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Cool Spider Web Photo.

The Path of She: A Samhain Teaching – Born Into Life, Born Into Death

Hillary Clinton Smearing Bernie Sanders as "Sexist" is Both Ridiculous & Dishonest

Please fellow Bernistas, ignore the flamebait ops in GD P.

African American views on gun control.

Over 300 British academics pledge boycott of Israel

Clinton surges in early states

Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Showing Up for a Palestinian Woman Threatened With Deportation

*MO'M coming up on Chris Hayes show. EDIT-NOW!

Slovakia internationally criticized for forced sterilization, police impunity for brutality against

Maryland Comptroller Franchot backs Hillary Clinton, not Martin O'Malley

Sorry, Hillary, Gay Rights Advocates Say Bernie Is Right On DOMA History

U.S. Special Operations forces deployed to 147 countries—75% of the nations on the planet

Americans Win Right to Challenge Inclusion on Government's Secret 'No Fly List'

"This senseless violence produces nothing but tragedy and more distrust,

Bernie Sanders and the Minuteman Militia

Obama is about to throw Medicare and SSD recipients under the bus in pursuit of a budget deal

Inside the Clinton campaign's plan to keep the momentum going: ("A fighter who can win.") (Hillary Group)

David Vitter might soon have more free time to try on diapers

O'Malley coming up on MSNBC Chris Hayes in a minute. nt

Bernie Sanders on The View, Full Interview, Oct/26/2015

Morning Consult: HC: 53% BS: 26%

Clinton calls for national infrastructure bank

"The Other Son?" --The Other Reason Why Joe Biden decided not to Run...

5 DIY Hillary Clinton costumes for Halloween (photos): (Hillary Group)

I'm sorry but I am going to say it again.

Wild Horses Illegally Sold to Slaughter According to Federal Report

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Surgeon Forward & a Kittehs gif

Netanyahu: I Don't Want a Binational State, but We Need to Control All of the Territory...

On Chris Hayes now:

Sanders will be appearing on Rachel's show shortly

Rachel Maddow is talking with Bernie Sanders tonight. nt

James Comey admits that he was talking out of his a**

College applications in UK to become anonymous

"The Republican Brain works Just like a Tree’s brain."

How Civil Rights Groups Are Unraveling Illegal Bail Schemes That Fill Jails With Poor People

Not much young support for Hillary we are told,

Seriously Dude? Your Brother?

10-25-15 Tragic Death of a Working Class Hero Two-term Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone in 2:00

The GOP’s dysfunction all started with Sarah Palin

I join Bernie in opposing Medicare and SSDI cuts...

10-25-15 Tragic Death of a Working Class Hero Two-term Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone in 2:00

10-25-15 Tragic Death of a Working Class Hero Two-term Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone in 2:00

O'Malley just 'attacked' Hillary on Chris Hayes/MSNBC tonight

Parts of Persian Gulf Could be Too Hot for Humans by Century's End

Love the people complaining about social media on social media.

Black Lives Matter Rejects DNC Town Hall Offer, Calls for Debate

"The Definitive Clinton E-mail Scandal Analysis"

Problem with my Windows 10 Start Button

Is there a more appropriately named person than Ken Ham?

Don't get discouraged. Remember this?

Texas principal backs off religious talk after atheist complaints

And Now Defaulted Leveraged Loans Go Kaboom

Obama Weighs Moving U.S. Troops Closer To Front Lines In Syria, Iraq

Christian website: Don’t look at your wife’s face during sex to enjoy it even when she resists

I know this is META, but fix the fuckin' web site!

Poll-averse Bernie Sanders hires former Howard Dean pollster

Baltimore police begin testing body cameras

Grand mufti: There was never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount

Good for Martin O'Malley and what he just said about the Spring Valley High School Video

Maine groups team up on ballot measure to make marijuana legal

President says Indonesia intends to join TPP trade deal

Planned Parenthood Clinic Vandalized by Intruder With Hatchet (but there is NO war on women!)

Planned Parenthood Clinic Vandalized by Intruder With Hatchet (but there is NO war on women!!)

10-26-15 Completion of the Erie Canal in 2:00

Planned Parenthood Clinic Vandalized by Intruder With Hatchet (but there is NO war on women!!)

10-26-15 Completion of the Erie Canal in 2:00

10-26-15 Completion of the Erie Canal in 2:00

My Cheeky Rescue dog rescue by Lindy Bird St Albans, United Kingdom

China army says West trying to 'falsify' Communist Party history


Britain to lobby EU to end 'vagina added tax'

Howard Dean made my Morning Joe Show this morning ...

Mr. Conservative will make his official candidacy announcement Thursday

I hope this from the AP is correct budget deal on SSDI & Medicare (updated with info!)

F*** a Wage, Take Over the Business: A How-To with Economist Richard Wolff

Rebels kill 12 in ambush on Colombian security forces

The Halloween Witch (why she is green, toothless and scraggly-haired. but there is NO war on women!)

