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Zuckerberg Tries to Clarify Remarks About Holocaust Deniers After Outcry

U.S. Army reverses decision to discharge immigrant recruit

Swalwell on MSNBC NOW

U.S. Officials 'at a Fucking Loss' Over Latest Russia Sell Out


First ACPR-1000 Nuclear Unit Begins Commercial Operation in China

Longtime Ohio GOP official resigns over Trump's news conference with Putin

Wisconsin State Fair food!

Be a better Pa-Paw

Christopher Wray on MSNBC when asked if he was being pushed to quitting:

Tucker Carlson to Swalwell: You're trying to provoke violence against Trump by calling him traitor

Sanders asked if Trump would let the Kremlin interrogate Americans. She wouldn't deny it.

DoD contractors receive annual training on spotting coworkers subject to undue foreign influence

Trump Voter: "But he's affecting me now, and I don't appreciate it,"

Zuckerberg believes Holocaust deniers are simply misinformed

Whoa! BIG old Times Square protest!

Sarah Sanders thinks you're dumb. Her spin of Trump's bizarre Russia comment proves it.

Reporter from The Hill stands up to Sarah Sanders. Awesome!

Did Butina offer sex to get a job at the NRA?

pourmecoffee: Imagine how much angrier Trump would be if he could read.

Gaslit Nation

Lawyer attacks allegations against Indiana attorney general

Why do Trump supporters get away with saying "there is no evidence of collusion"?

Princess Consuela went into labor on Saturday, she delivered 3 kittens, a 4th kitten didn't make it.

More art of The Deal

Interior watchdog opens probe of land deal linking Zinke, Halliburton chairman

Former CIA Russia expert: 'Something is going on behind the scenes' with Trump and Putin

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TREASON!

Dear Trump voter affected by Trump's policies:

It should be the GOP logo

No fair jumping to conclusions!

Mormon church urges judge to toss 1984 sex-assault claim

Must read article on Paul Erickson, the man the Russian NRA Spy lived with & another GOP sleazebag

Ex-Sheriff David Clarke's 2015 trip expenses paid by alleged Russian agent's group

U.S. Officials 'at a Fucking Loss' Over Latest Russia Sell Out

Rand Paul wants to strip John Brennan's federal pension after calling Trump "traitor".

This one's been popping up on Twitter. It's in poor taste and I sure hope people stop posting it.

Aravosis: 3rd night of protests at WH biggest yet, morphs into candlelight vigil

watching Rachael. Who is US person 1 aged 56?

Maybe I'm totally off base but I think there's something off

Court overturns then-11-year-old boy's conviction in slaying

Bonhoeffer on stupidity - this explains dumps cult.

David Cay Johnston: Trump's #TaxReturns must be audited. Here's how you can help make it happen.

The GOP should just go ahead and hold their next national convention in Moscow. n/t

LePage sells Boothbay home for $182,500 more than he paid for it

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

Today's English lesson

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot....

It's a little thing, but on the UP side...

The FCC just sent another bad signal to Sinclair over its Tribune bid

The Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota

Should Trump give 20% of his income to charity to show solidarity with those hurt by his trade war?

Overnight Health Care: Novartis pulls back on drug price hikes

David Corn: This is very interesting.

Exciting news! Mariachi Band members have started arriving outside Donald Trump's window!

Medicine is about service, not self glory

Papa John's Founder Launches New Chain

I think there is one effective way To stop trump from selling out to Putin at least temporarily.

Okay, here we go.

Trump's military cost nearly as much as 'tremendously expensive' canceled war games

From the London Protests: Drag Artists Against Trump

Pelosi tweet:

From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered

Breaking -two weeks before the inauguration Don the Con was shown

N.Y. Times analysis: From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered

Weird, dangerous, scary. Trump mulls allowing Putin to question former US ambassador

Argentine Farmers Give Away 10,000 Kg of Vegetables in Protest

Why Trump's making more televised statements -- Bill Shine wants new ones to erase Helsinki summit

Donald Trump says he might negotiate trade deal with Mexico first, Canada 'later'

Donald Trump says he might negotiate trade deal with Mexico first, Canada 'later'

When Trump was informed of Russian hacking 2 wks before his inauguration, what should he have done?

Laurence Tribe: NYT bombshell "turns all of Trump's denials into coverups."

Crossword puzzle #45 down

$1M settlement announced over Lawrence, Reading clergy sexual abuse allegations

From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered

Trump calls out 'very aggressive' Montenegro in latest NATO jibe

Rep. Adam Schiff Coming Up MSNBC's "Last Word" Subject:Trump Knew

So...what will Trump say tomorrow (or later tonight) about this NYT story?

The real question is what has Trump revealed to Putin

Well Now..Baptist Church Pastor kicks out

Ex-White House Stenographer: Trump is a Lying-Ass Liar

Trump briefed on 1/6/17 it was Putin.

#TrumpKnew Trending on Twitter

In case you missed it: Delusions of grandeur as Trump strikes a pose in Winston Churchill's chair

Ocasio-Cortez means little to me. At this time.

What happened with the protests tonite?

Imagine how torn up Pres. Obama has been all this time.



The traitor needs to be removed asap.

The point we're at now

Russians Described Summit 'Verbal Agreements,' US Officials Scramble For Clarity

Susan Rice tweet:

Where is the American translator from Helsinki summit?

Yeah, that's it!

David Cay Johnston: Every Trump "witch hunt" remark a criminal lie - accessory after the fact

Narcissists and Their Downfalls

I'm speechless

The scope of data being collected is frightening

Know your legal terms: Today's term is Accessory after the fact

IMO the US is not obligated to anything putin/trump discussed agreed in private

Political pundit Max Boot succinctly says what I and many others are thinking.

Large group gathers outside of White House to protest Trump for third straight night

Screw the "I'm not at liberty to discuss"

The Helsinki subjugation

If this was 1954................

