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Road Map For America
May 31, 2003
By W. O. Coach

The road map for America, also known as Operation American Liberation, is about to become a reality. For the past two plus years, or ever since the United States of America abandoned democracy in favor of an installed puppet dictator, America has become a clear and present danger to itself, and the rest of the world for that matter.

Exaggeration? Put aside all the abandoned treaties, spy plane fiasco, submarine disaster, failed Argentinean coup, 9/11 cover-up, mess in Afghanistan et al - let's just focus on Iraq for a few paragraphs. The United States of America pre-emptively attacked a third world country of less than 30 million people which had no chance of defending itself. The reason we were given was weapons of mass destruction and their immediate threat to the US.

Colin Powell, perhaps the most respected official of those White House neo-con ideologues, was caught lying to the UN Security Council with his "smoking gun" plagiarized essay from a college student and clumsily forged documents suggesting Niger had sold Iraq nuclear fission rods.

Niger? Niger has nuclear technology? Forget the exposed forgery, how dumb are we to accept the story that Niger is suddenly a nuclear power exporter? Niger, with two-thirds of its landlocked, desert country uninhabitable, can't even grow enough food to feed its own citizens. The lesson here is Colin Powell is either misinformed, or lied intentionally to gain support for the invasion of Iraq. As the most respected official working for the White House, he told a couple of whoppers that even the cheerleading US media couldn't ignore.

But as we know, this didn't work, and almost to a nation, the world rejected the attack on Iraq. Mr. Bush went from, "we're going for a second resolution to make other countries show their cards," to "fuck the resolution, I'm taking out Saddam."

Then, after the failed diplomacy, we got the "coalition of the willing."

Who's kidding who here?

Except for Britain, Spain and Australia, I've never heard of any of these other countries. Irethia? I know Iceland doesn't even have a military, so what was the point there? Coalition of the willing means willing to take a cash bribe and allow your name to go on the list. Turkey, to their credit, turned down billions. And for those countries that refused to sign on, the vast majority, they were threatened with punishment by economic sanctions or whatever. What a wonderful new era of diplomacy by the Bush administration. Disagree with us and we're gonna hurt ya, Texas style.

So, here we are, in full control of Iraq's oil wells, but not the already looted nuclear facilities because Mr. Rumsfeld was focused on things that go "ka-ching," rather than things that go "ka-boom." I don't know about you, but I hardly get a warm, cuddly feeling from the thought that there's thousands of terrorists out there with dirty bomb capabilities who have been trained their whole lives to believe they're better off dead if they martyr themselves by killing infidel Americans.

No one I know is going to suggest Saddam Hussein was a nice guy, but at least the Iraqis had water, electricity and civil order under his brutal rule. We've bombed them back into the stone age, and killed gawd knows how many thousands of innocent civilians in the name of collateral damage by smart bombs that didn't have quite the IQs advertised. I assure you, this has not exactly endeared us to the Arab world who feel betrayed, and that the whole exercise was only about occupying them while stealing their oil after all.

But let's be honest. If, say, Iran was the world's only super power and we were the size of Iraq, and Iran decided to attack us because we had WMD, how would you feel? These Islamic fundamentalists are as strange to us in their culture as we are to them. They could never change our way of thinking anymore than we can change theirs. And while we're here, what exactly is the definition of a WMD? A cluster bomb? A MOAB? How many lives do you have to take out before a weapon is considered a WMD? We are the only country in history to use nuclear weapons against a live target, and we did it twice.

Iran, Iraq and North Korea, the axis of evil, are not trying to change us, we're trying to change them. We're the country out of control using military force to try and change thousands of years of culture to our own world view image. We're the clear and present danger to world peace and somebody needs to stop us.

Is there an army out there strong enough to straighten us out? You betcha.

The American voters.

Note: the above solution to Operation American Liberation is based on the premise that Katherine Harris will not be in charge of election results and that touch screen voting machines will have a verifiable paper trail.

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