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Lovely rant Tweety

We need to protect reforms we've made to rein in excessive risk on Wall Street, like Dodd-Frank


The False Perot-Trump Comparison, Yet Why I Hope Trump Doesn't Go 3rd Party


Barney Frank: Warren wrong on Glass-Steagall

Protestors Disrupt Bernie Sanders Netroots Nation Speech

Here's how we ALL can help prove and support #BlackLivesMatter TODAY:

Spain and Chile will host next-generation gamma-ray observatory

Spain and Chile will host next-generation gamma-ray observatory

Justice Department Approves AT&T-DirecTV Merger

I wanted to give a big up to this thread ...

Huffington Post: Hammon Becomes The First Female Coach To Win NBA Summer League Title

Jobs agency Gov. Scott Walker led dogged by allegations of shoddy lending, political influence

If Hillary is playing the so-called #gendercard, what cards are Republicans holding?

Hey Republicans! "National Socialism" was NOT left wing...despite that word....

I don't care what the circumstances are, Senator Bernie Sanders has earned respect

Democratic Party Machinery Shows Rust

WoW-35 Bernie Volunteer Organizing Events on July 29 w/in 100 miles of Chico, CA!!!

Why I Introduced a Motion Against the Confederate Flag at the NEA Convention

No action taken on Confederate monument after more than two hours of discussion (NC)

Bipartisan Debate Falters Over Removal of Confederate Battle Flag From Federal Land

5 reasons Bernie would be a better president than Hillary

Bulloch County Commission hears opinions on Confederate monument (GA)

President Obama Perfectly Explains Why Republicans Are Stuck With Donald Trump

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! What’s In Your Wallet? & a new Kitteh gif

Thank you Skinner!

Looking Back at the Creation of the County’s Confederate Memorials (MD)

Right-wing memes

Nevada County senior is first reported West Nile death in California this year

More children live in poverty today than during the 2008 recession: Nearly two million extra U.S. yo

How The Reddit Debacle Proves Libertarians Wrong

2fer: Dan RATHER/CBS movie. & LIMBOsevic sez 10-12 *only* of us are driving his sponsors away.

End the restraining order against Alex White Plume

Took me about 3 seconds but this cartoon fits this Forum to a "T"

4 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Racism Right Now

Feminists Fought Back Against Anti-Abortion Extremists in Alabama Last Week

Feminists Fought Back Against Anti-Abortion Extremists in Alabama Last Week

Supervisors take action on San Onofre emergency planning

Feminists Fought Back Against Anti-Abortion Extremists in Alabama Last Week

Canada: college professor fired after anti-gay post on Facebook

Americans’ Economic Confidence Gets Whacked

Facebook must hand over New York users' info to prosecutors, court rules

Today in Herstory: National Woman’s Party Begins ERA Campaign (21 july 1923) STILL NOT done!

Today in Herstory: National Woman’s Party Begins ERA Campaign (21 july 1923) STILL NOT DONE!

Author E.L. Doctorow has died

New York panel set to make recommendations on minimum fast-food wage

Al-Qaeda operative Muhsin al-Fadhli killed in air strike: Pentagon

Wall Street Suddenly Scrambles to Buy Doctors, “Leverage” Their Patients

North Korea upgrades missile tower for possible October launch: Yonhap

I just got blocked from the BS group...though I will wear his credentials on Election Day.

It was racial profiling. Sandra Bland made that lane change to let the cop who was tailing her pass.

LGBT anti-discrimination bill aims to extend Civil Rights Act protections

Bernie Sanders Is More Pro-Latino Than You

Tomorrow night Rachel interviews...Rick Santorum!!!

Need help. When I hit "My Inbox" At the top of the page

Bernie Sanders’ Tough Talk Fires Up Thousands In Conservative Texas

American Backstab: Sarah Palin's Second Betrayal of John McCain

X-posted AP Story! Jobs agency Gov. Scott Walker led dogged by allegations of shoddy lending, politi

Hillary Clinton Responds To 'Gender Card' Dig: 'Mitch McConnell Really Doesn't Get It'

Trailer for the new season of Fargo

Saw George Pataki today

Monumental decision: Who should be honored in place of the Confederates? (LA)

"What happens when a dying consumer economy has...borrowed all the debt it's capable of absorbing?"

What Christie and Trump have in common and maybe we should be concerned with it.

I have just lost a friend and the world lost a giant of song, stage and film

How the South skews America

Conservative news anchor’s message to Obama goes viral

Remains of Nazi Doctor's Experiment Victims Found

Officers Arrested in 1986 Burning Death of U.S. Student in Chile

Officers Arrested in 1986 Burning Death of U.S. Student in Chile

Why the GOP Primary Is Doomed by the Free Market

Jesse Ventura calls Bernie Sanders his "hero," and...

