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Democrats should unite behind a Dean/Edwards ticket
May 24, 2003
By Len Nasman

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It's time for Democrats to unite.

I have not contributed money or time to any of the Democratic Presidential candidates, and I have no personal stake in the success of any one of them. However, I agree with the idea that any current Democratic candidate would be a big improvement over George Junior and his machine.

I watched the South Carolina "debate" that unfortunately showed all of the Democratic candidates in the worst possible light. This "Jerry Springer-style" confrontation might have been fun for the media, and impossible for the Democratic candidates to avoid, but it did some serious damage to the Democratic chances in 2004.

After considering the terrible and dangerous state of the USA under the Bush Regime, I am more convinced than ever of the need for the Democrats to regain the White House in 2004. This can only happen if both the party leaders and the voters get together behind the best possible slate of candidates as early as possible. Therefore, I am appealing to Democrats everywhere to encourage most of the candidates and their supporters to get out of the race as soon as possible and throw their support behind a united ticket.

Let's forget the current polls that only reflect misconceptions of an uninformed public and concentrate on what would constitute the strongest Democratic ticket. Gephardt, Lieberman, and Kerry have too much association with the current Washington political scene to gain the proper respect and attention of the voters. They are considered by most voters to be too much a part of the problem. Braun, Graham, Sharpton and Kucinich are not really serious contenders, and although each of them contributes important ideas to the discussion, they are mostly a distraction to average voters. It is my opinion that Lieberman, Graham, Gephardt, Sharpton, Kucinich, Braun, and Kerry should gracefully bow out of the race and all get strongly behind a Dean/Edwards ticket. The focus needs to be on everything that is wrong with what George Junior and his friends have been doing. The longer that there is competition and fighting between Democrats, the longer Rove and the spin-masters will continue to keep the truth about what they are doing from the public. The longer the Democrats remain divided, the better the chances that friends of George Junior will gain absolute control of the United States.

All of the candidates should use their campaign war chests to continue their current planned campaign schedules, but should switch their efforts from dividing Democrats to constantly exposing the lies, hypocrisies, and terrible policies of George Junior and his friends. Whenever the candidates meet, they should discuss how to best balance their viewpoints and ideas for the good of the nation, and to move toward consensus on how to attack the serious issues facing the country.

When George Junior spends taxpayer money to ride a jet plane on to a carrier, they should call a news conference and remind the voters of Junior's personal National Guard record (that included being AWOL for at least a year). Every time someone talks about George Junior's MBA, they should shout about his record as a failed businessman who engaged in illegal insider trading. Every time terrorists are mentioned, they should remind voters of the Bush family financial connections to those who fund terrorists, and to their historic support of Norrriga, Sadam Hussain, and the Taliban. Every time Junior commits another act of hypocrisy, Democrats must publicly scream to high heaven. Every time Junior lies, the Democrats must expose the lie to the voters. Every time a Republican attacks the Dean/Edwards ticket, all should respond fast and loud about the abuses of the Bush Regime.

We know that during the 2000 campaign the Bush machine saturated the media with lies and distortions about Gore. It is clear that Gore tried to follow the high road, maintain a positive approach, and attempted to ignore the mud he was smeared with. We also know that in general the Democratic Party failed to come to his aid and counter attack. We are now suffering from the result of that failure to unite against a very dangerous enemy of freedom and liberty. The current candidates can help lead the country without leading the presidential ticket. Show the country that the Democrats are united in their efforts to save the country from the coalition of psudo-Christians and neo-fascist that have taken control of the Republican Party and most branches of government.

The rank-and-file Democrats should beg the candidates to search deep in their hearts, and then do what is clearly the best for the country by taking the unprecedented step of uniting behind a Dean/Edwards ticket. Dean and Edwards must open their doors to the other candidates and work seriously with all of them so that each of their dreams for the future of the country will be fulfilled. They should provide a place in their administration for a team of united democrats. Each of the candidates has different strengths and ideas that can help lead the country to a better future. Dean and Edwards can give voters an early demonstration of how true statesmen can join together to find consensus among different voices and then move forward. Dean and Edwards should assure the other candidates that the issues and concerns that drive each of them will be best met by approaching problems as a team rather than as a feuding family on a low-class talk show.

If you agree that the country would be best served by the Democratic Party uniting as early as possible behind the strongest possible ticket for 2004, then you must exert every means at your disposal to push the current candidates to unite now to defeat the monsters that stole the country in 2000. We have seen that regular folks can use the power of Internet communications to bypass the traditional back-room political hacks and force new agendas to the front.

Let's all join an effort to push the Democratic Party leaders to quit playing the traditional counter-productive and wasteful game of having candidates beat up on each other so much that their strength for the important fight against the true enemy is reduced. Let's demand that the party leaders listen to the voters instead of simply begging for their money. Let's demand that the Democratic Party unite now in an all-out effort to show the American public the truth about George Junior and to throw him and his friends out of office in 2004.

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