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Archives: August 27, 2020

Man threatens to kill and punches Disney security over guard trying to enforce mask rules

8/27 Mike Luckovich: Renamed

Gulf Coast DUers check in!

WNBA players refuse to play Wednesday

Screenshot of Hurricane Laura as of 20:00 EDT 8/26

National Dog Day with Jill Biden

Did the MAGA shooter kill in self defense in WI?

Milwaukee Bucks Players' statement regarding their refusal to play this afternoon:

I know there is no low for Tucker Carlson, but this is still shocking to me:

The last time Russians were this bold they rammed Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait in 2018.

I want more liberals to arm themselves. Legally of course.

Kenosha punk who murdered 2 people last night was at a trump rally in Iowa in January

Kenosha disinfo protection: the alleged molotov ain't one

Steve Sack FTW

University of Dayton reports 89 new COVID-19 cases. What's wrong with this picture?

[LIVE] Kenosha protest. getting tense already.

Dark web drug haven Empire Market has mysteriously disappeared

In honor of Mrs Pence at the RNC

Lake Charles

Multiple sports teams boycotting today's games

WOW. Washington Mystics players protest

The Rude Pundit: Melania Trump's Shitty RNC Speech

I sometimes feel sick to my stomach when I think

Protesters have gathered near M&T Bank Stadium in preparation for Vice President Mike Pence's speech

Le Tour is Back

Incoming Congressman Richie Torres (NY-15) goes after Democratic Socialists of America

Pro Teams Not Playing Tonight is a *Very* Anti-tRump Gesture

Trump officials pressured CDC to change virus testing guidelines

@LindseyGrahamSC on Jacob Blake being shot by police: "I don't know why the gentleman didn't yield w

WH "attempting to connect" Trump to family of Jacob Blake


Roosevelt Speaking About Cancer Of Nazis And Aid To Britain (1940)

Throughline from glorifying the McCloskeys to emblodening Kyle Rittenhouse:

Huntingdon, PA, is 91% white and 74% voted for impeached tRump in 2016

First thing I've note is they pinned all the flags together

fuck white nationalist gaslighter Kristi Noem

Milwaukee Bucks demand Wisconsin legislature reconvene after boycott

Maybe its time for the public to speak to the sons and daughters of Faux News Journos (Non Violent)

Some of the immigrants Trump naturalized on Tuesday didn't know they were being broadcast.

I liked Cher on the battleship better. She did not use an eye patch

The Trump campaign has gone dark on broadcast TV for the second time in a month.

Re; Jacob Blake, and the "why did he not yield" meme...

Kenosha: Police to armed vigilantes "We appreciate you guys, we really do,"

With the LED bulbs, does anyone ever change a lightbulb anymore?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

WNBA players are also boycotting their games tonight!

Hurricane Laura forcing water in the Mississippi River northward

In 1 hr. Everybody change to Comedy or SyFy Channel

I just love how Rachel, Joy and Nicole are fact-checking these fascists


I'm an Activist in Russia. I Can't Believe What My Life Has Become.

White Killer Can't Even Get Arrested with his Hands Up after Shooting 3 with AK-47

Did General Kellogg just say that there is peace deal of some sort?

Naomi Osaka just pulled out of her semi-final match tomorrow...

FBI launches national campaign to inform Americans about election security & foreign malign interfer

Pass the barf bucket, PLEASE!

In response to Trump's suggestion that Biden take a drug test, Biden should agree

Live look at Mike Pence getting ready for tonight.

Fundly is raising money for the Wisconsin Murderer!

So I decided to go to the hair dressers today Bought a Groupon, made an appointment and

Our Milwaukee Brewers in proud!

Kayleigh McEnany is full of shit.

Donald J Trump's country?

Joe: 100 years ago today, the 19th Amendment was certified, giving some women the right to vote.

I'm so old

Joe Biden statement on Jacob Blake

Your Attention, Please! The Earth is now less than 94 million miles from the sun

Major League Soccer cancels remaining matches tonight after players strike...

Super PAC has hired a plane to sky write "180K dead Americans" at Pence's speech tonight

Mark Meadows in 2014: Government attorney should be investigated for tweets supporting Democrats.

More games being cancelled

my prediction for Pence's visuals tonight

The RNC is a Trump hagiography.

TX-02: An Iranian-born progressive unseating a Trumpist veteran in Texas? It could happen.

Chelsea Clinton: If you want to see what leadership looks like tonight, watch this - not the RNC.

What if Kellyanne will discuss her own family issues?

Wouldn't it be hysterical

So who is left?

Last night, #RNC2020 tried to give Donald Trump credit for saving jobs in Lordstown.

Thank you to the generous friend for the Star!

Does Lou Holtz have dementia?

Lincoln Project Republican says polls undercount Trump support

OMG 😱!

US Senate Races in 2020 that Democrats will win to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

About the RNC convention, the great George C. Scott speaks for me

Ok! I had have enough of the bs!

Boycotts work better than protests

Question about audience-less baseball

oh its the young white guy and hitler admirer...

Tweet of the Day

Is this a revival meeting?

**** RNC Concention the Pence-ultimate***

Naomi Osaka says that she's pulling out of her semifinals tennis match tomorrow.

It's time to get Tucker off the air; Boycott his advertisers!!

Isn't the current speaker, Jack Brewer, in a shitload of trouble?

Another one ignorant of the concept of political realignment. nt

More black people are speaking at the RNC

live tv feed from lake charles about hurricane laura...KPLC

'Justice must and will be done': Joe Biden speaks out on police shooting of Jacob Blake

Current speaker. "I am a servant to God."

Dearest Goddess

Former football player Jack Brewer (at RNC) under investigation for Stock Fraud...

Fact Check: Gov. Cuomo had to beg for help from Trump.

