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Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:05 PM Jul 2015

Right-wing memes

This is what Black Lives Matters is protesting about.


Michael Laray Dozer
Bakersfield, CA: Dozer was allegedly acting erratically at a gas station when he walked towards an officer. Finding him to appear "aggressive," the officer shot and killed him.

He was 26 years old.


Baytown, TX: A woman called 911 to report that Gregoire had kicked in her back door, which may have been his own residence, and attacked her with a pole. He reportedly left and returned again. Deputy Bradley Hasley spotted Gregoire exiting the house and tasered him. Gregoire fell, reportedly removed the probes and then allegedly "charged" Bradley, who then tasered him again. When EMS arrived to treat the woman, Hasley says he noticed Gregoire appeared "unresponsive." He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was 26 years old.

George V. King
Baltimore, MD: King spent the night in the hospital for a reaction to dental work medication. After an unknown procedure, and possibly taking Keppra the next day, King allegedly became "agitated and combative" about not being immediately released. Two officers arrived and tasered King once while 5-10 hospital workers tried to secure him to a gurney. He resisted, was drive-stunned four times, and was given a sedative. He suffered a cardiac arrest, went into a coma and died 7-8 days later.

He was 19 years old.

Dominique Franklin Jr.
Chicago, IL: Police pursued Franklin after suspecting him of robbing a store. They tasered him twice, causing him to fall headfirst into a streetlight. Franklin died several weeks later.

He was 23 years old.

Emerson Clayton Jr.
Alexander City, AL: An officer responding to calls of a fight at a local restaurant found Clayton in his car and revving the engine. The officer fatally shot Clayton, and was later cleared of wrongdoing by a grand jury despite significant protests.

He was 21 years old.
Rondre Lamar Hornbeak
Ardmore, OK: Police were called for a domestic assault. Hornbeak was arrested and was transported to jail. Upon arrival Hornbeak was unresponsive. Rondre’s passion for life was his family. He was an aide to them in every way possible.

He was 38 years old.

Tommy Yancy
Imperial, CA: Five California Highway Patrolmen pulled Tommy over for a missing front license plate. They attacked him with a K9 unit, tasered him, and then beat him to death.

He was 32 years old.


Barnesville, GA: An on-duty officer struck Justin Sullivan and Quentin Byrd as the two were crossing a highway around 1 a.m. The officer was treated for injuries at a nearby hospital.

Quentin was 21 years old.


Yvette Smith
Bastrop, TX: Bastrop deputies responded to a 911 call regarding gunshots. Yvette was shot when coming out the door at the direction of the police. They may have believed she had a gun, though she did not. The Sheriff's department initially claimed that she was disregarding officer commands, but later retracted that statement. The officer has been indicted.

She was 47 years old.


John H. Crawford III
Beavercreek, OH: Crawford was killed after police were called into a Wal-Mart for reports of a man walking through the store with a rifle. It wasn't a real gun but a BB gun from the store.

He was 22 years old.


Tamir E. Rice
Cleveland, OH: Tamir was in a park playing with a BB gun. A caller reported that a male was point a pistol at random people, stating twice that the gun was "probably fake". Police pulled up within 10 feet from Tamir and shot him two seconds later in the abdomen. Neither officer administered first aid, instead arresting Tamir's sister who rushed to his aid. Tamir didn't receive first aid until four minutes later from a deputy who was nearby. He died soon after.

He was 12 years old.


Tanisha Anderson
Cleveland, OH: Anderson suffered from schizophrenia, and officers agreed with the family that she should be taken to a medical center for evaluation. When officers cuffed Anderson and tried to place her inside their vehicle she allegedly resisted. Officers then tasered her and tackled her to the ground, forcing her head onto the ground. Anderson became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

She was 37 years old.

Zikarious Flint
Columbus, GA: Campus police received reports that Flint was seen loading a gun. Officers responded and Flint fled on foot. Officers fatally shot him in the back and the back of the neck. Flint turned out to be unarmed.

He was 20 years old.

Charles Goodridge
Cypress, TX: Off-duty deputy constable Francisco Ruiz was working security for his apartment complex and encountered Goodridge, unarmed and walking on the property where he had lived for nine years until recently evicted. Ruiz says he attempted to arrest Goodridge for allegedly trespassing. Witness David Hall says that Goodridge pushed Ruiz away. The deputy says he chased him and there was a scuffle. He then shot Goodridge twice in the stomach.


