

Nixon about to resign, Oval Office tonight 1974: #NARA

Amid world crises, 'grotesque greed' wins out

You raised $120.00 on August 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

92 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

You raised $20.00 on August 7, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Ukraine

The "Big Lie" Party

Could one of our DU experts post a pic of the Real Slobfather next to his delusional

"Inflation Reduction Act" ......

You raised $10.00 on August 7, 2022 DU for Chris Jones Gov AR (defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders!)

Rejecting Christian Nationalism Is What Jesus Would Do

You raised $10.00 on August 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Rev Senator Warnock GA

The Warrior-Cop Ethos and the Stand-Around Cops in Uvalde

Rhine Within Days Of Closing To Freight Traffic; In 2018, Drought Closure Lasted Six Months

You raised $15.00 on August 7, 2022 OFFICIAL Democratic Underground for Beto O'Rourke Gov TX

Slap a Minor Threat, Bad Brains or Fugazi logo on this ready-made D.C. punk/hardcore album cover:

On gun violence, Americans need to agree on the question before figuring out solutions

In 2 Yrs, UK Water Execs Got Millions In Bonuses As Water Systems Leaked 2.4 Billion Liters/Day

You raised $10.00 on August 7, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

Giant Great Dane Has Raised Hundreds of Tiny Puppies and Kittens

Anti-abortion candidate says in recording that only God can decide the life of the mother.

Abortion rights activists want a national leader. Is Kamala Harris up to the job?

Youngkin appoints three new Va. LGBTQ+ Advisory Board members

And In Mid-Drought, Water Main Break Floods Islington W. Three Feet Of Water

Report: Michigan AG seeks special prosecutor in 2020 probe

1.9m patient records exposed in healthcare debt collector ransomware attack

Va. students warn against 'don't say gay' policies

Guy Catches Cops Lying And Forces Them To Leave - Audit the Audit

Just went out to the porch to check on the boys because it was TOO quiet. Squeee!!!!!

Chump and the Generals

With all the canceled airline flights....?

Day 7 of this job in Virginia and I am kinda beat. Feels like I'm starting to fall apart

How Improper Drug Testing Punishes Minority Mothers and the Incarcerated

Posted for heuristic purposes

Republicans look to the silver lining after their defeat in the Senate

What happened to Glenn Greenwald? The former trans ally now sides with right wing transphobia

Republicans think crying and soiling themselves is an agenda.

On August 7, 1927, actor Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer was born.

Privacy concerns awakened as Roe v Wade is overturned

the things you bump into in the irish music rabbit hole.

New Yorker Magazine: Inside the war between Trump and his generals.

Some of dis and some of dat

The centennial: Roaring Twenties Part II, kinda.

After vote, Schumer gives credit to those often overlooked and taken for granted

Abortion bans complicate access to drugs for cancer, arthritis, even ulcers

This POS should have all of his money paid / given to Ukraine and then deported to Russia...

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- August 8, 2022

Rick Santorum Plots To END Democracy Completely

The One Thing People Can Do to Keep Anyone Who Has an Abortion Out of Prison

Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. They're Being Used Anyway.

Obama beats trump yet again

"Horrifying": Gaza Assault Kills 44 Palestinians, 15 Children. Will Ceasefire End Bloodshed?

Any DUers going to confess?

Willie Carlisle has a very cool way of turning phrases and picking chords

The GOP's Trump-backed, conspiracy-peddling candidate for MI attorney general could be in deep shit

Jeff Tiedrich Tweets FTW: President Joe Gets shit done. 🤜🤛

"It Brings Hope": Colombia Inaugurates Leftist Former Guerrilla as Pres., Afro-Colombian Woman as VP

Randy Rainbow, Thoughts and Prayers

Trump Asked Aide Why His Generals Couldn't Be Like Hitler's, Book Says

I like the cut of General Milley's jib

Why has Wilber Ross escaped scrutiny? His Bank of Cyprus deals with Putin are sketchy for sure.

There are potty photos of Trump destroyed documents!

Less than half of Florida voters would choose 'polarizing' DeSantis new poll finds

U.S. sanctions crypto mixing service Tornado Cash, citing North Korea ties

Viktor Orbn Has Eroded Democracy in Hungary. Now He's Being Embraced by CPAC & American Right

Whenever I hear MAGA Freaks like Jones

I'm finally reaching that point where I'm picking dinner's ingredients from my garden

Inflation Expectations Decline Across All Horizons

FBI Corruption

Travis McMichael gets 2nd life sentence for federal hate crime conviction in Ahmaud Arbery's killing

Tiedrich tweet: now imagine what the Democrats could accomplish with more Dems

Tim Kaine has long Covid. That's not moving Congress to act.

