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Mr. Twain in bronze

state by state about indiana

What is your favourite beach? I like Hirtles beach near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It is not

This has been the mildest winter I can ever remember. And now it is damned near over.

TCM Schedule for Monday February 20 - 31 Days of Oscar: Austria

Great Glenn Greenwald article about Romney billionaire backer VanderSloot...

Anybody looking at the NAACP Awards?

UC Davis chancellor Katehi survives no-confidence vote

Culture Crusaders, My body is not your battlefield.

Pinal County sheriff scandal exploding right now

"Cultivating a manly musk puts your opponents on notice..."

Rapid Response with WA State Dems for 2012

Thousands of women sign petition opposing 'personhood' bill

Dumb, Nuts, or Mean

The DUzy Awards for February 17th, 2012

Rubio’s plan for contraception and women (OFA goes after possible VP nominee)

So, I'm not a fan of the Super Bowl (kill me now)

Reuters: Poachers Kill 200 Elephants During Six-Week Spree in Cameroon

state by state speak your mind about...kansas

Help me reach my fundraising goal

state by state about kansas

Male birth control pill and the right.

I don't think you guys are fully appreciating this enough...

It's a lot easier to be sick when I have a laptop to keep me occupied

Top GOP Senator Says "If Romney loses Michigan, We Need a New Candidate"

Just got one of those Sodastream thingies

Hey Central Coasters! If you want to see Ann Coulter at Poly,

Hi! I have a uterus, and I'm a temporary co-host!

(Jeopardy) What Republican president removed the phrase "In God we trust" from

which OTC painkiller works best for you?

Have Any Repug Women In Congress (House and Senate) Spoken Out About Women's Rights?.....

I had a great meeting tonight!

Bill Maher Distinguishes Between His Bush Insults And Conservative ‘Disrespect’ Towards Obama

Muslim coalition appeals to Christie

The Other Denied Genocides

Pushing EU values: Education or propaganda?

Israel insists that Japan contribute to sanctions on Iran

Fish hybridise themselves extinct in Alpine lakes

YET Another Police STING: TCU students sold drugs to undercover officers during sting

Slavoj Žižek: From Western Marxism to Western Buddhism

Senate Floor: Democratic Women Fight Back on Contraception Debate

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Friday, February 17)

I just watched our FLOTUS greeting people at the Whitehouse

Planet-Sized Tornado Whirls On Sun's Surface (video)

Democratic Women Fight Back on Contraception Debate

Bachus Starts Account to Pay for Ethics Fight


White Supremacist Joins Black Gang Member To Peddle Meth

Limbless Nick Vujicic's Marriage - A Valentine's Day Gift to the World

WaPo: A world away from China, Geng He seeks justice for her dissident husband

Right Wing Blogger Must Face Sherrod Claim

Does anyone know how Amazon sets up its search engine?

I've got a question, that could be nothing, or could be very important

Israeli Wounded in Terror Attack Returns to Israel

Karan P. Burke June 6, 1950 - Feb. 11, 2012

Incredibly brazen highway shakedowns...

Open Thread for Night Owls: Can home-schooling really promote progressive values?

Two Jews Nearly Lynched in Jerusalem

Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing

DUers I have a question - where can I find the

President Obama Urges Congress to Reward Companies That Keep Jobs in U.S.

Canadian government is 'muzzling its scientists'

Mitt Romney's home turf? It's not Michigan

Rachel Maddow, the Cheney gang. the Christmas day bomber

"... people who do nothing but have sex mindlessly day in and day out..." Lawrence O. crushes Rush

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Feb 18th

Funny Rmoney commercial parody

Radio Astrology: Opening new windows in reality-free predictions.

Gasoline price increase: Why? Does anyone here see shortages?

Thank you for restoring the DU2 format for the Greatest Page

this smells of cover up!

WHERE DOES WISCONSIN VOTE THIS TUESDAY? Not everyone knows, not even state government

GOP's Nightmare Scenario

Juan Cole: "I had grabbed an earlier version of this graphic off Democratic Underground from 2005.."

The .0000063% Election 
How the Politics of the Super Rich Became American Politics

Mild weather may chill maple syrup season

Some Interesting Tax Facts

Just read about coffee ground use in the garden and had some questions...

Neil Warnock appointed Leeds United manager

I'm hoping to spend some real time outside this weekend.

