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Tide or Tigers?

Bernie Sanders Supporters at the MA Campaign Office Opening

This would be a great time to confiscate the Bundy ranch in UTAH as payment for monies owed.

The Cologne assaults challenge the German sense of order – and many fear what comes next

Will "The Good Wife" predict the Iowa caucus results?

Brown And Black Democratic Presidential Forum Fusion (youtube) Bernie done!O'Malley next >13k watch

#VanillaISIS Recruitment and Traininng Video discovered online. #OregonStandoff #AttackonOregon

Hillary in Waterloo IA Jan 11 -goes after Sanders for taxes and guns

Hypothetical Question: What if the early Primaries are inconclusive?

And in the death...

The major news outlets are reporting the race is neck-and-neck and the Clinton campaign is nervous

U.S. state attorneys general joining probe of health insurer mergers


When Hillary loses Iowa and New Hampshire ...

Christian Science Monitor: The Dog Rescuer

Check out this comment on the Corrupt @ScottWalker, @speakerVos & @wisGOP!

The Supreme Court Appears Set To Issue Crippling Blow To Public Employee Unions

Texas Governor Unveils Plan To Repeal The 20th Century

Teens and adults alike should earn $15 minimum wage.

Why I'm running against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Pressure grows on Oregon militia as former Bundy backers call for retreat

Two surprising David Bowie tributes - from the Church of England and the Vatican

O'Malley: Teens and adults alike should earn $15 minimum wage.

Cecile Richards: Pantsuit game strong. #ImWithHer @HillaryClinton ”

Trump supporter booted from rally for demanding ‘new jokes’: ‘It’s getting a little old’

Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week

Democratic FORUM tonight (5pm PST)! Check here for info

Vontaze Burfict Suspended Three Games for Repeated Violations of Player Safety Rules

Iowa Democratic Brown and Black Fusion Watch here Jan 11 8pm ET 7pm C

(Bill) Clinton Seen As More Respectful of Women Than Trump

1-7-16 Chrysler Bailout in 2:00

1-7-16 Chrysler Bailout in 2:00

1-7-16 Chrysler Bailout in 2:00

Comet Catalina’s closest point to Earth

THIS is why the Yeehadists are still at the Oregon Natural Reserve

Vox: "Bernie Sanders has an 11-point advantage over Hillary Clinton among voters under 35"

1-8-16 “Taking Care of Our Own” in 2:00

Solar Surges Past Wind, Hydro as California’s No. 1 Renewable Energy Source

Donna Edwards’ College Tours and the Student Debt Conundrum

1-8-16 “Taking Care of Our Own” in 2:00

TEDxMidAtlantic 2011 - Avi Rubin - All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

1-8-16 “Taking Care of Our Own” in 2:00

DesMoines Register: Clinton denies FBI investigation into family foundation

Hillary Clinton is on the phone with Chris Hayes

R.I.P. David Bowie... an amazing man, a legend for all time.

Imploding the GOP: Republican convention is destined for chaos, and that’s exactly what Democrats wa

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina are dropped from main stage Republican debate

Why aren't the Bundys in prison?

1-9-16 Keeping the Workers Safe in 2:00

The Democratic Race is on FIRE (and Iowa is feeling the Bern)!!!

1-9-16 Keeping the Workers Safe in 2:00

Armed group says it has accessed government files at refuge

1-9-16 Keeping the Workers Safe in 2:00

I just couldn't resist

Hurricane Donald is destroying the GOP coalition: How Nixon & Reagan’s “Southern Strategy” finally i

Ellen for Hillary .......

Bernie Sanders: No one asked for my birth certificate

David Bowie with Pink FLoyd — “Comfortably Numb,” 2006:

Obama, Santos to present revised Plan Colombia in February: Ambassador

Live feed on huffington post.... Bernies on now

Obama, Santos to present revised Plan Colombia in February: Ambassador

US Senate Candidate Donna Edwards’ College Tours and the Student Debt Conundrum

Predictions on poll results tomorrow?

US Senate Candidate Donna Edwards’ College Tours and the Student Debt Conundrum

About the upcoming dem debate in Milwaukee? On local tv they reported



Palestinians arrest journalist who reported that PA helped Israel capture terrorist

Last photo

Cher & David Bowie - Young Americans Medley (Live on The Cher Show)

1-10-16 The Day the Mill Collapsed in 2:00 (one of the worst workplace disasters in U.S. history)

1-10-16 The Day the Mill Collapsed in 2:00 (one of the worst workplace disasters in U.S. history)

1-10-16 The Day the Mill Collapsed in 2:00 (one of the worst workplace disasters in U.S. history)

Brown & Black Forum, MO'M NOW.