Travis McMichael gets 2nd life sentence for federal hate crime conviction in Ahmaud Arbery's killing

After a 'near death' experience, Amtrak prepares for rapid growth

Across the Desk - S6:E4 (Special Guest - Nick Singer)

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what's in the Inflation Reduction Act....

Many of us have been there...

Kinzinger allies launch 'pro-democracy' candidate recruitment program

Why a Michigan Democratic Political Dynasty Just Fell

Water restrictions increase along the scorched border as Falcon Reservoir steadily fades

New book details conflicts between Trump and his generals - CNN

4 riding in golf cart killed in Galveston

Tell me again Repubs how Russia did not have anything to do with Trumps campaign.

My wife just called me a sex machine

Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" has the most terrifying, horrible thing I've ever read.

Amazon's iRobot Acquisition Is About More Than Just Vacuums

No more threads please about Joe Biden not running again.

Trying to read the tea leaves.

Science lesson for the day...

New Yorker: Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

TOILETGATE: Lordy, There Are Photos Of Trump's Flushed Docs

Can we keep it after it hatches??!?

Wha'tha'hay decided to treat myself well this A.M. - broke out a new shaver blade

Queen at Live Aid 1985

My wife recently became a US citizen and she just registered as a Democrat.

Conspiracy theory about 'new world order' won't save Vancouver home from foreclosure, judge rules

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals

photos from trump shredding documents and flushing them

Ann Wilson - Black Dog (Led Zeppelin cover, live at Hampton Beach, 8/18/2021)

'The new normal': how Europe is being hit by a climate-driven drought crisis

Republicans Refuse To Talk To Any Mainstream Media

I will remember this moment the rest of my life because I was so wrong.

Yet somehow Rose could not share the door with Jack:

Tim Miller: I'm Sorry, But He's Running

Attacks at Ukraine Nuclear Plant Are 'Suicidal,' U.N. Chief Warns

This Has Been An Extraordinarily Successful Two Years Legislatively - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The defense mechanism of an armadillo:

Michigan AG details Trump backers' conspiracy to break into voting equipment

Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

David McCullough has died

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille:

'Constitutional' sheriff movement escapes DeSantis' scrutiny

'On fringe social media sites, Buffalo mass shooting becomes rallying call for white supremacists'

Hungary tries to unlock funds frozen amid EU disciplinary process

Mother gorilla & her baby:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (August 8, 2022)

The GOP is Viktor Orban's party now: This isn't the new right. It's the new fascism.

Ahmaud Arbery's Killer Sentenced To Life In Prison Plus 10 Years - STATE prison

DeSantis ousted official who won't enforce abortion laws -- but is silent on sheriffs who won't

Does baseball need more of this?


Share this with everyone that you can

Vice President Kamala Devi Harris, First of Her Name, Joyful Warrior, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Tiebreaker!

your daily reminder of what the GOP opposes

HELL OF A HUNT, TWO beasties battled Monster Hunter World

Gov. Evers funds 900 miles of road fixes in 24 Counties on top of 1,770 miles of highway and more th

Crypto and the US Government Are Headed for a Decisive Showdown

Detroit ... may soon be without Black representation in Congress (AP via MSN)

Oops! Spilled the cat again!

Someday nobody will talk about Drumpf, like how LIMBOsevic has no name or "legacy"

NYT: Biden Is on a Roll That Any President Would Relish

Dance like no one is watching::

Gen. Milley drafted scathing letter of resignation to Trump after Lafayette Square

"We need to take away children."

Cross-state travel impacted by I-90 construction

Sea creatures pollinate marine plants and algae, surprising scientists

This is the wealthiest nation on Earth.

Who is this "Dark Brandon" I keep hearing about?

Dealer Markups Are Hurting Brand and Dealership Loyalty

Fall Webinar Series for UCLA Law's Safeguarding Democracy Project

Fauci awarded with rare Hutch Award, will throw ceremonial first pitch Aug. 9

Even the District Attorney Believed Joaquin Ciria Was Innocent. Why Did It Take So Long to Set Him


Abortion bans complicate access to drugs for cancer, arthritis, even ulcers

Day 8 with the new kitten

is anyone concerned about China

Climate bill vote is a chilling reminder that the GOP is a death cult

Right now, there's a woman getting grilled harder about the pills she takes

Founder of Papa Johns says the company is making worse pizzas without his 'conservative values' of

Alex Jones - Called a Crazy Idiot by Andrew Neil live on BBC

MAGA company passes off Chinese-made clothing as made in the USA

Manafort Owns Up to Passing Campaign Data to Suspected Russian Agent

Biden's Presidency is One of the Most Successful and Transformative In Decades

Making "falling in love" more than a metaphor:

Eastman is another lawyer that Trump stiffed. Serves him right, I would say.