He was 53 years old.


Christopher McCray
Fayetteville, NC: McCray ran into the road on the highway around 8pm and a trooper hit him with his car.

He was 17 years old.


Juan May
Duncanville, TX: May was shot by an off-duty police sergeant after the two got in an argument and then a fight in the parking lot of a restaurant. The shooting is still under investigation, but the sergeant has returned to work.

He was 45 years old.


Jacqueline Nichols
Flint, MI: An officer was in pursuit of a suspect when he ran a stop sign and collided with Nichols' vehicle, killing Nichols.

She was 64 years old.

Methuen, MA: A 19-year-veteran of the local police was not only drunk during his head-on collision, unlicensed, with an open container and drunk-driving priors, but witnesses saw him trying to flee the scene, then he provided a false name to an investigator in another department. Paula died in the crash and his sister was seriously injured. The officer was charged with felony motor-vehicle homicide and lesser charges.

He was 26 years old.


Vernicia Woodard
Hapeville, GA: Woodard was fatally shot multiple times by her former boyfriend, an Atlanta police officer named Tahreem Zeus Rana. After being caught trying to fly to Mexico, Rana faced charges of murder, kidnapping, and a charge of arson for setting Woodard's dead body on fire in an attempt to obscure evidence.

She was 26 years old.


Cameron Tillman
Houma, LA: Police received call that armed individuals had entered an abandoned house. When they knocked on the door, Cameron Tillman, a high school freshman and talented athlete with a 3.7 grade point average opened the door and was shot four or five times. The local sheriff said Cameron came to the door with a gun in his hand, but that was later changed to say a BB gun was found "in close proximity" to his body. The teens say the BB gun was on the table.

Cameron was alive for at least 45 minutes, according to the family's lawyer. But the police offered no medical assistance. The investigation is ongoing, but two months on, the four other boys in the house say they still haven't been interviewed.

He was 14 years old.


Jordan Baker
Houston, TX: An officer saw Baker riding his bike through Northwest Houston strip mall parking lot and looking into local businesses. Mistaking him for a robber, the officer approached Jordan and asked to see his identification. Jordan allegedly 'scuffled' with the officer and ran away. The officer chased Jordan, cornered him in an alley and then shot and killed him claiming Jordan had charged at him. "Jordan does everything for his son. His son is his life," his mother said after his death. The officer was later cleared of all wrongdoing by a grand jury.

He was 26 years old.

David Andre Scott
Jacksonville, FL: David was shot 21 times after he came out of an apartment building holding what SWAT team members thought was a gun. Officers say the object David Scott was holding was actually a box stuffed in a black sock.

He was 28 years old.


Latandra Ellington
Ocala, FL: Latandra Ellington, an inmate at the time, turned up dead 10 days after writing a letter to her aunt that detailed how a Lowell corrections officer — she knew him only as “Sgt. Q” — had repeatedly threatened to beat and kill her.

She was 36 years old.


Rumain Brisbon
Phoenix, AZ: Police looking for a burglary suspect approached Brisbon, who fled on foot. When caught, Brisbon reached into his pocket. Believing Brisbon to possess a gun in his pocket, the officer fired two shots. The item in Brisbon's pocket turned out to be a bottle of pills.

He was 34 years old.

And many, many more.