I have a request. Can we please stop referring to "Russian meddling".

Rob Reiner: "Well now we know"

Can an injunction be levied on further GOP legislature leadership actions now?

Congress knew, too...

Robert Mueller now has the info he needs to pounce.....

Are hotdogs meat? n/t

Trump, aiding and abetting the enemy. Yes! n/t

Hey Rethugs

Interesting Scenario

Here it is! What we're waiting for... Lawrence O Donnell ...

Is anybody else having trouble sorting out what we already know from what's new?

Does anyone remember the off the cuff comment tRump made at one of his rallies just a month or two

Fierce predator cats try to take down giant prey

I want to know if Pence was present or given this briefing as well.

I'm very loopy on pain pills. You know what that means.

Wow. Joyce Vance: Detail in NYT story suggests Trump has already burned those sources to Russia

Those 2 hours...

4 more on Putin's wish list crossed off...does anyone else wonder what we got?

The Daily Show: Trevor Celebrates Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday

Obama Dances - No blimps, no protesters, no signs-just class and laughter

OMG, that poor American translator in the secret meeting with Trump/Putin. They actually

Schindler on NYT story: I'm looking for a word here that isn't "conspiracy" but I'm not finding it.

The narrative is still Lula

Seth Meyers - Trump Backpedals on Russia Comments, High-Heel Crocs - Monologue - 7/17/18

Barack Obama salue la diversite de l'equipe de France lors d'un hommage a Nelson Mandela

Lil Donnie Trumpinoff Has Some Splainin To Do.....

Traffic "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys."

Seth Meyers - Republicans Fall in Line After Trump-Putin Summit: A Closer Look

Trump Considering Giving 11 Americans To Putin. WTF?

Muslim swimmers asked to leave Wilmington public pool; mayor apologizes

Men: I have a serious question.

What Trump was tweeting before and after he was briefed on Russia on Jan 6, 2017

Trump's January 6, 2017 tweet...after he was briefed.

The Big Con works everyday to destroy the USA.....and lies about it

Joyce Vance just said at a bare minimum, this NYT article on Trump knowing

And 20 million deplorables say right on....

In the absence of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show..."And now, your moment of Zen."

Stopped by Lafayette Park for a few minutes tonight

January 2017?

Light Up the Switchboard! Call your Congress members!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 19, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Steve McQueen

As drumpf's coming undone is finally appearing....imagine what Bob Mueller must have.

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 20, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Leonard Bernstein Centennial

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 21, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Leonard Bernstein Centennial

News Article from Aug. 2017: "Nine months, nine prominent Russians dead"

Rick Wilson: "I'd just like to point out Donald Trump lost control of his narrative 2 weeks ago..."

Russian state tv thinks the President is an agent of the Kremlin

The presser is so irrelevant, it's only to continue the lies...and keep reporters employed

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Cathy Myers for Congress WI-01

Russia's state TV host: Trump "really smells like an agent of the Kremlin"

NoShit Lawrence....

A huge coincidence I'm sure...

*EU Hits Google With $5 Billion Fine For Pushing Apps On Android Users*

Troy Downing and a well, well, well from me.

Feckless hearings and more debate while Rome Burns....

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Ned Lamont for Connecticut Governor

Danger, danger Will Robinson...

New inquiry may reveal Trumpy's tax returns!

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 20, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Leonard Bernstein Centennial

RussiaGate is Bigly....Kavanaugh must be confirmed...

How to Perform a Tim Tam Slam!!

The Elephant In The Room.

More absurd lies....

Why on earth did Ari Melber have that repuke liar on today?

The DCCC raised $15 million in June

If we have a POTUS who shouldn't have security clearance...

Does the CA Democratic party want to commit suicide?

Rival blames Louisiana governor for halt in executions

They were playing poker at an episdoe of M*A*S*H

Giant Jeff Goldblum statue placed in London park

Avenatti speaking at DC protest

Huntsman's (Russia ambassador) urged 2 quit before his own reputation becomes enmeshed with Trump's

Ted Nugent's Management Bars Pro-Gun Rocker's Fans From Bringing Guns to Concert at the Last Minute

The terms to use referring to Browder and McFaul- "whistleblowers" and "Putin's political enemies"

Kawhi Leonard traded to Raptors for Demar DeRozan

Guillotine is sold for 8,000 euros

Sexist heckler owned by comedian - Steve Hofstetter

Went to bed but could not sleep.

Texas Waiter Shares 'We Don't Tip Terrorist' Meal Receipt On Social Media

IA-03: Young Moves From Lean Republican to Toss Up

Remember these from last Jan?

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell - MSNBC - July 18, 2018

Political toons

"Hey, Girl..."

One of the bravest sacrifices someone could make for the U.S.A. right now...

The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

Today's political toons

FBI Director Wray hints that he considered resigning

3 Russian Cyberexperts Arrested by Putin after Trump Inauguration

Developer ramps up work on wind farms

Democratic Committee office struck by gunfire

US eases Obama-era coal ash pollution rules for utilities

Vatican-OK'd journal strikes out again at US evangelicals

Vatican-OK'd journal strikes out again at US evangelicals

Former Spencer principal awarded almost $400K in wrongful termination case

U.S. tariffs may raise cost of insurance, parts, drive up auto thefts

Westminster company owner accused of $19M Medicaid fraud declines to change plea

The fog is lifting.

