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Infrastructure bill could be done 'well before' Build Back Better, confirms Rep. Jayapal

RUN FOR SOMETHING: Ben Dion elected to Manchester, NH School Board.

Tennessee makes a titanic mistake with its vote to mandate against COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandate

Colin in Black in Black and White. Well done!

Democrat Joyce Craig re-elected Mayor of Manchester, NH

A word about crosswinds from a former airline pilot.

Democrat Shontel Brown wins special election for House seat in Ohio's 11th Congressional District

Nate Cohn: So far mainly heavily GOP election day vote has been counted

On MSNBC I loved

RUN FOR SOMETHING: Peter Argeropoulos also elected to Manchster, NH School Board.

Giffords Sues the National Rifle Association for Violating Campaign Finance Laws

Ohio Democrat Shontel Brown wins House race for Fudge's seat

Wasserman: Youngskin in the Drivers Seat

Win or lose..relax

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez reelected in a landslide victory

RUN FOR SOMETHING: Robbie Hinkle elected to Dover, NH City Council

I think Wasserman's about to call it for Youngkin

San Francisco GOP cancels Marjorie Greene event after 'intense backlash' from members

Looks like a GOP sweep of VA

if repubs win trifecta in VA will they trash all the protection laws for POC, glbt, voting rights?

Wasserman's seen enough--Youngkin defeats McAuliffe

Democrats Have Reached A Huge Deal To Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Got my Pfizer Booster today.

VA will have a far right wing government.

Grassley: Biden's Border Policy Could Kill 1/4 of World's Population

If we lose VA tonight

VA Republican candidates for Lt Gov and Attorney General leading 55-45...

Marc Elias warniing to NC redistricting. "You will be sued"

one wonders if dems will hang on to the VA legislature to block youngkin not much being

I cry every time I see this. 5 years ago...Cubs Win!

Boston Mayor: 13% reporting, Michelle Wu leads 60-40

1 step forward, 2 steps back.

RUN FOR SOMETHING:Lindsay Gillis elected to Dublin, OH School Board

I am tired of Democrats not voting in elections like this

Well, this sucks.

Here's the kind of ignorance we're up against in Virginia and elsewhere.

I'm outta here for awhile

Time To Change Channel And Get Off DU For Evening

A question to ponder: how much of 2020 was pro-Biden and how much was anti-Trump?

I'm meeting with the DNC Executive Director next week; I'll be discussing messaging.

Somebody that is way smarter than I am could make a fortune...

Why are White Americans so ashamed and afraid of their own history?

Guilford CT Democrats and Indies defeat deplorable GOP school board candidates.

Tonight's Election Results will cast a dark shadow over the Biden Agenda

Progressive ballot measures leading in Maine.

So Democrats failed to vote in VA and the Trump Taliban won.

Are Virginia teachers and school boards about to have a much tougher time?

I have a bad feeling, but it ain't over yet'

Is it too much to ask that Atlanta and McAuliffe both win tonight??

Stop the Steal,,,,!

Trump begs court for document by document review of material he claims privileged

RUN FOR SOMETHING: Linnea Nemeth elected to Dover, NH City Council

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread

When will Democrats learn

Bold Prediction - in a few years the USA will be just like Germany was in the 1930s - only worse

Obama won Virginia, Hillary won Virginia, and Biden won Virginia. What happened tonight does

Auschwitz tattoo stamp auction in Jerusalem sparks fury

If history matters, Virginia is simply following a long standing pattern.

hawaii reports only 38 new covid cases in lowest amt in a year or more

World Series: The sports data pioneer who spotted baseball's big fix of 1919

first 25 ft surf of the season rolling in tonight in Hawaii. max sets on north shores

RUN FOR SOMETHING: Sean Beck elected to Ada, OH City Council

NYC-Mayor with 14% reported: Adams leads 76-20 (+100,000)

Eric Adams elected Mayor of New York

Eric Adams is elected mayor of New York City.

We better pass the infrastructure bills as soon as possible. It has been six months. We can point

Maybe we should claim "voter fraud" and that the GOP stole the VA Gov Election

My memory is getting so bad that I have to write everything on a "To-Do" list.

No Effective Messaging. It's a miracle

Eric Adams elected as the second Black mayor in New York City's history

Detroit-Mayor: with 55% reported, Mike Duggan leads 64-36 (+5,500)

Anyone tell me why Braves Pederson wears pearls?

Curtis Sliwa's loss tonight makes me feel a little better.

Democrat Brad Lander elected NYC Comptroller

It's Messaging, Stupid.

Dole Recalls Bags of Garden Salad Due To Listeria Concerns, Sold In 10 States

Democrat Jumaane Williams elected NYC Public Advocate

Dems need CRT issue like "Republicans Will Take Your Children TOO" or something that stokes ...

Minneapolis voting down elimination of Police Department 58-42 (71% reported)

In the wake of today's election outcomes...

Atlanta-Mayor: Felicia Moore leads 42-24-21

***Senate Democrats reach agreement on prescription drug prices***

Alvin Bragg elected Manhattan's first black District Attorney

Not intended as a criticism, but maybe NOW we will get . . . . .

Last Week in the Republican Party (TLP)

Buffalo-Mayor: Byron Brown leads India Walton 65-35 in early voting

I now its early, but WTF????? Et tu NEW JERSEY????

So, we Democrats are in the process of winning the New Jersey governor election, the special House

An observation on the various Mayoral races

The Dangers of Political Lies

Shiterelli just took the lead in NJ

Austin will keep running Fayette coal power plant, missing key climate goal

Welp.. if one were to think...