Why Obama is ‘close’ to opposing the death penalty, according to a long-time associate

‘Reign of terror’: An online troll destroys a family’s offline life.

What do you listen to? Looking for Music. Esp. Pandora users.

Vox: Hillary Clinton is not a great campaigner, but she's mastered the art of inside politics:

New York museum opens exhibition devoted to internet cats

Hillary Proposes Tax Credit For Businesses That Share Profits

7-21-15 The More Things Change… in 2:00

7-21-15 The More Things Change… in 2:00

7-21-15 The More Things Change… in 2:00

New indictments again Kelos and son....

1,000 New York City Airport Workers to Go on Strike Wednesday: Union

1,000 New York City Airport Workers to Go on Strike Wednesday: Union

1,000 New York City Airport Workers to Go on Strike Wednesday: Union

Paid trolls on DU.

What proposals have been floated by Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding Ferguson and police violence?

Should fleur de lis meet confederate flag’s fate?

Should fleur de lis meet confederate flag’s fate?

So lets get this straight...Hillary and Bill made some questionable 'racist' comments in 2008

Barack on The Daily Show right now.

Louisiana leaders want firms to adjust the state's ratings to boost bond sales for I-49 expansion

Dutch city of Utrecht to experiment with a universal, unconditional 'basic income'

Rereading: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

Win Dinner With Hillary!

Rand Paul wants to do away with the "payroll tax".

Bernie just commented on Sandra Bland. No link yet. On FB.

BARBARA LEE & BERNIE SANDERS, Speeches, The War in Afghanistan & The War on the Middle Class 2010

Wow!!! 32 Years Before Marriage Equality, Bernie Sanders Fought For Gay Rights

Deputy foreign minister warns Europe to stop funding left-wing groups

Why Is the NY Times Basically Doing a Blackout on Bernie Sanders?

Benjamin Franklin:

Missouri to investigate Planned Parenthood following video controversy

32 years Before Marriage Equality Bernie Sanders Fought For Gay Rights

So it's a pile on by progressives of the most progressive candidate out there

Palestinian village undergoing 'ethnic cleansing' by Israel

Relax, they are not with me.

What's this about not lowering the flag?

July 25, Biden - Day of Action

The bag was Still there?

Mr. President: While commuting the 46 drug sentences, you might have also freed Leonard Peltier

What they call terrorism--and what they don't

KFC's new commercials

My late night Fantasy: President Obama at Bill Cosby’s door

Tony Romo’s sacked fantasy football event in Vegas sues the NFL

Here's a good target for financial regulation: leveraged ETNs

El Chapo documentary starting on PBS

Kasich's Them and Us Moment

Back when Canada passed its marriage-equality legislation,

Fr. Robert Barron among new Los Angeles auxiliary bishops

As Burundians Vote in Presidential Election, Many Are Afraid to Pick a Side

This Is The Most Important Passage In Ta-Nehisi Coates's New Book

News Flash: Sandra Bland Arrest Video is Doctored!

The Challenge for White Liberals

Gay Church Will "Burn" in Augusta, GA

The Sandra Bland Dashcam Video Is Beyond Edited, It's Totally Bogus

I clicked on a link about Trump, and somehow this came up:

Gay Church Will "Burn" in Augusta, GA


Donald Trump Is Fox News Incarnate

Does it seem like there is war brewing over the confederate flag?

Texas Is A Big State; Expect It To Eventually Play A Big Role In Democratic Party Politics

I left to take a break from here primarily due to the vitroil in combination with misplaced anger

Would BLM protesters have interrupted Hillary had she been at Netroots?

Breaking: Trump Leads GOP Field; No Slump After Attacks On McCain

Dear white progressives: Stop telling black people how to vote

Texas to Look Into Alleged Edits of Dashcam Video

How about them Royals

Union Official: Trump to Tour Texas-Mexico Border

Former lobbyist gets new UNM job despite 3 DWIs

I gave up Ayn Rand for Bernie Sanders: How I grew up and traded libertarianism for a progressive “so

On Bernie's Twitter, how to tell if it's him or staff.

Daily Holidays - July 22

CA Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom releases report on guidelines for marijuana legalization

Bernie Sanders: Nicaragua Interview (8/8/1985)

Why haven't we seen more black people at Sanders rallies?

Do you think the Democratic candidates would have noticeably different outcomes in office?

US air strike in Syria 'kills Khorasan leader Muhsin al-Fadhli'

Black Lives Matter. Yes. Really. Black Lives Matter. The numbers. The facts.