Vote to cap insulin co-pays for private insurers lost by only 3 votes. Here is what we need to do:

Arrest Greg Abbott

Trump real estate appraiser hands over thousands of documents to N.Y. AG in civil probe

Racist cop in Mississippi goes on a power trip and assaults a handcuffed Black man.

Pet peeve #46: Cashier expects tip

Now We Know Why TFG Said: "People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once."

White woman calls police on Black man standing outside his Seattle area home

CNN: Alex Jones' texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says

TCM 'tonight'

From The Planet: Thank You 📲 To: The Voters of Georgia

Some Women 'Self-Manage' Abortions as Access Recedes

These guys are never going to stop and never going

Making super easy THC edibles. UPDATED

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral"

France in midst of 4th heat wave amid historic drought

Wildfires Are Setting Off 100-Year-Old Bombs on WWI Battlefields

David McCullough, Pittsburgh native and the 'gold standard' of narrative historians, dies at 89

Food Expiration Dates Don't Have Much Science Behind Them .

One of the skeletons in Herschel Walker's closet

Fears grow of nuclear catastrophe after attacks on power plant in Ukraine

400 Beto Supporters Show Up In Rockdale; GOP Lies About Running Him Out Of Town

Ken Burns on David McCullough

David McCullough, Best-Selling Explorer of America's Past, Dies at 89

ICYMI: The Forgotten Constitutional Weapon Against Voter Restrictions

Lindsey says gay marriage should be up to each state. But what about Artice IV of the Constitution?

Rudy trying to delay Fulton County Grand Jury testimony for "medical reasons"

How Misinformation About COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy Took Root Early On and Why It Won't Go Away

What happened to Glenn Greenwald? The former trans ally now sides with right wing transphobia

First on CNN: Alex Jones' texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says

First on CNN: Alex Jones' texts have been turned over to the January 6 committee, source says

'You are not a refugee.' Roma refugees fleeing war in Ukraine say they are suffering discrimination

The Kansas Abortion Vote Is Why Republicans Need the Supreme Court

Michael Beschloss tweet about Trump's future library:

15 States Have Backed a Suit Challenging Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Law


Distractions 08/08/2022

Distractions 08/08/2022 Posted in Photography

DC public golf courses to be renovated:

Cartoons 8/8/2022

Earth is begining to spin faster...and guess what some scientists believe is the reason.

Trump-Loving T-Shirt Maker BUSTED Removing 'Made In China' Tags To Claim They Are American

So I guess it was good to not kick Manchin and Sinema out of the party?

No, the pro lifers are not giving up

In GOP battle of Sutherland vs. Low, Democrats may tip the scale

Axios agrees to sell to Cox Enterprises for $525 million

Prosecutors offer Rudy a bus ticket after he says he can't fly.

Ukrainian-born GOP lawmaker rankles colleagues with Kyiv criticism

Chris Liebing - Bangbop / Puckelbop EP (2007) German techno, bangers

NYC mayor slams Texas governor for "horrific" busing of migrants

Full text of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley's unsent resignation letter.

Zelensky rails against 'Russian nuclear terror' after shelling of power plant

Olivia Newton-John dead at 73

TCM Schedule for Saturday 8/13/22 - Summer Under the Stars - Marlon Brando

1st sea turtle nest found on Mississippi beach since 2018

'It's so gross': NYT blasted for negative reporting on Biden

Rejecting Christian Nationalism Is What Jesus Would Do

My psychiatrist said this morning to stop beating myself up

One year after Afghanistan, spy agencies pivot toward China

Olivia Newton-John dies at 73, husband says

Republicans Have a Recruiting Problem


Gaetz and Tuckems are scared sh__less about delinquent taxes

Prosecutors offer Rudy Giuliani bus ticket after he claims he can't fly to testify

Little Marco blows the dog whistle

In Lawsuits, Ex-Employees Offer Harsh Portrait of Project Veritas

Olivia Newton-John has died at age 73, according to her family.