Two women say they didn't know their naturalization ceremony would be used at GOP convention

Nearly 50 people in North Texas drank bleach this month

They need to have a pig squeal anytime Joni Ernst talks.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

FBI official: No evidence of 'coordinated' mail-in voter fraud

Trump will destroy Social Security if re-elected. He is telling us up front.

Finally got a real job.

Defense official: Arson suspected as cause of Navy ship fire

Minneapolis Police: "Really, it wasn't us! Here's proof!" (Warning: graphic content!! NSFW)

A change with Pence's speech and it ought to be something else?

Fauci 'has some concern' about change to COVID-19 testing guidelines

Contender for tweet of the day

"I just finished two focus groups. All women"

CDC was pressured 'from the top down' to change Covid-19 testing guidance, official says

Poor Eric!

Is everyone but me drinking?

Democrats guide to getting 60 US Senate seats in 2020.

Laura Trump knows what it's like to working a blue collar job?

There's one more night of this.

The number of Trump ads and Biden bashing ads I'm getting on youtube on Roku on the TV

I have never lived on a coast, near the ocean.

'We need it yesterday': Mayor Turner makes plea for 'Ike Dike'

For all the people who in the run up to impeachment...

Well, a double whammy!

well they have the black base covered, hows their latino representation?

Trump "charmed" the Chancellor of Germany?

NOAA Satellite - Laura tonight

Who has an IQ of 150 and is running in the 2020 presidential election?

The truth is being strangled to death with platitudes

Naomi Osaka pulling out of semi-final match, hoping to at least get a conversation started

Every one of these whack jobs need to be banned from federal govt jobs.

The former acting intelligence director?

Charles Barkley reacts to Milwaukee Bucks boycotting game

Pence looks like a Saturday Night Live character

"American Greatness" Can i watch Pence without drinking?

The Paranoid Style in American Politics Is Back (2016)

Hundreds of R.N.C. Attendees Test Positive for Delusion

Seattle to demolish Pier 58 on downtown waterfront in next 2 weeks

God, god, god, god, god, god, god, god, god.........................................................

The only way some of these speakers could be more obsequious toward Trump

Pence just said that not much gets past Trump.

Cartoons 8/26/2020

Look at what has become "normal"...

An embarrassingly stupid question here:

Snuff films used to be taboo

When tRump speaks tomorrow night,

Hey Pence! What about this year?

Denver protest class action lawsuit

Trump & the republicans need one of these hooked up when they are speaking.

Tucker Carlson encouraging domestic terrorism on Fox tonight.

Congress has asked the Dept of Defense to investigate retaliation - A. Vindman

RNC Video Showing Rioters In "Biden's America" Is Actually Spain

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Putin Poisons, Louis DeJoy Knows Nothing & Falwell's Sex Scandal

Little Red Corvette: Prince

COVID-19 cases among children surge in Georgia

So they've just gone with Pence and so...

Crews Light Backfires As Battle Against CZU Complex Fires Continues

Florida adds more than 3,200 coronavirus cases as death toll passes 10,700

The Daily Social Distancing Show - America's Got Suppression: North Carolina

People. Who. Put. A. Period. After. Every. Word. Are. Like. Nails. On. A. Blackboard.

All frustrations should be taken out on Republican candidates at the polls.

Seattle Mayor Blasts 'Purposefully Wrong' Republican Caricature Of U.S. Cities MSNBC

So... where do we go from here?

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: 'Blessed Is the Man'

Funny evacuation meme:

Mike Pence reminds me of Mayor West's portrayal in "Family Guy," especially this moment:

I can not wait until

Biden's administrations would a be a corrupt one?

Rep. Kevin Brady: USPS Crisis Is 'Fake' Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC

I miss Walter Cronkite.

They Definitely Don't Have Enough Flags

Woody Guthrie singing about Fred Trump

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: 'Lord Have Mercy'/'Kyrie Eleison', Psalm 102 (103)

How many times has Mother's Boy mentioned the Con

"Our flag was still here?

Has the White House said anything at all about this historic natural disaster?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Did The Police Shoot Jacob Blake?

Well the shit stained liar is going to speak!

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'New Adam', '1000 Years', 'Silence In Heaven'


The Kenosha Police Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake In The Back Has Been Identified As Rusten Sheskey

Nebraska medical marijuana initiative has enough signatures, but still may not make November ballot

Serious question: Do any men here ever shave the top side of their forearms?

One more dreadful night to go!

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Lord I Am Sinking!'/'Incorrupt Relics of St. John of Shanghai'

Where is that damn health care plan?

I distinctly remember that when I was seventeen...

Happy National Dog Day trumpty dumpty!

Lakers and Clippers vote to boycott rest of season

Minneapolis mayor sets a curfew, calls for National Guard after downtown stores looted

Is it me, or have there been very few Hispanics speaking at the RNC?

'Why Police Unions Are Not Part of The American Labor Movement'

On The Weather Channel right now. Live about the hurricane closing in on the coast.

This RNC convention is doing nothing more than what Fox News does every night.

RNC Pushes Message On Crime As U.S. Protests Reignite The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Saw This Tonight And Had To Share

Tennis is joining the athlete protests - Naomi Osaka will not play semifinals at Western-Southern

Trump Losing 2020 Is Key To "Future Of Civilization," Says Ex-Trump Insider MSNBC

Has anyone at the RNC said anything about Laura hitting the Gulf Coast? Like maybe a prayer? nt

I feel like the lies were being shot out of machine guns

Waxing Gibbous Moon, tonight, August 26, 2020.

Why is the M$M refusing to truly report Kyle Rittenhouse was an adamant and unabashed MAGA supporter

Looks like Shitshow's getting upstaged by the hurricane.