Help Color of Change hire a private investigator into the Bland death

Officials: Oil Train Didn't Speed Before Montana Derailment

Senator Cantwell joins Senator Warren in introducing new version of Glass-Steagall

Welfare 'Reform' Program Punishes Mom for Daughter's Brain Cancer

FBI has agreed to joint investigation with TX Rangers in Bland's "death"

Apple just lost $62 billion in value in three minutes

Bill Cosby seeks court sanctions against accuser over deposition leak

Fashion faceoff

It took a week to remember

Texas Lawmaker Wants People To Be Able To Carry Guns In Hospitals

Fellow Loungers, I'm proud to say that I stood up for our honor!

Ole Miss one of six colleges with controversial Confederate building names

Turkish man, 20, carried out Syria border bombing: official

Social Security: What Would Happen If the Trust Funds Ran Out?

Christy Mack Says War Machine Used "Arsenal" Of MMA Skills To Hurt Her

Criminal charges in accidental shootings nonexistent

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Dominated by the Don

Donor's insurance - so you have more than enough to retire on etc. but worry about worst case

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Jackson: No need to reveal donors to 2024 bid foes

"Lawyer: Tennessee shooter's uncle detained in Jordan"

Tony Blair is to blame for the rise of Jeremy Corbyn

Texas SBOE Rejects Charter School Bid By Out-of-State Corporate Network.

Tony Blair warns against moving left as Jeremy Corbyn leads poll

Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture

the green eyed monster strikes again …. whoa nellie ….

Well lookie lookie - I switched from Morning JoeScum to CNN

FGM affects females in every local authority in England and Wales - study

Daily Kos - Sandra Bland Video Loops, Not Real

Satellite Finally Up 1 Million Miles Away To View And Study Both the Sun and the Big Blue Marble

Live Negative Advertising....

South Dakota man heads to trial in harassment of Indian kids

Reich calls out media for slanted, de minimis coverage of enthusiasm for Bernie

South Dakota man heads to trial in harassment of Indian kids

The Case for a Tax on Financial Transactions

FYI - "Hillary Dodges Questions on Climate, Keystone and Fracking in Facebook Q&A"

Video shows cops beating alleged pizza thief as he raises arms to surrender inside Brooklyn grocery

New Satellite One Million Miles Up Will Study Sun And Earth's Climate

Donald Trump gets Twitter punked......again.

Saskatchewan man says treatment of confederate flag unfair, files complaint

Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal

Despite intentions, flying Confederate flag hurtful (LTTE)

Chocoholics International

Do you wish your progressive cause was better funded? (fear money issue)

American Christianity Has Been Hijacked

The myth of the trigger happy vigilante

White House honors 12 faith leaders as climate-change ‘champions’

Take a relaxing 2 hour canal journey

"non-white Dem voters give Clinton a net favorable rating of 77 points. Sanders’ net rating 19pts

Dire Warnings from the man who should be Bernie's VP

Julian Assange: Wikileaks is 'Drowning in Material'

Iran says it won't accept curbs to nuclear program beyond 10 years

SPIEGEL Interview with Julian Assange: 'We Are Drowning in Material'

Senate plan would eliminate one housing allowance for married military couples

'Ragtime' author E.L. Doctorow dies in New York at 84

E.L. Doctorow, RIP.

Dear Democratic Party and some at DU

Weapons: American Made AK-47s

Virginia man finds $4,500 in box of chicken at Bojangles' restaurant

Trump's new OPED - Admit It: You People Want To See How Far This Goes, Don’t You?

We will not become GDP gay version

Dear MSM,stop calling Sandra Blands arrest a "routine traffic stop".

Meet the Former Janitor Who Scrimped to Give $1,000 to Hillary Clinton

Bernie posted about Sandra Bland's death on Facebook and called out police behavior

They have a version of Florida Man in Pennsylvania...

I have a question about hummingbird feeders.

Did you know that Bernie was actually one of the very first #BlackLivesMatter activists? In 1962!

Apple Watch outselling iPhone and iPad launch numbers.

Diversity Hiring Campaign Staff Estimates

What I learned about Shark Week.

Is everyone enjoying Donald Trump as much as I am?

No Harley-Davidson endorsement for Scott Walker & Walker shows off his H-D boots

The guy behind Trump....

Old news: Marriage website changed after Enquirer report

Holy #$%$%^%!

Love this! The Lego prosthetic arm that children can create and hack themselves

Why Doesn't Bernie Sanders Run on a Truly Socialist Platform?