Walt Shaub: 'We once had a President . . '

****! Nail biter in New Jersey now with 31% of the vote in. 1

Grateful Dead 1970 / Acoustic - Rosalee McFall

speaking of anti democratic agenda messaging as congress announces medicare deal...

Eric Adams projected as second Black mayor in New York City's history

10pm and this is a toss up

How stupid and immoral do you have to be to vote Republican in this day and age?

It really is a horrible cycle.

CNN Projection: Pittsburgh will have its first Black mayor ever

8 Presidents were born in Virginia, the State that . . .

Kings of Leon - Time in Disguise

Bob. Phil. and Jerry - She Belongs to Me....

As of Oct. 28th, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has racked up $48,000 in fines

Just curious ... haven't seen it yet

I am glad I am a old lady with the Trump crowd trying to take over.

Aftab Pureval is the new mayor of Cincinnati after challenger David Mann concedes

I am crestfallen.

qanon humilliated after jfk jr fails to apper.

did The great Pumpkin

Ballot question 2- No 57%

Alvin Bragg elected as Manhattan's first Black DA

Dems Finally Making Real Progress On Reconciliation Impasse

Racism wins the day in Virginia. Charles Booker (KY Sen candidate) explains why.

Abdullah Hammoud elected Mayor of Dearborn, MI

Is anybody else seeing new colors for hyperlinks in DU?

Democrats give Manchin earful on lack of progress on spending bill

I don't like telemarketing but

Virginia Democrats lose Control of the House of Delegates.

Michelle Wu to become Boston's first Asian American mayor.

After living there for 17 years, I had realized that VA is a microcosm of America vs Dumbfuckistan

MCAuliffe addressing supporters. CNN Did not concede.

Felony Haze: Four High Schoolers Forcibly Removed Teammate's Underwear, Authorities Say

VA House of Delegates appears to be lost as well

Man killed his daughter's boyfriend for selling her into sex trafficking ring, police say

Live: Election Night Special Coverage NBC News NOW - Nov. 2 -LIVE: Terry McAuliffe, Va Gov. Race

An electoral perspective from my 24 YO son - FWIW

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been fined $48,000 for not wearing a mask on House floor

Buffalo-Mayor: with 92% reported, Byron Brown leads April Walton 60-40.

Can we please wait a bit before attempting to explain tonight's results?

Forget Manchin, Sinema.

Maine Democrats flip State House seat from Red to Blue

JFC, Staten Island votes overwhelmingly for Curtis Sliwa

Minneapolis voters reject replacing police with new agency

1,200-year-old canoe pulled from Lake Mendota

Dan Rather: Some potential lessons out of Virginia

Tweet of the Night


More perspective on the white woman swing from D to R in VA

Paul Quinn College Makes National News With a Striking, Historical Basketball Court

Recap of Legal Stories for October 2021: From Trump Crimes to Congress; From Garland to Bannon

All fourteen Democrats won in my municipal elections.

Murphy will lose

Raiders WR Henry Ruggs charged with DUI causing death

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial

After yesterday's Supreme Court hearing, it occurs to me...

Waterloo's first black mayor re-elected to a fourth term

My son just won a town council seat in Silver City, New Mexico!

I don't think Jamie Harrison is up to the job. We need someone like Howard Dean who is proactive,

What sucks about the Democrats losing

WATCH Conservative's HILARIOUS Self-Own On Critical Race Theory - The Damage Report

NYT -Widespread Coronavirus Infection Found in Iowa Deer, New Study Says

Is it November 2016 again?

Stones - Honkey Tonk Woman - Stones -80's?

Inside the Twisted World of Jeffrey Epstein - Vince Vintage

Who has made a potter's bench with a metal top?

Flying Burrito Brothers - Six Days on the Road - Video

sweet virginia - rolling stones that VA has gone back to the confederacy....

QAnon supporters gather in hope JFK junior returns from dead

A special shout-out to Joe manchin for fucking us in Virginia tonight

Walter Shaub is right about this ad

Roger Stone Gives Bizarre Warning To Ron DeSantis - Rebel HQ

I have seen the future and it's Eric Adams

No talk about the New Jersey Governor's race

Hey Virginia.

On a happier note, the cheating Astros are about to go down ... at home ... HARD

Ed Gainey defeats Trump-supporting republican to become first black mayor of Pittsburgh

Virginia results AS OF NOW (11:00 PM)!!! Lead down to 63,000!!!

When Republicans lose or win

Democrat Eric Adams Wins New York City Mayoral Race, NBC News Projects - MSNBC

QAnuts Gather for JFK Jr's Triumphant Return & Klan Mom Marjorie Taylor Greene Racks Up Mask Fines

21,000 Virginia voters (most likely African American Democrats) voted for Princess Blanding.

Any analysis of the precincts still out in Virginia?

Alvin Bragg elected Manhattan's first Black district attorney, will oversee cases involving TFG

Are you surprised

The REPUBLICAN billionaire-owned media makes up shit on the daily

Minneapolis voters reject plan to replace police department

It Looks Like the Virginia House of Delegates Is a 50-50 Tie

Julian Castro: Dems Need To Stop Thinking Only Moderates Are Electable. VA May Be Proof - MSNBC

Dead - Further Festival - Ron M - Hard to Handle - Video

Just on our local news. A guy kept cashing his dead mother's SS checks for 20 years and . . . . .

Early Seattle results

Virginia House is a tie

Minneapolis voters open the door for rent control

For those worrying about NJ-GOV...

FlaDem, a favorite, here on DU 17 years and Mineral Man 13 years.