Kanye West may have put Idaho into play

'I Moved on Her Very Heavily': Part 1 by E. JEAN CARROLL

How The Romans Ate A Cook Back In Time Absolute History

LeBron James launching multimillion-dollar effort to recruit poll workers for November

Amazing picture of a California fire

New Book Reveals 'Hatemonger' Stephen Miller's Deep Sinister Motivations, Radicalized At Young Age

The cop Pence claimed was killed in Oakland riot was actually shot by far-right extremist.

I am still stomping, ducking mad from those liars

Daniel Dale fact checking day 3 of RNC

Am I just an idiot..???

Newsweek, Mike Pence Could Be the Next President and He Was Handpicked by Paul Manafort

"Worst case scenario"

The Chiefs want to turn Arrowhead Stadium into a voting location this November

Universities across the country move classes online

Dog and cat watch Netflix on owner's tablet

The IMPERIAL Foods Chinese EMPERORS Used to Eat

odd how media never refer to that guy as white or show his arrest mugshot.

The Kenosha Shooting Suspect Was In The Front Row Of A Trump Rally In January

Dig a Little Deeper in the Well

Election Day could mean big changes for Southern high courts


Ted Lieu tweet - Want to know what bots look like? Click below.

CDC rammed through appalling new covid test guidelines while Fauci was in surgery!

There will be no in-person classes at Trump University this fall!

2 Dead, 1 Injured During Protests for Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin - NowThis

AOC: NBA players are courageously on strike (withholding labor), NOT boycotting

lucinda williams - lake charles (studio-1998) okay it's not a real happy song, but ...

God, it felt SO good to laugh. Had to share it.

In Trump's 'LIBERATE' tweets, extremists see a call to arms

Travel Diaries: Japanese Food Compilation

Minneapolis - Looting after a murder/suicide

DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos Adds Two Candidates to DCCC 'Red To Blue' Program, Expands Offensive Ba

The People Have Spoken!

Tucker Carlson must be fired.

NY-24: Joe Biden endorses Dana Balter while John Katko uses former VP against her

'Dr. Fauci Raises Alarm About New Changes To CDC Coronavirus Guidelines Made w/o Him'

A Hurricane Prayer - James Martin, S. J.

2020 continues its efforts to end us all...

Night Hurricanes are the worst

Can Foreigners Wear Kimono? What Japanese think of Cultural Appropriation

Can Foreigners Wear Kimono? What Japanese think of Cultural Appropriation

Has it been noticed how horrible a person Juanita Broaddrick is

Webcams in Texas, Louisiana to watch Hurricane Laura.

That Weather Channel woman in Lake Charles, La.

I just read that Rittenhouse's mother drove him to Kenosha...

RNC Speaker Endorses Head of the Household Voting

UT-04: Utah Republican calls on RNC to remove Burgess Owens' speaking slot claiming QAnon ties

C-SPAN host asks caller to explain what QAnon is. Doesn't go well.

Abby Johnson, Anti-Abortion Activist, Voices Support for 'Head of Household' Voting

TX-25: Democrats add Roger Williams to target list.

Missing Fort Hood soldier's body found

No links. Stephen Colbert (tonight the 26th), with his guest Nancy Pelosi

Japanese Chef recreates meal from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (sorry no subs)

Trump Has Now Moved $2.3 Million Of Campaign-Donor Money Into His Private Business (Forbes)

Ronald Reagan Presided Over 89,343 Deaths to AIDS and Did Nothing

Lightning inside Laura

MN-01: Expect an ethics complaint against Jim Hagedorn, DFL Chair Martin says

CUTE OVERLOAD WARNING: Baby Groot meets The Child aka BABY YODA

WHAT A COWARD! Trump Says He Will "Not Even Consider" Renaming Bases Honoring Confederate Traitors!

Nicolle Wallace & Alicia Menendez deconstruct Melania Trump's fraudulent RNC speech many praised

Lawrence O'Donnell: FOX News Advocating 'Vigilantism' Over Kenosha Protests The 11th Hour MSNBC

Tooning Out The News - RNC Night 2: Melania Trump endorses fictional version of Donald

US Senate Races that Democrats win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Murphy: Biden's Racial Unrest Remarks 'Smart Politics' Against Trump The 11th Hour MSNBC


ZOOM and HDMI from laptop to big screen AUDIO question

Walking on wood.. Zori and Geta

45 Brutal Memes Mocking the Trump Convention

New Zealand Gives Christchurch Killer a Record Sentence

Hurricane Laura Nears Landfall With Dangerous 150mph Winds The 11th Hour MSNBC

UT-04: Owens lied about brain damage in suit against NFL

Losing women voters

Pence claims Americans would be unsafe under Biden

To turn Trump into a president worthy of a 2nd term, speakers are conjuring an entirely diff person

limiting testing to symptomatic undercounts covid19 by 12 times!

tweet of the night

tweet of the night #2

Trump's RNC naturalization ceremony at White House: Tasteless, hollow and probably illegal

Some unique Texas profanities

Little girl drifts half mile out to sea on inflatable unicorn, gets rescued by ferry

Tucker Carlson Tries To Justify Actions Of 17-Year-Old Charged In Kenosha Killings

The Most Craven Lie on Night 3 of the RNC Came from Kayleigh McEnany

Andrea Bocelli & Christina Aguilera Live

Stephen Colbert - LIVE From Night 3 Of The RNC

Oahu Is Shutting Down Again as Cases Explode

TikTok teens and youth in politics

Stephen Colbert: Guest Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Aubrey Huff Calls Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse 'A National Treasure'

Trump looted $44 billion FEMA disaster funds in middle of record hurricane season

A few months ago when the orange abomination insinuated there'd be an armed revolution if he lost

Nature - Antarctic Ice Shelves More Vulnerable To Rapid Collapse Than Previously Thought

"Law and Order" is nothing more than a Racist Dog Whistle

Relocation From Flood Zones - Once Inconceivable - Rapidly Becoming Policy W. FEMA, HUD

Riot Kitchen HQ just learned that our bus crew was arrested in broad daylight in #Kenosha today - k

Bill McKibben - Climate Breakdown Means We Don't Have Any More Presidential Terms To Waste

'Mail-In Vote Suppression Underway In Virginia'

NEW: Elizabeth Neumann,.."I do not think we can afford four more years of President Trump. We are le

Thursday TOONs - Hey 'Pubsie! Bring Yer Shine Box!