About that mine bill: Gogebic can make a mess and they aren’t accountable for cleaning it up

i'm sick of blatant and veiled sock puppet accusations against me.

The Iron Lady’s Mad Shadow

Up with Chris Hayes - ReTHUG Women pushing

Wisconsin: Michael Best "Operation Rainmaker" tax scam (Walker, Gableman lawfirm)

Drones Set Sights On U.S. Skies

I have an intense fear of heights. The four minute mark is where

Scott Walker, "Indictable Boy" with apologies to Warren Zevon

Santorum excommunicates 45 million Christians

Sean Hannity Insists Foster Friess Was Right on Aspirin Contraceptives!

Obama’s Plan to Save the Military From Cuts—at the Expense of Domestic Programs

Organic, baby foods high in arsenic content

GOP Decision Could Strip Romney of Maine Win

New Santorum ad featuring a Mittens look-a-like

DNA Robot Kills Cancer Cells

iPad improves Kindergartners literacy scores

Growing Heart Cells Just for You

Iran-Syria Relations and The Arab Spring

Citizen science goes 'extreme

Take that Suffolk poll of MA Senate race with 'grain of salt'

I am going to start blogging the (mostly) vegan recipes

Facebook refused to remove rape photos for a month

Rick Santorum, bad lip reading

What's for dinner?

The War on Women

Vatican Must Pay Taxes

If somebody had told you a year ago that Rick Santorum...

Please consider signing petition: Tell Scott Walker to return Frosty Freeze's $100,000.

Peak oil unable to avert energy crunch

I never thought I'd hear the phrase "penis of unknown origin" on NatGeo ....

Microwave Test – an eye opener

What the battle over birth control is really about

States attack ‘Obamacare’ with birth control bills

Together on a homobigot life raft to nowhere: NJ’s Chris Christie and MD’s Sam Arora

Shame on Chris Christie for vetoing marriage equability

4 States Where Right-Wingers Are Promoting Shocking Measures to Keep Women Barefoot and Pregnant

Sisters... a reminder from my youth

A Conservative Explains Why Right-Wingers Have No Compassion

Panel reinforces Ecuador award halt in Chevron case

Billionaire Romney donor uses threats to silence critics By Glenn Greenwald

"I could smell it in your purse before I even parked my car...and now it's gone...

I have a proposition to make here.

TAIBBI: March To War “Any country that squawks when we threaten to bomb it-needs to be wiped out”

Robert Reich: Manufacturing Illusions

Aurora 2012 - video...beautiful!

Vikings reportedly have new stadium deal

"Would you like to sample our vegan bacon? 100% meatless!"

If there was no birthcontrol,the Western world's population would easily be double what it is.

"Nope. Just the crows and the beef."

When did the Republican Party lose its mind?

Watching Melissa Harris Perry...

do the catholic bishops also object to withholding taxes for their employees?

Love the Cranberries---They're back by the way.

So, maybe men who get a viagra prescription should be forced to get a prostate exam...

ED COX, STFU! It's not your show!

Watching Melissa-Harris Perry's new show, and I gotta say --

Mystery Senator Hints at Mass GOP Suicide if Romney Loses Michigan

Naked girl found wandering neighborhood, eating from trash cans

Playboy Interview: Paul Krugman

T-shirt seen in a boutique window on Clark St.

The Economics of Happiness

Fire at BP refinery in Washington state might boost gas prices

Egypt trial on U.S. democracy activists set for February 26

Canadian-owned firms funding US election campaigns

That's A Dog?

Conservatives target specialty plates for gay support groups in Indiana

Texas abortion law sparks anger, resignation

DU fundraising for Omaha Steve matching donation this weekend (link corrected to a site)

Ladies Your Rights Are Gone Already The Writing Is On The Wall

"Aspirin" Friess's pet UNjournalist Tucker Carlson now in a "cheesy" "nothing-burger" war on MMFA

Please help DU this poll!

Wisconsin governor's bid for delay on recall signatures (denied)

Hey DUers, How would Jeb Bush play as a VP nominee?

VIDEO: Sir Paul @ 2012 Grammys, "Abbey Road Medley" w/ Springsteen, Walsh, Grohl

OK, after we recall Walker, can we

Should we Encourage Atheists to get into Foxholes?