Seth Meyers - Trump Under Fire for Participating in Controversial "Tomahawk Chop"- Monologue 11/1/21

Eric Adams promises "one of the most business-friendly cities"

Youngkin has NOT won Virginia

LIVE: 2021 election results, coverage and analysis - CBSN

Just poured another bourbon and soda. What's everyone drinking tonight?


This is the last sunset in Svalbard this year. The next time they will see the sun there is March.

so did we pick up a one seat gain in the house in DC tonight?

Democratic Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe Addresses Supporters - MSNBC

Funny Tweet responses to TFG gloating over Virginia:

Big lesson..

Boater Led to Naked Woman 3 Miles Offshore by Dolphins

Pupper's alligator toy makes him soooooo happy!

i am democrat . hear me roar. i am for helping the poor , feeding the hungry.

Oreo ice cream:

Whatcha guys doin'?

It was NON-COLLEGE educated white women in Virginia that switched

Strong Mayor Amendment passed (Question 1)

Beautiful albino alligator:

This dog was dumped because he couldn't be daddy

It. Is. Not. About. CRT

Bruce Harrell is leading M. Lorena Gonzlez in Seattle mayoral race

Red panda shows pumpkin who's boss:

Republicans poised to expand footprint in New York City Council

Rosedale NY. White Flight and the lies we keep telling ourselves

I have seen enough.

Jersey looks about to flip back to Murphy

Fuck Virginia,

Joy Reid: Glenn Youngkin Campaign Coded Racial Hysteria In 'Critical Race Theory' Hype - MSNBC

Octopuses are so cool. This one is changing color while sleeping:

If You Compare 2021 to 2009 the Democrats Didn't Do As Bad

Michelle Wu is Boston's first female and first person of color elected mayor

From George Lakoff:

Anyone notice none of the usual demagogues...


Boston: Michelle Wu victory speech.

Al Franken: The Republican Party Just Tells Lies - MSNBC

All NYS election reform Constitutional Amendments are failing...

Biiiiiiiiig little cat. It's a Caracal Cat

The first three rules of politics were on display in Virginia tonight

How do late-arriving mail ballots, provisionals, military etc play into NJ and Virginia

Hold My Beer News

Boston elects first woman and Asian American as mayor

In blow to Democrats, Republican Youngkin wins Virginia governor's race, NBC News projects

NYTimes has called it for Youngkin.

Las Vegas Raiders Release Henry Ruggs III

Well, what I think what we learned from tonight?

Rate Jamie Harrison's performance as DNC chair.

David Wasserman has been awfully quiet about NJ

"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Something odd in the latest AP update on NJ

Sorry Virginia.

U.S. Department of Labor issues final rule for restaurant owners on tip credit, server side work

Young Virginian Poised To Make History In The House Of Delegates - Rachel Maddow

Can the political pendulum be stopped?

The President's party ALWAYS loses the VA gov race the year after a new president takes office

Atlanta Braves win World Series for the first time since 1995

Small Plant, Big Polluter

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 34, KJV - Video with words

There's this auction house near me that liquidates entire estates, businesses, and extra stock

Watching Jeopardy and YouTube I saw at least 100 adds for NJ gov, 95 were Shittarelli.

Murphy (NJ) takes the lead!

I've started to wonder what my life will be like in post-consitutional America


I fell like we have been on perpetual election cycle

Cher Believe Music Video

Top 10 Countries to Retire Abroad in 2021

Wasserman NJ Tweet

I lost in my town running

A thing that made me think that Mccauliffe was in bad shape

IDPH worker accused of Facebook privacy violation wins jobless benefits

COP26: John Kerry on Efforts to Lower CO2 Emissions in China and India - Amanpour and Company

Could we be bringing on too much too soon

Meet Winsome Sears, newly elected Republican Lt. Governor of VA.

Elie Mystal: Welp. Now watch the white people who did this blame black folk their mess.

What the hell is going on with New Jersey

This may sound depressing and infuriating.

Lauren Boebert's Greta Thunberg Attack BACKFIRES

Murphy and Property Taxes

Republican Winsome Sears wins Virginia lieutenant governor's race

The 2021 VA election results prove that VA is a purple state.

Immigrant Benefits Axed in Latest Congress Talks on Undocumented Moderates pushed to eliminate immig

Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Citizens urged to defend Addis Ababa against rebels

Seth Abrahamson reports: More chilling details emerging of Jan 6th

Taliban bans foreign currencies in Afghanistan

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/2/21

Facebook disables hundreds of accounts linked to Nicaraguan government in run-up to election

Criminal Vito Fosella elected Staten Island President.

The U.S. Has an Unhealthy Obsession With Cuba

Bail reform backlash spurs Republican Election Day red wave in Long Island

I think we are screwed for 2022

Atlanta Mayoral race: Felicia Moore leads w/ 40.8% & advances to a runoff

Looks like Run For Something is having a big night

bad Halloween etiquette... taking ALL the candy from the unsupervised "take one bowl"

UAW members reject second Deere contract offer

Stephen Colbert - Guest Michael Eric Dyson

Unvaccinated Police Chief Vowed to 'Take All 3' Shots if He Lived Before Dying From COVID

Progressive and Moderate Dem infighting cost us Virginia.

What a shitty night.

GOP take a simple concept to be outraged about, hammer it to death: $450K payouts to immigrants

Yes, it was THAT Bridget Kelly, of Bridgegate fame, who won Bergen County NJ County Clerk

election recap of most major races

A Win for Lynx and Grizzly Bears in Montana

Prospects for Chile: New President, New Constitution, Continuing Turmoil

The 2021 VA Election Results are a fluke.