Lawmakers poised to send Baker fee bill to train police

Samantha Bee, Full Frontal: London Welcomes Trump

'NASTY Woman Act' repealing old laws on adultery, abortion, contraception heads to Gov. Baker

Hate Group Militia to Protest Maxine Waters Office, Union Members Said They will Counter Protest

Facebook cracks down on bogus posts inciting violence

The Wild Idea of Introducing Rhinos to Australia Is Not as Insane as It Sounds

Cross-border camera trap research puts wild Amur leopard number at 84

Marty Walsh to swing through Trump districts to hype Democrats

First fern genomes sequenced -- and they hold a lot of promise

Soy giant Louis Dreyfus pledges deforestation-free supply chain

Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador - Between The Scenes The Daily Show

Never-Before-Seen Structures Have Been Detected in Our Sun's Corona

Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around and Fell in Love


NASA new mini satellite to peer into Milky Way's halo

Gay Ugandan woman, fearing imprisonment or worse if deported, pleads to stay in US

Inhalable viruses show promise as a better way to treat lung infections

Younger children tend to make more informed decisions

Mammals Moonlight Around Human Settlements

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 7/18/18

Grasslands may trump forests at carbon storage in a warming world

Stephen Colbert: Guests Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen

Move over, Hubble. This sharp pic of Neptune was taken from Earth

Pipeline that exploded in Marshall County remains at risk

Pipeline that explodced in Marshall County remains at risk

First snake found in amber is a baby from the age of the dinosaurs

Another 'no' vote for proposed 46-story tower in Providence

DOT says first month of Rhode Island truck tolling: $625,989

Providence City Council considers reimposing tax surcharge on unused properties

Rhode Island law aims to prevent suicides at public colleges

"The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears."

Hospitals Hire Temp Workers In Anticipation of Strike

Prosecuting Foreign Hackers Carries Benefits Beyond A Trial - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Firms Sued Over 38 Studios Still Doing Lucrative Work For Rhode Island Agency

President Trump Admin Waffles On Standing Up For Americans Against Putin - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ganim Focuses Effort On Trying To Define Lamont For Urban Democrats

Trump had irrefutable texts and raw evidence Putin ordered Russian hacks as early as January 2017

Malloy Uses Executive Authority On $10M Toll Study

Complaints Stream In Against Embattled Broker Of Medical Rides; Patients Stranded, Rides Missed

Employee Who Says He Was Sexually Harassed Takes Hartford, Councilwoman And Aide To Federal Court

Intel Expert: 'I Believe Trump...Is Actively Betraying Our Country'

So, Trump and his "not" smart people are going to talk about....

Democrats could end up with over 60 US Senate seats in 2022.

U.S. court blocks EPA decision not to enforce 'glider truck' limits

"Republicans are now asking what they should do with Trump. Here's an idea: "

Hey media, you forgot to check on the children. They are still missing!

Are you watching this anti-Union ad on M$NBComcast?f

Syria's Assad set to recover Golan frontier as rebels surrender

U.S. intelligence documents on Nelson Mandela made public

Meriden voters reject budget in Wednesday referendum

Did DUers notice that in the CBS interview the Con said he has faith

Novichok poisoning: police 'identify' Skripal suspects - reports

Thursday TOONs - n't Edition

New Time Cover

Joni Ernst on MSNBC coming up.

Nicaragua is living an Orwellian nightmare....

There IS a Deep State in the USA!

Butina Case Raises Questions On Russia's Role In Rex W. Tillerson Pick - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Former narcotics detective--the son of Norwalk mayor, busted for drug theft, sues Fairfield

NY Is Said To Open Tax Inquiry Into Trump Foundation

Trump wants to redesign Air Force 1!

Fighting White Supremacy/Nazi/Militia with the age old technique of ridicule: WONDERFUL!

Pic Of The Moment: Well, That Clears Things Up

A fence can't stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters urges people not to show up to counter-protest Oath Keepers protest

Texas woman's nose bitten off and swallowed by neighbor; denied surgery because she's uninsured

Novichok poisoning: Skripal attack suspects 'identified on CCTV as several Russians'

Here's what we know

Great Cover of next week's New Yorker. 'Thumbs-Up,' by Barry Blitt.

After O'Rourke Talks Impeachment, Ted Cruz Hits Back

Here's what's going to happen regarding Browder, McFaul, etc.

Trump Confesses His Whining About Media Gives Press More Publicity, 'But I'll Complain Anyway!'

Trump Has Told the World He is Actually Considering Ending Diplomatic Immunity


GOP Overwhelmingly Backs Trump's Putin Performance

If Trump Talks, Walks, And Looks Like A Russian Puppet...

When is someone going to ask the question

Canada's advantage over the United States of America

The five tactics that defines the fog of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Grassley impressed by Trump's admission of mistake

Trump Threatens Auto Tariffs

Americans distrusted US democracy long before Trump's Russia problem

The Rundown: July 18, 2018

Prepare for mass migration in our near future with catastrophic instability

Art of the Week: Week of 7/18/18

Has Trump violated his oath of office? A primer on presidential duty and accountability

Why Are People Now Surprised That Trump Knew About Putin's Interference Back In Jan '17??

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/18/2018

Trump calls panned Putin summit a success - Amid furor, president promises 'big results'

Putin Hits Out at Trump Critics in the U.S. for Discrediting Summit

SDCC '18: The Comics Journal to Return January 2019

Restaurants that adverstise of fucks news

So "the deep state" turned out to be real after all.

Hawaii has gained 700 acres (and continues to grow) from the lava flow.

ADD TWO AND TWO Trump Wants Putin to Keep Meddling to Get Himself Reelected

Republicans are already ignoring Traitor Tot's Treason & wanting to pass a bill denying states

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding as Democrats fume over Russian interference

The Frederick Douglass 200

Trump is going off the rails on Twitter this morning, per usual.

Malcolm Nance tweet: ex-CIA analyst calls on Trump to "mass murder" Democrats, media, civil servants

Men are getting on my nerves

Kavanaugh's role in Bush-era detainee debate now an issue in his Supreme Court nomination

gop confirm a 39 year old bigot for a life time appointment on US court of appeals

What Does Putin Have on Trump??

