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MAY 2003

Lessons From Japan
May 31, 2003 · I'm spending a year as a middle-school English teacher in Japan. I'm part of the JET program, which brings native English speakers into Japan in order to provide living, breathing examples of colloquial English and Western culture. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration's bullying, unilateral foreign policy has spawned a worldwide wave of anti-Americanism that makes representing my culture to Japanese children a humbling and sometimes painful experience. By Sally Robinson

Operation: Iraqi Freedom (To Do What We Tell You)
May 31, 2003 · Mr. Bush stands on the rolling deck of an aircraft carrier and paraphrases the Gettysburg Address declaring that Iraqis will have full freedom to nominate and elect their national leaders. When Iraqis move toward democracy however, Mr. Bush's man unequivocally rejects any process that doesn't give the Bush team "ultimate authority." And since that authority is maintained by rifles and tanks, the Iraqis don't seem to have much choice. By Brad Radcliffe

Road Map For America
May 31, 2003 · The road map for America, also known as Operation American Liberation, is about to become a reality. For the past two plus years, or ever since the United States of America abandoned democracy in favor of an installed puppet dictator, America has become a clear and present danger to itself, and the rest of the world for that matter. By W. O. Coach

Reclaiming Hope: The Peace Movement After the War
May 30, 2003 · The bombs that fell on Iraq shattered the armies of Saddam Hussein and the bodies of five to ten thousand civilians. They also crushed the spirits of many in the peace movement, driving participants into their shells. In the months before the war, several million ordinary Americans marched, and were joined by the largest global peace demonstrations in history. Then we watched the war on TV, or read about it in the papers, and felt hopeless and powerless. Many of us wonder now whether our actions can matter. By Paul Loeb

Regime Change Begins At Home
May 30, 2003 · Being a politically active person, discussions with family and friends frequently turn to our chances in 2004. For the most part, they are at best pessimistic, or just scared; I tell them that our chances in 2004 are superb. By David Michael Rothschild

Kucinich Can Win
May 29, 2003 · If you consider yourself a progressive or a liberal or simply a Democrat with a fondness for prosperity and the Bill of Rights, you really ought to check out Dennis Kucinich. Here is a man with serious developed solutions to many of the major problems facing us, and the openness and humility to accept input from people. By David Swanson

America's Dying
May 28, 2003 · Right-wing commentary is as staged and hollow as George Bush's comedic Top Gun stunt on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. And it's killing America. But that false imagery and the language that goes with it finds a paying and voting audience in the tens of millions who either truly believe in the simplistic and erroneous notions of American mythology, or who have auctioned off their transcendent souls for the safe havens of profitability and conformity. By John Stanton

Saving the Private Jessica Story
May 28, 2003 · Is "Saving Private Jessica" ready for prime time? Not until we first determine who are the real heroes. Were they the Special Ops forces that stormed the hospital, or were they the doctors and nurses inside that treated and protected her? By Ernest Partridge

Hit Them Where It Hurts
May 28, 2003 · If you've found yourself stunned and amazed at how bad things have got, and you just can't fathom how it could have got this way - that's because you've been looking at it all wrong. This is just business, and you aren't a citizen - you're a consumer. And that's the only one way to beat them. Hit them where it hurts - in the pocketbook. By Michael Paine

How We Got Into This Imperial Pickle: A PNAC Primer
May 27, 2003 · The PNAC boys are dangerous ideologues playing with matches, and the U.S. is going to get burned even more in years to come, unless their hold on power is broken. The only way to accomplish this, given the present circumstances, is to defeat their boss at the polls in 2004, thus breaking the HardRight momentum. By Bernard Weiner

Only a Republican...
May 27, 2003 · We need people like Olympia Snowe getting up and demanding a full investigation of the use of the Homeland Security Department. We need Ben Nighthorse Campbell pushing for an independent prosecutor to investigate the Department of Homeland Security's hunt for the Texas Democrats, which was truly a much worse misuse of power than anything Bill Clinton ever did. And we need to step back, take a deep breath, and let them do the fighting. By Pab Sungenis