The Halloween Witch (why she is green, toothless, and scraggly-haired--but there is NO war on women)

The Halloween Witch (why she is green, toothless and scraggly-haired. but there is NO war on women

Starting this Friday

Hillary's impact on Arkansas....

While phonebanking tonight for Bernie,

NYC Mayor Deblasio

De Blasio Plans to Endorse Hillary Clinton!!!!!

Dueling initiatives 42, 42A baffle voters

For those who missed it: Raiders vs Chargers week 7

SXSW Interactive Cancels Two Panels on Harassment in Gaming, Citing Threats

Sen. Tom Carper endorses Hillary Clinton for president

I need help: the mystery cat that left me 2 mutilated mice (one headless!) has apparently moved on

Don Blankenship trial continues. Good coverage at the Coal Tattoo Blog.

Does Clinton Suggest Grabbing Guns? You Decide

Both Republicans and Democrats (here, anyway) are fuming about the budget deal.

US to send warship close to South China Sea islets

The Latest: Deputy shown in video tossing student reassigned

Cuba's interior minister resigns due to health, government says

Lest we Forget, this is what Hillary did, not her husband.

The Budget Deal To End All Obama Budget Deals Is Near. Read The Details.

Bernie Sanders on The View

Senator Patrick Leahy warns against CISA

Hillary Clinton Hits Opponent Hard on Guns

Court sides with transgender widow in fight over estate

Bernie talks with Charlie Rose tonight.

Vox: 'Supergirl' is the start of something great

Japanese Rube Goldberg


Recognize any names?

UT to Supreme Court: We Need Affirmative Action

Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes (in honor of her birthday)

"Never Let Me Go" (2010)

A hosting question has come up

2000, Al Gore was prophetic

Some Humor... Hillary: "Anyone Who Does Not Vote for Me is a Sexist"

Carrot Cake with Mincemeat

Voices of Rise Up October: Quentin Tarantino, Cornel West, Victims' Families Decry Police Violence

More local gas industry jobs going to out-of-state workers in PA

More local gas industry jobs going to out-of-state workers in PA

My pain treatment doctor suddenly stopped treating pain patients.

TYT:Trump Supporter Drags Latino Protestor Out Of Rally

Completely expected problem enforcing gun control in Connecticut...

Happy Birthday to me, baby!

Inside The Most Dangerous Place On The Planet, Fukushima Exclusion Zone

Cannot Believe The Depths Of Insanity We Are Descending To In Presidential Race.

When You Run Into A GOPPER Have Them Put Their Hands On Their Butt. Ask If They Found Their Brain.

Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage is Not Legal Even if the Supreme Court Says It Is

Medicare for all is a no-brainer. It will save billions every year and cover EVERYONE

No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto

No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto - Written by a Bernie Supporter

Exclusive: Feds Investigate Hobby Lobby Boss for Illicit Artifacts

Next on Lawrence O'Donnell: "Bernie believes in the political past".

Even Hillary Feels The Bern.

"The Life and Death of Martin Luther King" (1981 Soviet book in English, PDF)

TYT: Republicans Prefer Embarassing Benghazi Hearings Not Televised Anymore

TYT: Cops Throw Usual Tantrum After Tarantino Protests Police Brutality

The Six Major Political Rules of the Clintons - A Guide to the Politically Perplexed

I would LOVE if someone who has the equipment to create

TYT: Police Refuse To Do Their Job Because You’re Watching Them

Before midnight here, I wanted to wish Hillary a Happy Birthday if she

TYT: Ben Carson Tried To Stab A Guy

TYT: STUDY: Bacon Gives You Cancer

Question, while Hillary was on the WalMart Board, how many guns did WalMart sell?

The Amazing Lyrebird Mimics A Car Alarm, A Chainsaw and A Toy Laser Gun Plus Other Bird Sounds

Arizona sheriff confronted with recurring retaliation claims (Arpaio)

‘Their Greed Has No End’: Bernie Sanders Makes a Surprise Appearance in Manhattan

Suspecting that this is a put-on, but it would be cool if it were true

The Nation: Bernie Sanders Is Actually Quite Serious About This ‘Political Revolution’ Thing

From a Sanders supporter in Snohomish County, WA

Live From New York: Ted Cruz?

Standardized Tests are a Form of Racial Profiling

Daily Holidays - October 27

ACTION ALERT: NYT Claims Clinton ‘Emerging as Unrivaled Leader’ in Democratic Race

ACTION ALERT: NYT Claims Clinton ‘Emerging as Unrivaled Leader’ in Democratic Race

I ship Swan Queen - this is fantastic

Evidence Mounts that US Military Knew They Were Bombing Active Hospital

Almost every national Democrat was late on same sex marriage.

Ricketts (R-NEBR) asked state health officials to investigate Planned Parenthood clinics

Thousands Who Didn’t File Tax Returns May Lose Health Care Subsidies

Trump on rising barbarity at his rallies: "I'll be a little more violent..."