Okay, this is the creepiest Time Magazine cover I've ever seen.

president hillary: how to make rethug heads explode

Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit

***TAD DEVINE 2014 emails are evidence in MANAFORT case. And Bernie hired Devine in 2014. ***

Joe Conason: Trump's Treachery Makes Republicans 'Sad' When They Should Be Mad

I haven't worked on this date in 14 years.

Mueller releases list of more than 500 pieces of evidence against Manafort

Wilbur Ross envisions progress on trade disputes "well within a year"

Top Democrats shy away from using word 'treason' with Trump

I don't know, but

GOP Leadership-2 years ago: "There's 2 people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher & Trump"

Half of Americans are struggling to afford health care this year

I suspect

Vlonald Trumputin

Trump promised them better, cheaper health care. It's not happening.

Free french fries each Friday @ McDonald's

Scary Central TX forecast ! 108 today

AI Innovators Take Pledge Against Autonomous Killer Weapons At Stockholm Conf.

Trump to Hannity: We Know There's No Collusion Because Putin Said So

Top Republican Wants Trump to Restart Obamacare Payments

Trump's Favorite "Schoolhouse Rock" episode - "Double Negative Junction"

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats

Trump - Democrats have a "death wish, in more ways than one"

Russia Brags Of 'Verbal Agreements' With Trump, US Unsure What They Were

Mom accused of letting men rape her 2-year-old daughter

It just occurred to me how we get trump to accept NSA, FBI, DNI etc reports. Add a $100.00 bill to

Schiff & Swalwell just moved to subpoena translator; House Intel Repugs voted it down

Ex-DOJ official reveals hidden meaning of bombshell NYT report: US intel agencies fear Trump is...

Tariffs Eat Away at Profits for Alcoa, America's Largest Aluminum Maker

Schoolhouse Rock! Presents: Double Negative Junction

Is it a coincidence Trump tweeted today about Democrats having a "death wish?"

Walmart's next swipe at Amazon may be streaming video service

Democrats can capitalize on Donald Trump's failed policies in the Midwest (Jamelle Bouie)

Keep an eye on the Magnitsky Act.

Electrolux sees steel tariffs sucking profit

How many Russiapublicans has Mariia fucked? How many Mariias are there?

Democrats WILL hold Trump and Republicans Accountable!! #TrumpKNEW Scalise goes on Fox

Ex-ambassador shreds Trump's denials on Russia: 'I'm an American; I'm under attack by Vladimir Putin

WaPo - "If this is not treason, then what is it?"

Trump is a double agent

"'No's' not even in the dictionary!" . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Donald Trump!!!

Researcher of right-wing religious fundamentalism reveals Putin's close ties to National Prayer...

Double-negative Donald

yookay this is creepy-- #TrumpKnew cover of Time mag........

Schiff moves to subpoena interpreter from Trump, Putin meeting

Adam Schiff: Dems wanted Russian agent Maria Butina to testify but GOPers refused...

Restaurant calls out young girl on Facebook for stealing tip

NY Daily News cover. Their twitter this am

Comcast drops bid for 21st Century Fox, leaving entertainment powerhouse in the hands of Disney

Does this week seem different to you that it feels like Twitler is finally going down?

Nate Silver hits Axios for headlining Trump GOP approval w/out mentioning independent, overall #s

John Fugelsang: It's not that Trump knew....

Trump And Putin Vs. America

Family of KFC's Colonel Sanders defends him (against racism)

The Madman is already "looking forward to....second meeting" with his sugardad Vlad.

Hey soybean farmers - how come only fake news cares about your plight?

Trump lashes out at European Union's massive Google fine, citing it as evidence that he is right...

Trump just attacked the media again as "the real enemy of the people"

Mueller Releases Over 500 pieces of Evidence for Manafort Trial! BOOM BABY BOOM!

Have All The Caged Children Been Reunited With Their Parents?......

Trump Calls Media 'Real Enemy of the People' While Revealing 'Second Meeting' With Putin

For Cold Brew drinkers or Baristas

What deal did Trump make w/the Russian dictator? Putin talked about 'agreements' in a Moscow speech

In reversal, North Carolina woman gets license plate to honor wife

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! The idea of an info swap with Russia was floated by none other than CARTER PAGE.

'It borders on treason': Ex-ambassador to China tells CNN Trump 'can't be trusted' with

This is dangerously reckless

When your neighbors call the cops on your party... BUT THE RIGHT COP SHOWS UP 😂😂😂

Clapper: "Badge Of Honor" When Trump Attacks Me, John Brennan, Hayden & Comey

Eureka - I figured it out-Trump is espousing Heraclitus' Philosophy

Ex-ambassador to China says Trump can 'no longer be trusted' with classified info

Rev. Barber ... What should the GOP do about Trump

no more where are my keys?

22% surge in number of older homeless people ...

How do people find heroin????

Republicans will keep covering for Trump's outrages. Why? For the judges

Now this is creepy - Times mismash of Trump/Putin

Escalating rhetoric from Trump and his supporters

Reeling From Trump Trauma? Here's How to Train Your Brain to Feel Better With These 4 Techniques

It Looks Like Trump Agreed To Break Up NATO & The EU Moving Forward. Alliance W/Russia

The NRA Has Deep Ties to Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina

Double Negative Function Junction

Every morning when I wake I head to DU looking for a few simple words

NATO ally Montenegro

I don't know if it's the hot weather, or what, but the drug-seekers are out in force right now.

Do you stand with

Isn't Election Day security a form of border security? Why is Trump not building that Wall?

I'm wiping tears... And it's not after laughing...

Mueller lists pic of putting green, Yankees' tickets as possible Manafort trial evidence

Zephyr Teachout has a plausible path to victory (NY-AG)


I really DO NOT GET IT!

Hey Trump Supporters! Dinner is Served!