The Real Meaning of Squid Game

Wednesday TOONs - Why That Date? No Particular Reason

We NEED more Republicans like Curtis Sliwa

The worst case scenario for Democrats in the 2022 US Senate Elections is a 2 seat loss.

Tell me I'm wrong about the messages Virginia voters sent

A peaceful moment for you today

Poor Madoc has a rough start to his day. And it's not about to get better

The Five Laws of Stupidity

Pam Jochum rules out running for governor

Once in office...

Breakfast Wednesday 3 November 2021

Your fast food is wrapped in grease-proof ortho-phthalates. Why is that allowed?

Biden uses trip abroad to confront China on climate, more

"I can't say this enough times- we have to get back to competing in every county in VA and stop ..."

Charges Filed Against the Passenger Involved in Last Week's Physical Assault Aboard American Airline

Surprising Trumper reactions this morning, they have long faces and all I could think was they are

Man allegedly killed his daughter's boyfriend who he said sold her into sex trafficking ring

The rest of us need to face something:

The Weekly Pull: Dark Knights of Steel, America Chavez: Made In the USA, Newburn, and More


COVID in COVIDiot house. Husband sees patients all day at a medical clinic. He draws blood and

Comics Should Be Cheap (11/3/21)

This Month in Comics: October 2021

The Webcomics Weekly #161: All Hallows' Eve Plus Two (11/2/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: November 3, 2021

they ran away from Trump

October private payrolls rose by 571,000, topping expectations: ADP


Banana Republicans

not too surprising...

Republicans failed again to break Iowa's largest teachers' union

This JFK Jr. thing that happened in Dallas is spooking me.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown declares victory over socialist challenger

This Land is Your Land - Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger

Zillow took 'massive losses' on Phoenix homes, laying off 25% of workforce

So a serious question this morning is

You raised $15.00 on November 2, 2021 ($870 total)

Guardian: Walrus leaves Arctic comfort zone for snooze on Dutch submarine

'Balding' black holes prove Einstein right again on general relativity

It's All Right

Election of Virginia

MUST-READ: How a Conservative Activist Invented the Conflict Over Critical Race Theory

Candidate who actually runs on "defund the police" actually wins

Republican get-out-the-vote strategy worked ... for Democrats

I had such high hopes after the 2020 election

Shahana Hanif makes history as the first Muslim woman elected to the New York City Council.

Prosecutors call first witnesses in Rittenhouse trial

US Senate Races that Democrats need to win in 2022.

Biden Administration to Order Federal Agencies to Fix Hundreds of Cyber Flaws

Progressive Justin Bibb declares victory in Cleveland mayoral election

"Today at SCOTUS: A monumental Second Amendment case about the right to carry guns in public."

One year ago today, I PROUDLY cast my vote.....

Albuquerque voters reject $50M stadium bond

As Voters Across US Weigh New Rights, Maine Says Yes to Food

Pence said "I was guided by James Madison and the Bible".......

WH view this a.m. --

Albuquerque mayoral race: Keller (D) wins reelection

I have only one thing to say about what has happened in Minnesota and Virginia

Good post-Halloween morning from my ex-hometown of Democratic Chicago.

Here's a nightmare for you...

Los Angeles County sheriff won't enforce vaccine mandate

Virginia is the final straw for us!

Ha! Trump is taking credit for Youngkin's win!

Oakmont, Pa, police investigating thefts from unlocked vehicles

Wednesday reminder of St. Stephen's food bank.

If Virginia and New Jersey are the measure of anything, it is that the country as a whole are

'Right Side of History': Alaska Mayor Cheers on Vax Skeptics at Fringe Doc Event

Man gets 1 day in prison for stealing brother's VA benefits

Remember, on Jan 6th, when Lindsey Graham told the Capitol police to use their guns...

Dear Moderates: The Left Isn't Why McAuliffe Lost Virginia

Brazil will host G20 summit in 2024

Something very unexpected happened at the vet's, today. I walked in with 1 kitten, walked out with 2

What is the opposite of downballot voting? I propose it happened in VA.

BREAKING: COVID vaccinations for 5-11 yos available Monday in NYC

NEW -- Jeff Merkley announces he will vote NO on Rahm Emanuel's confirmation...

Surprise, Surprise...JFK Jr. DID NOT show up at Dealey Plaza. Gobsmacked at the crowd.

About Republican messaging and Republican voters I know...

Why the secret symbols of magic and witchcraft fascinate us

Rep Swalwell: "Good Morning in America"

Boehlert: Dems lost VA in 09; Passed ACA in 2010.

Meet Cyrus Vance's replacement...

If Phil Murphy hangs on, Biden will actually be one up on his predecessors

This is just going to make it ever HARDER to get the $3.5 Trillion I think

How I successfully shut down the CRT issue in my town election

In Minnesota, Police Reform Failed, but Democrats Still Won Office

UF restricted five more professors in cases against the state

Are Democrats too genteel? Too respectful of rules and norms?

Chinese Censorship in Overdrive After Tennis Star Accuses Ex-Top Leader of Sexual Assault

Youngkin won because VA Republicans bought in to a simple stereotype...and so are folks here.

The kids can handle America's real history. Why can't adults?

UN report says Ethiopia's war marked by 'extreme brutality'

Fried says DeSantis' call for session to block vaccine mandates is 'political stunt'

Faux News & Ron DeSantis exploiting (and reinforcing unscientific BS) a 2nd grader on nat'l TV:

An Iowa dog breeder hoarded 500 sick, malnourished dogs in unsanitary conditions, feds say: 'Shockin

Congresswoman Jayapal sounding like a broken record...