Richard Gere Responds to Viral Homeless Photo

Trump Opens Up About Humble Beginnings: Dad Gave Me a "Small" $1 Million Loan

‘Flag for All Mississippians’ Coalition Lauds Ole Miss Chancellor

Bernie bought out by private prisons?

As for those Candidates for whom "god" told them to run....

The Assault at Spring Valley High Would Not Have Happened if the Girl Was White

About those 10000 guns in South Carolina.....

Farming Planned For 60 Acres Of Blighted Detroit Land

Nuclear plants raid their decommissioning funds to build waste storage

A Warrior’s Grave at Pylos, Greece, Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations

poll shows Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton...Trump taking 70% of the electoral votes

Let's Be Clear. Hillary Does Support Monsanto & GMO's

Looking for some feedback on something

Big Dig plagued with heavy rust, corrosion, inspectors find

Toon: US Democracy Recalled

CDC issues warning on fentanyl abuse

Lawmakers weigh bill to allow doctor-assisted suicide

Poor Morning Joe is befuddled about Ben Carson's lead in the polls. He is dumbstruck and has no

Punkin Chunkin in Quicny This Sunday

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Revisiting the Clown Show

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Unintended Consequences

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

David Cameron to curb powers of House of Lords after tax credits defeat

As Pot Prohibition Crumbles, Marijuana Consumers Are Less Likely To Abuse It

IMF will include yuan in currency basket: Sources

Congress, White House strike tentative two-year budget deal

This is not satire. It's real.

Poll Watch: Ben Carson Edges Ahead Nationally in Times/CBS News Poll

Elizabeth Warren: How Clinton Backed Student Loan, Mortgage Debt Slavery with Bankruptcy “Reform” “

Girl severely burned in 1972 Vietnam napalm attack aided by new laser therapy

UPS Continues Its “Wreck the Post Office” Campaign, Presses for Increases on Parcel Prices

Bernie Sanders Then And Now 1985 - 2015

Ministers approve mandatory Arabic studies from first grade

US navy warship defies Beijing to sail past South China Sea islands

REI is closing Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

Fruitless Struggles and Investments

The end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars pushed this defense company to the brink

EU 'must act together' to tackle refugee crisis, say top officials

U.S. House vote moves trade bank a step closer to revival

Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Showing Up for a Palestinian Woman Threatened With Deportatio

Young people are hardest hit by EU economic crisis: study

House conservative leaders - too late to stop debt ceiling hike

US and EU scramble for new data-transfer deal

Didn't noted political prognosticator, H.A. Goodman, imply Trump would be the GOP nominee?

Feds Investigate Hobby Lobby CEO For Artifacts Possibly Looted From The Middle East

Angry China says shadowed U.S. warship near man-made islands in disputed sea

ISIS ties foes to ancient Palmyra columns and blows them up

Sanders Bill On Breaking Up Big Banks. Where Is Hillary's, You Guys Cut That Out Plan?

Yemen hospital hit by Saudi-led air strike: Medecins Sans Frontieres

Penn Jillette’s atheist fundraiser: Bacon, skepticism and Trump on the side

Turkey confirms shelling Kurdish fighters in Syria

Lessig on Super Pac crusade: 'one very important ally has been Donald Trump'

Paul Ryan Wants to Shut Down the Government, Permanently

DA: Oklahoma Parade Crash Suspect Acted Intentionally

Indian utopian sect under scrutiny as religious tolerance debate rages

Clinton *did* shout about guns. Literally

Hillary Clinton Flip Flopped on Gun Control Too

U.S. police chiefs call for background checks for all gun purchases

Bikini islanders seek US refuge as sea levels threaten homes

Oops. Wrong forum.

Another Synod of Bishops demands attention – especially from US Catholics

French pilots flee drugs conviction in Dominican Republic

What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?

Standardized Tests are a Form of Racial Profiling

Berks County Voters Guide

This teacher speaks out.

OMG: Trump is coming out against Super PACs and for campaign finance reform

In case anyone's wondering about the increasingly unhinged attacks on Hillary we're seeing.

Another gem from

Hobby Lobby owners are under federal investigation for possibly smuggling hundreds of Middle Eastern

Students Sue Tulsa Schools Over Alleged Beating

Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts

This will make your blood boil:

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah new CBS poll Chump behind Carson nationally

White House urges Congress to pass budget compromise reached by leaders

Poll Watch: Ben Carson Edges Ahead Nationally in Times/CBS News Poll

Russian police stumble upon massive caviar bust

People with concealed carry permits have committed at least 29 mass shootings since 2007

Convicted French 'Air Cocaine' pilots flee Dominican Republic

Before we were the Ole Miss Rebels

Belgium's Scientology church go on trial for fraud, extortion

Alibaba revenue rises 32 percent, beating expectations

Question: Why did the JJ Dinner start so late and who decided the order of the speakers?