RIP Olivia Newton-John - from "Grease"

RIP - Olivia Newton-John - "Xanadu"

[IN MEMORIAM] Oiivia Newton-John - Please Mr. Please

RIP - Olivia Newton-John - Physical (Let's get disco)

Trump real estate appraiser hands over thousands of documents to N.Y. AG in civil probe

New deal seeks to extend truce in court battle over Columbia River salmon

Trump real estate appraiser hands over thousands of documents to N.Y. AG in civil probe

Just maybe MLB should say something about this...and set the record straight...

'Bastards and scum': Ex-Russian President Medvedev broadcasts dark Kremlin ambitions

Andrew Warren, prosecutor illegally removed by DeSantis, talks to CNN

Mike Luckovich-Biden's accomplishment will not be flushed by tFG

Iconic singer Olivia Newton-John has passed away.

In post-Roe world, economic costs of abortion restrictions could be double initial estimate

Cartoon: Lessons from Kansas By Clay Jones -August 8, 2022 12:50 PM

NYT blasted for negative reporting on Biden

Russia Starts Stripping Jetliners for Parts

MAGA elites believe Trump's base supporters are 'mindless sheep' ripe for ripoffs:

Chris Murphy posted on Twitter a Brandon meme.

CPAC Announces: 'Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are All Domestic Terrorists'

Biden "strongly approve" rating among voters age 18-29 is 1%

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden's public health declaration....

Fed up Pete Buttigieg unleashes on Republicans in must-see takedown - Brian Tyler Cohen

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlor... errr... Bartenders

Police Did Great Job, Police Say

Church's altered 'Hamilton' is followed by sermon comparing homosexuality to addiction

Jaw droppingly horrific verbal assasult of woman reporter at CPAC

Footage of a gay pool party in 1945 has surfaced online and it's pretty incredible

Gay bar tragedy: Search renewed to find victims of 1973 Upstairs Lounge fire

Aunt Crabby Tweet:

Awkward: Trump Kisses Rejected By Swimming Champion

School district slaps warning labels on books with LGBTQ characters

On the lighter side Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Is Suing Him

RNC tries to make fun of Biden for.........basic decency.

Olivia Newton John - Banks of the Ohio (VIDEO)

RIP - Olivia Newton John - Sam

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam: Black Cow (live cover of Steely Dan song)

Amnesty International (probably): Russia puts Ukrainian POW's head on pike. Ukraine's fault.

Truth Social fighting Google.

How Antigovernment Extremists and QAnon took over the Southern Border


RIP...Olivia Newton John - Let Me Be There

Maximus workers in Hattiesburg strike again, calling out timed bathroom breaks and COVID-19 policies

Paul Manafort admits sharing info with the Russians during 2016 Trump campaign Raw Story

'She is a legend': California fire lookout, 73, dies in McKinney Fire

Maximus workers in Hattiesburg strike again, calling out timed bathroom breaks and COVID-19 policies

My two Trumper brothers

WTF moment in history: Straw Hat men

Anyone else having Paxlovid rebound?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 8, 2022

Remember Miles Taylor? Anonymous...Effective Jan 6 witness??

Caption this....

Stunning New Yorker piece on Trump's war with his own generals

John Travolta, Randal Kleiser, George Takei, Gabrielle Union and More Pay Tribute

Gov. DeSantis targets 'woke' prosecutors, but 'constitutional' sheriff movement escape scrutiny

What is it with Nicole Wallace?

70% of the earth is

AZ Senate 'audit' leaders Doug Logan and Ben Cotton are facing a Michigan criminal probe

Awe. Olivia Newton-John has died. Tribute thread?

1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John has died at age 73

Anyone live in Wilmington?

Russia exported Fear and Division to the US & now Russia is drowning in them

cat knocks tfg off shelf. good kitty.

Norfolk (Nebraska) mother and daughter accused of illegal abortion, burning and burying body

Why did Amnesty Int. ignore my warnings...

Fire at Cuba oil facility spreads as 3rd tank ignites

British-Australian 1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John has died at age 73

Revolting Cocks - (Let's Get) Physical [Original Banned Mix] Fan Video + full length version

Medical Gaslighting

John Stoehr: Time for a revival of the democratic imagination

BREAKING: Trump-endorsed PA gov. nominee Doug Mastriano to appear before the @January6thCmte tomor

Doug Mastriano, Trump ally and candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, to appear before January 6...

First, Covid... then Monkeypox... then polio...

