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Regime Change Begins At Home
May 30, 2003
By David Michael Rothschild

Being a politically active person, discussions with family and friends frequently turn to our chances in 2004. For the most part, they are at best pessimistic, or just scared; I tell them that our chances in 2004 are superb.

George's popularity? The War on Terror? Gulf War II? How can we win? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, we represent most Americans on most issues and secondly, Karl Rove does have a fatal flaw. He shares the same attribute that has brought down giants since antiquity - hubris. These two facts are not mutually exclusive, because it is Karl Rove's voracious hubris that will lead journalists and consequently Americans to begin appreciating just how damaging the current regime has been to America.

Hubris will force George to finally stop gloating over the trauma of September 11th and allow journalists to focus their attention on those other 99% of policy issues where the current government is already a proven failure. This will happen because there is limit to just how shamefully George can manipulate the fears and concerns of the American people for his political good, and that limit is hosting his convention at Ground Zero right around September 11.

Let him walk into the trap, let him shuttle back and forth between Ground Zero and Madison Square Garden, let him be all solemn and serious, let him denounce as traitors those who question him, while he exploits September 11th for personal gain.

What he is anticipating is a few straggly hippies protesting in the street. What he will get is thousands of firemen upset that his lack of aid has caused the closing of some of those firehouses that responded to the attacks, widows and children denouncing his exploitation of their loved ones' deaths, hundreds of thousands of average New Yorkers appalled by the large federal tax cuts as their taxes go up to cover the cost of homeland security in New York City and the promised federal funds that never materialized, plus hundreds of thousands of youths from across the country disgusted at an administration that has traded their future for the administration's (read rich people's) short term economic gain.

We will slowly and surely let Americans understand just how badly the government has duped us on the War on Terror (we cannot be passive about this). We will aggressively advertise America's failure to help the Afghan people and her failure in destroying Al Qaeda (Osama is still out there killing Americans). We will also demonstrate the serious danger our isolated position in the world is to both our physical and economic safety.

We will show news clips from likes of BBC, instead of Fox, and ask the country if they still think we won over the hearts and minds of Iraqis and the world. We will be more aggressive in our opposition to the war in Iran (or will it be Syria?) and make the government prove that the potential enemy is harboring terrorists and peddling weapons of mass destruction.

We will force journalists to discuss the pertinent questions: are we safer because of Gulf War II (and possibly III) and are we safer today than on September 12, 2001? While we win back some of our legitimacy on foreign policy, it is domestic policy where we take the election.

Last week I spoke at length about many of those issues in which our position represents both the popular policy and the only policy designed for the benefit of all Americans (versus the detriment of most Americans), and we must excite the masses about these issues. We need to be blunt. George will try to confuse people about different health care policies, make people think he cares.

We need to show a chart that demonstrates exactly how fewer Americans have health care now than the day Bush took office, how fewer children have healthcare, and how fewer elderly have healthcare. We do not win when we debate the nuances of our detailed plans. As sad as it is to say, it bores people.

George will try to confuse the environmental issues by describing how many more factories are following regulations (of course they are, because so many regulations have been eliminated or loosened!). We will supply concrete examples of George changing a regulation to provide short-term economic advantage to a friend over the long-term benefit to the country. This applies to both our destruction of irreplaceable natural treasures and to his abject failure to relieve our dependence on foreign oil.

We will ask why he has not funded his education initiative (that hooks both people who are disgusted by the premise of yearly testing and those who appreciate fiscal responsibility).

We will show pictures of Ken Lay and other "evildoers" of industry still hang out in swanky Texas country clubs while the average American is left holding the bill for his deception. Similarly, we will make "voodoo economics" a personal issue, highlighting rich people's (i.e. his) gain and ask George to use his "business school education" to explain exactly how everyone benefits. The government's reckless tax cuts and disregard for any real work initiatives will be our most potent weapon.

Lastly, many progressives contend that no matter the level of injustice, civil liberties are just too abstract for most Americans to understand and accept. Yet, we have a trump card this time. John Ashcroft's inconsistent and pervasive use of federal power in America has convinced many staunch Republicans to support the ACLU (Bob Barr, for example). There is nothing more convincing to the American people that something is correct than if there is bipartisan support for the issue.

If Karl Rove's strategy is to make people forsake everything they stand for because they like George W. Bush, we will make sure people vote for issues they really care about. We will make them realize that Bush has exploited Americans in a time of great need. So get angry, volunteer, talk to your friends, register, and register your neighbors. We can win in 2004.

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