U.S. budget deal would sell 58 million barrels of oil from emergency reserves

I fed my husband plutonium and carcinogens this morning

HRC "was not protecting jobs; she was at best protecting bank profits and senior level bonuses"

Oct 25--> Clinton on top in Iowa, gains in New Hampshire

Editorial: Contraceptives, not extremists, reduce abortion rates

Exclusive: Freedom Caucus of U.S. House envisions honeymoon with Ryan

Jeb Bush: My Brother's 9/11 Response Was 'Awe-Inspiring'

Bankers for Bernie

Lou Reed died two years ago today. It's still hard to believe he's gone.

We should all become troglodytes, after all, sunlight causes cancer.

GM recalling 1.4M cars; oil leaks can cause engine fires

You cannot ride in an Uber

Is Florida’s Bear Hunt Necessary?

Hey, every DU'er at or about 40: this is for you

Russia Now the Leading Killer of Syrian Civilians

Pro Police Group Thrilled That Fox News Compared #BlackLivesMatter To KKK & Nazis - TMFS Sketch

Violence in Syria Spurs a Huge Surge in Civilian Flight

There is one big reason why I'd like to see Bernie Sanders as president.

Poll Shows Voters Reject Presidential Candidates in Brazil

New Foam Batteries Promise Fast Charging, Higher Capacity

Concerns about Hillary

James Martin, SJ: why are some Catholics so afraid of change?

Robert Reich: Why Hillary Clinton Is Wrong for Refusing To Resurrect Glass-Steagall

Republicans, Obsessed

Ignored by media, discoverer of famous fake skeletons finally gets news coverage

Istanbul (alone) has more Syrian refugees than all of Europe

The "uncertainty loop" haunting our climate models

Yemen hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres hit by Saudi-led air strike, group says

There are many liars and even a few cowards out there.

Hearing at Capitol today on 'justice gap'

Tired of the infighting??... Governor Martin O'Malley makes more sense every day

Squash and sausage

Seattle initiative puts spotlight on campaign financing

Seattle initiative puts spotlight on campaign financing

I'm considering an attempt at the Mediterranean Diet

A big what if...but - wow! If the front runners hold, this will be historic no matter what

A mom's post about a Halloween costume is going viral on Facebook. Thank you, Target!

Speech code backers at UC want tough criticism of Israel labeled ‘anti-Semitism'

Colbert pays tribute to Chafee and Webb in Hungry For Power Games

New evidence that US Army deliberately targeted hospital in Kunduz

Don't think we live in a propaganda bubble pushing for a new cold war?

Where would you have stood in the French Revolution?

Jimmy Carter, NYT EDITORIAL: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis

The one thing that does not cause cancer is...

Remember that moonrise at sunset photo I posted the other day?

U.S. Plans to Sell Down Strategic Oil Reserve to Raise Cash

And Now Defaulted Leveraged Loans Go Kaboom

Hillary as the hero for women and the Democratic Party.

Charles Koch is Frustrated with the Presidential race

I'm a Bernie supporter but it is likely none of the candidates will do a thing to

David Brooks coughs up an enormous furball in today's NYT...

An American (Idiot) in Paris

The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee

BREAKING: Senator Sherrod Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

Bernie Sanders Revamps His Campaign’s Momentum in Iowa

A little clarity on the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa.. JJ dinner for short

Fiat Chrysler recalls nearly 94,000 Jeeps due to fire risk

Same-sex couples draw attention at Taipei mass wedding

Sen. Sherrod Brown endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Bernie Sanders on TODAY: 'Glad' Hillary Clinton is moving my way on issues (video at link)

The Gay Rodeo: Where Wild West meets drag competition

NYT: Greenland Is Melting Away

Massive UFO dubbed WTF on collision course with Earth

'Million Dollar Shack' documentary looks at Bay Area's insane housing market

Vote for the one you don't want or the one you don't want will win.

Lions purge offensive coaching staff

David Koch Delivers Suit With Note Reading ‘Wear This Tonight’ To Marco Rubio’s Hotel Room

DU for Bernie info

Mika Brzezinski slams Hillary for playing sexism card on Morning Joe

Everyone wish Mr. Scorpio a happy birthday.

Former Titans Star Eddie George to Take on Broadway with Role in 'Chicago'

Budget deal adds funds to Pentagon, Social Security Disability, and Medicare

Question from mb7588a

Cummings thinking of running for Senate

Daily Cute: Motorcyclist Rescues Kitten from Busy Intersection

Daily Cute: Motorcyclist Rescues Kitten from Busy Intersection

Donald Trump's campaign cannot survive being in second place.

Look, I love Hillary too, but Goldman-Sachs owns her. She might as well be wearing race car driver

The Tuskegee Experiment - America's shame

Lifeless Baby Orangutan Saved From Cardboard Coffin

breaking Hillary has 41 point lead over Sanders in Iowa

Imagine One Of The GOP Candidates Having The "Nuclear Football" In The Whitehouse.