Texas Tea Party
May 24, 2003 · Just as the Boston Tea Party forced George III to show his real colors, the Texas Tea Party will force George II and his lackeys in Texas to show theirs. While the Sons of Liberty dumped tea disguised as Native Americans, the Texas Dems - disguised simply as human beings - dumped the lies and deceptions which ultimately reek forth from the Washington skull with a tongue in it. By William Harris

Democrats should unite behind a Dean/Edwards ticket
May 24, 2003 · After considering the terrible and dangerous state of the USA under the Bush Regime, I am more convinced than ever of the need for the Democrats to regain the White House in 2004. This can only happen if both the party leaders and the voters get together behind the best possible slate of candidates as early as possible. By Len Nasman

The Battle for... Pie
May 23, 2003 · Giving massive tax cuts to the rich is both blatantly unfair and not an effective economic stimulus. The selfishness that motivates moneyed interests to press for such reductions also features a definite social irresponsibility that, almost always, results in savings thereby gained being either simply sat on, or narrowly invested in ways that have little job-producing impact. By Dennis Rahkonen

Bush's Pyrrhic Victory
May 22, 2003 · Considering the enormous difficulty I routinely encounter when trying to figure out what the heck is going on in these remarkably interesting times we live in, I rarely am brave enough to attempt to forecast what will happen next. However, I now throw caution to the wind and make the following prophecy: when historians and various other know-it-alls look back at the Bush Presidency, the Top Gun speech on the USS Lincoln will prove to be its high-water mark. By Michael Shannon

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
May 21, 2003 · Over the last few weeks, I have come to believe that the 2004 election is one of the most important elections in our history, not necessary because of the potential for great good by our nominee (although that is important), but because of the guarantee of great harm by an out-of-control regime that will become even more dangerous backed by the legitimacy of an election victory. By David Rothschild

Top Thirteen Reasons Why The GOP Will Never Become The Mafia
May 21, 2003 · The new and disturbing actions of the Republican Party since they invaded the White House have led many to believe the organization itself is attempting to morph from one of two major American political parties into a secret criminal society like La Cosa Nostra. By Elayne Keratsis

Forgetting the Alamo
May 20, 2003 · In a stunning reversal of long-cherished states' rights doctrine, Texas Republicans now favor a strong national government with the power to dictate policy to the states. By Barbara O'Brien

Who's Lying to Whom?
May 20, 2003 · Why, on May 1, 2003, did George W. mislead the American public by declaring that the terrorist network was weakened and unable to strike us just days before another attack on American interests? By Bridget Gibson

That's Entertainment
May 20, 2003 · When it comes to sheer entertainment, this Republican administration takes a back seat to nobody. Not Ethel Merman belting out "There's No Business Like Show Business" or Phineas T. Barnum's "Greatest Show on Earth" can hold a candle to the spectacle to which we have been exposed for nearly three years. By Mary Pitt

Democrats: The Party of Tax Cuts, Homeland Security, and a Sound Economy ... Oh, yeah, and Health Care ... Oh, yeah, and Education, too
May 17, 2003 · This, my friends, is the winning Democratic platform for 2004. This is the 5-point, focused, unifying juggernaut that will propel us to victory. This is the plan that the GOPpies don't want you (or any other Democrat) to know about, to talk about, to think about, to campaign on. By TygrBright

Rummy Has 15,000 Reasons Why Iraq is Not in the Midst of Anarchy
May 16, 2003 · As everyone in my beautiful home town of Seattle cheered the 5000 sailors floating back from "The Big Lie" on the Abe Lincoln (scene of Top Bum) the sailors have just sat down in their La-Z-Boys to soak up a good back patting from Faux news. Until, that is, they find out that Donny is sending 15,000 more of their patriot brothers and sisters to Iraq because Baghdad is so - I'd say "excuse my French", but since French is banned - "freedomed" up. By Jeremy B. Cairns

Missing in Action: The Democratic Party
May 16, 2003 · The Democrats lack media access and an opulent campaign fund. But they have the issues, and with the issues alone, the Democrats have been dealt a winning hand. Even so, the GOP bluffs, the Democrats fold, and the country accelerates in its rush to disaster. How it this possible? By Ernest Partridge

How Howell Raines Enables Journalistic and Presidential Lying
May 15, 2003 · The Jayson Blair incident has humiliated New York Times editor Howell Raines, who richly deserves it. The Times executive editor has a history of enabling liars. Fortunately, the countless lies Blair told in the pages of the Times didn't have an impact on domestic and foreign policies. One cannot say the same about the other person whose lying has been enabled by Raines: George W. Bush. By Dennis Hans