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Right-wing memes (Original Post) BainsBane Jul 2015 OP
k&r ibegurpard Jul 2015 #1
K&R. n/t FSogol Jul 2015 #2
... Bobbie Jo Jul 2015 #3
Some people just don't get it BainsBane or they do get it and just don't give a flying fuck. William769 Jul 2015 #4
I'd really like to see any threads or posts here passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #25
Only people with a guilty conscious will take offense at my post. William769 Jul 2015 #30
You are pretty good at generalization that has strong implications passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #31
If you weren't offended by my post, you sure have a funny way of saying it. William769 Jul 2015 #34
As usual passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #35
The one this OP is responding to BainsBane Jul 2015 #33
I'm not seeing a reference to a DU thread in the OP passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #37
No, it would be locked as meta BainsBane Jul 2015 #52
Holy cow. murielm99 Jul 2015 #40
I don't believe in coincidence passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #43
You have gone off the deep end with murielm99 Jul 2015 #46
My responses had nothing to do with the OP passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #47
The crap is flying from people calling Black Lives Matters a right-wing meme BainsBane Jul 2015 #55
No, you "don't all get it." All you have to do is read around here to see that.. thankfully some Cha Jul 2015 #57
Because they support Sanders? BainsBane Jul 2015 #63
Every OP that argues that this is about Bernie ... JoePhilly Jul 2015 #64
Exactly nt BainsBane Jul 2015 #69
This Sanders supporter awoke_in_2003 Jul 2015 #70
I am sure there are some people who don't get it passiveporcupine Jul 2015 #71
You're referring to Republicans/Rightwingers, correct? Martin Eden Jul 2015 #67
Electing Bernie is the only way, only serious chance we have, of stopping these horrors. Zorra Jul 2015 #5
Noooo. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #8
Here is the origin of the meme. Zorra Jul 2015 #10
There are plenty of meme's out there, sheshe2 Jul 2015 #12
Fine. Let's stop the brutality and horror by electing people Zorra Jul 2015 #16
I plan to. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #19
So do I, she. Cha Jul 2015 #24
I am tired on the East Coast. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #41
I just saw it last night, she..and took notes.. I know I should have Cha Jul 2015 #44
love you..gotta sleep as well. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #48
Just something to take with you.. lol Cha Jul 2015 #50
Dayum. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #51
PS sheshe2 Jul 2015 #13
That other poster said as much BainsBane Jul 2015 #28
And, wow.. brave was a Bernie supporter until Sat when Cha Jul 2015 #49
It's is incredible that you actually believe that BainsBane Jul 2015 #27
I think some of his supporters have pretty much determined BainsBane Jul 2015 #20
Well, then, unfortunately, the African American community will have to wait another Zorra Jul 2015 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author CANDO Jul 2015 #39
Too many. George II Jul 2015 #6
Tears Baines. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #7
Thank you, Black Lives Do Matter Iliyah Jul 2015 #9
OK. I'll call it sarge43 Jul 2015 #11
K & R SunSeeker Jul 2015 #14
Beautiful and tragic photo essay, BainsBane. calimary Jul 2015 #15
And it has been gong on for so, annabanana Jul 2015 #17
K&R mcar Jul 2015 #18
It makes my stomach turn. blackspade Jul 2015 #21
Thank you so much for shining a Light on these Black Lives, who were taken from us because they Cha Jul 2015 #23
... historylovr Jul 2015 #26
So poignant ismnotwasm Jul 2015 #29
These are not right wing memes. These are victims of cop murder. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #32
Incredibly powerful photo essay, my friend ... NanceGreggs Jul 2015 #36
Big ole' kick. Agschmid Jul 2015 #38
k&r Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #42
We need a top to bottom review of the entire system.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #45
There is also local jurisdiction BainsBane Jul 2015 #53
They made that argument during the Civil Rights Era.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #54
For God's sake BainsBane Jul 2015 #56
The ENTIRE government must abide by the Law of the Land.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #59
Yes, but not all laws are federal BainsBane Jul 2015 #60
They have to abide by the chain of command.... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #61
... okasha Jul 2015 #58
Kickety kick kick. Scuba Jul 2015 #62
and if people don't see why black folks are sick and tired of this shit Quayblue Jul 2015 #65
Sadly, that's only a few. progressoid Jul 2015 #66
Yes, and the site this info came from is only for 2014 BainsBane Jul 2015 #68
Kick BainsBane Jul 2015 #72


(55,142 posts)
4. Some people just don't get it BainsBane or they do get it and just don't give a flying fuck.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:14 PM
Jul 2015

Which is all I'll ever ever need to know about those people.


(8,175 posts)
25. I'd really like to see any threads or posts here
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:57 PM
Jul 2015

where DUers don't get it. We all get it. And for you to try to imply we don't get it, or don't give a fuck, because we support Sanders, is ingenuous at best.


(55,142 posts)
30. Only people with a guilty conscious will take offense at my post.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:14 PM
Jul 2015

BTW no one was targeted by my post it was just a generalization.


(8,175 posts)
31. You are pretty good at generalization that has strong implications
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:25 PM
Jul 2015

But the point is, I'm not offended by your post. I'm just saying you are flat out wrong.


(53,010 posts)
52. No, it would be locked as meta
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:28 AM
Jul 2015

and I choose to focus on the issue rather than the poster/s, but you should be able to tell by looking at the active threads in GD-P.


(8,175 posts)
43. I don't believe in coincidence
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:54 PM
Jul 2015

There has been too much crap flying around here lately concerning BLM, NN and Bernie not supporting AA's.