Laura At Landfall Was Stronger Than Katrina W. Winds At 150 - Could Be Strongest In State History

'Black Family Hides Photos, Toni Morrison Books In Order To Get Fair Real Estate Appraisals'

Totally ignoring this shit show!

Not One Word From RNC On Climate, But Be Afraid Of Scary Black People Moving In Next Door

Why are C rated pollsters included?

Second Trump DHS Official Comes Out For Biden

The Lubber Grasshopper

RNC A "Whirlwind Of Lies Recasting Trump As A Saintly Feminist Preoccupied W. The Nation's Health"

With the high unemployment numbers, and no new second round of CARES in sight, it is pretty

I never thought I would leave the Republican Party, but I'm voting Biden-Harris this fall

Iran to Allow U.N. Inspections of Previously Blocked Nuclear Sites

Questions about vetting

The NBA strike is the most effective RNC counterprogramming possible

Naomi Osaka pulls out of Western & Southern semi in protest at racial injustice

It's 5:30 a.m. in Louisiana. Here's the latest on Hurricane Laura.

Astronaut Jerry Carr, who led NASA's final Skylab crew, dies at 88

This is MAGAt mentality in a nutshell & why they're unreachable. He's like them.

These murders and the ruination of a 17 year old are the direct fault of Trump and his nasty cabal

BuzzFeed: Pence misleads on killing of DHS officer in Oakland

New York attorney general probes perplexing Trump Tower Chicago loan deal

POLITICO Playbook: More than 100 Bush-McCain-Romney alums go for Biden

I Asked German Experts Why Germans Followed Hitler

Fauci says he was in surgery when task force discussed CDC testing guidelines

U.S. cities sue federal government over untraceable 'ghost guns'

Two Americas: US Chamber of Commerce endorses many Democrats in 2020 as RNC frets about

Proof that Kanye West is running for the sake of Kanye West

DOJ Requesting Data from States that Issued COVID-19 Orders that May Have Resulted in Deaths ...

Breakfast Thursday 27 August 2020

Trump Announces Judicial Nominee; August 26, 2020

Trump had public meltdown over missed phone call from Putin, former No 10 aide says

Trump is expected to receive nomination in front of 1500 people

Trump caught actually killing COVID patients

Joni 'Bread Bags' Ernst Becomes A Laughingstock By Claiming Biden Will Ban Farm Animals

When Trump glorifies one, we inevitably get the other.

Will the Madman delay tonight's festivities in light of the hurricane? Doubtful.

In a first, a person's immune system fought HIV -- and won

I would love if others took the NBAs stance

LeBron James and other sports stars should demand that Trump personally respond to their demands

Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 31.7 percent in the second quarter

NBA players boycott? Why 'boycott' is not the correct term

Texas and Louisiana DUers please check in when you can.

Mr. Pence, understand this: to many of us, "Mother" is just

Had one of those things happen yesterday.

Another 1 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance benefits last week

41 Years Ago Today; The Troubles - Lord Mountbatten and 18 soldiers killed in separate incidents


Three responses from previous debates that will work against Trump:

Mike Pence appears to be living in a fantasyland (WashPost)

Biden should agree to a Drug Test prior to debate - provided Trump agrees to

The High-Octane Denialism Of The RNC - "Fabricated Panic Followed By Hoarse, Manic Panglossianism"

NYT Podcast from 8/26/2020 on Law & Order in 68 & 20 by Republicans

The Rundown: August 27, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 8/26/20

Trump's schedule for Thursday, August 27, 2020

Keynote speaker at the RNC:

Pageturn: Slice of Life Comics

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/26/2020

Had that talk again to our one son if you get stopped by police

Dear Kenosha Police Chief,

Ann Coulter Praises 17-Year-Old Arrested For Murder Of 2 Protesters: 'I Want Him As My President'

Will sports be the catalyst? The straw?

Why did Trump/Melania redo the White House Rose Garden (Jackie Kennedy's)?

Drug testing for everyone?

The @GOP is the SWAMP....

Meanwhile, moonwalking in a Mexican wrestling ring ...

Ha! Trump will stew about this!

Yes, Republicans freed the slaves. They were NOT these Republicans.

Pence Warns That a Biden Presidency Will Bring Anarchy and Chaos

Hitler on The Big Lie (from Mein Kampf)

San Anotnio Police shove "suspect" into car, admit it was the wrong man.

Former GOP operative Stuart Stevens on Michelangelo Signorile's program (short transcript)

WATCH: Students cheer trombone player as he drowns out man's rants about 'thug' BLM demonstrators

Immigrants in Trump-Led Ceremony Didn't Know They Would Appear at RNC

Donald Trump's lawyer demanded Mother Jones destroy this video

I guess I'm not surprised MAGA COUNTRY is defending the *MAGASHOOTER*

Fed Unanimously Approves Shift on Inflation Goal, Ushering in Longer Era of Low Rates

Revealing Hot-Mic Video of Trump From a Fraud Case Deposition

Who said this? "The streets of our country are in turmoil..."

So will this seal the deal for Joe Biden?