Religion an increasing source of strife in Africa

Virginia Bill Would Halt Medicaid Funding For Abortions Of Fetuses That Have ‘No Chance Of Survival

1930 Census Free access 2-16 2-20 dig deep my friends.

Exemption from religious studies class not an option

Powerful TOON- "Democracy"

RIP Whitney Houston - She is being buried today.

I am an experienced baker and want to try the NYT bread recipe, but there is no way my kitchen is 70

Nasty 'Superbug' Emerging? Strikes Otherwise Healthy, Young Patients

I don't know if "Jump The Shark" is the right term, but this "news story" is beyond "over-the-top"

US officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military action likely

US officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military action likely

Weekend TOON Roundup- Santorum(TM) the most effective contraceptive of all

Newt's sugar daddy ponies up another $10M, but says his heart belongs to the Republican nominee

Gingrich demands TV stations drop attack ad

Weekend TOON Roundup- Mitt fading away

ESPN Racist Jeremy Lin Headline: Network Apologizes For Insensitive Headline For Knicks Loss

Pentagon, FAA to open U.S. airspace to combat drones from Iraq/Afghanistan

BREAKING: GOP invites witnesses to testify on new Hen House Safety and Security rules

DNA machine can sequence human genomes in hours

Women outnumber men in America... is this the reason we have become the political?

Wanna See A Natural 'Firefall' In Yosemite ??? (w/Video)

Thom Hartmann: 5 million people - wiped off the voter rolls

Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan UPDATE: Santorum DEMOTES Nicolas Sarkozy from PRESIDENT to PRIME MINSITER.

Thom Hartmann: Federal employee pensions ransacked again

Rove: Obama acting like 'third-world' 'dictator' with contraception rule

TYT: Rush Limbaugh got caught with a bucket of Viagra, but he still thinks birth control is bad

Humorous Screenshot

Friess, 1989: Many problems with economy are because people are not obedient to a higher power

Imagine if Obama v. Hillary had been Republican style

Should NJ Have A Ballot Referendum On Not Allowing Obese People To Serve As Governor?

Better Living Through Permaculture: The Importance of Goal-Setting

Better Living Through Permaculture: The Importance of Goal-Setting

Cookies that keep well

Stupid Whiners

Chinese face deportation for eating rare tortoises (BBC)

Thom Hartmann: Crazy Alert! Would you like fries & a heart attack - with that?


Colleges Looking Beyond the Lecture

ARIZONA: Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Accused Of Threatening To Deport His Boyfriend

Save the Bees!

Save the Bees!

The stimulus bill, three years later

Teacher suspended for discussing racial epithet in class

Characters being cut in "My Posts" listing

Romney is doomed (part 24) Romney delegate (OHIO AG) switches to Santorum.

ESPN Apologizes Over Offensive Headline

Rebublicans actually work for me... and you!

What if the Republican Powers That Be are trying to throw the election?

300,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Willie Nelson calls for"Occupy the Food System" action

Books that you would recommend to people interested in women's rights & feminism

Saw this photo on facebook. kinda strange.

Live updates from the GOP caucuses in Hancock and Washington counties

Arizona Buddhist murders: Retrial planned

I have too much Dungeness crab....

Alarming trends suggest that continued leniency towards unscrupulous ‘game-industry white guys’

LOL !!! - GOP Candidate Says She Wants To Kick Santorum 'In The Jimmy' - The Hill

Why are males and females 50%-50%?

Even GOP Women Come Up With Contraception Strategy for Foster Friess

Obama's 2012 budget looks risky but is right move

Swiss create 'janitor satellite' to clean up space (Guardian)

Absolutely gob smacking case of GOP hypocrisy (Arpiao wanna be has a Mexican undocumented boyfriend)

There's one good reason that Republicans hark back to Ronald Reagan.

Chavez administration´s support Register a Rise in Venezuelan youth

Santorum hits Romney on role in 2002 Olympics

US Activists Support Freedom of Cuban Five

Alabama Supreme Court justice blasts U.S. abortion law (Updated) (

I joke. I joke.

the gop war on women: why candidates on the right are happy to label birth control a wrong

the gop war on women: why the candidates on the right are happy to label birth control a wrong

To My Mother

Cat... baby. Baby... cat. Decisions... decisions... decisions.

Rick Santorum declares that: Mainline Protestant churches are gone from the world of Christianity!

My "O" face ... let me show you it.