Jewish student leaders learn to combat BDS at Israel conference

Sanders: Clinton 'in serious trouble'

Economists thought Obamacare would kill full-time jobs. That's not happening.

Roman toilets gave no clear health benefit, and Romanization actually spread parasites

What is the comment site for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) at I can't find it

Investor's Business Daily: "Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Sanders Nearly Vanishes"

Clinton is Progressive,not arguable Graph..

Kentucky Guv Begins Process Of Closing State's Obamacare Exchange

Medical device firms spent millions to get the device tax to go away

The giant ape went extinct 100,000 years ago, due to its inability to adapt

Clinton proposes a new 4 percent tax on the wealthy

I hope that O'Malley will be in the next debate

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Passin’ the Plate! & a new Kitteh gif

Let’s go wild: how ancient communities resisted new farming practices

With all Due Respect, Sanders Supporters are REALISTS.

Bill Clinton's Sexual Past is 'Totally Disgraceful'

Q to Martin O'Malley: 'Is the DNC why you're struggling to challenge Hillary Clinton?'

Wednesday & Thursday!

David Bowie's unaired 60 Minutes interviews

David Bowie's unaired 60 Minutes interviews

David Bowie’s “Love Is Lost” remix by James Murphy

Congressman Dan Kildee Reiterates Call for Federal Assistance in Flint Water Crisis

Support for U of Missouri's Melissa Click "Get some muscle"

Regardless of what happens in Iowa and NH (and I believe HC will win one, if not both states) I am

Hillary up now on Fusion #DemDebate WATCH LIVE

Kim Davis Is Going to The State of the Union Address

Shameful decision to postpone Ríos Montt trial a new stain on Guatemala’s justice system

Democratic Underground for Tim Canova FL-23 just got it's first pledged donation!

GPS vultures swoop down on illegal dumps in Peru

From ‘Where are the jobs?’ to ‘Where are Republicans on jobs?’

GPS vultures swoop down on illegal dumps in Peru

Sybrina Fulton is being viciously attacked on her facebook page.

Ben Carson's New Hampshire PAC staff defects to Cruz

Sirusly: What's the history of our nutcase primary system, who made IA/NH/SC meaningful?!1

After today my fellow bernie supporters

EXCLUSIVE: Dog belonging to 'affluenza' teen Ethan Couch is MISSING in Mexico -$1,000 reward offered

Venezuela Supreme Court says National Assembly is void

Petition: UN Secretary General: Save Madaya from starvation (Please sign & post to other SM, TIA!)

Venezuela Supreme Court says National Assembly is void

Donna Edwards: Media treats white militants better than black activists

Russo Bros. Suggest They Would Be Interested In a 'Black Widow' Solo Film!

Oh My! Biden Praises Sanders; calls Clinton a "newcomer"

Exclusive: State attorneys general joining probe of health insurer mergers

Millennials Want to See a Trump vs. Sanders Matchup

From October

Kentucky governor to dismantle state's health insurance exchange: newspaper

Murdoch and Jerry Hall are getting married

You get an invitation from POTUS and......

Clinton seeks surcharge tax on wealthiest tier of Americans

Q to Bernie Sanders: Should a socialist live in the 'mansion' of the White House?

Damn Texas Bad Crap Starts There. Texan GOPPERS Can Go To Hell. The Sooner The Better.

Time may change me

Is the Democratic Party Shrinking?

APNewsBreak: Hawaii considering grass huts to help homeless

***** LIVE: Harney County Community Meeting -- #OregonStandoff *****

Michigan governor pledges contact with every Flint household

British Papers Honor Bowie (Pic Heavy)

Mexican drug lord's men put up fierce fight

Hillary Clinton Dubs Flint Water Crisis A ‘Catastrophe’, Says Residents Deserve Answers

@BernieSanders: If you ever want to work for a campaign that shares your values on health care...

In any other country the Bundys would have been arrested as poachers and thieves.

Zika Virus Confirmed in Houston

@VP Joe Biden: "It's relatively new" for @HillaryClinton to talk about income inequality

Batshit crazy Trump supporters agree with Farrakhan

Wanna know why Bernie is surging in Iowa?

I wouldn't mind O'Malley as Sanders' VP

The Obama-Biden friendship is really something. Will be a great book one day.

What if Cruz were born in Iran to an American mom and Saudi Arabian dad?

The Real Obama Gun Proposal

Black Lives Matter Co-founder Will Be a Guest at State of the Union

Hillary at tonight’s #DemForum:

What exactly has been keeping HRC from this spirited debate when the candidtes have met?