Indigenous activists protest wall contractor in Coolidge

RNC Praises Women's Suffrage After Featuring Speaker Who Wants Sexist Voting System

In all your references to Kyle Rittenhouse please think about referring to him as the *MAGASHOOTER*

HUrricane Laura - dis I hear that a Casino lost its moorings and is wedged under the

We get to kill you.

NBA referees march in support of players who refused to play in protest of shootings

Why are they praising the MagaShooter? They're justifying violence in preparation for Trump losing.

I wonder if Trump is trying to arrange having Rittenhouse address the final night of the Convention

Biden Leads In PA, 49% to 42%

Twitter Reacts to Reports Of Lute Olson in Hospice Care

In today's print edition of the New York Times, a letter to the editor from Jimmy Stewart's daughter

New Hot-Mic Video: What Trump Told His Lawyer When He Didn't Know a Camera Was Rolling

There's always an eerie silence from the epicenter of a major hurricane right after the storm hits

So, now for some, a stupid, murderous, 17-year-old incel

Lester Young was born on this date.

"We really dodged a bullet," Beaumont official says, as Hurricane Laura downgraded to Category 2

CNN Sucks

Best #Guilfoylechallenge response yet!!!!

You raised $11,171.00 on August 26, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Kellyanne says it out loud.

New York Jets cancel practice in apparent response to Blake shooting

Old news always new: SHITLER screamed publicly for missing PUTIN call - at FLYNN

Stuffed French Toast recipe (with "peaches foster" sauce)

Pelosi, Meadows to restart COVID-19 relief talks

Lurking MAGAS: A question about Kyle Rittenhouse aka *MAGASHOOTER*

Rep. Barbara Lee: Without accountability, police violence against Black people will continue

@Votevets ad: "Don't trust Donald Trump with your kid's life...or your own."

The Far Right Movement in the Lone Star State is lonelier than ever

Republicans are lying about Biden and hoping voters are ignorant enough to believe them

"A great country we live in"!

Biden is set to run a 2-minute ad on all the networks tonight during coverage of Trump's convention

BREAKING: Large Chemical leak from a plant in Lake Charles flowing over I-10, extremely dangerous

I am not a lawyer, but...

Law and Order my ass!

one more, this morning. almost funny if it wasn't dangerous

Confederate South's Defenders Monument toppled by Hurricane Laura

Remember Navy SEAL Ryan Owens?

So many cops killing black people I suspect some are trying to create trouble

Kushner: NBA players are "very fortunate" to be "able to take a night off from work"

"The Chosen One" will speak tonight

More companies pledge to give workers time to vote

How many MAGAts does it take to change a lightbulb?

Unrest hits Minneapolis after mistaken reports of police shooting Black man who actually shot himsel

Deleting post on kid terrorist record. Doesn't look legit.

Is Trump's crazy Covid doctor speaking at the RNC tonight?

Bill introduced to prohibit USPS Board of Govs/Postmaster Gen from holding political position

Submarine could explore seas of huge Saturn moon Titan

Looks like the worst of Laura hit a wild life reserve

How does one contact the debate committee? I want them to silence drumpf's mic

The Latest: Face masks required for all students in Spain

A Closer Look at Liberalism, and Why Liberals Last For Centuries and Fascists Don't

Rittenhouse's AR-15..? Anyone word on how he got it?

VoteVets ad: The First

Rock fall at Grand Canyon reveals ancient animal footprints

We don't get many sloth videos here.....

Map of widespread flash flooding expected in LA, MS & AR through Sunday (Twitter)

How Geologists Collect Lava Samples From Volcanoes

CPAP vs. face mask

680 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 33 deaths

Colombia admits $22 billion US counternarcotics strategy failed

Hurricane Laura causes 'extremely dangerous' spill at Louisiana chemical plant

TikTok CEO Resigns Amid US Pressure to Sell Video App

Hillary: RNC by the numbers

Colombia trying to whitewash massacres by coining term 'collective homicides'

USPS is telling people their mail is being held 'at the request of the customer.' It isn't true.

AP FACT CHECK: Pence presses a distorted case on economy

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

American Medical Association response to stopping testing of the asymptomatic

The most ridiculous historical arguments denying women the right to vote

Let me make this pellucidly clear - no one who supports

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says

Trump Warns That a Biden Presidency Would Mean Regular Mail Service and Sports

Cat makes its choice as to the pet it wants

'Hunting season': Violence erupts in Arizona as Nazi-saluting 'blue line' supporters confront prote

Founder of Reddit bemoans the radicalization of "disgruntled white young men" online

Like authoritarian parties in other countries, GOP substituted propaganda for reality

Man Exonerated in 1983 Rape and Murder After Almost Four Decades Behind Bars

Speaker Pelosi says don't dignify Donald with a presidential debate

Yale Law School & Women: Prof Rubenfeld suspended for being creepy a.f.

They still have the moves.

Trump has launched an all-out attack on the FDA. Will its scientific integrity survive?

What? Thought McConnell wasn't going to make a speech or was going be at the convention?

Trump had public meltdown over missed phone call from Putin, former No 10 aide says

Ivanka Trump went viral for promising help to a homeless D.C. woman in a video. Weeks later, ...

OMG!! Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant 'Heat Ray' Ahead of Midterms...

Why did the Parkland victim's father blame the Dems when the shooter was MAGA?

Post hurricane life sucks

Turtle Humor

WH official response to WaPo reporting trump getting public money spent at his private business

Team MAGA says their shooters are mentally unstable and therefore their culpability is mitigated

WATCH: Revealing Hot-Mic Video of Trump From a Fraud Case Deposition

Room rentals, resort fees and furniture removal: How Trump's company charged the U.S. government..

How far would you go for fast food?

Animals and their table manners

US, Russia, Brazil, India and Mexico: What do they have in common regarding COVID-19?