We Need More Democrats Like the Texas 58
May 15, 2003 · Every time I get sick of living in the state of Texas, something surprises me to make me say, "Hey, maybe it's not so bad." The walkout this week by the 58 Texas House Democrats is the latest surprise. That 58 Democratic politicians would take such a bold move is encouraging. That 58 Texas Democratic politicians - who are, as a group, more conservative than average - would do so is mind-boggling. By Jackson Thoreau

The Republicans Aren't Working
May 14, 2003 · It's time to forget the war. Forget Enron. Forget Halliburton. Forget Bush's suppression of civil and human rights. As valid as those issues are, there is one issue that's going to undo the Republicans, and that's jobs. Keep saying it like a mantra until it sinks in. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. By Pab Sungenis

"Shallow Throat" Returns to Tell Dems How to Take Bush Downnnnnnnn
May 14, 2003 · Appalled at the damage being done by the HardRight ideologues who had hijacked the GOP, "Shallow Throat" - the highly-located mole in the Bush Administration, who revealed secrets from behind the White House curtain - had had enough and had moved to elsewhere in the government. I was curious as I drove out to the suburban picnic spot Shallow Throat had chosen outside the Beltway. Why had my inside source called for a meeting? By Bernard Weiner

There's a Drunk at the Wheel That Steers Our Great Nation
May 14, 2003 · George W. Bush is at the helm of a great vehicle: one in which all of us are passengers, like it or not. And what some of us suspected is now becoming unavoidably apparent to everyone riding along on this national voyage our fearful leader, our commander-in-thief, is utterly intoxicated! By J. Daniel Baugh

Story Wars
May 13, 2003 · What do the pathetic tale of an unpublished novelist and the 2004 presidential election have in common? More than you would think. The Democratic hopefuls and yours truly are up against the same formidable enemy: the American public's taste in stories. If the Democratic Party wants to unseat Bush in 2004, it will not be enough to have a better candidate, a better platform, better debate performances and a better grasp of reality. By The Plaid Adder

Down in a Hole
May 13, 2003 · Ten Nobel Prize winning economists all claim that the proposed tax give away to the rich will do long-term damage to the economy. Even the administration's own budget analysis shows increasing record deficits, with no chance for more than 50 years to ever return to a budget surplus. By Len Nasman

Deficit Good. Surplus Bad.
May 10, 2003 · Looking for the sinister reason why Bush is so adamant about his tax cut? Sure he wants to pay off his big campaign contributors, and yes, itís always nice for him to help the rich get richer. The supply side theory is tenuous at best and most of those pushing for the tax cut know this. That is simply how they package it, it isnít the real motive. By Japhy Ryder

When Pathos Becomes Chutzpah: A Response to Sen. John Danforth
May 10, 2003 · Every day, the con gets a little broader, as the neo-con artists shovel it a little deeper. And now, here's John Danforth. Mr. Danforth holds forth in the New York Times Op-Ed page, as well as at Northwestern University, in support of his supporters, the money men of the Republican Party, the accountants and executives of Enron and Arthur Andersen. By Kelley Willis

Lemon Bill Sets an Example
May 9, 2003 · A guy gets himself limoed to a casino in Atlantic City. Sneaks into a room reserved for the biggest high rollers so that nobody sees him and spends an entire weekend watching his $500 tokens gurgle down into a machine that keeps showing him lemons. Sunday night gets here, he's down a half mill and he's on the cell phone making reservations for Vegas for the next weekend. Tell me this guy's enjoying himself. By Mike McArdle

Why I Choose Dean
May 9, 2003 · A friend recently gave me a link to a speech an unknown-to-me candidate had given, and that ... was ... it. He hit every note, every issue, had me jumping out of my desk chair, had me ready to walk through a wall in order to get him elected. After that, I went to his website, found out where he stood on the issues, and surfed around the Internet to see what other people were saying about him. I liked what a I saw. By Michael Giardina