(30,712 posts)
46. You have gone off the deep end with
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:58 PM
Jul 2015

your support of Bernie. You need to come up for air.

The OP was very moving. Your responses are in poor taste, to say the least.


(8,175 posts)
47. My responses had nothing to do with the OP
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:00 AM
Jul 2015

They had to do with Williams post...he knows what I'm talking about.


(53,010 posts)
55. The crap is flying from people calling Black Lives Matters a right-wing meme
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 01:22 AM
Jul 2015

It's not a coincidence. It's a hostile display of white privilege, and even worse. Some of Sanders supporters seem to think he is owed support by African Americans, and they think nothing of insulting those voters and everyone else in the process. Sanders stumbled at Netroots, and he likely would learn from the mistake, except some of his supporters are determined he not learn, that he not figure out how to more adeptly address protesters and people of color. Why is that, I wonder? Do they not believe elected officials should have to answer questions from citizens and that instead the role of the citizenry is to serve great men? Or are they simply believe Sanders and themselves superior to the rest of the human race and therefore everyone else should submit themselves to their rule?

If voters don't automatically fall in line, they are a right-wing plant. You seem to think African Americans owe Sanders and the rest of you their allegiance. They do not. They have every right to question Sanders, O'Malley, Clinton, Webb and every other elected official. They have every right to protest the epidemic of police killings of black people, and that some are concerned that those protests may make one politician look bad shows precisely what their priorities are. When people argue Black Lives Matters are a "meme" or right-wing, when they insist African American voters who ask about what candidates will do to address the concerns of their community are "Lee Atwaters," they reveal an unflattering side of themselves.

I am done with such people coopting the words leftism and progressivism, when it is clear that they are anything but. There is a deep seeded right-wing ideology at work, but it isn't on the part of Black Lives Matter. I don't give a shit who anyone supports for president, but I do care that they work to muzzle activists fighting to save human lives.

One of the most incredible parts of this is people think this is actually helping Sanders, when it is doing the opposite. Some of Sanders supporters have effectively declared war on Black Lives Matters over Twitter. In the process, they are ensuring that Sanders does not gain AA support, and in fact they are costing him supporters. How they can't see this is inconceivable to me. The only explanation I can come up with is that their sense of entitlement is so impenetrable, they can't imagine how what any one else thinks could possibly be legitimate. Whatever it is, it makes me physically ill.


(296,709 posts)
57. No, you "don't all get it." All you have to do is read around here to see that.. thankfully some
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 01:30 AM
Jul 2015

of them have been hidden.


(53,010 posts)
63. Because they support Sanders?
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 10:37 AM
Jul 2015

Some Sanders supporters have tried to point out the problems, and they have been attacked as a result.


(27,787 posts)
64. Every OP that argues that this is about Bernie ...
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 10:43 AM
Jul 2015

... demonstrates that the OP, and many responding in agreement, don't get it.



(34,582 posts)
70. This Sanders supporter
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 09:41 PM
Jul 2015

thinks you are either ignorant or purposely being obtuse. It doesn't take much looking to see that some white DUers, in fact, do not "get it". For the record, I am a white, middle aged male.


(8,175 posts)
71. I am sure there are some people who don't get it
Thu Jul 23, 2015, 01:07 AM
Jul 2015

even here on DU. But I think most people here do. I think there is a problem in communications here and it's causing both sides to feel "attacked" and not understood.

I just finished reading another post where a link was posted to a black woman at the NN meeting who said she felt threatened by a Sanders supporter because he kept insisting Bernie gets it because of his history of civic support.

Now I was not there and we can only go by her words, but she probably really felt that way, and I understand that and wish it hadn't happened. But what I'm feeling here from the AA community is that they think all of Bernie supporters think that only fixing the economic issues in this country will fix this racial problem that is killing blacks. No...it won't, and they have a right to scream and they have a right to disrupt meetings and debates with their concerns until they hear a message that reaches them.

I get that. I am not upset with what happened at NN. I am upset that so many people here keep insisting that Sanders supporters "don't" get it and are racist. I don't believe that either. I think part of the communication problem is that Sander's supporters know that Bernie is the kind of guy who will fight for everyone, for every wrong, including changing this damn racist system of policing and jailing and targeting and killing blacks. I understand that he hasn't been addressing this enough in his speeches, but that's only because he hasn't been talking to enough POC audiences, so he's focused mainly on the issue of economic inequality (which really will help everyone, even if it doesn't fix the race problem). See, we see the side of Bernie that has a huge heart and care about everyone. I think he might have addressed the race issue in his speech at NN if he had been allowed to talk. He wasn't allowed. You don't know what he would have said, had he had time to finish his speech.