We Need to Talk About the GOP's 'Black Friends' by Elie Mystal of The Nation

Middle Age Riot tweet - Difference between trump's America and Nazi Germany

30 years ago this week: Gainesville university students terrorized by a serial killer (GRAPHIC)

We'll have to vote in person.

The Trump Department of "Justice" says the guy in Kenosha shot by a cop in the back...

Seward Co-op Workers Ratify Three Year Contract for a Better Life and Better Wages

Heads up - Joe Biden coming up on Andrea Mitchell and tonight

How exactly do they get away with bashing government and praising government AT THE SAME TIME???


MARCH ON WASHINGTON 8/28/2020 "GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS" - Honoring 57th year since King's speech

Josh Marshall has a reminder for us

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl are targeting Detroit voters with a fake robocall (vote by mail)

NBA players agree to resume season in Disney bubble

I get in peoples face who throw out Jacob Blake was reaching for a knife bull shit.

Joe: The cruelty of this president truly knows no bounds. We can't let him gut Social Security and e

All high-risk people should be taking Vitamin D

Lincoln Project: Decency (YouTube version)

I'm so f*****g DONE with my clinic manager.

Walmart Joins Talks to Buy TikTok

The C.D.C. director, facing criticism, now says testing 'may be considered' for anyone exposed

Biden on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell now

Mike Pence uninvited from making commencement speech at Wisconsin College.

VOTEVETS campaign ad: "The First"

Hurricane Laura forecast: northern Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mid-Atlantic next in storm's path

Laura is headed to Virginia; might be here Saturday afternoon

This country desperately needs Joe Biden as its president right now.

Trump Voter unable to give any reason she is voting for him again

As it was then, As it still now. ::graphic & maybe NSFW::

We'll need a huge volunteer program in place for the voting lines

Drug cocktail touted by Trump to treat coronavirus increases chance of death by 27%, study shows

I went crazy on some coworkers this morning

Colombia's Supreme Court receives 'proof' Uribe was involved in massacres

*Repukes* Using Robocalls To Dissuade Detroit Residents From Voting

Republican National Convention 2020!!!

Delta has banned nearly 250 passengers for refusing to wear masks

China fishing fleet near Ecuador islands irks US

Colombia says visiting U.S. military unit to restart activities

VW Boys w/ Tater Tate - 5 Pounds of Possum

While it is often difficult to prove which of the on-line "news" items are legitimate and which

Hurricane DU'ers please check in.

'Ax Handle Saturday': The Klan's Vicious Attack On Black Protesters In FL 60 Yrs Ago', Wash Post

Trump & Abbot Labs$750 million deal for 150 million rapid coronavirus tests

RUDY is speaking tonight.....

Anyone have a source for FOX sponsors. I don't want to support a company which

A stark and scary vision for America (Wisconsin Examiner)

Night Three Of GOP Hate Fest Draws Lowest Viewership In History

DOSE OF JOE -- Aug 27

What has Joe Biden done to protect us from the virus?

Holy Rollers: The Religious Leaders Using Churches to Launder Illicit Cash Across the Americas

Holy Rollers: The Religious Leaders Using Churches to Launder Illicit Cash Across the Americas

It's time for decency. It's time for Joe Biden.

Republican National Cognitive Dissonance

Polluter In Chief - Real American

Polluter In Chief - Real American

The Lincoln Project: It's time for decency. It's time for Joe Biden.

2020 race doesn't compare to Bush-Dukakis in '88 (Boston Herald)

Have the presidential debates been scheduled?

Shocking! South Dakota Covid Numbers Explode Day After Governor's RNC Speech

Nothing demoralizes Trump more than low ratings.

Minneapolis bans businesses from installing security shutters to protect their windows because ...

This whole "the guy had a knife" thing.

Sometimes the Almighty isn't all that mysterious with his messaging ...

Some Perspective

Trump to DROLL on for 75 minutes tonite.

Former Republican senator from Maine Bill Cohen endorses Biden

Synergies of the Zr/Sm Co-doped Fe2O3/CeO2 Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping H2 generation.

Are BLM Protestors solely responsible for rioting and looting?

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Keep Up"

Just a reminder- COVID is still with us (of course, we know that...but the repub?) - check this map

Gawd just saw a silent anti-Sara Gideon ad

...Trump is again the man without a plan

Asbury Park ex-cops admit vandalizing cars of man who filed complaint against them

Ohio National Guardsmen may serve at polls

Evangelical churches hit hard by coronavirus in Latin America as many flout guidelines

They went SUPER-LOW in Kenosha, so what unreachable HIGH are we supposed to go for now?

Mike Pence Wants Entire Trump Family Arrested And Charged For Multiple Crimes

Honest Government Ad: Mail-In Voting

Everyone could use a break, including Mei Xiang.

Superior Court of Justice Orders Google to Provide User Data to Investigate Marielle's Death

Just saying, I believe we are going to have a REALLY BAD problem with Police

Bolsonaro Calls Journalist 'Sucker' and Does Not Answer about Queiroz Deposits to Michelle

Downtown Minneapolis cleans up after night of looting; Guard arrives; curfew set

When you applaud murder of your fellow Americans, clap the murderer on the back In heartfelt

Here's my quick recap of the Republican Convention

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Heal America"

Report: China test-fires 'carrier killer' missile in disputed sea

Inside the hectic hours around a historic NBA boycott

3 p.m. EDT, 2 p.m. CDT, Kamala to deliver address to counter Trump's RNC address tonight.

Ongoing thread of FOX excusing, deceptively framing, and omitting info regarding Kenosha shooting

AMERICAN BRIDGE campaign ad: "Michael Cohen"

What will the GOP be without Trump?

Crickets from Trump - Rachel Maddow on Belarus

So the police encourage the murderer, gave him water and allowed him to keep breaking curfew ...

Chris Wallace Calls Out Fox Hosts for Justifying Vigilante Violence: 'I Don't Think That's right!"