Online ordering/shopping, a cautionary tale 😁😳🤣

Mayor Tim Keller (democrat) decisively wins reelction as mayor of Albuquerque.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) seeks to dismiss indictment for lack of venue


Today would be a great day to arrest and prosecute the seditious traitors who attempted a coup.

Democrats haven't lost Virginia

Has Bannon been arrested yet? (rhetorical question)

NJ-GOV: Dave Wasserman calls it for Phil Murphy

House races: Several contests still too close to call, but GOP appears poised to take back control

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- November 3 2021

Dave Wasserman just called it!!!! Phil Murphy defeats Jack Ciattarelli

GOP Rape Advisory Chart - Actual words from their mouths

From Jimmy Carter on every VA Governor's race has gone to the party opposite the sitting President

SCENE: A dejected VIRGINIA sits pensively in an empty room, alone with its thoughts.

McAuliffe concedes to Youngkin in Virginia governor race

Last night sucked, but I have to take it in stride.

'America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy' Is a Dangerous--And Wrong--Argument

Astros will always be cheaters

Some of dis and some of dat

The Five Laws of Stupidity - A Review

Is Bill Gates a modern witch? COVID conspiracy theories involving billionaire similar to witch hunt

My Thoughts on How to Combat Disinformation

Fix the economy, a K I S S concept

Trump Payments May Undermine Privilege Claims that

Death toll rises to 21 in Nigerian building site collapse

I just made Spanish styled fried eggs for the first time this morning...

Why Manchin Pushed Back

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Lawyer indicates client will testify at his own trial

We are the goddam majority in America and it's time we started governing like it.

Skinny Pittie Found In An Alley In The Freezing Cold Looks Awesome Now!

I did not realize that this gun-toting Trumpie was Jamaican

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Nation's John Nichols: Democrats Must Deliver on Promises or Voters Will Punish the Party

America, or large swathes of it, is regressive on cultural issues

The first History written by Europeans in America was revisionist history, not CRT

Josh Marshall On Why The Public Has Soured On Democrats

November 3, 1957 🎹☄️☄️☄️

I generally hate posts that just crib other people's tweets. That said, Ana Navarro nails it here.

Speaker Pelosi turns and sails right into the political winds

Autumn 1811: The Battle of Tippecanoe

The Lesson From Virginia: Democrats Need To Wake Up And Fight The Culture War

Rodgers tests positive for Covid. Jordan Love to start game against Chiefs Sunday.

iphoe 6

On this day, November 3, 1954, the first film featuring Godzilla was released nationwide in Japan.

Why do I feel like we are being bullied in the playground and not fighting back?

Incumbents win Mequon-Thiensville School District recall election

Battleground US Senate Races in 2026

Fun factoid about Terry McAuliffe:

One thing Dems can do now - fire the Parliamentarian.

Your thoughts - did the Lincoln Project's stunt play any role in the Virginia loss? nt

Good Day DU (November 3, 2021)

US service sector expands at record pace in October

Do politicians ever bother reading history?????

Democrats, Don't Blame CRT For Loss in Virginia.

2180 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,; 124 deaths

QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear!

House Democrats add paid family leave back to proposed $1.75T social safety net bill

Pelosi adds 4 weeks of paid family and medical leave back into social spending bill

National Sandwich Day: Where to get deals and freebies on subs and sandwiches

At Least 6 Republicans Who Were At The Jan. 6 Rally Just Got Elected To Office

Someones woke me.

Eric Boehlert: Why CRT was such an effective campaign lie

3 and a half trillion over 10 years is 350 billion a year. Federal prison budget is over 3 billion

Sometimes the only thing that stops a lie is a bigger lie

We are better at governing. They are better at politics. Meaning we don't get to govern.

148 days until MLB Opening Day 2022

Either stupidity, or clever comedy writing. Which?

Your acai smoothie may be destroying floodplain forests in the Amazon

My 17th year on DU

Has Name-Calling Ever Worked? I Don't Think So.

4 things we learned from the Virginia election that we already knew

So when do we start flooding the media and protesting the rigged election in VA? n/t

You know, I'm tired of blaming Democrats for everything

Revisiting the sounds of Mexico's last rainforest

Anybody got a list of phrases the Republicans have used over the years to substitute for race?

Has calling out a politician for catering to lobbyists ever worked? Yes, I think it has.

Boebert Slams Buttigieg for Taking Paternity Leave

Augusta-based MaineGeneral loses 191 employees, about 4% of workforce, over COVID vaccine mandate

Sixty percent of Run for Something-endorsed school board candidates won yesterday.

I finally got my new boy out of his hiding place, and took him up to the shower room - just us two

How pencil sharpeners actually work:

Mexican journalist Fredy Lopez shot and killed in San Cristobal de las Casas

Quoting Clair McCaskill: 'It's time for Dems to pivot and punch.'

Wow my best friends daughter was just nominated In Oregon to be on the Environmental Quality Comm.

Why did New York vote against making voting easier?

Covid vaccines for children are coming. So is misinformation

Run for Something 2021 Election Night Results (Updated 11/3/21, 10:20am)

This monkey has a very patient friend:

Why Scientists Are Stress Testing Tardigrades WIRED

"Bad For Humans": The World Is On Track To Warm 3 Degrees Celsius This Century

Just sayin'

Red pandas are so cute, no matter what they're doing:

Virginia Sen. Kaine: "Congressional Democrats hurt Terry McAuliffe"

Pivot and Punch with Claire McCaskill.

Gabby Giffords Sues the NRA Over Secret GOP Donation Scheme

Maybe the VA lesson is: There IS a post-tfg GOP: Because tfg LOST VA.