I personally believe Sanders cares about POC a lot more than Clinton does. And because of that, and because I also care very much about POC and I strongly believe that Black Lives Matter and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops until things are changed...but I believe that people who say Sanders doesn't get it and so they will vote for Hillary, are voting against their own best interest...because he is the one that will in fact, address this issue of racial profiling and using low income black communities to fill our for profit prison system.

That's why we want to defend him so much. Because we believe the voting for him is in your best interest (not because of his stance on economic inequality or education) but because he really does damned care. And I don't want you voting for him because he will help me. He won't. I'm already on SS, so raising the min wage will not help me. Offering free college will not help me. It's all of you I want to see those things for. I don't want you to vote for him because I want him to win...I want you to vote for him because he will help you...all POC more than any other candidate we have running.

I wish you guys could understand this. I really really care about you and want to see things fixed. For everyone!

And getting money out of politics is also a huge issue that he knows needs to be dealt with right away, because until you do that, you won't see the changes that we need to see to fix all these social problems. Because right now the man owns the system and he wants a lot of poor people and scapegoats to misdirect the anger of other low or middle class people.

We need someone in the white house who sees and understands ALL of this.

This is not a rant. This is a plea to please try to understand that we Sanders supporters are on your side and only frustrated because we don't see Hillary as a solution to any of the major problems facing this country right now...not economically, not socially...except maybe on women's issues. But Bernie supports all progressive women's issues too.

Bernie is asking the POC to talk to him to help him understand what he can do to start to help them. Please don't just shut him out. Talk to him. Give him a chance.

Martin Eden

(12,841 posts)
67. You're referring to Republicans/Rightwingers, correct?
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 01:37 PM
Jul 2015

Sometimes it helps to clarify, just so DUers don't think you're referring to them.

For the record:
I "get" it as much as an American of European descent can "get" it. There are many forms of injustice in this country that require action (not just rhetoric), and police brutality/killings/mass incarceration of African Americans needs to be a high priority.

The question we should be asking ourselves is which Democratic candidate is best on this issue and the other forms of injustice, based on their public record and steadfast commitment to policies that will make a difference?

If our discussion is not based on substance, then what's going on here?


(27,670 posts)
5. Electing Bernie is the only way, only serious chance we have, of stopping these horrors.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:20 PM
Jul 2015

The meme begun by the right wing is that he doesn't get it.


(83,607 posts)
12. There are plenty of meme's out there,
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:50 PM
Jul 2015

they don't all come from the GOP.

There is a lot of talk here about wedge issues, AA, Women, PoC.LGBT are all called wedge issues. I am not a wedge issue.


(27,670 posts)
16. Fine. Let's stop the brutality and horror by electing people
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:11 PM
Jul 2015

who will actually take serious effective action to stop it.


(296,709 posts)
24. So do I, she.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:45 PM
Jul 2015

Hillary was talking about racial inequality on June 20, 2015 in San Francisco at the Conference of Mayors..

Started out talking about the massacre in Charleston that had just happened.. and making good eloquent case for common sense gun laws. Receiving a standing ovation!

"We need to tackle this problem With urgency and conviction. Mentions President Obama kindly 3 times.

"..Take racist violence head on.. struggle with racism is far from finished.."

"Race remains a deep fault line in America.. states racial inequality.

"Can't hide from hard truths on racial injustice.."

Poignant story about about Debbie Dills.. I didn't know that.

Encourages "Cities against racism.. and preventing gun violence.."

We have to be too "Too busy to hate" "Need more love and kindness in this country."

No wonder Hillary is doing so with the African American Community on the whole.. she really speaks to them.

JaneyVee http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=463135


(83,607 posts)
41. I am tired on the East Coast.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:48 PM
Jul 2015

I love your energy in Hawaii.

Thank you for your awesome response, Cha!


(296,709 posts)
44. I just saw it last night, she..and took notes.. I know I should have
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:56 PM
Jul 2015


But, I can really see her as President of our Country..

I can imagine you're tired way the heck over there EST.. I only had 51/2 hrs last night so I won't be lasting as long as I usually do.