Pres Obama hosted Kendrick Lamar at the WH

man, this is one HELL of a football game....

US court: Wearing unearned military medals is free speech

This is Martin O’Malley’s face when asked when a man can tell a woman what to do with her body.

Biden praises Sanders on income inequality, calls Clinton 'relatively new' to the fight

B&B Forum: Hillary said she gave Trump nothing for a wedding present.

Harney county sheriff reports increased harassment...

Lionel Messi wins Ballon d'Or for fifth time

We're out of Charlee Bears®?!

Lionel Messi wins Ballon d'Or for fifth time

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 14, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: William Cameron Menzies

More thoughts on the Oregon criminals

2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum - in case you missed it.

Judge dismisses lawsuits over Clinton's emails

The good thing about Bama playing in the championship...

Imploding the GOP: Repub convention is destined for chaos, and that’s exactly what Democrats want

In Defending Controversial Gun Vote, Bernie Sanders Proposes A Measure That Already Exists

Florida mom arrested for abandoning child to be with sugar daddy; urinated on and punched police

The football postseason from hell continues.

Alabama Beats Clemson 45-40 to Win National Championship

The DLC Junta Is Continuing the DNC Coup

This is a decent article by CNN re: the gun issue, but they still get one major thing wrong.

"Not me. Us."

Rick Rizzo & Tara Key - Good Evening Mr. Peckinpah (VIDEO)

Millions Mourn as Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 66, Found Alive

Do you think Millennial women are complacent when it comes to women's rights ?

Election 2016 Don't Underestimate Bernie: Sanders Poised for Potential Victories Over Clinton

The extreme irony of the Clinton/Sanders debate over income inequality is striking

If you missed Bernie's performance on the Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum (youtube 30m)

You gotta call out the phonies

FL Dem leaders want FL Progressive Caucus shut down for criticizing DSCC choice.

Norway teaches migrants about respecting women

Striking Phoenix bus drivers lose health-care coverage

Chicago police must finally produce stingray records, judge orders

Ya'llQaeda Clown Pete Santilli Kicked Out Of Oregon Meeting

A good example of the FL Dems and their attitude toward progressives, liberals.

The Militia Cut Down A Fence To Let A Ranching Family Cut Loose Their Cattle On The Sanctuary.

What Are The Odds Other Militia Will Show Up If Feds Or Local Authorities Act?

Feds Will Have To Act If Any Other Federal Property Is Invaded.

And the polling gets even crazier, Gravis is showing Clinton +39 (!) Nationally

Gravis Marketing/One America News 1/10 - Hillary Clinton 65% - Bernie Sanders 26%

When George Wallace Bucked The Feds. Kennedy Took Over The Natl. Guard.

where is the right who were screaming for the canadian pipeline to be built to texas

Hillary Clinton Calls for End to Immigration Raids

What is Howard Dean's deal??

Father of Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery, Book Says

Close Gitmo petition at White House website needs more signatures.

Herding: A Quick Definition

How David Bowie changed finance

How David Bowie changed finance

How David Bowie told us he was dying in the 'Lazarus' video

Sanders is First to Sign 'Fix Democracy' Pledge Rejecting Fossil Fuel Cash

Coal Giant Bankruptcy Signals 'Profound Shift' for 21st Century Energy Landscape

Venezuela’s Food Revolution Has Fought Off Big Agribusiness and Promoted Agroecology

Biden praises Sanders on income inequality, calls Clinton 'relatively new' to the fight

Federal Drug Policy Softens as Whites Become Face of Heroin Addiction

Daily Holidays - January 12

New York City finally figured out what to do with all its old phone booths.

The real American retirement crisis: Too many seniors are working or poor

Have any of the GOP hopefuls come out in support of the Bundy Klan or 3 Percent Idaho Brownshirts?

Turkey: 10 dead in suicide blast in central Istanbul Sultanahmet district

Bernie Sanders Pulls Ahead in Iowa 47-44 (ARG)

Trippy, Haunting, Beautiful - David Bowie - Blackstar

Free course on happiness

For DU members blocked from either the Clinton Group, or the Sanders Group.

EU in Stress: the German-Polish Clash

How would we make an excellent universal single payer

The American Research Group (ARG) gets a C-minus rating from 538 for reliability.

There’s a good reason Americans are horrible at science

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (David Bowie)

Hillary follows O'Malley and Bernie- again. This time on deportations

Philippine Supreme Court upholds US military accord: spokesman

Why I don't care about Bernie's position on guns - at all.

2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum - The full broadcast.