DNC 2020 vs RNC 2020

Trump Is Flaunting His Impunity

Eric Trump - not a WH official - is at Trump's FEMA HQ briefing

Ha ha ha.Ratings for Night 3 of RNC shit show are in. Dear Leader won't be happy

Video Appears to Show Cops Swarming and Forcibly Arresting Activist Cooks in Kenosha

Minneapolis calm morning after man's suicide sparked unrest

A former official fires a legal missile at Mexico's political class

This poll from last week gives me a little hope.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse the new George Zimmerman?

BOOM !!! Biden: " Trump is rooting for violence" ..... KEEP IT UP JOE !!

Biden''s been speaking om CNN. Got th chance to say DT is stoking violence & the major problem

Laura Takes Louisiana Confederate General to the Ground

First 3D look at an embryonic sauropod dinosaur reveals unexpected facial features

First 3D look at an embryonic sauropod dinosaur reveals unexpected facial features

Nearly 50 people in North Texas drank bleach this month

Joe Biden is live! Or Kamala is

Lincoln Project: Dear Daughters.

Guardian: White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says

I love our future Vice President.

Democrat's Convention Of Love Trounced The Republican Convention Orgy Of Hate In Ratings

(He's back, in a new article!) Teacher in rural Guatemala creates unique solution for classes

Making a hero of the 17 year old murderer is just the beginning.

need confirmation. Did Blake have a knife on his person? Reaching for it?

Only one post-convention bump truly matters for Biden, and now we're seeing it.

Brad Ashford changes course, says he won't run as write-in candidate for Senate seat

I guess I've been quiet long enough. My opinion piece

Phillies - Nats game will not be played tonight.

They're getting desperate in Michigan. So glad we have a competent SOS & AG.

White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says

MSNBC: Kamala Harris is on fire.

Feast day of St. Monica, patron of mothers and wives.

Stand your ground - NOT

I'm loving watching this badass woman on my TV

Joe Biden hits back hard at Trump: This happens to be Trump's America

God, Kamala's good! What a speech she's delivering.

Is it just me

New Lincoln Project ad: Daughters

New Lincoln Project ad: Daughters

Kamala Harris: "I believe America WILL choose the light"

MA-01: Pelosi endorses Rep. Richard Neal in Democratic primary

What? Did those officers think that 17 year old was carrying a play gun?

Vigilantes and outside agitators

Lara Trump Uses Fake Abraham Lincoln Quote During Speech at Republican National Convention

The Daily Show Bought a Full-Page Ad in the Washington Post Today.

Tweet of the Day

Honduran judge orders trial to begin for accused mastermind of activist's murder

Kamala Harris hits another GRAND SLAM....

The last of the Zoroastrians

Aqua dog stands on two feet to swim in the ocean

Trevor Noah Trolls Trump With A Full Page Newspaper Ad:

Second trump DHS official speaks out

Something tells me Nicolle Wallace knows how the VP debate is gonna turn out.

Eric Trump shows up at FEMA meeting with Daddy. No one could figure out why.

Talented parrot talks exactly like Matthew McConaughey

USA's Militarization Of Latin America - OpEd

If I Had a Hammer

Biden campaign ad, to air immediately before Trump's acceptance speech

What has become rare here in N. TX, a thunder cloud

Let's hear it for Kamala Harris. She tore into Trump just now like no one's business.

should joe and kamala live tweet during trump's speech?

In all the heated arguments about sending kids back to school, one thing I've noticed:

Artists! Creators! Earl G.! Mememakers!

Mary Trump joins MSNBC Special Coverage tonight at 8E.

Wired on Waste: Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

How Trump's company charged the U.S. government more than $900,000

Contested future: What next for the west?

U.S. trade gap with China reaches all-time high under Trump

In case you missed it--Kamala's 🔥🔥 speech!

Operation Block Ivanka: 'Melania & Me' excerpts reveal battle between first lady, president's daught

"reptile-human hybrids harvest and sexually abuse children as young as infants."

Joe: And in 146 days, we'll rejoin it.

Movies about the Blitz

Hurricane Laura Rips Down 'South's Defenders' Confederate Statue In Lake Charles

Kamala Harris 23M Mike Pence 16M viewers

Was it "take your least favorite corrupt son" to work day?

Three Words: Trump Reelection Rifles

Iowa Gov Reynolds closes bars in 6 counties


Benson blasts robocall warning Detroit voters to 'beware of vote by mail'

RNC Video Showing Rioters In "Biden's America" Is Actually Spain

I found Kamala Harris' speech on YouTube. Here it is:

Why has nearly no one mentioned Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber?

Dutch Masterwork Stolen For Third Time

Strange answers to the psychopath test -- Jon Ronson (Great Story Teller!!)

First degree murder!

Daily Show Runs Full Page Ad in WAPO....

Moderna and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine candidates require ultra-low temperatures, raising questions

"Trump's America" is increasingly becoming a thing. It's a powerful frame. He's burning the place

Trump had public meltdown over missed phone call from Putin, former No 10 aide says

Belarus protests: Putin ready to send Lukashenko military support

Biden: Trump 'rooting for more violence'

Yeah. Oh yeah.

The Progressive New Face of 'Boys Will Be Boys'

In an opposite world...Mt. Rushmore

Russia rules out inquiry into Alexei Navalny 'poisoning'

The NHL cancelled games for today in support of other leagues

Jacob Blake handcuffed to hospital bed, father says

Man shot by Secret Service officer outside White House apparently was holding a comb

A visitor on the Sunflower stalk

A second for today. Not so much about droplets

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency to begin 737 MAX flight tests

Trump administration to purchase 150 million rapid COVID-19 tests

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace blames Trump for American disasters: 'He alone broke it'

Mother Nature FTW!!