Aloha and take good care, she


(296,709 posts)
50. Just something to take with you.. lol
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:11 AM
Jul 2015

TheObamaDiary.com ?@TheObamaDiary
President talks with Jon Stewart between segments of The Daily Show (Photo by @PeteSouza)
3:13 PM - 21 Jul 2015 36 36 Retweets
24 24 favorites



(83,607 posts)
51. Dayum.
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:16 AM
Jul 2015

Jon is no comedian there. He is all business.

Fabulous image Cha. Thank you. Gotta run.


(83,607 posts)
13. PS
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:00 PM
Jul 2015

I did not read leve's thread.

They already made up my mind where they stand when they came into the AA group and called 1StrongBlackMan a Lee Atwater type several times over, and a fake black man.

You know why he was called that? He dared ask the question about his life mattering and where the candidates stand.

I guess 1Strongs concerns are a meme.


(53,010 posts)
28. That other poster said as much
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:06 PM
Jul 2015

to 1strongblackman at the time, a couple of times actually. I guess he's taken to calling Bravenak Lee Atwater too.
When those are Sanders supporters, who needs detractors?


(296,709 posts)
49. And, wow.. brave was a Bernie supporter until Sat when
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:05 AM
Jul 2015

all hell broke loose against the Black Community.. after #BlackLivesMatters Protested NRN.. and their supporters started calling out Sanders for the way he conducted himself.



(53,010 posts)
27. It's is incredible that you actually believe that
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:04 PM
Jul 2015

It is not a "meme." Black Lives matters predates those media stories by more than a year. The notion that you would so summarily dismiss concerns of activists fighting for human lives is incredible to me. All because you think this helps a politician? It does not. It does great damage to him. I have seen Sanders lose two AA supporters this week on this site alone. Do you know how few black people there are on DU? Imagine that magnified throughout the black community. The right-wing ideology is the notion that those BLM protesters are "evil," a term that other OP used, or plants. Black Lives Matters have a right to protest. African Americans have a right to question candidates. They are not inferior to you, your friends, or Bernie Sanders. That you would so summarily dismiss basic civil rights and human rights is horrific. All this because you think it helps Bernie? You all couldn't do more to derail his candidacy if you had tries. And you think you are actually helping him?


(53,010 posts)
20. I think some of his supporters have pretty much determined
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:29 PM
Jul 2015

that won't be happening now. People can't degrade a movement for the very lives of the single most reliable Democratic voting block and then expect to get them to vote for one's candidate. We have seen racism rear its head in order to promote what some clearly see as the far more important matter of one man's political fortunes. The well has been poisoned. People have showed black voters and the rest of us what they really are, and I feel pretty sure I'm not alone in wanting none of it. I stand up for racial justice and equality, and I stand in absolute opposition to those who denounce that in order to promote a single man's career. This will not be forgotten, ever. Either people are all too willing to throw every semblance of principle out the window, or they are finally revealing who they really are. Whichever it is, it is deplorable. That event might have simply been a stumble for Sanders, but some of his supporters took to Twitter and social media to show their contempt for African Americans and in the process--I predict--destroyed Sanders electoral chances.


(27,670 posts)
22. Well, then, unfortunately, the African American community will have to wait another
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:36 PM
Jul 2015

four, or more, years to get another chance to elect a determined candidate who will actually address their issues to their satisfaction.

Response to BainsBane (Reply #20)


(83,607 posts)
7. Tears Baines.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:31 PM
Jul 2015

Thank you for posting this reminder of all the callous needless murders, and yes that is what they are. Deaths the PD have caused.

So painful to see the truth. It is time that people wake up and DEMAND that this end. Black Lives Matter to many of us, it should matter to all of us.


(28,940 posts)
11. OK. I'll call it
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 09:49 PM
Jul 2015

It is lynching. Particularly hideous because members of a stratum of government are doing it and for the most part getting away with it.


(81,066 posts)
15. Beautiful and tragic photo essay, BainsBane.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:05 PM
Jul 2015

Black Lives MATTER. It goes FAR beyond just economic issues. The best example I suppose would be Sandra Bland. She was on her way to a JOB when she was stopped, and we all know the rest of that story.