Following a strong performance at #IDPJJ - Martin O'Malley announces 24 new Iowa endorsements

Mike Tyson endorses Trump for president

Clinton Has 41 Point Lead Over Sanders in Iowa: Monmouth Poll

Hillary has 41 point lead over Sanders Iowa

Rachel one on one with Bernie

Clinton has 41 point lead over Sanders Iowa poll

BuzzFeed journalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists in Paris

China condemns U.S. warship's route in South China Sea

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained To Hate Women

Christie 2016...

US warns Netanyahu against unilateral steps in East Jerusalem

Amtrak: It's Time To Build

The Campaign Season of the Damned TMW

White Indiana woman viciously beats black meter reader for pepper-spraying her dogs

OnStar Kill Switch Ends Pursuit in Riverside County After Corvette Stolen From Culver City Dealershi

Saudi Royal, Four Others Detained in Beirut Captagon Bust

O'Malley campaign presses forward after first debate.NH U.Leader

Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley's Housing Bubble

Um, these costumes exist:

Clinton and O'Malley Denounce Brutal Video of Student Arrest at Spring Valley High School.

Unskewing Monmouth's Iowa Poll

Hobby Lobby .... Schadenfreude ?

Bernie Sanders Overwhelmingly Favored by Millennials in Iowa

Everything doesn't happen for a reason...

Goldman Sachs to pay $50M fine over documents scandal

Clinton and O'Malley Denounce Brutal Video of Student Arrest at Spring Valley High School.

76% of the people in the new Monmouth Iowa poll were over the age of 50.

BernieSanders TRMS interview: DOMA history, consistent leadership

This man has carved some beautiful caves. Simply amazing.

Highest tides in decades sweep into Charleston, Savannah

The End Of The Merkel Era Is Within Sight

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on "Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy"

O'Malley jabs GOP with gun event around the Republican debate.

Happy Owl-Oween! Fun Facts About Owls

Happy Owl-Oween! Fun Facts About Owls

What's Poisoning Martinique's Men? Toxin Cancer Health Epidemic Spreading in West Indies Paradise

Donald Trump on poll slump: 'I don't get it'

Why Does America Need a 'Deal' to Not Blow Itself Up?

A story about the Holocaust and about a piece of Chocolate

we are entering bizaro world

Weak U.S. Business Spending Plans Point To Slower Economic Growth

Monmouth's methodology for Iowa poll pretty much says it all.

My candidate is better than yours....

My PSA re: the Monmouth Poll, source of so much consternation

UPS Falls Most in Two Months as Volume Drop Damps Sales

America’s biggest corporate donors to Republicans and Democrats

O'Malley jabs GOP with gun event around the Republican debate.

Hillary is Horrible!


Hartmann on with Social Security guy

The 2016 Chevy Volt: An energy-efficient car that doesn’t drive like one

happy national black cat day!

Et tu, Ben - The Unkindest Cut of All

RWW News: Pat Robertson Insists Gay Marriage Is Still Illegal

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush At Fundraiser: My Brother's Response To 9/11 Was "Awe-Inspiring"

WATCH: Jeopardy! Contestant Insults Liberals With Hilariously Wrong Answer


RWW News: Pat Robertson Hails Dictator Accused Of Genocide Efraín Ríos Montt

Not home 3 years after Sandy, protesters blast Christie

I just made a donation to O'Malley....

VPC-Firearm Justifiable Homicides and Non-Fatal Self-Defense Gun Use

TTIP: EU negotiators appear to break environmental pledge in leaked draft

XPO Drivers Deliver Petition. Go on STRIKE!

"But first, let me take a selfie"

Another unfortunate 'told you so': U.S. to Begin 'Direct Action on the Ground' in Iraq, Syria

Turkey's Koza Plummets as Police Break in After Takeover

Political parties: They exist for a reason.

Pro-Clinton super PAC launches biggest ad buy yet

Charles Pierce- Why Does America Need a 'Deal' to Not Blow Itself Up?

Pope Francis Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

United Nations votes 191-2 to condemn embargo

A Republican a Democrat and an Independent Candidate walk into a bar....

Report: Russia Readying Missile System for Iran in $800 Million Deal

You will purchase NOTHING at the La Jolla farmers market if you are a dog...

Clinton greeting supporters at the Democratic J-J dinner night in Des Moines Iowa photo

Do you consider Hillary Clinton a feminist? Had an interesting conversation with a single mom

I always loved Gloria Steinem; this Cosmopolitan interview is enlightening.

Leon Lott to have a Press Conference at 4 pm

Syria May Be the First Climate Change Conflict, But It Won’t Be the Last

Syria Is a Clusterf*ck, and It's About to Get Worse for the U.S.

Fifth Fatality Feared In Oklahoma Homecoming Crash

Northeast PA. Voter's Guide

An open letter to the peers of my children

Outdoor Retailer REI: "All stores will be closed on Black Friday."

Two new polls give HRC huge leads in Iowa

Let's talk likely voter screens. We will see more polls similar to the Iowa one

Understanding Iowa's Caucuses

The spoils system turns thuggish

The Latest: NAACP, school district to talk about officer

When did 'disturbing a school' become a criminal offense?