The eternal PacMan chase FINALLY explained:

Einstein's lesser-known, but much much much MUCH more important theory:

Sit! Nice doggy! STAY!!! Now, be patient. Would you like some yummy, yummy ba------

Once again... it must come as no surprise to anyone that MiddleFingerMom is a fucking idiot.

Rick Santorum questions Obama's Christian values

President Obama makes a surprise motorcade stop in the rain to greet students in Medina, WA - pics

I had nightmare last night

Facebook holds empty office in Amsterdam

OMG!!!!! BlueToTheBone!!!!!

Why do you think this is ? The U.S. is 2% of the worlds population,

Fact Check: GOP Claim Of 'Record-Low' Obama Budget For Israeli Missile Defense Ignores Reality

Even Adoring Jeremy Lin Fans Engage In Unwitting Racism

Ron Paul Wins Hancock County Caucus

Heads-up! Good link for Whitney Houston

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge.

We must “Re-Fund” public education in Texas

For any intelligence agency fans

Bill Maher got it Right this week. Slams GOP for disrespect of the President.

In Russia, Putin Allies Sharpen Anti-American Attacks Ahead Of Elections

To everyone: How the planets flow

Look Ma, No Brains !!!

News Photo You'll Never See

It's Half Time In America

Turkey Will Not Allow NATO To Share Intelligence With Israel

Since Catholics don't want their insurance to pay for birth control, does that mean that.....

Mortgage Settlement 'Whitewash': US Taxpayers Will Pay for Big Bank Settlement

Saturday, February 18th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Pakistan Vows To Stand with Iran if US, Israel Attack! Royally Screws Up, Uses Headline: 'Chink In The Armor,' Following Knicks Loss

Obama Sends Top Security Aide To Israel As Tension Builds Over Nuclear Iran

Jesus... These GOP Projectors Never Learn...

The End of Church

NH Republican links the pill to prostate cancer.

"The U.S. could have gotten out of the Great Depression any time is was prepared to spend the money"

16 Chicago public schools slated to be closed by Mayor Rahm's service cuts to the poor.

I am going to serve everyone I can today till 5pm Eastern. FOR FREE

Santorum: Protestantism left the world of Christianity

A Gasoline Conspiracy to Set Fire to the Obama Administration?

Virginia Legislature Passes Occupy Vagina Law

Tom Toles: Romney doesn't worry about either of them

Greek cabinet backs extra austerity measures

Feb 18: "Rick Santorum Questions Obama's Christian Values"; DU topic, crossreferenced/linked, here

'The Third Reich' Coming Up On History Channel In 5 Minutes (11:00 am PST/2:00pm EST)

Former governor arrested in north Colombia

Former governor arrested in north Colombia

Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss ACLU Challenge to Warrantless Wiretapping Law!

Nate Silver projects huge turnout in Washington County, Maine.

War on Women: proposed IUD restriction based on misunderstanding of basic biology

How the U.S.-Iran Standoff Looks From Iran: Hossein Mousavian

Iceland upgrade sure makes default look palatable

Happy Presidents' Day, President Obama!

See the Difference?

GOP Closet - within a closet - within a closet

Babeu Stepping Down From Role With Romney Campaign

How Florida’s Privatization Zealots Want to Advance Their Agenda on the Backs of Disabled Kids

Iranian Warships Dock At Syrian Port After Crossing Suez Canal

20th Century fashions, as imagined in the year 1893

Twisted Sister song is in my head today

Babeu (Sheriff Threatened to Deport Undoc’d Ex-Lover) Stepping Down From Role With Romney Campaign

Coal Turns Ugly as Gas Cuts Use to 20-Year Low: Energy Markets

Santorum's Greatest Hits: Sh*t Santorum Says

San Francisco Chronicle: 88 million out of work and not looking for a job

Santorum: Obama wants prenatal testing because he looks down on those with disabilities.

"Fuck that, let them make way for themselves. If they're better than me, they'll beat me."

Corcept Wins U.S. Approval for First Drug to Treat Cushing’s Syndrome

One Simple Chart That Explains Why Conservatives Will Lose The Birth Control Debate

New Hampshire Lawmaker Suggests The Pill Causes Cancer In Men - RawStory

Woman Who Shot Intruder In Home Advocates Conceal-Carry Legislation - Chicago

When questions were being raised about the relationship between his Catholicism and his candicacy,

Has anyone checked into FreakRepublic about this Arizona situation?