All I can do, as a white woman, is to try to relate most intensely and personally - as a mom. Every time I kiss my son goodbye, I don't have to worry as much about whether he'll come home safely at the end of the day. Shit happens, but ordinarily, that's not my inner terror. However, a black mother faces that EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!!! What would it feel like to have that running through the back of your mind every time you kissed YOUR kid goodbye for the day? What would it feel like to glance up at the clock multiple times a day while your boy is out, at school or a job or whatever - and you automatically start worrying about where he is, what's happened to him, is he okay, is he safe, will I see him again, ALIVE, by dinnertime tonight? I can't imagine what it's like to LIVE that. And a black mother does. Every minute of every day.

And I get that. MAN-OH-MAN do I get that.

Black fathers worry like that, too, I'm certain. But I'm not a dad so I'm gonna naturally identify more with another mom. And shit - the really awful thing there is - those black fathers are all in constant danger, too. To me, as a fairly sheltered white woman, that's a lot of what the Black Lives Matter imperative means to me. It goes WAAAAAAAAY beyond just economics.


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21. It makes my stomach turn.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:33 PM
Jul 2015

All of these folks killed for being black by the gang in blue.
Your right, the RW meme that they somehow brought it on themselves is disgusting.

Black lives matter.


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23. Thank you so much for shining a Light on these Black Lives, who were taken from us because they
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 10:41 PM
Jul 2015

were murdered by Police. Heartbreaking

Is someone accusing #BlackLivesMatter of using rw memes?

Mahalo Bains



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32. These are not right wing memes. These are victims of cop murder.
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:26 PM
Jul 2015

But I'm glad to see you post this. And I'm glad the Internet has been doing what local DA's and Chiefs of police are failing to do--hold the pigs responsible. Once Twitter gets hold of these fucks, their lives change overnight, and for the worse. It's no substitute for throwing them in prison just like any other murderer, but it does lend to a grim sense of satisfaction.


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36. Incredibly powerful photo essay, my friend ...
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:33 PM
Jul 2015

... insightful, thought-provoking, and eloquent in its entirety.


Spitfire of ATJ

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45. We need a top to bottom review of the entire system....
Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:57 PM
Jul 2015

Law Enforcement is the exclusive purview of the Executive Branch so the President has the power to do that.

This includes the people incarcerated.

This is part of the reason the Right is in a lather over Obama going to a prison. He has the power to pardon millions of people.

We also need a review of the use of Grand Juries as they have obviously become corrupted.

Cops are acting like they have a license to kill. They need to know that they can go to jail too. That goes for the DA's offices all over the country. Imagine reading that a DA is going to jail for attempting to conceal a crime.

The only other thing that gets slippery is the judges. That's a separate branch of government.


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53. There is also local jurisdiction
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:40 AM
Jul 2015

DOJ has the power to investigate and sanction via lawsuit local police departments, but it doesn't have direct control. that falls to mayors, county sheriffs, and governors in the case of state police.


Spitfire of ATJ

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54. They made that argument during the Civil Rights Era....
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 12:51 AM
Jul 2015

Didn't work then to keep Bobby and the FBI out of the comfort zone of sheriffs and deputies cozy with (or members of) the KKK.

"States Rights" is a Right Wing Talking Point.

Funny how it doesn't apply to weed for the Right.


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56. For God's sake
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 01:23 AM
Jul 2015

It's basic civics. It's not states rights. We are governed by a federalist system, not a monarchy.


Spitfire of ATJ

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59. The ENTIRE government must abide by the Law of the Land....
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 02:16 AM
Jul 2015

And the cops have to obey lawful orders.


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60. Yes, but not all laws are federal
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 03:34 AM
Jul 2015

In fact most are not. We all abide by a host of laws, most set by states and municipalities. Every government agency, local, state or federal, has a hierarchy of responsibility. The federal government is constrained by the constitution. DOJ can intervene under certain circumstances, as in the review they conducted in Ferguson and their promise to bring a law suit if the police force does not implement reforms. But neither the Attorney General nor the President hires or fires state and local police officers.

None of this is to make excuses for police behavior. It is rather to point out that the layers of accountability are complex, and it isn't simply a matter of the president issuing orders.


Spitfire of ATJ

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61. They have to abide by the chain of command....
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 03:59 AM
Jul 2015

Federal ALWAYS trumps State and Local.

Guidelines can be changed on a national level if the PEOPLE want it.

Up front, we already know the cops are pretty much fine with the way things are.


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65. and if people don't see why black folks are sick and tired of this shit
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 11:34 AM
Jul 2015

I will no longer have patience for them and their ignorance and sensitivity when they are offended by our anger. The time is now up.

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