It is Time to Reconstruct America
May 8, 2003 · The bombs have stopped falling over Baghdad and the major fighting has now stopped. Everywhere from Congress to NATO, from the United Nations to the European Union the question now being asked is "Who will reconstruct Iraq?" Yet in communities across the nation, the question being heard on the home front is "Who will reconstruct America?" By John Parvensky

Is the Bush Administration Covertly Pro-Saddam?
May 8, 2003 · It's a wonderful thing that Hussein's regime has been overthrown. He was an evil, evil man. It would just be really, really, nice if the Bush administration weren't attempting to clone his leadership "qualities" while members of his party are calling those who protested against a war in Iraq "pro-Saddam." By Anonymous

Rick Santorum's Sweeping Social Reaction
May 7, 2003 · Lately Sen Santorum (R-PA) has gotten a lot of controversial press over his remarks in a recent AP interview in which he compared gay relationships to bigamy, bestiality and a host of other questionable practices. But buried in the AP transcript was the face of a GOP far more sinister and extreme than one that would simply criticize consensual same-sex relationships. By Joanne Murphy

Laboring Under False Impressions
May 7, 2003 · It seems there was a time that most people had to struggle just to survive. There were numerous economic depressions which put people in a state of absolute despair and caused great hardship. And now we sit in front of our surround-sound televisions while the powers that be, who have lulled us to sleep, try to convince us that those who are trying to wake us up and tell us that we're being robbed of our future are nothing but a bunch of socialist, liberal whiners. By monkeyboy

May 6, 2003 · Bush is a man of few gifts in an appealing package. He is exactly the type of person that Richard Nixon so despised, a son of Eastern old money who was handed the things that Nixon had to work so hard for. But it is Bush more than anyone else who's benefited from the political image-making that Nixon used in the 1968 campaign. Nowhere was this more evident than during last week's appearance on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. By Mike McArdle

The 2004 Candidate Debate
May 6, 2003 · Did anyone catch the recent Democratic Presidential debate? Of course not. Why? Not because you don't care - because the ABC network ignored its FCC duty to best serve the public interest, airing (at least in the New York market) "Wheel of Fortune" and "Gladiator" instead. So, without further ado, here's the opinion of one of the, oh, maybe 65 Americans who watched the debate on television at 5:30 AM the following morning. By Ed Hanratty

Roasting Wieners at the Pier
May 3, 2003 · Last year I wrote an article called "Waiting for the River to Catch Fire." The river has long since caught fire, but instead of racing to put it out and trying to fix the problem so that it doesn't happen again, we seem to be enjoying it. In fact, we're sitting on the pier roasting weiners and singing songs. By Joe Vecchio

Plato, Fallujah, and the Virtues of Clear Thinking
May 3, 2003 · The great black hole of the United States may well be clear thinking. We do wrinkle our collective brow from time to time, but the quality is definitely and rightly being called into question as we continue our avalanche of absurdities. By Lisa Walsh Thomas

To All Our Friends Offshore
May 2, 2003 · Our country, despite being run by Flatlanders, hasn't yet fallen off the edge of the earth. In a strictly democratic sense, about half the people in this country who bother to vote are feeling more empathy with those beyond our borders than sympathy for our leaders and their shills. By punpirate

Conscience of a Conservative
May 2, 2003 · Like a pending execution, the discipline of editing and writing for a political website concentrates and focuses the mind. And so, after a year and a half of writing and publishing some fifty or so political articles for various progressive websites, I have come to the startling conclusion that I am a Conservative! Now hold on a moment - don't touch that mouse! Hear me out! By Ernest Partridge

It's Gut Check Time
May 1, 2003 · If you have ever engaged in or watched competitive athletics, from elementary school kickball to the NFL, a phrase you have most likely heard when your team is being out-hustled, outplayed and out-thought, is that it is "gut check time." That is the moment when you need to look within to see what you are truly made of, and ponder how important it is for you to do what is necessary to win. The Democratic Party has reached this moment. By Cliff Schecter

Contact Your Local Thought Police
May 1, 2003 · The conservatives are now in control of all three branches of the federal government. Talk radio passes for news, and the news no longer concerns itself with objectivity or presenting a balanced story. Wearing a peace symbol is now considered traitorous. Believing in peace is now considered anti-American; worse, conveying those beliefs can get you into serious trouble. And there is no outrage. By Japhy Ryder

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