New development could lead to more effective lightbulbs

The Big Short and Bernie's Plan to Bust Up Wall Street

Arch Coal, in a bid to shed 4.5 BILLION in debt, files for bankruptcy

Super PAC Credits Hillary Clinton for Selling Fracking to the World

This Bernie supporter thinks criticizing Hillary for staying in her marriage is

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to endorse Hillary Clinton

An unexpected duo: David Bowie and Bing Crosby

Father of Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery

Hamas forces detain satirical journalist in Gaza

Oregon protesters harassing police, sheriff says

Anti-refugee right-wingers go on rampage in Leipzig, say police

The Bundy Oregon Standoff

Can Democrats ride Hillary Clinton's coattails to a Senate majority?

Slowpoke Toon: Unequal Exposure

NY Times Op-Ed regarding Senator Cruz

Jerry Hall is marrying Rupert Murdoch.

David Bowie ft. Earl Slick - Stay

David Bowie - Modern Love

North Korea faked sub-launched missile test footage: analysis

David Bowie - Fashion

How long can law enforcement let the occupation of Malheur drag on for?

David Bowie - Golden Years

Mother of Texas 'affluenza' teen posts bond, set for Tuesday release

Sorry, but O'Malley should NOT have taken the No Labels pledge

Extend Freedom of Information to private contractors for Government

Armed Group Says It Has Accessed Government Files at Refuge

David Bowie - Heroes

David Bowie - Fame

Well, Well - Free Press, Which Endorsed Snyder 2x, Suddenly Having Lead-Related Buyer's Remorse

Canadian Colin Rutherford freed from Taliban captivity

Despite Buckets Of Paris Greenwash, Most Oil Majors Silent On Actual Climate Action

China charges human rights lawyers with 'subversion'

UK Environment Agency Head Quits, Whines About Expectations That He "Be Available Throughout Year"

Bowie fans...

Oregon occupation planned for months by Ammon Bundy and Montana militia leader

Burger King Worker

Snyder "Beginning To Put Together" Request For Federal Aid For Flint Lead Poisoning

Kentucky governor to dismantle state's health insurance exchange: newspaper

Kentucky governor to dismantle state's health insurance exchange: newspaper

Doctors' strike causes major disruption at English hospitals

Hillary Clinton calls on Obama administration to end deportation raids & poster...

Music fans in mourning as Justin Bieber tragically confirmed alive and well


Israelis indicted over beating of Eritrean thought to be terrorist

Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall announce engagement in newspaper ad

Carly Fiorina, no longer welcome at the adult table for the Clown Car Debates.

Democratic Socialism is bad for business. Right?

Kane eyeing re-election run despite setbacks

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-11-16 Tim Canova FL-23

Vote by Mail-- a way to save our democracy

O’Malley might not have big ad buys, massive rallies, or funds, but he has genuine support

The Sanctuary Occupation Is About Establishing "Sovereign" Enclaves.

Clinton's plan to break up financial firms if necessary is a joke.

New Gravis Nat'l Poll-Clinton -65% Sanders 26% O'Malley 9%

If The Feds Try To Stop Access Militia Might Fight Their Way Out. Other Militias Might Come In.

Cowhadists & Their Bullshit Just Another Manifestation Of America's Hatred Of Science

David Bowie - Queen Bitch

Reza Aslan's apologetics are dangerous

Be Careful What You Ask For. Burns At Risk With Militia's Free Access.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: What Every Fascist Knows

Elvis Presley's "Black Star"- Bowie fans need to listen to this, pass it on!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky, We know Major Tom's a Junkie (RIP)

Medical strains

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest endorses Bernie Sanders

Move On Endorses Bernie, with 79% of the Vote.

Joe Biden: No one questions Bernie Sanders authenticity

I believe I speak for all my fellow HRC supporters in applauding Bernie for his MOVE ON endorsement

Bernie Gets 79 percent of the Move On Vote!

Martin O'Malley's a real problem solver - he made a good presentation before NoLabels

Bernie Wins Move On Poll by Widest Margin in History

Brady Campaign to endorse Hillary Clinton

Paul Krugman Blog: Bully for Neurotoxins!

Why Hillary Clinton’s Call-Out of the Hyde Amendment Is So Important

US climate policies boosted economy $2.2 billion in 2013

Today's Google Doodle honors fairy tale writer Charles Perrault:

Using confidence scores with eyewitness testimony would reduce wrongful convictions

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems

David Bowie, 'Word on a Wing' lyrics. I thought this group would enjoy...

Demoted Rand Paul Boycotts Debate, Declares ‘War’ on ‘Arbitrary, Capricious’ Standards

In Defending Controversial Gun Vote, Bernie Sanders Proposes A Measure That Already Exists

“I wore a dress in Texas. One guy pulled a gun and called me a fag, . . ."