John Kerry 'walked away three times' from nuclear talks with Iran

Nearly No Consequences For Drunk Executives Who Poured Beer On Native American Children’s Heads

Someone I grew up with is pelting me with this link...I (think) I need y'all's help (again)

Top Conservative Magazine Calls Bernie Sanders a Nazi-The Young Turks

McConnell's hiwy bill has spec interests up in arms, may have to work wkend

Breaking - African-American Andre Anderson to be named interim Police Chief in

How come?

Best Bathing Suits for the Mature Figure

Got some devastating news yesterday - I have Multiple Sclerosis

US home sales surge in June to fastest pace in 8-plus years

CA Dem. Rep. Barbara Lee: Bernie Sanders' Message "Resonating", "Galvanizing Progressives"

Martin O’Malley’s Link Between Climate Change and ISIS Isn’t Crazy

Walker’s Total Destruction in Wisconsin

Which GOP hopeful would be the toughest candidate?

Whippersnapper: urban or rural legend, or people use to say that ?

Conspiracy theorists have hijacked the GOP

Apple Plunge Erases $38 Billion as Product Concern Resurfaces

Tax break passes as gov't faces another shutdown

Just saw a police report that the Michigan Militia is on guard at the local recruitment office

Question about who to list as a job reference:

Hypocrite Jeb Bush Speech Denouncing Lobbyists Was Organized By Corporate Lobbying Group

Jeb Bush Speech Denouncing Lobbyists Was Organized By Corporate Lobbying Group (July 20)

I just tried watching J.K. Simmons in "Whiplash." I couldn't take more than 2 minutes of it.

Think tank tells EU: Target Israeli banks dealing with settlements

How Trump will "gracefully" leave the GOP primary.

Need suggestions on what kind of thingy to get

GOP spending bill rider targets Dodd-Frank / Sanders wants transaction tax

After the third rail, there's a fourth, then a fifth, then. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

ok...i want to weigh in about #BLM

If they were just armed they would be alive today . . . Really?

Conservatives Are Furious Trump Is Distracting From Planned Parenthood

Genuine GOOD NEWS! New book by Dr. Seuss!!!

Ferguson Hiring Black Police Chief To Lead Force

Republicans Are Upset That Martin O'Malley Cited Actual Science On Climate Change And Conflict.

Health officials kill FDA proposal to curb mercury dental fillings

Obama gives Iran hawks the smackdown they so richly deserve: They bungled Iraq, and they’ve....

In feat of endurance, swimming Coast Guardsman single-handedly saves 4 from sea

Boosting gas mileage by turning engine heat into electricity

W's big money backers also behind brother Jeb!

who hates/fears clowns? (coulrophobia) I do........nt

Florida Gun Shop Now "Muslim Free Zone"-The Young Turks

Conspiracy theorists have hijacked the GOP: What happens when Trump, Cruz & Carson start following..

Dumb people doing dumb things

Thanks, Donald Trump! How his insane campaign and (fingers crossed) third-party bid dooms the GOP

Subprime education? ..... The student loan revolt

SoP Alerts

Possible Lion Spotted Roaming the Streets of Milwaukee

(Edited:Changed bad title) - Lost in translation

Alaska to continue wolf kill so hunters will have more moose to shoot

Ted Cruz hopes to inherit Donald Trump’s supporters — after Trump’s inevitable defeat

Martin O’Malley’s Link Between Climate Change and ISIS Isn’t Crazy.

New Horizons Captures Two of Pluto's Smaller Moons

Black Lives Matter Confronts Sanders And O'Mally At NN15 - David Dayen Discusses

Federal judge rejects Parnell-era push to open ANWR

Muslims Raised Over $100,000 To Help Rebuild Black Churches In The South

Clinton trails top three Repubs in latest Q poll

Martin O’Malley’s Link Between Climate Change and ISIS Isn’t Crazy.

NASA’s New Horizons Finds Second Mountain Range in Pluto’s ‘Heart’

Reddit makes SPLC for "most violent racist internet content",replacing Stormfront.