What Do YOU Think Mitt Romney Does?

A former Kennedy staffer explains the difference between Kennedy and Brown

Right Wingers Go Wild Against Women Around the Country

Why is the GOP so obsessed with birth control?

Panel Chosen To Discuss VIAGRA Distribution

Had coffee with Congressman Cleaver (MO 5th) this morning

a thought brought on by an earlier thread--WHY isn't big pharma telling these anti-choice cretins

I am not an expert on the Constitution or a lawyer, but...

Former paramilitary leader convicted of plotting Mapiripan massacre .

Aspirin Anyone?

Former paramilitary leader convicted of plotting Mapiripan massacre

MFM's ability to motivate people in the workplace is legendary

Pennies from heaven: How Mormon economics shape the G.O.P

Not many people know MFM had a short lived career as a fashion designer

Egypt trial of foreign NGO activists on Feb 26

I've been watching Fiddler on the Roof for about the fifth or sixth time…

Egypt 'promises fuel' for Gaza power plant

All Pregnancies To Be Reported To And Followed By the Police Under Personhood Laws

Bill Moyers on contraception debate: religious freedom includes freedom from it

It happened again yesterday.

Santorum - Government Interference TOON

My tiny little suggestion...

Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker's corruption scandal brings shame to Wisconsin

Should weight be off limits when discussing politicians?

Wisconsin: Gov. Walker is all smiles in response to terrible Wisconsin budget projection

The immediate problem in the FG is not that Neoma chose the wrong solution

Papantonio: The GOP Meltdown Continues

Buchanan tells Hannity that U.S. having only 10% African Americans made country, culture "strong"

Be the Center of your OWN Medicine Wheel

You Say You Believe in the Bible?

Rising republican Sheriff in AZ Outed by Alleged Immigrant-Ex

Ok we went to cover Saldanas lunch and here is one of the attendees

Remnants, Remembrances, and Legacies of Black History

GOP tries to ban govt paying for repairs to WH plumbing!?!?!?

Lucy Babeu: Paul is not about being gay, he is about using males for sex and tossing them aside.

Chris Matthews sticks up for Pat Buchaanan

Sheriff Babeu To McCain: "Senator, You're One Of Us"

Whitney's casket carried out to her singing of I Will Always Love You.....

Pastor's Daughter Accidentally Shot at Church Dies

Sheriff Arpaio's Arizona Police State

Ugly rash all over my face

EXPOSED: The 19 Public Corporations Funding The Climate Denier Think Tank Heartland Institute

Rapper Too $hort urges sexual violence against middle school girls

"Penis of unknown origin" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include

Michigan's Hutaree militia: Band of gun enthusiasts or a threat to the US?

I believe we face a grave threat from religious extremism

one of my long time clients, a republican, is disgusted with what has been going on with the people

(GOP) Bill proposes massive overhaul to Georgia gun laws (guns everywhere all the time)

Are there any female OWS activists here?

have you ever seen the movie The Theory of Flight....

Ailing US people find refuge from radio waves

Here is what I have to say to Governor Chris Christie and his Veto...

Vatican’s Celebratory Mood Is Dampened by Leaks

Catholic food pantry says no to Planned Parenthood's 50 pound (immoral) food donation

Ex-PM Kan admits Japan was unprepared for nuclear crisis

Darrell Issa, the Not-So-Grand Inquisitor - Mother Jones

Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year

The best way to play football (aka soccer) ever...!

paul babeu

America "Needs" Romney

More public schools dish up 3 meals a day

puking pearls of wingnut wisdom

Help me, please. I don't even know what I'm SUPPOSED to think about this

Ron Paul wins Washington County (Maine), but not by enough

Lieberman Edges US to War with Iran

EMILY's List ad: 'Who should be heard ... on women's health?'

Rising Gas Prices Give G.O.P. Issue to Attack Obama

Fight against health care fraud recovers $4.1B, $7.10 for every $1 of expenditures - USA Today

This nuclear deal is good for Britain and the battle against climate change

Judi Dench losing her sight to macular degeneration.