U.S. Official: China Turned to Debris-free ASAT Tests Following 2007 Outcry

WATCH: Chelsea Clinton Headlining Events for Hillary Clinton In Concord NH 9:45 ET

Background Checks

The difference between the endorsements by MoveOn and Planned Parenthood:

What I learned from the acts of rightwing terrorism in Oregon.


Please go to support Sybrina Fulton on Facebook

I am proud to stand with the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence and Hillary Clinton

Well, what a difference a day can make

I keep seeing the taunt, "Obama hasn't taken away your guns" being offered by people

Now, MSNBC Covering Bernie and Hillary in Iowa, wow...

Space Weapons and the Risk of Nuclear Exchange (Atlantic Council, January 11, 2016)

Can anyone recommend any terrific 19th Century ghost story writers such as Bram Stoker

Oregon county judge says militants will pay up to 75K per day for occupation

We should start calling the Bundy Fuckers Illegal Immigrants

Oregon judge going to bill Bundy

Bernie's response to the endorsement.

How Strange Twists in DNA Orchestrate Life

Hillary Clinton Whiffs on Reforming Wall Street’s Rating Agencies

Sanders is not Trump

Toxic “Reform” Law Will Gut State Rules On Dangerous Chemicals

Supreme Court: Florida death penalty system is unconstitutional

you think?

Supreme Court: Florida death penalty system is unconstitutional

CNN reporting on destruction by Bundy group in Oregon, also on intimidation tactics

Don’t Especially Like Soda: N.Y. Times Suggests Michael Bloomberg May Run for President

"Lifting a crushing load"

Witch hunt, or public right to know?

About No Labels:

Men's rights activists furious over Campbell's soup "Mom" commercial

Sanders Campaign Endorsed by

What Will China Dump Next, After Treasuries, to Keep Control?

The Top 5 Reasons MoveOn Members Voted to Endorse Bernie

"I hope I can call her Madam President."

Longest hold out in America ends: 2000 to2015

One-third of U.S. oil companies could face bankruptcy

2 Texas billionaires bought up 38,000 acres of Idaho land

Where is Gary Cooper when Burns, OR needs him?

If Jesus had an economic theory...

The Republican Party is now Irrelevant to the Modern World

Biden on Hillary: "I don't think she ever thought she was a prohibitive favorite

ELF tearing down a fence is considered terrorism and members of ELF are prosecuted as terrorists.

Ted Cruz Falls Victim To GOP Birther Hysteria: They Deserve This

Hey, Buddy, is that a snake in your pants or what?

1000$ Steak Bun Lobster Sandwich

Biden clarifies comments on Hillary Clinton and income inequality

Why does the Family Research Council have a ticket to the State of the Union to spare for Kim Davis?

Supreme Court strikes down Florida death sentence process

Opinion: Trump’s downtrodden supporters don’t deserve our sympathy

FFS!!! Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to attend Obama's final State of the Union address

Philadelphia newspapers, website donated to non-profit institute

Biden clarifies comments on Hillary Clinton and income inequality

Do you feel the BERN?

Sunni mosques in east Iraq attacked after IS-claimed blasts

A dog's is saved, from near death,.. to a full, loving, happy, life.

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring charles perrault, fairy tale creator

US-led coalition strike 'destroys IS bank in Iraq'

What Should We Do About the War Between the DLC and Bernie?

How Hillary Clinton embraced the female vote and won loyal followers

Diaper sales set to soar in Louisiana

Clinton’s Enthusiasm Gap with Bernie - even the NY Times is covering it!

Pres. Candidate Hillary Clinton (D) Campaigns in Ames, IA LIVE

I've taken to watching HLN with Robin Meade more in the morning for something to

Pres. Candidate Hillary Clinton (D) Campaigns in Ames, IA LIVE>>.

Biden Defends Bernie Sanders on Guns, Authenticity

Just how rotten are the rich, and big corporations?

David Bowie Space Oddity Original Video 1969

Powerball Jackpot Increases to $1.5 Billion

Martin O’Malley to attend King Day at the Dome, host SC justice forum.

Is it sexist against men? First Dog moonsplains sexism. Again

Theories of EVERYTHING

Corporate-Credit Outlook Weakens to Worst Since Crisis, S&P Says

Is it sexist against men? First Dog moonsplains sexism. Again

Is it sexist against men? First Dog moonsplains sexism. Again

This needs to be repeated, for Donald Trump, Republican -and Hermann Göring, Nazi..