Canadian scientists are building a system that could turn atmospheric Co2 into fuel

New battery technologies take on lithium-ion

Texas DPS: "VIDEO IS NOT EDITED" (local news, just now)

Ferguson Names Glendale, Ariz. Commander Interim Police Chief

BDS Opponents Launch "Campus Maccabees" to Fight Student Divestment Efforts

WATCH: NYPD officers beat young black man who had his hands up over allegedly-stolen pizza

Ferguson Names Glendale, Ariz. Commander Interim Police Chief

'Ragtime’ Author E.L. Doctorow Dies At Age 84

State trooper who arrested Sandra Bland is ‘the Donald Trump of traffic cops,’ pastor says

How San Diego Is a Petri Dish for the ALEC Agenda

'Sovereign citizen’ arrested after twice trying to grab one of six loaded guns in his Confederate

Why Hillary Clinton and her rivals are struggling to grasp Black Lives Matter

Appeals Court OKs Throwing Out Strict North Dakota Anti-Abortion Lawle title

(Retired) U.S. Intelligence Officials Demand that Obama Release MH-17 Intel

Not everyone thinks that Bernie Sanders is the best choice

Bernie Sanders’ Amazing Parallels to John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy

5 things to remember about John Kasich

Hillary Clinton’s Corporate Donors Revealed; It’s Not Pretty

First same sex couple issued marriage license in Houston County, Alabama

Texas officials say video of Sandra Bland traffic stop not edited

On Twitter or Facebook? Show support for Planned Parenthood

Thoughts on email providers

President Obama: ‘I’m Issuing a New Executive Order That Jon Stewart Cannot Leave the Show’

Between 2011 and 2014, voter applications submitted by NC agencies plummeted by 69%

The campaign to ignore neo-liberal economic destruction

Pakistan Supreme Court suspends Asia Bibi death sentence

"How come only Alex Jones will listen to me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Jerome Corsi!!!

Obama slams ‘lobbyists, money’ working against his Iran deal

Luckovich - NRA Logic

WARNING! ALERT! If you are BLACK and live in the United States READ THIS WARNING

Wolfgang Schauble, the Hero of the Greek Austerity Crisis?

Just who IS this Robert Reich who supports Sanders? Prepare to be impressed!

The local news

Bernie Sanders pushes $15 federal minimum wage

Gallup: American Conservatives Turn On Pope Francis

Charleston Shooting Suspect Roof To Be Indicted On Federal Hate Crime Charges

"I think Trump likes me. . . . It must be my intelligence." . . . Please come CAPTION Scott Walker!!

All The Content On Donald Trump's Wikipedia Page Was Just Deleted

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Bill Cosby's Fat Albert

Here we go again...

I really value our seniors at DU

I thought you might all appreciate this post.

John Conyers: Let Americans know what's in their food

1 Map Shows How Many Hours You Need to Work Minimum Wage to Rent an Apartment in Any State

Elizabeth Warren Nails GOP Financial Exec

Meet Dr. Caroline VanSickle: Feminist Biologist

Meet Dr.Caroline VanSickle: Feminist Biologist

Pic Of The Moment: Keeping Up With The Republicans -- Recap!

Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism | #GRITtv

Have you pulled over because you saw a cop behind you (before he turned on the lights)?

Luckovich: Trump

Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on Marijuana?

Some steps to cleaning up police problems:

GOP Debate Will Be All About Trump

A stronger middle class is not the consequence of economic growth,

CNN panel explodes ex-cop says Bland died 'arrogant from - beginning'

Chuck Schumer Gets Media Shy?

Verbatim: Marco Rubio Says the President ‘Has No Class’

#BernieSoBlack creator explains why he's so frustrated with Sanders's supporters

Black Republicans.

GOP Tries to Limit Damage from Trump

Admit It: You People Want To See How Far This Goes, Don’t You? by Donald Trump

This is a win-win for Savage...

George W. Bush Donors Embrace Jeb’s Bid

IKEA recalls 27 million chests, dressers after the deaths of 2 children

Bernie addresses Sandra Bland's arrest:

Verbatim: Marco Rubio Says the President ‘Has No Class’

Drones capture 9 stunning aerial images

Could the Individual Mandate Increase Obamacare’s Popularity?

Did anyone else notice how the piece of shit Texas DPS trooper who assualted Sandra Bland led her

Will the White House disappoint on H-1B displacements?

Waller County Texas: Racist by design

Just saw Donald Trump driving down the road campaigning..

In Scott Walker's state, Democrats seek outsourcing penalties

Should NICS be available to private transactions?

a little bit about sandra bland and waller county:

Mysterious haze seen above Ceres' weird bright spots


BREAKING: Bernie Running As Well, Or Stronger, Than HRC In Key Swing States

The Quinnipiac poll destroys the 2016 memo

Scott Walker Resorts To Public Shaming For Welfare Recipients

North Carolina newspaper .. News and Observer toon

Martin O'Malley, in a statement Wednesday, called for a full investigation into Sandra Bland's death

This is what democracy looks like under the command and control of the 1%...

With all the conventional wisdom the republican candidates are a complete mess of a clown car

Does Hillary Have a Swing-State Problem?