To Withdraw Money From an IRA Without a Penalty, Try a '72(t)' Plan--but Carefully

glass octopus with a clear body seen swimming near the Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean

New poll shows Val Demings, Marco Rubio tied in Florida's U.S. Senate race

On Ari this Evening - special Report

If the GOBers are in a tizzy over raising our taxes in the new bill?

On Freedom, Why Our Ancestors Fought For It For Us, Why We Must Invoke Them

Nebraska governor cancels special session intended to further restrict a woman's access to a legal a

Defending the IRS expansion

Nebraska Lawmakers Aren't Willing To Pass An Abortion Ban, Governor Says

This Is Why Lots Of Scottish People Hate Donald Trump

Question on Blink cameras -

FL congress cand Laura Loomer: "Just like Jesus stormed those temple courts and flipped over those

This is Persey. He was accused of stealing a shoe and is currently in air jail awaiting bail.

Don't forget, today is International Cat Day.

Trump Said He Wanted Generals to Be Loyal to Him Like Nazis Were to Hitler

Klaatu - Little Neutrino

Arthur keeps adding to his list of accomplishments

Tim Scott says Democrats will allow abortions up to 52 weeks!!!?!11

RIP - Olivia Newton-John - I Honestly Love You

Trump says Feds are searching Mar-a-Lago!!!!!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 9: Summer Under the Stars: William Holden

Breaking according to Slobby FBI raiding Mar-o- Lardo

Why these billionaires are funding a massive treasure hunt in Greenland (CNN)

MSNBC is reporting Chump said FBI agents

FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago in document investigation

My day just got waaaaayyyyy better! FBI raided Trump lol.

RAID!!! I hope they get those pesky goons?

FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago!!!

Hillary on the phone

Keep In Mind - Tr**p Is Not The President.....

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 10: Summer Under the Stars: Greta Garbo

go to Google and search for "cat"

Two-Legged Puppy Was So Lonely Until She Met The Perfect Match

Cop Brutalizes Black Man In Handcuffs, Goes Viral - The Damage Report

Don't Get To Excited About This Raid.....

FBI raid on the 1st business day after the Sen Whitehouse/Wray chat?

Documenta's Anti-Semitism Controversy, Explained: How a German Art Show Became the Year's Most Conte

The Kansas Abortion Vote Is Why Republicans Need the Supreme Court

Nikki Fried Sets the Record Straight on Florida Republicans and Known Hate Group

LMAO...Fox Has to show this.

Need recommendation on a slow cooker

Need recommendation on a slow cooker

So uh... for all the Garland doubters, what flavor crow y'all want?

Note to Republicans: I went to bat for one of you today.

I wonder who's not having their residence raided today?

NYT saying raid was about classified documents

Boosting radical Trumpists in primaries will turn out to be a great strategy for Democrats

and when they don't find anything, after a year and a half when they should have done the raid,

Kyle Griffin on Twitter - The FBI search appeared to be focused on material that Trump brought with

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Giuliani Says He Can't Fly To Testify, So Prosecutors Offer Him A Bus Ticket

"Chilling": 4 of the most shocking revelations from a new book about Trump's war with his generals

Just hopped on Free Republic

So the FBI are in Trump's home

I bet that orange idiot is throwing ketchup now

What are Republican leaders saying?

The DOJ must have had solid proof what they were looking for was there.

Raise your hand if your house was not just raided by the FBI

Stephen Harper support of Conservative Leadership candidate Poilievre does not pay off:

Hillary right now...

Trump Asked Aide Why His Generals Couldn't Be Like Hitler's, Book Says

They can't get to Biden or Harris. Probably not the Clintons or the Obamas. So on who does he sic

Is CPAC Still Going On - Or Did It End This Weekend?....

Let's talk about what they had to do to get that search warrant, what it means, and what we'll be ab

Just a reminder, removing, taking, stealing, classified documents is a serious felony.

I'm just as excited at the prospect of the FBI

How much money will tfg be hauling in with the MAGA ATM tonight?

Did the FBI bring Roto-Rooter with them on the raid at Trump's home?

did DeSantis know about the search warrant?

Biden surveys flood damage in Kentucky, pledges more US help

Tweet of the Evening:

MSNBC Is Televising A Helicopter Over M-A-L....

Kidd Valley announces closure of original 1976 restaurant in University District

Jesse Watters having a major meltdown on Faux

Excerpts from Kansas Anti Abortion "Concession"

the treason squad is losing thier minds

The FBI is raiding Donald Trump's home at Mar-o-Lago. The alleged Criminal In Chief may pay now!