Robert Reich absolutely roasts Hillary Clinton's campaign while praising Bernie Sanders

I am going to miss President Obama, but I am glad he is nearing the end of

Gun Culture and the American Nightmare of Violence

Authorities Search for 17 Abducted in Southern Mexico

Going full Godwin on Uber's latest rate cuts

BERNing Down the House

The Oil Pricequake: Political Turmoil in a Time of Low Energy Prices

How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science And Xenophobia

Stand during Hallelujah: yes or no?

Why the enthusiasm gap in Iowa could be a big deal

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott Calls For 33 State Convention To Begin the Theocratic Civil War

APNewsBreak: Report charts history of abuse at Grand Canyon (but, there is NO war on women!)

APNewsBreak: Report charts history of abuse at Grand Canyon

Another good guy with a gun foils a home invasion!

RBS tells investors: 'Sell everything'

APNewsBreak: Report charts history of abuse at Grand Canyon (but, there is NO war on women!)

Abbott Calls for a 33 State Convention for Amendments to Override Federals Laws of US Constitution

Fake Jerry Jones - I don't want to live as long as it will take to win another Super Bowl.

No news to us DUers about Carnival CRUZ but David BROOKS does a great takedown of him

Martin O'Malley says DNC hurt presidential bid


7 years of these experts, we have had...

I wish the media would stop trying to tell everyone what will be in the State

"No person shall be a citizen of the USA unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race"

Why doesn't the fed seize the assets and property of the birdhouse terrorists?

Speaking of quality trolling, the White House tweeted this:

Again, republicans are gloating about how they're going to wipe the floor with dems

Bay Area biologist's gene-editing kit lets do-it-yourselfers play God at the kitchen table

Kim Davis

PPP (D) Iowa Poll-Clinton 46% Sanders 40% O'Malley 8%

Final AP NCAA Football Poll 1/12/16

NEW Quinnipiac IOWA POLL: SANDERS 49 (+9); CLINTON 44 (-7)

My "WTF?" of the day, Pat Robertson edition..

Dr. Maddow is now arguing that Hillary looks to be un-electable.

New York creates 'gun courts' in hopes of reducing gun violence

Germany reveals plans to relax deportation rules for foreign criminals

LOL - here they go again (SANDERS GROUP)

Scientists try to stay grounded amid rumors that gravitational waves were discovered

Dr. Maddow is now arguing that Hillary looks to be un-electable.


Another endorsement! (Hillary Group)

Oregon judge plans to bill Ammon Bundy up to $70,000 a day for security costs to county

Any Federal Employees out there? I'm looking for OPM or HR phone number

Biden Says Obama Offered to Help Pay for Son's Cancer Treatment

New development could lead to more effective lightbulbs

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Obama's Final State Of The Union

Col. Chris Hadfield on David Bowie's passing:

Meet Some of the Foot Soldiers in Sanders’ Iowa Ground Game

Dueling Polls in Iowa and NH.

Brady Campaign endorses Hillary Clinton, hailing her opposition to gun industry

Insurance Industry Panics As Sanders Vows To Ban For-Profit Healthcare

NO. Just fucking no!

Marseille Jews urged not to wear skullcaps after teacher attack

Jesus Please!! Kim Davis?

1906 S.F. earthquake’s last known survivor dies at 109

Sanders dominating CNN front page right now

Simple rule to remember: An unregulated market

Sign the White House petition: Provide Secret Service protection for Bernie

Fifth teen suspect accused of New York gang rape in custody

GOP officially and openly advocates for white supremacy as official US policy.

Inexplicable Shifts: I never trust these sudden change in political/media narratives and zeitgeist

U.S. Navy: Railgun Tests to “Blow the Top Off a Mountain”

Biden: Sanders Speaks to Real Yearning; With Enormous Wealth Concentration Middle Class Now Left Out

Study: Donald Trump's speech aims at 4th grade level listeners.

Here's a selection of post processing software

The most stupid argument ever against paid maternity-leave (comes from John Kasich)

Donald Trump Gets Heckled at New Hampshire Diner: 'Enjoy Your Burger, Racist!'

Flint Mich.: Drink lead. Die. The kids too.

Trump Has Started Playing 'Born In The USA' At Rallies To Taunt Cruz

The Meme Of Bernie Pulling Hillary To The Left And Her Changing Her Positions Based On This....

Well, I finally found one issue where there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

I struggle with isolation

Here's a SOTU guest named Davis that

Village of Whitesboro, NY votes to keep its racist seal.

Fine, I'll say it. Even as a Clinton supporter, it is clear Bernie has picked up momentum in IA

Very simple way to get rid of the Bundy Bunch

Ben Carson Calls For Investigation Of Muslim Guests Attending State Of The Union

Bernie Sanders Has Edge in Iowa and Widens New Hampshire Lead, Polls Find

So which ReTHUG will interrupt

How Canadian Health-Care does not suck.