Polish activists light up in bid to legalize marijuana

Out on a limb

Religion vs birth control debate - we're screwing up the messaging


Test run for Mars detects life beneath Chilean desert

No one lives here anymore

More new homes conserve energy (more states adopting new energy building codes) - USA Today

Guardians of Stonhenge

NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast

Stone Cottage inPortugal

Downton Abby fans.. I got a kick out of this

Al Capone’s cell at the Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Crepe cottage

Heh heh! Petition to investigate Lugar's Residency

Santorum attacks Obama on prenatal screening (he's against it)

Telescope described as 'biggest leap since Galileo' will unravel how planets form - and could solve

Telescope described as 'biggest leap since Galileo' will unravel how planets form - and could solve

Emu escapes from Vt. farm, on the lam for 5 weeks

"I Got This"

The Medical Martini by Vivian Davenport...

This is directed at the families and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts:

On conflicts of interest. It's hard to do two things at once.

Hi and HELP! Any sage advice for my little guy who'd dug half way to China?

What really happened at the last supper...

Pastor, wife accused of killing 'possessed' children

Melissa Harris-Perry explains what unions do for the middle class in two and a half minutes

The best atheist baby recipe EVER!

I'm a bit miffed with Dr. Oz

Don't you ladies worry your pretty little heads about it.

Citizens United Revisited? Buckle Up, Chief Justice Roberts

John McCain says republicans are dumb but they are not stupid. Funny!

Two Term President..

Santorum bashes public schools, says they're stuck in factory era

Is there anyone here who doesn't adore California Peggy?

As climate change increases forest fires, smoke forecasting could help protect public health…

Obama’s ‘Stealth Stimulus’ Renewed

West Wing Week: 2/17/12 or "Go Big!"

"History" Channel - Third Reich, the Fall

President Obama's Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing

Window into world’s future oceans unveiled by NF-UBC Nereus team

So is Foster Friess

Ocean acidification turns climate change winners into losers: UBC Research

Can someone explain this to me? Is it racist?

Power at the Ports: Truckers Force Showdowns in Seattle, Los Angeles

Arizona Sheriff Rocked By Accusations Of Alleged Immigrant Ex-Boyfriend

So far, Icky Ricky SansScrotum is against the following:

This was always my favorite performance by Whitney

Peat fires could accelerate climate change

Westboro "protests" at Houston funeral by posting doctored photo to Twitter

Iconic marine mammals are “swimming in sick seas” of terrestrial pathogens: UBC researchers

American Poverty: Struggling to Stay Afloat

The "No Shit, Sherlock!" headline award for the day goes to ...

Rev. Al tweets about Bobby Brown's hasty retreat from the Whitney Houston funeral

Sandia National Laboratories researchers find energy storage “solutions” in MetILs

(Climate) Models underestimate future temperature variability; food security at risk

Recommendation for an outer shell

Rick, I have a theory.

A petition for a no vote on a SC House Bill

Blast at Pakistan town 'kills 26'

Ariz sheriff says he's gay after misconduct claims

Man-made photosynthesis to revolutionise food and energy production

Ken Robinson lays out why the current school system is not working.

Birth control debate is really about women’s rights

You know you're a drunkard when...

'Rapper Too Short, in XXL column, gives boys advice to 'turn girls out'

Report: Federal funding, not Mitt Romney, saved the 2002 Olympics.

Kerry op-ed on education

Senators Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman, CN,

Can Tesla Survive?

Danziger Toon on Issa

The "get me of here" link is too close to the "yes I will serve" link on mobile devices

Fedora 14

NASA Map Sees Earth's Trees in a New Light

Keiser Report: Rich guys totally observe you (E251)

I think i found a bug. I hope it's not a feature

Staghorn Coral Transplanted by Nova Southeastern University Researchers to Broward County Reef

MA-SEN: Scott Brown's own pollster disputes Suffolk University poll.

Digital tools 'to save languages'

Yes we can!

Hah! (found on facebook)

Manolis Glezos - 'overturn a rotten system'.

Doesn't Virginia's abortion law violate the new Federal definition of rape?

How Not to be Defensive When Accused of Transphobia (A Guide For Cis People)

Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year

hate radio's John and Ken suspended for calling Whitney Houston a "Crack Ho"

Santorum: Mainline Protestant Churches Are in the Grip of Satan

Mitt Romney Didn't Know This Was Against The Law, Either, We Suppose . . .

Luckovich TOON - "Graphs"

How does someone become a jockey?