NEWS: Sanders Introduces Bill for $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage

And to round out the top three candidates, Clinton addresses Sandra Bland

So many new businesses in my city go up on two roads which are already WAY too crowded and congested

Percentage of contributions from small donors...

Hilarious video - first moon party

UPDATE...Event: Louisiana Rally with Bernie Sanders on 7/26/15

Israeli brothers jailed for Jewish-Arab school arson

Saudi King Salman to visit United States in the fall: Carter

Judge stops bong-a-thon near Stoner; Sheriff plans to post deputies at site

Link to Obama on Jon Stewart yesterday - both were fascinating

GOP vows to free Wall Street of safeguards, accountability - By Steve Benen

Mesmerising Instagram space photos show iconic world landmarks as they've never been seen before

O’Malley draws RNC scorn over Syria, climate - By Steve Benen

sickening woman at NYC parking lot

Lindsey Graham has apparently been taking lessons from Rand Paul...

Behold: The Five DINOs of the Apocalypse

With a Cell Phone and a Meat Cleaver, Graham Responds to Trump

Folks, that new swing state poll wasn't good news for any of our candidates. Better be an outlier

Obama reminds Iran deal critics: credibility counts

Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley spotlight Sandra Bland arrest video

Australia vs Pluto

If new battleground-state polls are correct...

Report: Rupert Murdoch Wants Fox To 'Back Off The Trump Coverage'

BNR - 'As Bernie Rises The Attacks Get Ugly' & 'Sanders Setting Example For U.K. Progressives'

Cops Pull Over a Confederate "Sovereign Citizen" and His Six Loaded Weapons. Not dead.

Blast from the past: Atlantic City Woman Enjoys Victory Over Donald Trump (1998)

I'm Becoming a Democrat Today

Loony-left front-runner for Britain’s Labour leader gives anti-Zionism a bad name

Barack in 1995

Need help with Facebook post - re Chattanooga

Trump Shenanigans Shown to be Helping Democrats

The thing about Trump that worries

Things that look like Trump:

It ain't over til it's over: America's wars drag on no matter what officials say

Two versions: Jimi and Stevie-Voodoo Child

Elon James White posts answer to his detractors on DKos.

GOP takes Orwellian-speak to new lows w/misogynistic "First Amendment Defense Act"

Report: Rupert Murdoch Wants Fox To 'Back Off The Trump Coverage'

Great news! Dylann Roof expected to be indicted for federal hate crimes this afternoon

Ben Carson Is Concerned That U.S. Federal Prisons Are Too Comfortable

Lawmakers: VA hid details as budget crisis loomed

Watch Lindsey Graham Set His Cell Phone On Fire And Stick It In A Blender (VIDEO)

Obama administration is in end stages of finalizing plan to close prison at Guantanamo Bay

NY Times Editorial: The Campaign of Deception Against Planned Parenthood

Google Is Scouring to Find Out What's in Your Genes

Guilty of not signaling; and not putting out her cigarrette.

Musical break for a Wednesday.

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 22, 2015

GOP takes Orwellian-speak to new lows w/discrimininatory "First Amendment Defense Act"

Under Kremlin pressure, 'undesirable' U.S. charity pulls out of Russia

Sandra Bland Dashcam video

"Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids" from Tom the Dancing Bug

Plan to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison in the Works

Study: When Human Consumption Slows, Planet Earth Can Heal

When we stand together, we will always win.

Russia: Novaya Gazeta newspaper critical of Putin faces closure after warning about foul language

Consensus Among GOP Candidates: Let The Planet Die

Arizona drug-tested 87,000 welfare recipients and found they are flushing taxpayer dollars

How Co-ops Helped Produce Foot Soldiers for Civil Rights

Hillary Clinton Back to Iowa for 3 Days on July 25-27, 2015

LePage court challenge keeps Democrats and Republicans united

DU became a powerful forum fighting a bad war, NOW we can fight - and win this time - to avoid one

Earth elements dictate whether plate tectonics can happen

This Measure of Copper Is Another Bad Omen for the Commodities Meltdown

New York panel recommends $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers

Task force wants $50 million in tax breaks for new St. Louis stadium

How long do you think it will take for my Bernie Sanders swag to arrive?

Deputy FM Hotovely Moves Against Anti-Israel NGO’s

You go first, Kasich

O'Malley speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner

O'Malley speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner

Memo to Sanders supporters

US Military and its Historical impact

Not everyone in the AA community is down on Bernie. "Ol Bernie Sanders For President"

Yeah, about that Quinnipiac poll ...

I don't need Sandra Bland's death to have been a murder. There's still the question of 'justice'.