Bernie Is The ONLY Candidate That Would Soundly Defeat Trump In General Election

BREAKING: New Loras poll gives Hillary 38 point lead over Sanders in Iowa

New Loras Poll: Clinton widens lead over Sanders among Democrats (2nd new Iowa poll)

Attorney General Mills questions LePage plan to divert timber revenues

Whoopi to Bernie Sanders after his appearance on The View:

I oppose HRC bc she's pro-death penalty. Bernie's against it. Why would anyone be pro death penalty?

Polish Vote Marks Resurgence of Conservative Catholic Values

New Loras Poll: Clinton widens lead over Sanders among Democrats (2nd new Iowa poll)

21 Things You Never Noticed About 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' | Bustle


The Iowa polls out today used the same methodology.

Mad in Maryland will not believe this:

"New low for the Tea Party" - I thought this headline had a different reference

Clinton Extends Lead Over Sanders, Loras College Poll Finds

This Woman Shared Her Mastectomy Scars On Facebook

Massive HillaryQuake Hits Iowa.

Bleeding heart liberals! I guess not too many DU'ers are gardeners

How I got redder and redder

Three US women claim sexual assault by Saudi prince in Beverly Hills mansion

The Authoritarian Bootlickers who defend the Cop assaulting the Young Girl are disgusting.

Wisconsin would follow only one state in campus carry

Fake Jerry Jones: "Greg Hardy is our intersquad ISIS."

WATCH: Dolphin Asks Diver for Help Removing a Fishing Hook

Ahead of Senate Vote, Snowden Speaks Out to Stop CISA

Clinton is rising in North Carolina

Murder defendant in beheading case claimed he was mistreated at work to justify actions

Clinton is rising in North Carolina

Hamas looks to leverage wave of anti-Israel violence

Wisconsin would follow only one state in campus carry

Deputy Ben Fields a huge POS

Flytenow, the aviation version of Uber and Lyft, is locked in court battle with regulators

Democratic Party or Democratic Values?

Wish in one hand . . .

Repost: A primer on terminology, analysis and validity of polls

Will the Dolphins knock off the Pats Thursday night?

Why an Iowa Poll Is Unfair to Bernie Sanders

Does the world really NEED a 7-disc "deluxe" version of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk?"

Historic high tides from supermoon and sea level rise flood the Southeast coast.

Saudi blogger's flogging 'to resume', says wife

King tides along Chesapeake by Annapolis ranges from 5:30~6:30pm, today.

Feds probing videotaped arrest of disruptive student

Political manure

My "WTF?" of the day, far-right accusations department...

“Every president has been manipulated by national security officials”

What really goes on at a gun show

One Danish company fights world’s sperm shortage by selling it abroad

Straight grandmother composes beautiful song for her 'trans grand-kids

If Howard Dean was running for the 2016 Democratic nomination.........

Here's Why You Should Vote Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

What do you do when the student does not do what the teacher tell him/her to do.

Donald Trump tried to condemn an elderly widow's home

Bank’s severance deal requires IT workers to be on call for two years

When will the 'scientific polls' start polling all potential primary voters?

Hillary on illegal immigration in 2003:

LOL - GOP dysfunction it fault of Word Salad Sarah

Cleveland worst in United States for child poverty, urges Congress to pass child nutrition bill

About that survey that showed Sander's winning all 50 states

I keep hearing the govt says there is no, or very low, inflation.... What I see is grocery prices UP

Steve Kornacki: Why Bill Clinton really signed DOMA

The Arabian dream: Colombians taking part in Yemen war

Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID in gun rights, religious freedom lawsuit

Ashton Carter: U.S. to Begin 'Direct Action on the Ground' in Iraq, Syria

Helicopter Shot Down in Libya, at Least 14 Killed

Yeah, I know, a “President Trump” can’t happen.

WMUR TV Directors And Production Workers Are Still Fighting For Their First Contract

If Only the US Media Were More like Venezuela’s

Loras College Poll (IOWA) -Clinton 62% Bernie Sanders 24% Martin O'Malley 3%

Be Resilient

WMUR TV Directors And Production Workers Are Still Fighting For Their First Contract

The House GOP science committee-- a clear and present danger

WMUR TV Directors And Production Workers Are Still Fighting For Their First Contract

8 month advance for ticket sales - yay or nay?

This is why endorsements are important to our presidential candidates and in the primaries.

Since when did evolving on a position become a bad thing??

Since we now have ground troops in a war against ISIS, does this affect your support

the "citizen packing a legal...weapon, fully prepared to stop the next mass shooter" fantasy

The Guide To Trading Candy (video)

Current climate commitments would increase global temperature around 3° C

Media Remains Silent While SCOTUS Screws Over Americans

Culture of Cruelty: the Age of Neoliberal Authoritarianism

Hit Back At Big Pharma And Help Ohio Legalize Medical Marijuana

Someone threatened to shoot up my son's high school tomorrow.