5 Cops Involved in Breonna Taylor's Case Were Also Part of a Botched Raid in 2018

Russia GDP is $1.67 trillion, California $3.3 trillion, Texas $1.87

8.27.20 Kamala Harris Press Conference

Ohio State University suspended 228 students

Paralyzed Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his hospital bed -- but police won't reveal the charges

I need a good Biden Harris logo that I can print and mail those a**holes that keep sending me

So Are Joe And Kamala's Words Now Adequately Placed In Trump's Head?......

President Trump isn't expected to speak for another five hours, but there's already a line of nicely

A shot from inside the RNC...

NHL postpones Thursday playoff games in solidarity with other leagues protesting racial injustice

Does Trump give those damn flags away? I see them

O M G! What are the odds?? This is a-moo-zing!! Nunes and the Cow!

Virginia's Gov Northam Announces Launch of New African American History Course;

Joe Ruby, Co-Creator of Scooby-Doo, Dies at 87


TRUMP'S AMERIKKKA - Andrew Joseph Duffer

I don't know how I feel about this.

Texas father, one of FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives, arrested for daughters' 2008 "honor killing"

Texas father, one of FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives, arrested for daughters' 2008 "honor killing"

Is Mary Trump going to be on with Rachel, Nicolle and Joy?

Full Hot-Mic Video from Donald Trump's 2015 Fraud Case Deposition

Tennessee Lt. Governor takes heat from Black lawmakers over Facebook post

Fantastic VoteVets ad by father of slain son in Yemen (Navy Seal)

I have a question about TV audio problem (I know it's not a computer question but

The White House Says It's Assembling a "Dossier" on a Washington Post Reporter

Trump Warns That Biden Presidency Would Mean Regular Mail Service and Sports

So Trump wants a drug test?

Dominique Beachum Is A Name You Will Want To Remember

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 27, 2020

nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog loving life

I need wording for a sign about Social Security

Two weather related questions

Sometimes a friend is all you need

Why were the Nazis not popular In the 1960s and 1970s?

What time does the dumpster fire start speaking today?

Earth may have been born wet

This brought a tear to my eye and I cannot even

At least 40 journalists have been detained today in Minsk

She was meant to find him

Angelic, tiny wombat turns into a little monster once he hits puberty 😂💙

Joe Biden called my wife.............

All protesters should wear blue latex gloves.

The baby-faced killer's victims were two white guys dead...

Florida Supreme Court says DeSantis exceeded his authority in naming new justice

A cat fight that Trump must really likes?

"Immigrants are not your political props, Mr. President."

US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg to get Liberty Medal

These are the victims of the *MAGASHOOTER*

Gold Star

Feels great to finally take a full breath

Why can't states and cities establish "protest zones" for RW gun nuts

Laura carves destructive path through Louisiana; 4 dead

For those of you with a daughter and a wife, please send me photos that resemble this one.

Kelly Ann says that she is leaving her job with Trump to spend more time with her daughter.

Trump DOJ Targets Democratic Governors For COVID-19 Outbreaks In Veterans Homes

The Lincoln Project: Protect

The Lincoln Project: Protect

Today's experience on the dating site...

Husky escape artist squeezes through tiny door opening

Yesterday at the Kenosha press conference, when the police chef was speaking the Kenosha

Is Trumpism the death throes of Nixon style racism?

Hurricane Laura, Extensive Catastrophic Damage, Grand Lake, LA - 8/27/2020

Hurricane Laura, Extensive Catastrophic Damage, Grand Lake, LA - 8/27/2020

The Lincoln Project: Decency

Had our Biden Harris sign stolen from our lawn last night

The Lincoln Project: Decency

Fed. judge orders trump admin to answer questions & turn over USPS policy changes

Please share and spread these words from a Navy veteran:

Set up for WH - not everyone being tested

Coronavirus Task Force not consulted about seating tonight for Trump's speech--no social distancing

Caption Time.

Don Winslow new ad about the Conways:

To me this fucking RUMP family has done more damage to this great country than

NHL postpones playoffs in protest.

Choose one restaurant.

I have a knife in the door of my car


Viral pro-Trump tweets came from fake African American spam accounts, Twitter says

Smash Mouth Sturgis show connected to 100+ Covid-19 cases

IMO, door-knocking around here is a tactical error

Today is my birthday. And I will be DAMNED

Don't give Putin's Puppet the ratings!!!

University Of Arizona Prevented Coronavirus Outbreak On Campus By Testing Wastewater

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 28 August 2020

Ghost guns


I'm out. I'm not watching that speech tonight.

Walter Shaub tweet - this is what they do in authoritarian countries

What parent wants their daughter to be like Melania?

White House says it is creating 'very large' dossier on Washington Post journalist and others

Jim Carrey tweet

Eric Trump says that all Democrats 'can talk about' is 'COVID' as US death toll exceeds 180,000

If I watch Trumps speech tonight on, say, youtube...

ACLU Calls For Kenosha County Sheriff, Kenosha County Police Chief To Resign

The only thing left on the field: a Black Lives Matter shirt. (Mets/Marlins walk off)

'It was the lighting': Don Jr addresses rumors he was on cocaine during RNC speech

Trump Isn't Playing Nice Guy -- He's Playing Tsar

The world needs this.. (free hugs)

It's scary as hell !

Donald Trump Jr's and Kimberly Guilfoyle's 2-day trip to Paris that cost taxpayers at least $64,000

Justice Department to Investigate Jacob Blake Shooting

Ratsfest is about to begin!

Noisemaking outside W House during drumpfster's speech tonight?

Poorer, Weaker and Sicker - America under the Con

Gonna be an HORRENDOUS night tonight!

Scaramucci On Joy

Tesla on autopilot rear ends police car while 'driver' watches a movie