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Down in a Hole
May 13, 2003
By Len Nasman

Those flag wavers who like to delude themselves into believing that the USA is the best in everything need to wake up and realize that we have a lot of work to do before insisting that the USA has the right to claims of being the "best."

Of course we are a great country. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. Unfortunately, the foolish arrogance and insane policies being promoted by the current political powers are leading us downward, not forward.

I have been watching Senators present information about the administration's proposed budget on CSPAN. Contrary to what is being published in the news, the proposed tax cuts are not either $350 billion or $550 billion. That only represents a particular kind of tax cut. The total tax cut is more like $1.4 trillion. This is three times more than we are being told about.

Ten Nobel Prize winning economists all claim that the proposed tax give away to the rich will do long-term damage to the economy. Even the administration's own budget analysis shows increasing record deficits, with no chance for more than 50 years to ever return to a budget surplus.

The USA has, in only two years, gone from a pseudo budget surplus to deficits that will not be paid for even by our grandchildren. (The so-called surpluses of the late 1990's were misleading since they were measured annually, and did nothing to pay down the total national debt.)

The politicians who used to scream loudly about the need to balance the budget are, now that they are in power, approving the largest deficits this country has ever seen. Why? So that the rich folks will get richer.

Why is it that the middle-class folks are the ones who not only pay the most taxes, but also send their children to shed blood for the country, while the rich are given all of the breaks? Why are large American companies allowed to avoid their taxes altogether by setting up phony front companies in places like the Bahamas? Why is it considered unpatriotic to disagree with a foolish, ignorant, and arrogant George Junior, but it is fine to avoid doing anything to help the country, and to stuff more money into the already overfilled pockets of the greedy fat cats?

While average folks are distracted by talk of continuous war and with foolish chatter about whether entertainers should be allowed to have opinions about anything, we are witnessing the creation of an economic disaster of historic proportions.

Already most States are in financial trouble and taking it out on the people who need the most help, and on agencies, such as education, that are necessary for the country to move forward.

In South Carolina last week, this year's Teacher of the Year was laid off, along with thousands of other teachers, due to budget problems. Some states have already announced cutbacks of up to 25% for education.

The politicians who used to rail against unfunded mandates have, in recent education legislation, passed one of the largest unfunded mandates ever on to the States. And this is before the real deficits hit. Who will put a stop to this insanity before it is too late?

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