Rep Wieland's ACA suit could force insurance companies to track customers’ views on religion and sex

What is the single most important issue that you require the Democratic Nominee to address?

Let's be clear - silence re black lives won't save white lives

Urgent to NYers! Chuck & the Iran deal

Nice White Dad Mysteriously Dies In Police Custody, We Can Talk Police Brutality Now?

Panama: Another Former Right-Wing Minister Arrested

Climate Change Reduces Coral Reefs’ Ability to Protect Coasts

Mark Shields: Scott Walker Has a ‘Lingering’ Resemblance to Sarah Palin

Florida Man Knocks Self Out Head-Butting Bus

Donald Trump Loses Fight With Scots Over Wind Farm

OK, now I am making a Greek pizza (or so I am calling it).

1,200 guns, two tons ammo, and the connection with a missing persons case. Really weird backstory.

It's OK To Bash Military Service Record As Long As It Is A Democrat.

Twinkie leverage, a tale of contemporary capitalism

Do you think Sandra Bland was murdered?

Upcoming Lincoln Chafee events

Short video of my brother's pet chickens grazing on crabgrass

WATCH: NYPD officers beat young black man who had his hands up over allegedly-stolen pizza

Upcoming Candidate Events

ToS violations?

Authorities find human remains found in car after 43 years

UC system will raise minimum wage to $15 an hour

The Police Tactic To Avoid Liability For Murder

Five images from the arboretum.

New York Fast Food Workers On Passage Of The $15 Wage: ‘It’s A Dream Come True’

Apple is playing a shell game with watch sales

Today's Bloom County takes on Trump

Ms Bland: "You slammed my head on the ground" and "Thank you for recording" - Video

Man who landed gyrocopter at Capitol rejects 10-month deal

Bipolar bears have more fun.

FEC Discloses Donald Trump's Full Net Worth In 92 Page Report

Rick Perry: Still Searching for Competent Thinking???

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder warns presidential candidates: ‘We will shut down every single debate’

Carl Perkins and friends-Blue Suede Shoes

Brady gives up - "Action against Lucky Gunner over online ammo sales dropped"

Jeb Bush: “My plan to invade Iraq is about heritage, not oil.”

Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States

Young Hondurans Lead Unprecedented Anti-Corruption Movement

JVP Dissociates Itself From Alison Weir

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job

Fox News could have all the candidates in the debate if they wanted to.

2012 ~ Bernie Sanders: United Against The War On Women

Two questions: did Sandra Bland die as a result of a concussion sustained when she hit the ground?

Have you ever known or gone to a psychic who you believe had some real psychic ability?

Trump Entertainment Loses Bid to Silence Union Campaign

A little music for all the Republicans who want to go to war.

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job

Trump Entertainment Loses Bid to Silence Union Campaign

If Trump builds a wall on the Mexican border......

Trump Entertainment Loses Bid to Silence Union Campaign

Martin O'Malley: Obscure but not implausible

Scott Walker to speak at #ALEC meet-up in San Diago

Martin O'Malley: Obscure but not implausible

I will vote for Bernie Sanders, even though in my heart I know he cannot win

HC at New Hampshire on C-Span

Leading NY lawmaker found guilty of lying to FBI

"Hillary Clinton attends Fox Chapel fundraiser as poll numbers sag"

Rick Perry Calls Donald Trump a Cancer and Carnival Act

How big of a shitstorm when Obama closes Guantanamo??

Donald Trump Remaking the GOP In His Own Image

Begging Primary-focused DUers…….please take a minute

Daughter of Earth Day Founder resigns from WI Public Land Agency

Kitteh cat or mountain lion, other? video at link is from Milwaukee

US Targets Venezuela Using Border Dispute as Pretext

DKos-Sandra Bland dashcam footage: not edited

Cuba's athletes keep defecting, despite a new era in US-Cuba relations

Re: Sandra Bland. Man awarded $12 million after being denied epilepsy meds while in prison,

Rand Paul introduces amendment to defund Planned Parenthood

The annual ritual . . .

Act Blue.....acting red?

How big of an issue is "police brutality"?

Oh! Bernie coming up on The Ed Show.

The Gekas amendment.

Qualcomm cuts workforce by 15%; stock turns down

Donald Trump Grows Tired Of Rick Perry Using Him For Free Airtime

Can someone please tell me how to stop the damn telemarketing calls I get at least 5 times a day?

Hot Topics at ALEC's 2015 Meeting in San Diego

NYT: Labor and Employers Join in Opposition to a Health Care Tax

Bernie Sanders goes on strike in minimum wage fight (video)

I suppose it depends on your point of view.