Now that the brazen act of betrayal has subsided...

Poll: Huge GOP majority backs Trump's Putin performance

Real President Supports US Citizens

Guess who had been taken to the woodshed, and by whom?

Maggie Hassan on how Trump admin is attacking protections for people with pre-existing conditions

Baby goats in sweaters

Can you help me find my keys?

Donald Trump Is Pushing Europe Into Asia's Embrace

For Trump, Failure Is the Only Option.

Wittes: Reminder that the name "National Rifle Association" does not specify which nation.

Russian Officials To Meet Suspected Spy Jailed In US

Start thinking strategically..not politically.

Trump Says 'Dream' 2020 Opponent is Joe Biden: 'Obama Took Him Out of the Garbage Heap'

Action Or Inaction By GOP Shows They Are A FULL PARTNER In Putin/Trump Compact.

When Trump is impeached, will Pence and Sessions have to resign to avoid impeachment?

Petition to put Paid Sick Leave in Dallas on Ballot Fails, Group Demands Recount

I am confused. Last night's news - the NYT link that Trump was told the fix was in for him prior to

An Even Better Deal? Dems Unveil New Midterm Slogan After First One Tanked

'Modern Family' Writer: 10 Ways to Deal With Your Trump Anxiety (Guest Column)

Devin Nunes gets busted using his campaign funds on wine tasting and trips to Las Vegas

The Great Divide - Dem/Rep views and opinions

'Stupid statements' - Trump jibe stuns Montenegro

Trump/Obama common thread

Nunes used political dollars for $15K in Celtics tickets, winery tours and Vegas trips Read more he

Hillary Clinton: 'Deeply troubling' for White House to consider Putin request to interview Americans

In other news, fake news--**actual fake news**--is still alive and well on social media.

How Donald Trump sees the Helsinki summit vs. what we all saw:


Obama: 'Men Have Been Getting On My Nerves Lately'

Tariffs Imperil a Hometown Business in South Carolina: BMW

Audit at Texas Health and Human Services Commission finds latest in long line of problems

Gardner campaign named in federal complaint alleging NRA violated federal election laws

Trump without his orange makeup

Bomb threat reported at California newspaper office

Nunes used political dollars for $15K in Celtics tickets, winery tours and Vegas trips

Asparapeas!! Pan Sauteed Asparagus Peas Recipe

Charles Pierce: Donald Trump Doesn't Give a Damn About the Legitimacy of His Presidency*

Now, this is really, really terrifying!

On this day in 1911, Pittsburgh, PA got its 'h' back

What possible legal basis could there be for Trump to "extradite" a former US ambassador

The Constitution Wasn't Enough :(

On this day in 1911, Pittsburgh got its 'h' back

Who is the unnamed American in the Maria Butina indictment?

Trump finalizes preparations for military parade - selects wardrobe

Seriously, is Jeanine Pirro drunk? (She's on 'The View')

Preet podcast with Bill Browder (MUST LISTEN RIGHT NOW, VERY IMPORTANT):

Kelly lobbied Republicans to rebuke Trump after Putin press conference: report

Dear Mainstream Media: OUT their strategies

Is it preferable to subpoena the translator or to never know what Trump and Putin discussed...?

Last Night? It was reported that the N.Y. Times

Warren coming up on Velshi Ruhl right now! (8:50 pst)

Even GOP is Starting to Question United States Trustee Program

Whoopie Goldberg just SHUT DOWN Jeannine Pirro

Germany, if you're listening.

State Dept. Blocked from Issuing Statement Condemning Russia Airliner shootdown

Republicans block effort to subpoena only U.S. witness of secret Trump-Putin meeting

Happy 71st birthday, astrophysicist Brian May.

Can we now treat the NRA like they treated ACORN?

Now here's an idea I could get behind.

This is the smallest of things, but I drives me bonkers.

Trump, The Republican army are marching towards Gettysburg. The fate of the country will be decided.

Young voters make up significant portion of new registrations in key states since Parkland shooting

Who will be held responsible when Americans are killed by Russia?

GOP is engaged in massive cover-up.

Probably the most realistic definition of MAGA

Dallas woman gets 15 days in Florida jail for collecting seashells on vacation

A $1.5 Million Quest to Count Every Cat in D.C.

"Fight Back" Holly Near

Whoopi Goldberg just opened a can of whip a** on Judge Piro

"Fight Back" Holly Near

Republican Attacks 'Naive' Young Voter for Asking About His Deranged Views on Climate Change

Obama on wealth inequality: 'There's only so much you can eat. There's only so

Zoning board denies Confederate flag appeal

Well It's Official. The GOP In Congress Are Conspiring To Commit Treason

To all the journalists out there.....

Tucker Carlson/Fox News/Rand Paul echo Russian Foreign Minister's talking points

Nance: Plausible and terrifying.

What The Hell? This Story from NY Times this am?

How Jesse Helms Invented the Republican Party

NRA's Wayne LaPierre 'shaking in his boots waiting for Mueller to come knocking': Ex-DOJ official

GOPasshole Jason Lewis complains about political correctness in newly unearthed audio -- 'You can't c

GOP asshole Jason Lewis complains about political correctness in newly unearthed audio -- 'You can't

Will Hurd's Playing to the Center in Texas' Most Competitive Congressional Race. But His Record Tell

Social media spat leads to charge against Williamson County official

GOP asshole Jason Lewis complains about political correctness in newly unearthed audio -- 'You can't

Steny Hoyer on bill for more election funds and Dems chanting "USA! USA!" on House floor

I'm a proud American patriot who stands behind my President

"I Ain't Afrad" Holly Near

Tweet by Torshin

Alcohol-related liver deaths have increased sharply

Will Trump Pardon Butina? Maybe.

"The Media is the enemy of the people." is a lie. We know it.. But why does Trump repeat that lie..