Fact Checker Finds 60% Of Fox News Statements To Either Be Mostly False Or A Lie

Russia Bombs Hospitals. Lefties Shrug.

No more quantum politics

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, Trump Orange Pumpkin Edition

Wanda Sykes on Pirates

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Sharing Data/Funds with State Parties

Bernie Sanders campaign: No more Mr. Nice Guy

I foolishly wore the Confederate flag on an Ole Miss shirt

This year for Halloween your child too can help defend the Israeli occupation

Fox News Ratings Plunge As Rachel Maddow’s Viewership Grows By 31%

China Looks at Syria, Sees $$$

Look what our Saudi friends are up to this time...

GDP and Unity

Labor department: Snack food company cheated workers

Any other DUers watching Obama address the police chiefs?

If any senator were going to endorse Sanders, it would be Brown. Yet here he is endorsing Hillary

Anonymous to reveal identities of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members on anniversary of Ferguson protests

How a U.S. Think Tank Fell for Putin

Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real

So lets recap: Bernie comes out swinging at Hillary

Senator Warren says life insurers admit to offering 'kickbacks'

PPP (D) Clinton rising in North Carolina-Clinton -61% Sanders 24%

No more Senate floor time for U.S. trade bank renewal: McConnell

New Campaign Exposes Widespread Abuses of Workers in America’s Poultry Industry

Remember, when using sarcasm to attack bigotry, don't forget the sarcasm tag

New Campaign Exposes Widespread Abuses of Workers in America’s Poultry Industry

New Campaign Exposes Widespread Abuses of Workers in America’s Poultry Industry

Sanders Seeks Supporters' Selfies for TV Ads

How a gay hipster became a right-wing smearmeister

Consumer Reports: Did Volkswagen Use 'Cheat Mode' as a Selling Point?

WI Republicans Fast-tracking Bill that Effectively Kills Workers' Comp

How many guns are in America?

Walgreens Boots Alliance nears deal to buy Rite Aid: sources

Why an Iowa Poll Is Unfair to Bernie Sanders

Feds: Efforts to Block Sage Grouse Protection Could Backfire

Waterloo researchers create technology to produce lighter, long-lasting batteries from silicon

Los Angeles Council Approves Requiring Locking Away Handguns

Favorability Ratings Show Hillary Clinton Is Unelectable and Bernie Sanders Wins a General Election

AFT Hillary email and my response:

Watch Bernie Sanders thank NNU nurses in this special video!

Is it appropriate to cite websites where Hillary Clinton is referred to as "hitlery" any where on DU

Woman charged with McChicken assault

Gun control will reduce police officer deaths: Obama

I'm going to use my 20,000th post for a rant about soup.

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 27th of October

Walgreens Boots to buy Rite Aid in $17.2 billion deal

Email from John Lewis

Amid renewed U.S.-Cuba ties, U.N. condemns embargo for 24th year

The Road to Ocotillo, California

Robert Downey Jr. Dresses As Tigger To Surprise Young Fan (PHOTOS)

No Charges Against South Carolina Cop Who Fatally Shot Teen Zachary Hammond

What can HC do to get my vote?

The Shockingly Racist Anti-Obama KKK Video Made by Florida Police

If you need a good laugh, you will find one here...

Republicans Throw A Tantrum After Boehner Gives Obama Everything He Wants In Budget Deal

Europe votes in net neutrality, but doesn’t ban Internet 'fast lanes'

Sanders moves to clear up possible questions about eligibility for NH primary

To my African American friends over fifty ..were cops this bad when you were growing up?

Riddle me this.

Poll: Half of S.C. primary voters undecided about presidential picks

Dash cam video shows Zachary Hammond shooting

Bernie Sanders shrugs off lagging poll numbers

Obama warns police officers against 'cherry-picking' crime data

I'm pretty sure I just saw George Tenet

Hillary Clinton Takes On Wall Street — Or Does She?

Cornell University kicks Fox News off campus after questions about 'liberal bias'

Did you ever buy something and then not know what to do with it?

Expected Poll Results are flowing in....

Is Crazy Lindsey Graham Still Too Sane For Modern GOP? Not Really…

David Lynch on Movies on the iPhone

Tamir Rice: grand jury begins evaluating evidence in boy's killing by police

Tamir Rice: grand jury begins evaluating evidence in boy's killing by police

Portland ordered to pay $56K to Planned Parenthood protesters

Debate or World Series? What say thee?

"Bringing Pain To The Stupidparty, One Incontrovertible Fact At A Time"

Scheduled Dem debates AND fora: (Repeat post)

Botero’s famous obese figures travel the world

Abby Wambach announces her retirement from soccer

Primary opponents question Hillary Clinton's flip flops and credibility

Scheduled Dem debates AND fora: (Repeat post)

Marijuana Legalization 2015: Mexican Supreme Court To Considers Decriminalization Of Pot

Marijuana Legalization 2015: Mexican Supreme Court To Considers Decriminalization Of Pot

Cassini Zeros in on Daring Dive into Enceladus' Plumes

Palmetto State Poll-Clinton -43% Sanders 6% 0'Malley 3%

Benghazi Media Hate Parade by FOX NEWS MSNBC CNN Patricia Smith Mother of Benghazi victim

American-Israeli Richard Lakin dies two weeks after terrorist attack on Jerusalem bus

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Clears Senate In Bipartisan Vote

'Yes, I Lied': Vindicating Villagers, Star Chevron Witness Busted for Perjury

'Yes, I Lied': Vindicating Villagers, Star Chevron Witness Busted for Perjury

Sen. Sherrod Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton!!!!!!