Town in Italy starts using Silent Fireworks as a way of Respecting their Animals

Quinnipiac poll: Sanders surges to retake lead in Iowa

Can we have Ben Carson take a drug test?

ABC News Analyst Stuns Twitter With Dismissive Hillary Clinton Tweet

BP to Cut 4,000 Jobs as Oil Prices Continue to Fall

Will The President Say Anything In The SOTU Speech Tonight About The Malheur Protesters?.....

Oregon judge plans to bill Ammon Bundy up to $70,000 a day for security costs to county

You read it here 1st ....

Holy cats! I just passed 70,000 posts without noticing!

Hillary Clinton Gets Backing of Food Services Union

With Democratic Race Narrowing, Clinton Rips Into Sanders

The United Food & Commercial Workers International Union endorses Hillary Clinton

First rule of Patriots Fight Club is...

Joe Biden has a chat with the gun paranoids

Filter Delivery To Flint Casts Doubt On What Snyder Said

(Updated 1/12/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Oil Plunge Sparks Bankruptcy Concerns

Thought some might find this interesting if you haven't seen it already.

Singer Ciara Criticized for What She Wore While Singing the National Anthem. What Do You Think?

Why haven't they cut off water and electricity to the Oregon militants?

Scientists struggle to stay grounded after possible gravitational wave signal

Edith Childs will be sitting with Michelle Obama during the State of the Union

Welfare Hypocrisy: Red States Are The Real Freeloaders

Obama nominee to lead FDA wins backing from Senate committee

The 3rd Democratic Party debate is January 17th on a damn Sunday

The State of the Economy in Five Charts

The thing about the lesser of two evils is that

TOM The Dancing Bug Presents: News Of The Times

Wanna see/read something spooky?....haunted painting. nt

Hillary's recent op-ed on Israel in the Jewish Journal is a love letter;

I will need to find a place to celebrate if somehow Bernie does win.

Here is a live feed from douchebag Pete Santilli

Michigan police confirm break-in at the City Hall office where the Flint water documents are stored

Breitbart Racist Is Attacking Neil Degrasse Tyson: ‘He Is Stupid And His Politics Are Dumb’

Calls for Civility are not useless

DU: Flint Mich. has been poisened. Please click on this post

Somebody Live-Tweeted A Trump Rally–Hilarious Just Met Terrifying (TWEETS)

HRC and her good friend Henry Kissinger

Breaking: France says Russia must stop mass killing of civilians in Syria, Assad must go

Hillary on Ellen. Nice interview...

Oregon standoff: Harney County residents put disagreements aside, ask Bundy to leave

WaPo OP Claiming Cruz isn't a natural born citizen

Here's A Curious ? - If Trump Becomes The Repug Nominee Will He Pick His VP Running Mate Or Will....

"I shouldn't have to be scared in my own hometown," says Burns High School student

right on cue new NBC poll to make CLinton feel better

Bernie's Working Congress

Political People Blog Endorses Bernie Sanders after He Receives 92% in Our Endorsement Poll

Clinton Scandal On Life Support After The FBI Refuses To Help GOP With Email Witch Hunt Endorses Bernie Sanders!!

Syria conflict: Russia air strikes kill 200 civilians

U.N. war crimes investigators gathering testimony from starving Syrian town

Religious Nut: It’s Not Climate Change, It’s The Spirit of ISIS!

SO not fair!

Westerners of all stripes to Bundy

Pampered Royalty Lives on the Dole While Arguing for Austerity: Participation Society is the New Way

Ted Cruz gets owned by his own Harvard Law Professor

FOX shifts Clinton scandal focus

Trump is helping Bernie in NH and Iowa...

Volkswagen recall plans rejected by US regulators

Appeal in Baltimore officer's murder trial to be heard in March

Obama Signs Koch Backed Bill Expediting Pipeline Permits

Bernie Sanders has a bold, simple idea for improving public education

I just donated another $50 bucks for Bernie at the DU link! Feels like.... History :)

Sanders’ New ‘Prove Them Wrong’ Site Rallies Teen Voters

Newsweek: Putin is waging a relentless cyberwar against Ukraine

Brooks, NYT: The Brutalism of Ted Cruz

Hypocrisy 101

O'Malley going to bat for the DLC.

Richard Dawkins: "Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science" | Talks at Google

Update on my hairdresser's new toy poodle (she lost the other one to a hungry coyote).

Unions and Kirchnerist leaders slam Macri austerity measures, repression.

Did you see this great paragraph from Alan Grayson??