Large-scale painting of Klan members unveiled at UT

Russian Accused of Infiltrating NRA on Mission From Kremlin

Republicans Block Move To Subpoena Interpreter From Trump-Putin Summit

Suspects in Novichok case flew out of UK in wake of attack, source says

This would be an opportune time for the Special Counsel to subpoena Donald Trump..

Trump administration to explore allowing drug imports to counter price hikes

For those who complain that Democratic leaders aren't out there,

I propose an immediate and total ban on people entering the country...

How many people are involved with the Trump and Putin crap?

Texas ag commissioner Sid Miller rips WeWork over 'anti-beef policy'

Nolan's leg director left office amid sex harassment accusations, then the campaign hired him.

Starbucks to open first US store staffed by employees who know sign language

Rand Paul really starting to reek even more than usual

RIP Adrian Cronauer

I got an email from a friend who works for Joe Crowley

remove all the traitors and let Hillary take her rightful place. Not constitutional? Well nothing

ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY? - Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival Don Caron

Kirstjen Nielsen: 'I Haven't Seen Evidence' Russia Tried To Help Trump Win

Medical Dilemma: My cardiologist says NSAIDS are killing me. But I have severe arthritis.

Bullet holes found in Albany County Democratic headquarters building

Editorial cartoons from Europe

customer touches bartenders rear, gets thrown on his ass

"Battle Hymn of the Republic" - Modified for Relevance Don Caron Parody Project

Suspects still at large after shooting of 3 female bank employees in west Fort Worth

Someone else who's not working hard to defeat Republicans....

"WE DIDN'T PICK THE LIAR "- Parody of We Didn't Start the Fire Don Caron and Eric TF Bat

Michael Scheuer, the former CIA official, is calling for Trump supporters to kill Trump opponents

Incarnate Word University student, friend accused of smuggling $900,000

UPDATE: Trump criticizes Federal Reserve, breaking long-standing practice

When We All Vote (First Lady's new voter registration initiative)

The media on the NYT report on when Trump was briefed on Russian attack.

Sen. Schumer introduces bill rejecting U.S. govt. rendering of American officials to Putin

So now he jumps feet first into interest rates and the Federal Reserves

Surge of candidates leaves Texas Democrats struggling to recruit qualified staffers

As explosive new Russia revelations hit Trump, Republicans throw him a lifeline

Bull-riding accident lawyer is accused in cyberattacks against websites critical of him

Sanders Introduces Resolution to Protect American Democracy from Russian Meddling

Why I'm not a Socialist

James Thompson: ''Thank you so much @BernieSanders! ''

Jesus-what does it take to remove a traitor? He should have been arrested when AF1 hit US territory

Jordan suggests left-wing conspiracy on Ohio State wrestling charges

Danger, Lassie, Danger

Christian TV host claims Rachel Maddow will lead coup & decapitate Trump within hours

Video: Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump's Putin Meeting

Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump's Putin Meeting

"I Was Never This Blatant," Says Benedict Arnold in Hell

Biologists kill 4 black bears at Muldoon campground

Video: Bernie Sanders Slams Rand Paul's Delusional Rant On Russia

"Collaborators" is also a good word. nt

Our home health aide didn't show up today...

Bernie Sanders Slams Rand Paul's Delusional Rant On Russia

Wendy Davis, Battleground Texas sanctioned for delayed campaign disclosures in 2014

I found this on Facebook and it's excellent:

Attention everybody, George Soros will need to sleep for a thousand years. The new leader

Nielsen: 'I Haven't Seen Evidence' That Russians Hacked Election To Help Trump

McConnell Directs Committees To Consider 'Additional Measures' For Russia

A bird lover's delight ...

The Bigs Are Starting to Accept the Unimaginable - By Josh Marshall

"Oath Keepers" racist Planning a 1:00 Protest at Maxine Waters L.A. Office.

ESPN remembers Parkland Coaches Heroes, Aaron Feis, Scott Beigel and Chris Hixon

The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

White House says Trump disagrees with Putin proposal to hand over Americans

Katy Tur can take a hike

We Need the Help of Intel Agencies Around the World The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Why in the world is "the Mooch" ever on TV?

The word "meddle" is like nails on a blackboard to me. Or an icepick through the brain.

For those with Trump supporting/Republican family/friends

Police: Whites, some in skinhead gear, beat black man

Rep. Maxine Waters Warns Supporters Not to Confront Militia Group

Trump administration seeks endangered species rule changes

How Russia Won Its Hybrid War in less than 3 minutes

MSM hard at work to sweep treason under the rug.

Police: Machete-wielding man subdued after standoff at home

Court exonerates Jordan Brown, found delinquent of murdering his father's fiancee at age 11

Chris Cilizza is no friend of the left. eom

Cover of the New Yorker

Putin Tells Diplomats He Made Trump a New Offer on Ukraine at Their Summit

Judge Jeanine Pirro On New Book & More The View

Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia


Ichiro Suzuki

Sinclair 'did not fully disclose facts' on Tribune merger - FCC

Saying Hello from Bells Are Ringing

A historian surveys the wreckage of the Trump-Putin summit

The "Sister Survivors" of Larry Nassar's abuse received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award last night.

David Frum: The Worst Security Risk in U.S. History

Treason Trumpt's future Library Location

BLS Report: Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers are $876 in 2nd quarter 2018


Russia, China delay U.S. push for halt to refined petroleum to North Korea

9th Circuit nominee Ryan Bounds expected to be DEFEATED

Trump tweets old video of Clinton talking up 'a strong Russia'

No big shifts expected from U.S. assessment of Afghan war: general

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, Op. 15

Unprecedented (unpresidented?) - non stop for 617 days. Since the election theft. NON STOP.

