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Is the Bush Administration Covertly Pro-Saddam?
May 8, 2003
By Anonymous

Covert pro-Saddam sentiments are sweeping Washington, DC. Of course one could never expect that the Bush administration would openly praise Hussein - after all, he was an evildoer, a threat to our national security, an urgent reason for our waging a calculated pre-emptive strike, even if it meant acting outside UN sanction, and even if it meant damaging our own foreign policy by placing our international reputation as being peacekeepers on the line.

Hussein was quite obviously viewed by many in DC as being the most dangerous enemy to America.

As a leader, Hussein manipulated the media. He squelched dissent by orchestrating his public events to make sure that only his supporters were around him - squelching dissent is necessary if one is to rule unilaterally, after all. His ego was so in need of stroking, that he erected statues of himself all over Iraq.

We're told that he stockpiled chemical and biological warfare components, that he wasn't a 'safe' neighbor, and that he's been known to mislead the UN about the weapons. He lived in splendor while his people lived in poverty. He loved propaganda.

And... he loved oil, because oil is powerful, international leverage.

His regime has been toppled now, and we're told that it's a wonderful thing, because the entire world is safer for it. Amazing, then, that this same administration seems to be mirroring the evildoer Hussein's leadership qualities - and that America seems to love it.

As a leader, Bush manipulates the media. From campaigning year-round to get his agenda pushed through Congress, to flying by plane rather than helicopter to the deck of a carrier which was only 30 miles offshore, he manipulates what appears to be a most willing media.

He squelches dissent by making sure only well-wishers attend his events. Sharpshooters are placed atop buildings, and "First Amendment Zones" have been moved back a comfortable pace.

He rules unilaterally, telling the world that "you're either with us, or you're against us," his party's grassroots calling any American who disagrees with Bush, "un-American;" and one of his media stiffs telling a 9/11 victim's family member to "shut up" on the air. Bush gave Congress one reason for attacking Iraq, but he boasts of another. He's President Feel Good.

His media continually strokes his fragile ego. Before totally ignoring the Democratic presidential debates in South Carolina, the media aired hours of coverage of Bush on the deck of a carrier, wearing a flight suit for imagery... complete with his glorious name emblazoned on the airplane, when a helicopter could have transported him there. This is the same media which totally failed to mention his absence from the Texas Air National Guard - and a media which didn't tell the American people that his ego had kept the Abraham Lincoln's troops from their families for another day after a 10-month deployment.

America stockpiles chemical and biological weapons components, having sold some of them to Iraq in the past - but that was when Rumsfeld referred to Hussein as our ally. America is viewed as being no longer a safe neighbor, this administration having pre-emptively attacked another country. The Bush administration misled the UN by offering them forged documentation, and it apparently doesn't place much significance in proving that the reason given for attacking Iraq was justified, in the first place. There is a marked rise in anti-American sentiment overseas, and other countries have stepped up their weapons programs.

Bush lives in splendor, as citizens have lost their jobs under his economy; veteran's benefits are cut back; added financial burden is placed on the states to enforce Homeland Security mandates; corporate interests are protected while senior citizens battle for affordable prescription drugs while the disabled fight for the right to live at home and retain adequate health care, instead of being forced into nursing homes, sometimes by the youthful age of 21.

And Bush loves propaganda. His party sold pictures of himself on Air Force One on 9/11, making him appear as if he was in charge - even though he was flying all over the US, hiding out in bunkers, while governors dealt with the mayhem resulting from the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history. Moreover, he loves having his picture taken in bomber jackets and flight suits while he's speaking to a group of military personnel - it makes him look good. It's as if his Republican Guard media has rallied around him to protect him from anything harmful.

But most of all, he loves oil. Oil means international leverage. We may never know the depth of how much he loves oil, because his administration doesn't allow access to Cheney's energy panel records, but he loves it enough to mislead both Congress and the UN, to pre-emptively attack Iraq, and protect Iraq's oil ministry buildings while museums and hospitals were being looted.

Yes, it's a wonderful thing that Hussein's regime has been overthrown. He was an evil, evil man. It would just be really, really, nice if the Bush administration weren't attempting to clone his leadership "qualities" while members of his party are calling those who protested against a war in Iraq "pro-Saddam."

It's a certainty that Saddam didn't care much for protestors, but he certainly loved a lot of the same things Bush does - and that's scary.

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