No need to Panic

Man caught on camera cutting satellite cables, taking TV stations off air in Florida

Wow! It is really a close election in Jersey!

Youngkin was able to pull 85% of Trump's votes. McAuliffe only turned out 66% of Biden's votes.

This just occurred to me.

No need to Panic

What was the turnout like in Virginia?

What is Critical Race Theory?

Lin Wood Is Demanding A $375k Refund From Trump Victory Fund

New Jersey Senate Leader May Lose In Upset

Political newcomer defeats incumbent for Des Moines City Council

Millions consuming 'invisible toxic cocktail' of cancer-linked chemicals: study

Poor bird trying to make friends with stuffed bird:

Do you have any post-election self care tips after a bad night?

It was a wake up call, so wake up, grab the coffee and use it to defeat Republicans in 2022

Dem McAuliffe faces 52% unfavorable numbers in Va., preliminary exit poll data shows

Bolsonaro Government Threatens to Punish Reps If They Don't for His Constitutional Amendment

Please post your mobile phone number.

Manchin Says Virginia Results Validate His Concerns

Biden Supreme Court commission delays final report to December 15

The Loudoun County thing didn't help either

Janet Yellen: Inflation is high, but this isn't like the '70s

Henry Ruggs was doing 127 mph when he rear ended the other car in a 45 mph zone

Seth Abramson on last night. You'll like it, I think. (twitter thread unrolled and readable here)

Gap Band - Early In The Morning (12" Version)

Youngkin promised to repeal the sales tax on groceries.

Baby Otter Learns To Swim With A Family Of Dogs

'Zat You, Santa Claus?

Is anyone watching the Kyle Rittenhouse trial? This judge seems totally incompetent! He's quoting

Lee Atwater's playbook is still echoing from the grave.

2022 VA US House Races- Most to least vulnerable Democratic VA US House members.

From Boston to Cincinnati, people of color won local elections in historic firsts

Russia continues to see daily COVID deaths set new records

Here's Dan Rather's take on last night.

Any chance we can pull off the Virginia Attorney General race?

Framing a policy as rectifying racial injustice decreases public support according to Yale study

Smartmatic is now suing Newsmax and OAN for 'disinformation campaign'

Ivermectin Study Retracted After Data Found To Be Completely Wrong A major study reported by 90

Smartmatic is now suing Newsmax and OAN for 'disinformation campaign'

Virginia's Birchmere Music Hall Is Dropping Its Vaccination Mandate to Accommodate Travis Tritt

On this date in 1964, for the first time in nearly a century, DC residents...voted.

Republicans ran a vile racist campaign in Va., and won, but supposedly it's our politics to blame?

Leading athletics coach Rana Reider to be investigated over sexual misconduct claims

Does "better messaging" boil down to "treat the voters like they're idiots"?

Headline if the Democrats had won by the margin that Youngkin did,

How industry is depending on carbon capture technology for climate goals

Federal Reserve to begin slowing its pace of asset purchases this month

Ancient Metropolis "The White City" Dedicated to Monkey God Worshipped by Pre-Columbian Civilization

Best response to "CRT makes white kids feel bad about themselves!"

Justices See New York Gun Law as Too Restrictive

I just found a great Vietnamese Restaurant

Minneapolis voters reject policing overhaul ballot measure prompted by George Floyd's murder

Cincinnati elects its first Asian American mayor, Aftab Pureval

if you are not already, you must get actively involved with your local county Democrats

I just saw an AF E-4B fly over Alexandria, using a common JB Andrews departure route.

Colorado hospitals moving from level 1 - jumping to level 3

Democrats feel new urgency on Biden agenda after Virginia rout

Tomorrow is the memorial service/mass for my gun toting, extremely right wing cousin

The metaverse is already here, and Republicans are living in it

Frosty air mass spills over eastern U.S. with freeze, lake-effect snows.

Meghan Markle is calling US senators and encouraging them to pass paid leave

Milley: US 'absolutely' could defend Taiwan from China

Manchin's new demand... pull hearing aids from the BBB's Medicare expansion

Ex-LV Raiders Henry Ruggs III drove 156 mph seconds before fatal car crash, prosecutors say

Crowd hurls vile chants at female goalie as high school hockey game turns ugly

Watch now: A 1,200-year-old dugout canoe is raised from Lake Mendota

Why aren't we doing this?????

Central Texas faith leaders rebuke antisemitic incidents after fire outside synagogue

VERY pleased to announce that Isabel Wilkerson will speak at my daughters' first school!

Ha! On Beggars Night/Halloween some clown in the Ohio village where a friend lives left calling

Central Texas faith leaders rebuke antisemitic incidents after fire outside synagogue

US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

(Jewish Group) Central Texas faith leaders rebuke antisemitic incidents after fire outside synagogue

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Original 12" Mix)

Joe Manchin says he could be on board with paid leave, but wants a new payroll tax on workers to acc

West Seattle low bridge reopens after mechanical issue

Biden Administration Orders Federal Agencies to Fix Hundreds of Cyber Flaws

Puget Sound hospitals, clinics & pharmacies receive child vaccines, prepare for roll-out

Woodards is cruising to victory in Tacoma mayoral race. Now comes the real test

These are the leaders in Bellingham, Whatcom County election races and initiatives

Man eaten by piranhas after jumping into lake to escape bees

So sad on so many levels - Virginia's new Lt. Governor

Kyle Rittenhouse Claims Self-Defense After Shooting 3 Jurors

Bonney Lake Food Bank Asks For Public's Help Securing Grant

Republican Ann Davison leads police abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in Seattle city attorney race

Former US Rep. Neal Smith, who represented Iowa for 36 years in Congress, dies at 101

Speaking of sandwiches, what was your favorite growing up?