The Republicans' vision for America is exactly the same as Putin's Russia

Sonny & Cher reunite for the last time to sing 'I Got You Babe' on Letterman (1987)

Putin has landed - Sack Cartoon


Detroit business owner spits on black man in parking dispute

Cuomo starts investigation of trump Fdn

This a.m..I posted the fact that the N.Y. Times piece..

Microsoft reveals first known midterm campaign hacking attempts

Bill aims to block foreign ownership of election systems

In the Heartland: Solar Energy Shines

Microsoft reveals first known midterm campaign hacking attempts

It looks like Trump is backing down on letting Russia interrogate former US Ambassador.

The Silver Lining of the Helsinki Summit

Здравствуйте to Our New Mother Russia July 18, 2018 Act 1 Full Frontal Samantha Bee

Senate approves resolution warning Trump not to hand over US officials

Please don't post fake newspaper or magazine covers here.

Bernie Sanders' campaign strategist Tad Devine turns up 16 times in evidence against Paul Manafort

Trump knows his presidency is illegitimate.

Was Helsinki A 'Top Three' Worst Moment Of Trump's Presidency?

Do you find yourself getting the urge to move as far away from everything and everyone that you can?

Trump called Pres. Obama a patsy!

Found on Twitter

McConnell withdraws Trump judicial pick minutes before vote

Putin Tells Diplomats He Made Trump a New Offer on Ukraine at Their Summit

Trump's Fed criticism is nearly without precedent in US history

Airbus 'Beluga Whale' takes flight for the first time

How did our country slip this far?

Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor... :))))

Larry Sabato (UVA Center for Politics) updates GOV ratings

Nunes Used Campaign Funds for Celtics Tickets

France's Macron under fire after aide caught beating protester

Activists fined $15 for late-night street protest

Intelligence Briefing Before Inauguration Was "Fake Intelligence". New Meme.

SHS: Putin invited to Washington in the fall, discussions already underway

Andrea Mitchell interviewing intel chief-cyber 9/11.

Way early on I suggested it would be our own intel community that would take Trump down.

Let's pause for a. Beautiful Moment - video at link

Ted Lieu: "Can I use $15,000 from my leadership committee for for Cleveland @Cavs tickets?"

Tim Scott joins Senate Democrats to tank extremist Circut Court nominee

T-shirt and bumper sticker ideas. "In Vlad We Trust" and "One Nation Under Vlad". Actually I would

Peru political turmoil: Supreme court president resigns over tapes scandal

Trump just invited Putin to visit the White House this fall

Tourist jailed for collecting seashells on Florida beach

LEAKED: Putin pitched Trump on Crimea deal -- and promised him it wouldn't go public

BREAKING: White House: Trump asked national security adviser to invite Putin to Washington

Mueller's Exhibit List Trolling Manafort?

Talks underway for Putin's White House visit

The Traitor's priorities

So who's up for the Mother of all DC protests? How does this fall sound?

Andrea Mitchell's interview with Dan Coats was a waste of time.

MSNBC just announced Putin invited to the US!

Putin Invite Is A FUCK YOU To America. Right Before The Election. Or On Election Day.

BREAKING: Devin Nunes selflessly uses campaign funds to buy special lotion for jobless Scott Pruitt

Coats says "it's a risk" that Russia could wage similar attack against defectors, critics in the US

In case you missed this on the Late Show:

Survey: Focusing on corruption could be a powerful element for a Democratic victory in November

Why Not Invite Russian Fleet Into NY Harbor. Have Joint Military Operations.

EPA staff worried about toxic chemical exposure -- for Pruitt

Dem Candidates and Strategists please read this.

I Am Sure That Comrade McConnell & Comrade Ryan Will Approve/Be Prominent.

More than 10 people are on record stating you knew about abuse....

Why does putin want to come to America? Because it's the scene of the crime.

Before the Misfits there was Allan Sherman!

The Russians Gave The VC & North Vietnamese 6 Foot Rockets That Killed US Forces.


Want to Defeat Me? Do it at the Voting Booth, Lula Writes

Russian asset Donald Trump is posting video clips from Russian State TV Today.

Our dictator getting his praise....while daughter (ehhh) walking behind clapping

WATCH: Georgia waitress body slams man for grabbing her butt

Is anyone else having trouble getting onto Reddit?

School House Rock "Double Neg Junction"

Wrestler loses scholarship over anti-gay slur, complains about limits to 'freedom of speech'

Putin Invite A Double Down To Critics & Demonstrators. Message Is Criticizing Trump UnAmerican.

"The next phase of the conservative campaign against unions is a series of class action lawsuits..."

I will not allow Putin to enter our White House!

The Republican Plan - Mission Accomplished

I just heard Trump plans to invite Putin to a second summit

Poll: GOP Backs Trump's Putin Press Conference

Do Republicans want Putin visiting the White House just before the election??

House Republicans Block Subpoena of Putin-Meeting Interpreter

Putin appears to be targeting U.S. officials who worked to sanction Russia

NoShit...this conjob is finished....

Russia attacks idea of congress questioning translator.

Reagan is doing backflips

Charles Blow: His mission is to lift the hostile minority over the horrified majority.

White House ? Not so much nowadays...

Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Fox News' Jeanine Pirro for Saying She Has 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

Republican Rep. Jason Lewis (Minnesota) stands by 'sluts' comments: 'I was paid to be provocative'

70 Democrats Sign On to New 'Medicare for All' House Caucus

If you do a Google search for "idiot"...

Ignorance invites the Big Con to rape the USA...

Trump has attacked U.S. intel agencies. Expect them to strike back.

Connect the dots:

The Summit Was Successful At Selling Out The Country. Putin Visit To Seal The Deal.

Coats has been on one too many liberal networks...the fake ones.

The Wilderness podcast: John Favreau

Trump is openly allowing Putin to take control of the executive branch.