Archaeologists make new discoveries at site in Peru

Archaeologists make new discoveries at site in Peru

U.S. weighing 'direct action on the ground' in Iraq

Sen. Sherrod Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton !!!!!!!

European Parliament votes against net neutrality amendments

Martin O’Malley’s Still in It to Win It.

Finding God for votes: Tamil Nadu's atheist leaders re-discover religious identity

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Monmouth poll included NO new voters. Only 24% age 49 and under.

Tea Party Less Popular Than Ever – No Surprises Here

Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID in gun rights, religious freedom lawsuit

Martin O’Malley’s Still in It to Win It.

Was the Human Rights Campaign wrong to endorse Clinton in 1996 after he signed DOMA?

Ad Touts Clinton's Opposing Gay Marriage

Take a break from the bullshit and read this article about Bernie and baseball.

Clinton vs Sanders vs O’Malley On Fixing Banking

American Empire

The Bernie double standard, where he gets to shout but the rest of you should lower your damn voices

Lenny Dykstra proudly claims he blackmailed umpires

...that's how you do it.

So which side would the Clinton's be on in the French Revolution?

This Arena Has 11,000 Seats But 10,000 Will Be Empty During the GOP Debate

AARP "Strongly Supports" New Obama/GOP Budget Deal

2008 Iowa Democratic Caucus: younger voters and first time caucus goers

I'll use my number to discuss quitting smoking

Not taking polls seriously with no new voters, only 24% under age 49.

Iran could join Syria peace talks after US drops longstanding opposition

Getting a déjà vu. Might be seeing

A wonderful song for all Bernistas

US threatens further naval incursions despite furious reaction from China

Huffington Pollster just updated their National "Pollster Trend"

World's oldest woman, 116, eats bacon daily

when our schools get all the money they need & the air force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber

Who has caught themselves purposefully buying Ben & Jerry's?

U.S. picks Northrop Grumman to build next long-range bomber

RECAP: From #BlackLivesMatter to #RiseUpOctober, a Day of Protest

To Stop an Endless Cycle of Corruption, History Says Fix the System, Not the Politician

The not so slient minority (majority)

Jonathan Capehart identifies O’Malley as the only Dem candidate that’s ever “done things”

Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance Reform

Jonathan Capehart identifies O’Malley as the only Dem candidate that’s ever “done things."

Bernie Supporters Spurned at Tennessee Democratic Gala

Monarch Butterflies Are Streaming Into California And Mexico

Just wanted to pass along some words of wisdom from 20 YO grandson playing WOW -

My child is not in heaven: Your religion only makes my grief harder

Ben Carson Now Leading Republican Field In A New National Poll

Bishop who killed cyclist while driving drunk gets 7 years

A House race develops in Springdale

MSNBC Live just reported that Bernie Supporters on line are flooding the internet with sexist....

Sherrod Brown is coming up on Hardball to discuss his Clinton endorsement

13 Ridiculous Things Ben Carson Actually Believes

Northrop Grumman Wins Air Force's Long Range Strike Bomber Contract

Cave lions found preserved in Siberian permafrost

Just A Reminder of What Jeb's Brother's Awe-Inspiring Response To 9-11 Actually Was.

The Guardian: Hillary Clinton Flip Flops

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Clears Senate In Bipartisan Vote

After Lois Lerner Cleared, Republicans Move To Impeach IRS Commissioner (Updated)

CISA Security Bill Passes Senate With Privacy Flaws Unfixed

Keep in mind...The same polls saying Hillary has 41 point leads...

Hillary Clinton Falsely Calls Bernie Sanders a Sexist

Aren't EXXON share holders in part responsible for climate change denial? Discuss.

Bernie supporters called "a cult”, so just for shits and giggles....

What should be done for the poor?

Hillary Clinton Falsely Calls Bernie Sanders a Sexist

Did you hear that another Doctors without Borders Hospital was bombed

John Kasich: What has happened to the Republican Party?

Fungi Found in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

Why does firewood cost so much? Fracking's part of it

Trey Gowdy will nominate Paul Ryan for speaker

Did you volunteer for Barack Obama's '08 or '12 campaign, and are you a Sanders supporter?


Sorry for all the caps!

The RNC's autopsy of the 2012 election gets funnier every day

The Longshoremans Union will be endorsing Hillary on Saturday!!!!!!

International Longshoremen's Association to endorse Hillary Clinton this Saturday

These new Bernie shirts are a home run