Election day shows that the Democratic Party should make sure voters know how it's helping them

It is 1:55 PM on November 3. I just got my mail in ballot that has to be postmarked by Nov 2 and

Our North African ancestors were making handaxes earlier than previously thought

Conservative candidates defeated in Waukee school board elections

Democrat Jacob Frey wins a second term as Mayor of Minneapolis.

'Rust' shooting may have been sabotage, say armorer's lawyers

What does the GOP's success in Virginia mean for Florida's 2022 races?

Who's running for Iowa governor in 2022? Here are Democratic candidates hoping to challenge Kim Reyn

Tea Pain Twitter thread today...sorry...

Democrats must stop their infighting -- and four other lessons from the 2021 elections

Recall effort over masks fails to remove Missouri mayor

John King: Results show warning signs for Dems in '22 (CNN)

Dogs Have Co-Evolved With Humans Like No Other Species

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene racks up $48,000 in fines for not wearing mask on House floor

NY City Council Adds Historic Number of Women to Its Ranks as Republicans Gain

Elder care, such as it is

Huddled on the Senate floor: Manchin, Sinema, Thune and McConnell:

President Biden Names Ninth Round of Judicial Nominees

Voters reelect Black Iowa mayor targeted by pro-police group

Review finds no misconduct in mistaken Afghan airstrike

My other 2021 takeaway.

Cedar Rapids mayor election heading to runoff: Amara Andrews, Tiffany O'Donnell defeat Brad Hart

Republicans won Virginia with a Big Lie last night....CRT

Time to get rough, so here is the next Democratic President.

Column: Election day shows that the Democratic Party should make sure voters know how it's helping t

Did you know that the election audits violated a SCOTUS-decision?

How Opportunity Shocked NASA Scientists

Just so we're clear, McAuliffe did fight back on the CRT lie

Vaccine or test: Biden advances sweeping new mandates for private sector

Damn Illegals (according to Republicans)

First black mayor elected in once-segregated St. Petersburg

Seattle Public Schools could demand COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Need more like this

LOL: ... Facebook discovers there's already a tech company with that name and it filed for trademark

Congrats💙 Meet Rep Eric Swalwell's newborn son, Hank

Federal judge in Texas rules in favor of religious businesses over LGBTQ discrimination claims

Confused QAnon Followers Question Whether Keith Richards Is JFK After 'Reappearance' Flop

From the paperwork I received my new little guy is almost the exact age of Madoc

Jacob Frey declared winner in Minneapolis mayoral race

2022 GA Gubernatorial Democratic Nominee Stacy Abrams

End the damn filibuster:Not invoked, 50-49: Motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed

How precious! Mama cat brings her kittens each night to her human's bed so they can

Deer playing in raked leaves:

Glenn Youngkin-R will be the Republican nominee for US Senate in 2024 or 2026.

The Voting Rights Act was gutted in 2013

Ukraine now says 90,000 Russian troops not far from border

Despite losing in VA in 2021, Democrats did a lot better than they did in 2009.

Republicans really do believe that government can't solve problems

We've been paying our house cleaner $36/hour, plus Social Security, plus taxi fare...

Ford to impose Covid vaccine mandate on most of its 32,000 salaried workers

Little girl sings her kitty to sleep in her arms:

Not only did the voters of Minneapolis defeat the "Defund the Police" amendment

Arlington County to begin offering Covid vax shots for 5-11 year-olds this weekend

Contenders oust two Minneapolis City Council members who backed replacing police

Pelosi says paid leave is back in the social spending bill, daring Manchin to tank the popular provi

another conservative election loser whines, cries, pisses, moans

So, it turns out I have a home (office) made ant farm!

A word regarding elections

SantaCon To Emerge From Pandemic Stupor On December 11th

In my red area, repubs got creamed yesterday

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 3, 2021

Glenn Youngkin's victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon

Nov. 3 at 8 PM ET - Sen. Sanders Town Hall - Labor Strikes Back

Grandson has his vax appointment set up for next Tuesday!

Tweet of the Day

Koterba - toon of the month

Have to look this up later, Biden just "Psaki-ed" Fox's Douchebag. "If you guys keep sending...

Starbucks' festive cups. And this year, they're merrier than ever.

EWG's updated drinking water database; enter your zip code to check your local water

Cartoons 11/3/2021

The WA Post finally pulls Alan Dershowitz's "liberal" mask off.

Pa. voting official sues Trump, Giuliani, others over 2020 allegations

32 years ago, my parents had a great idea. Now it's our turn.

In Snohomish's progressive wave, Redmon leads Kartak for mayor

Short People -- Randy Newman

There Was No Voter Fraud in Virginia Because a Republican Won

Schumer hints at filibuster reform after GOP blocks voting rights bill

Everett voters elect woman-majority council; Franklin wins easily

New Harborview CEO lists staff burnout, racial equity among priorities

Northampton County Executive, Democrat McClure wins landslide over trumper Lynch

Is anyone else getting emails

FDNY 'sickout' intensifies drama over vaccine mandate

In Iraq, election fraud claims fuel uncertainty, divisions

Pelosi adds paid leave back into the House bill said the chyron at CNN

Icelandic volcano

Texas voters pass statewide COVID-inspired measures

Facebook is backing away from facial recognition. Meta isn't.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh's mayoral races both made history

At long last new images on my SmugMug page.

Northam-D,Fairfax-D and Herring-D were involved in controversy during their term.

New pics on my SmugMug page.

Sinema privately questions methane fee, potentially compromising BBB plan

On this day, November 3, 1948, Lulu was born.