A Question Hillary is Going to be Asked since her Campaign raised it in the First Place:

NYT: Labor and Employers Join in Opposition to a Health Care Tax

NYT: Labor and Employers Join in Opposition to a Health Care Tax

This GOP race is turning into a game of King On The Mountain with all players trying to take out

David Blaine Is A Demon

Major labor dispute at NYC airports averted

Major labor dispute at NYC airports averted

Police: Man arrested for possessing gun near Biden event

Major labor dispute at NYC airports averted

Russian Beauty Queen's Title Revoked Because Turns Out She's A Neo-Nazi

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 July 2015

Abandoned Indonesian Temple Looks an Awful Lot Like a Chicken

Martin O'Malley Clashes With GOP Over Link Between Climate Change, Islamic State-Bloomberg

Black lives matter

PPP Nat'l Poll-HRC 57% SBS 22% JW 5% LC 3% M0 2%/Leads all Repugs by 3-13

Wait a sec ... wasn't Lake McConaughy supposed to be lower than normal this year?

Martin O'Malley Clashes With GOP Over Link Between Climate Change, Islamic State-Bloomberg

Donald Trump's 92-page financial disclosure released

OK, maybe I'm just too old to come to grips but:

Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police ...

Clinton's greatest strength is with African Americans- 82% support for nomination to 6% for Sanders,

Chris Rock posts selfies getting pulled over by police three times in seven weeks (TYT)

Harry Reid says Planned Parenthood vids politically motivated yet doesn't indicate fed law broken

Capitalism is White Privilege, White Privilege is Capitalism.

Judges bans Newsweek from courthouse in Aurora movie shooting trial

Several big U.S. cities see homicide rates surge

Has anyone heard from woomewithscience lately?

Republicans have an All-Star bench of presidential candidates

Crazy Cruz & phony libertarian Paul to add PP defunding riders to highway bill

Woman who died in cell mentioned previous suicide attempt

HELP! Need Some DU "Test Market" Expertise on Explaining Gerrymandering to Young People

Report: Social Security disability fund to run dry next year

White folks dont need to see this, but Black folks "The Negro Motorist Green Book"

Bernie speaking today on institutionalized racism, Black Lives Matter, and criminal justice reform

New petition to stop defunding of Planned Parenthood

Martin O'Malley Clashes With GOP Over Link Between Climate Change, Islamic State-Bloomberg

Here's Bernie speaking today on systemic racism, police reform, and criminal justice reform

today's Bloom County Trump's dog

Guatemala mayoral candidate, guards shot dead

Scooby Doo and...who?

Report: Navy officer and Marine fired upon Chattanooga gunman

At request of 11 GOP senators, DOJ to review PP vid / Defunding bills / 49 senators back probe

Elizabeth Warren — Let’s Have A Serious Discussion About Medical Marijuana

NYS Senator Libous Convicted!

What if very minor traffic violations were more like Red Light cams?

Bernie speaking today on institutionalized racism, Black Lives Matter, and criminal justice reform


Grated cauliflower 'fried rice'.

Martin O'Malley on Latinos' Top Issues: Immigration, Education, Economy, and Healthcare

That cretin, Marco Rubio, said "Barack Obama has no class."

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question,

Blackface performer plans fundraiser for 6 indicted officers

Survey: 3 Republicans would beat Clinton in Iowa

Pic post from Dallas - Volunteers stand with Bernie

Pic post from Dallas - Volunteers stand with Bernie

DPS tries to ease concerns over dashcam video in Sandra Bland stop

Pic post from Dallas - Volunteers stand with Bernie

This made me vomit faster than a comet...

Fox And Friends: Clear The Waters During Surfing Competitions To Prevent Shark Attacks

Hero tuba player trolls entire KKK march with doofy music

Hang on Jamaica, hang on

Preg Workers Fairness Act / EACH Woman Act / PBO contracep reg / 21stC Cures Act anti-choice rider

Mom of McKinney pool party organizer faces eviction from Craig Ranch

Should citizens always be submissive to law enforcement officers?

Unraveling the axis of stupid: How Iran deal sends neocons, exceptionalists and Fox News xenophobes

What happened to Craigslist? I used to sell stuff there with no problem, but now it seems totally

The internet equivalent of Venereal Disease

Western Massachusetts mental health workers go on strike

Western Massachusetts mental health workers go on strike

Western Massachusetts mental health workers go on strike

Obama administration OKs Arctic drilling, but imposes big constraints on Shell

Accusations of "Cultural Appropriation": A thoroughly racist concept that needs to go away.

Tweety was really defending President Obama today

A step closer to returning, Blue Bell turns on the machines for test runs at Alabama plant