16th-Century Visions of the Ruins of Religious Wars

Republicans Are Still The Party of No New Ideas

Byzantine Catholicism ‘different’ but in communion with Rome

Pentagon: 2 US Navy Boats Held by Iran but Will Be Returned

NFL Committe Recommends Raiders-Chargers Stadium Venture in Carson

In Argentina, where culture is 'a right', a free new arts center opens.

Sanders to vote for Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill

47 years ago today something fucking awesome happened that changed the world!!

Best description of an open carry wherever advocate

David Bowie & Freddie Mercury - Under Pressure (A-Capella)

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan 12, 2016

How My Friend, Vlad Kolesnikov, Was Driven To His Death In Putin's Russia after Months of Bullying is delusional

Oregon standoff: Militants say they'll reveal exit plan Friday

Mystery woman from Colombia replaces ‘El Chapo’ as DEA’s most wanted

Mystery woman from Colombia replaces ‘El Chapo’ as DEA’s most wanted

If a landlord did to a tenant what Snyder in MI is doing to the Flint residents

Bowie Transformation

The windows on the soul.

Supreme Court rules 8-1 Florida's death penalty process unconstitutional

Brussels bureaufascists' "backup" alternative has been set up in Greece

House GOP in Election-Year Probe of Presidential 'Overreach'

Not Using Family Planning As A Condition Of Employment With Christian Employers.

Mother of Texas ‘affluenza’ teen released from jail – sheriff

Mexico searches for up to 17 in mass abduction

If Bernie defeats Hillary, would the DNC work to get another candidate to run for the Presidency?

Mexico searches for up to 17 in mass abduction

Primary Campaigns are a PITA.

Venezuela: New Evidence of Electoral Irregularities in Amazonas

Any Al Stewart fans out there?

Obama Celebrates Last Time He Has to Talk to These Bastards

Bad Enough ACA Opponents Don't Want It. They Want To Take It Away From The Rest Of Us.

Argentina: Cristina Fernandez Prepares Political Comeback

GOP Wants To Pass Law Cutting Obama's Retirement Benefits.

Sexual assault survivor groups criticize Bernie's position on campus rapes.

I Ate the $100 24-Karat Gold Donut (and Met the Man Who Created It)

Fifty years ago tonight, Batman first aired on TV.

Energizing Young Voters: They Will Sway This Election If They Simply Show Up

For the lst time in 4 years I have health insurance...........

Daaaamn! Obama Says He Can Only Imagine a Trump SOTU ‘in a Saturday Night Skit’

Father Accidentally Shoots Accidentally & Accidentally Kills Son....By Accident

How long will it take before we hear about "firewalls" in posts and in the media?

Dad thought son was intruder, kills him

If my hubby and I won the lottery all I would want is nice assistedliving residence for

Strong Unions, Strong Democracy--Op-Ed from NY Times on Friedrichs

Clinton Tries to Catch Up with Passion for Sanders in Iowa

Diplomacy works!

Pope Francis's new book: "The Name of God is Mercy"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I just saw a " HILLARY for PRISON 2016" bumper sticker on a truck

WFSE/AFSCME endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Health insurers profits soar while small business owners faced with coverage they can't afford.

Bernie Opens Up Big Lead in NH

Spy Chief Hacked By Same Group That Struck CIA Head

Hillary Clinton Weighs Switching to Republican Party, Blames Bernie

Skyrocketing premiums, deductibles, copays, and exclusions from coverage.

Who else loved Columbo back in the day ? I did

Duggan: Some Detroit school conditions 'break your heart'

Obama Celebrates Last Time He Has to Talk to These Bastards

White House petition to arrest Ammon Bundy and the other occupiers of the wildlife refuge

Metallica's attorneys issue 41-page cease-and-desist letter to Metallica "tribute band"

Moldy Joe LIEberman's group calls Il Douche "A Problem Solver"

Reid Predicts 'Pause' In Immigration Raids

Will you be watching President Obama's final State Of The Union Address?

"I come in peace."

Why Putin Loves Trump

So I gotta know.....

Welcome to a Trump rally

War Of Words Breaks Out Among OPEC Members

Ohio Repub surprised to find out he’s responsible for Kim Davis attending State of the Union

Chelsea Clinton attacking Bernie -

Illuminati, chemtrails, Prince, Frank Zappa, etc.

Oklahoma Residents Sue Energy Companies Over Earthquake Damage

I'm sorry, but ew. From Mick Jagger to Rupert Murdoch?

14,576,181 - number of persons who have watched Bowie's Lazarus

Trump’s attack on Tavis Smiley backfires when PBS host skewers him for pandering to racists