Dear republicons, how did all that voter fraud just absolutely disappear?

Black Voters in Virginia Refuse to Be Blamed for a Major Democratic Defeat

This isn't where I'd like to see Democrats looking for answers right now

My grandchildren have their vaccine appts! 🥳

Word of the day is 'malversation' (16th century): the corrupt administration of power.

"Divided Democrats" - here we go folks

Tut tut!

The unmentioned electoral factor

Key Senators Float SALT Break for Americans Earning Less Than $400,000

The 5 Minute Fix by Amber Phillips (Youngkin roadmap)

I bought a bread machine and just made a loaf of the basic white bread in the book. If that was

Pastor at Virginia Beach's Rock Church steps down after being charged with soliciting sex with minor

Republican John Lujan nabs Texas House seat in special election runoff

The One Drop Rule

IMO, inflation is the issue we should be focused on for 2022

Greenbelt, Md. To Create Reparations Commission After Referendum Vote

Screw it, I think I'll run for Governor of Virginia in 2025.

Promos for Tucker Carlson's Factually Challenged January 6 Show Are Flourishing on Social Media

My Name Is Human -- Highly Suspect

Honeycrisp Apple Tart for One - Easy No-Slice Tartlets - Food Wishes

Sen. Sanders and Sen. Menendez Announcement on SALT

Sen. Sanders and Sen. Menendez Announcement on SALT

re: iphone six follow up

FBI releases declassified documents on Sept. 11 attacks

Every time I see Eddie Glaude Jr on MSNBC, I immediately think . . . . .

after jim crow sweeps VA will he be coming after voting rights there?

Stuart lawyer Wren Williams easily wins 9th House District race

Gangnam Style - PSY

So the prosecution can't use the term "victims". How about "Dead People"?

* VA Election Results, Virginia Dept. of Elections- 2021 November General *

Liberal Redneck - Virginia Governor Fallout

AG Herring concedes race to Miyares

The wealthiest people in the country do not need a tax break.

Inside The Dallas QEvent

COVID was not a priority for most Virginia voters, exit polls show

Reading Pee-mail

Secretive court system poses threat to Paris climate deal, says whistleblower

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 4 November 2021

Deere warns striking workers not to expect better offer

Desperate dog chasing after couple's car finds out her life is about to change.

But what happens when you get there?

Deere warns striking workers not to expect better offer

Election Day; A Tale of Two Ohio Pro-Life Sanctuary Cities.

Don't get me wrong here. I 100% support mask AND vaccination mandates.

We can stop the freak out

Iran to resume nuclear talks on Nov. 29

Top Trump Allies Set Up A 'Legal Fund' For January 6 White House Rally Organizers

FFS - Family Finds Dead Grandfather Being Dissected at an 'Oddities' Event

Judge in Rittenhouse case takes a break during the trial to complain about media coverage of his..

Facebook re-changes its name to Mucil

Politico and AP just declared Murphy the winner for NJ Gov. Networks should follow tonight

US blacklists Israeli firm NSO Group for use of spyware

Associated Press: Democrat Philip Murphy wins reelection for governor in New Jersey.

Murphy ekes out win in NJ, GOP's Youngkin upsets in Virginia

Ron DeSantis Uses Second-Grader To Attack Mask Mandates

Of these... What's your favorite decade for music?

Per AP, Murphy projected to win re-election as NJ governor

How is Michelle Wu a person of color?

Murphy won! Per NYT


Jared Yates Sexton - A Completely Predictable Disaster: Virginia and the Need for Courage

Is "Meta" secretly short for "Metastasis' ?

Lisa Murkowski was the sole GOP Senator to vote to advance a major Democratic voting rights bill

You Damn Karens Are Killing America

Wow ! Michelle Wu's bio is interesting reading. Very progressive, and an interesting life.

Pelosi: The country needs a strong Republican party

White House Fact Sheet: PresidentBiden Tackles Methane Emissions, Spurs Innovations, and Supports S

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is projected by AP to defeat Republican Jack Ciattarelli (WaPo emai)

Judge in Rittenhouse case is mad at his press coverage

Lately, politics has been like a chipped molar.

Number of electoral votes the 2024 Democratic Presidential nominee are likely to get.

Trump Takes A Shot At Ending Accountability For All Presidents, Ever

Civil rights prevailed before. Don't we have a lot more people on the right side now?

Joe Biden says the Democratic party needs to "produce for the American people."

I am utterly convinced that the major driver in politics is the price of gasoline

Gov. Murphy to deliver Victory Speech - Nov 3 at 10PM Grand Arcade Asbury Park

The 600 Pound Gorilla In America- CWRD

Ohio just copied Texas Abortion Ban law, but made it worse

Exclusive: Rep. Barbara Lee calls on Pentagon to release delayed emissions report

using a public platform to tell people, esp children, not to get vaccinated in Dr. Mengele territory

College president fired after accusations of sexual assault

To CNN: Go back to real journalism instead of being a tabloid, the Democrats didn't get shellacked

Enough is enough. It's time for the Democratic party to accept the truth

Looking at the VA Gubernatorial,Lt Gubernatorial, and Attorney General Elections!

The Rude Pundit: Random Lessons from the Virginia Reaming

The Right-Wing Political Machine Is Out to Take Over School Boards by Fanning Fears of CRT

The fate of the Democratic party is inextricably entwined with the fate of Joe Biden.

Doug Ford promises to spend second term undoing harm caused by first term (Joke)

David Dayen @ddayen: On hearing in Medicare, some key changes: 1-starts in 2023, not 2024

Several Jobs with the Iowa Democratic Party