''I am happy to support @PeterWelch in his re-election effort. ''

[Redacted] Sold the USA to Putin in Helsinki. Now Putin's Planning to Take Possession.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 20 July 2018

Trump just realized The Apprentice was about apprenticeships

Ahead of Kansas trip, Bernie Sanders rejects 'radical' label and jabs Koch family

So, Putin/Trump will rename the USA the USSR, United States Soviet Republic.

Sanders, Giffords, Parkland students not coming; gun-opposition rally in Excelsior canceled

Trying to explain our electoral college to a baffled Ecuadorian woman today...I gave up.

Every time Trump called the link of Russia/2016 elections "fake news" or "a witch hunt" he was lying

The smallest teeny tiny creatures can be the scariest...

Trump supporters be like.....

Teen Titans Trailer - from SDCC

That invitation is all bluster and grandstanding

Republicans, especially Trump, do not like to play defense.

Russia announces new nuclear weapons tests days after Trump-Putin summit

'That's Going To Be Special': Coats Reacts Live To News Of Trump's Putin Invite

Why The Repukes Have to Cheat:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 19, 2018

Are you ready? @MarchOnNRA August 4th, 2018. Fairfax, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia

Never mind the Nazis, FBI agents are about to get an earful on "left-wing gangs"

I think the next three months are going to be extraordinarily turbulent.

LOS ANGELES, make sure to come out to our next #RoadToChange stop! 07/19/18

Comrade Trump said Reagan lost WI.

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Climbing the summit

The Russians Who Hacked The DNC Have Targeted At Least Three 2018 Campaigns, Microsoft Says

Well, crap. I know it's about time to have one of my cats put to sleep.

Putin gets 1st refusal rights on all things White House, in return for silence, past debt, or both.

US Intelligence Community confirms that Trump is NOT colluding . .

Seth Abramson: Why all Trump-Russia meetings private and only those meetings?

I am watching MSNBC the Beat with Ari Melber right now and guess who is the guest right now?

Trump is a supervillian and his name is ......THE RECANTER

Never mind the Moscow pee tape - could St. Petersburg be the source of Putin's blackmail material?

EU prepares to hit back if US puts tariffs on car imports

Best friend from forest

After Interview-Whoopie backstage to Pirro: "Fuck you, get the fuck out of this building."


Putin called Trump and told him he was going to visit this fall....

New Trump Treason/Putin Meeting Agenda for the Fall

Does the Pig think having Putin here in the fall is going to win the mid terms for the GOP?

Russia announces new nuclear weapons tests days after Trump-Putin summit

Can we arrest Putin if he comes here?

Oath Keepers break their promise, bail on planned far-right protest at Maxine Waters' office

Luckovich-Japan is meddling in our Harbor

Have you noticed most of the ads on MSNBC and CNN are for medications?

Who is the Republican Sleepwalker on Ari??

How Could Trump Forcibly Give American Citizens To The Russians.

So it appears that trump world people are thanking Russia for interfering in our election. I guess

Israel Passes Controversial Jewish Nation-state Bill After Stormy Debate

Israeli parliament passes bill defining country as the nation-state of the Jewish people

Dan Coats finds out Putin coming to white house - his reaction on live TV

The evil never ends. I think they're trying to do as much damage as they can while they can.

Trump should meet Putin at Mar a Lago or Trump Towers,, not in or at

Young People Are Registering to Vote in Huge Numbers, New Study Finds

Israeli parliament passes bill defining country as the nation-state of the Jewish people

I'm coming up on 5 thousand posts,

Hannity...a special kind of stupid

US Intel Chief Surprised by Trump's Putin Invite

Teen pregnancy, slave wages, and death in Paraguay

Has anyone submitted a tip an ethics non-profit?

Unposted Financial Disclosures for Trump Admin officials/nominees inc Bolton/Kudlow/Scavino

More MAGA fallout..

Adrian Cronauer "Good Morning Vietnam" has passed away at 79

Will Trump invite Putin to address a joint session of Congress?

dotard is a Russian Useful Idiot Steve Schmidt

Sen Kamala Harris says Kirstien Nielsen must Resign.........

Hillary responds to Trump & Russia

I just lost a friend. Everybody thinks they knew him. They are SO wrong.

Would appreciate advice on smartphones.

Trump Would Turn Over Obama & Hillary If He Could. GOPHERS Would Celebrate.

David Corn to Ari Melber: "You like to quote rap songs, I'll go with punk"

Senate GOP attempts to wave Trump off second Putin summit

Interesting change at VOX:

Progressive House Dems start Medicare For All Caucus

Americans can legally download 3-D printed guns starting next month

I witness

Rosenstein warns of growing cyber threat from Russia, other foreign actors

Adrian Joseph Cronauer, DJ Robin Williams played in 'Good Morning Vietnam,' dies

It's Bad

Putin target Bill Browder explains the security measures he has to take to stay alive and...

Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to get fast review

Time for this meme again...

Stole this off the Twitter, thought it was powerful

"Evidentiary developments may have moved the president from being a subject to being a target."

Oath Keepers break their promise, bail on planned far-right protest at Maxine Waters' office

If Putin comes the the White House

Alisson completes Liverpool move in world-record 65m deal from Roma

Trump is one of the biggest political ad spenders on Facebook

John Kerry Shocked Over Trump's Helsinki Remarks: 'I Don't Buy His Walk Back for One Second'

Facebook CEO Congratulated Trump in a Secret Call After the 2016 Election

On Fox right now: "Debate over whether Montenegro should be part of NATO"

Once again the talking heads are blathering about the poll that shows 4 out of 5

When my late, great mom saw something particularly tacky, she'd say, "That's classy

Indiana Brewery Apologies After Naming Brews 'Black Beers Matter' and 'White Guilt'

Cartoons: Trump & Putin

How disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield was embraced by Trump's America

How about Mueller indicting Putin?