PPP polling preview: Romney closing in Michigan

U.S. to cut funds for water testing at beaches

Why Obama's the Least Socialistic President in Modern History (And That's a Shame)

Theocracy Comes to Virginia

Man, bed bugs REALLY suck

How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the Government

Santorum believes that Obama believes in 'phony theology'

The average American uses less energy than in 1973

Santorum says the Mainline Protestantism

Drones Set Sights on U.S. Skies

What did you have for dinner tonight DU? We had roast beef sandwiches on a ciabatta, with old

Syria: High view of tanks; close-up of snipers

Rapper Too $hort urges sexual violence against middle school girls

Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth

Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People

2 Justices suggest "Citizens United" ruling should be reconsidered in Montana Case

Climate Change Killing Yellow Cedar Trees In Alaska

Santorum does better among Evangelical protestants than with Catholics,

…Chemical Engineers Discover ‘Mini-Cellulose’ Molecule That May be Key to Maximizing Biofuel Produc…

Former nuclear worker, heart attack victim sues gov't over workers comp claim

What's wrong with religion is that it has always enabled people like...

I need a reading ASAP and I'm willing to pay for it :)

Toon- clamping down on rights

Obama up by 14 over Romney in Massachusetts...

Perry's Texas is lagging on health exchanges

On Bill Maher last night, Eliot Spitzer said that the GOP was splintered into three parties:

Climate change and the food supply: it’s not going to get any easier

Sexy tongue incident at Pizza Hut

religious truth

Has anybody read "Raylan" by Elmore Leonard? It is the book the series "Justified" is

Disturbing, ABC News Practicing For War on Iran (Just Like CBS in 1998 In Regards To Iraq)

Let's go dredge some gold from the Bering Sea, who's with me?

Once upon a time . . .

Republican Insiders begin to prepare for post MI primary meltdown

If you can spare it, take some time out

History of Iran & USA in 10 min, Every American must watch this!!

"I Am A Woman"

More photos of my Chihuahua

Climate Science Book Club: Can Knowledge Cure Denialism?

So what's wrong with Protectionism anyway?

After week dominated by women's health issues, Sunday show guests are 100% MALE

Bill Maher's Santorum Quote of the Week.

The Global Square: Call for Coders..

If someone is on your ignore list and they respond to you, do they show up in "my posts"

What are you reading the week of February 19, 2012?

Gov. Christie is endorsing a friend for U.S. Senate in NJ...

How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans

Wasilla High Covers Art Because it Looks Like Girl Parts

Latest in DNA analysis gains wider acceptance!

Just heard "Imagine" by John Lennon, wow. I have never felt we were further away from his dream

Puggles teach baby to chew.

Santorum supports assassinating scientists

I think Faux News has been going after Whitney this last week for the same reason


Free Access to Canadian Vital Records Until Feb. 20th

I discovered something about cats. My cat likes to head butt me when she is affectionate.

Santorum - Colleges Kill Religion, Indoctrinate Students

Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing

Woman finds 'euthanized' dog alive with new owner

If you aren't white, it's your fault Pat Buchanan was fired

Business is back in big way for MN boat company

It's that time of month again...

Anyone for video of reptiles scaling vertical surfaces?

Thank you, Juror #1

OK, so Sharia law is out, but enforcing Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical law is OK?

So, on this post...

PPP Tweets: More bad news for Romney; Behind in WA and MI (still) No lead in AZ.

Interesting. Office of the POTUS should attract the very best - like Obama. But on the other side,

3 glasses of wine tonight! Feeling good!!

For the first time, I, as a host, was alerted on a thread here.

John Cleese as Robin Hood in Time Bandits. Because, that's why.

Nanoparticles in food, vitamins could harm human health

Duct-taped naked woman was only role playing, cops say

Sunday Talk Shows

Sending Love Letters

I want a full size 9mm with manual safety and decocker. Any Recs?

Ladies, if you please.

How frequently are folks being asked to serve on a jury?

Santorum would be a courageous and brilliant GE opponent, we should fear him.

Explain the key flaws

State by state speak your mind about...KANSAS

Kat Williams: The Pimp Chronicles part 1 is on Comedy Central

alright juror #4

Ex-employee sues Kenilworth operator [charter]

Pinal County Sheriff, one of Romney campaign chairs, resigns

What are you drinking/muching on right now. Me, coffee and Ranch Crispers. Baked.

Time To Go Politically Nuclear On The GOP

Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell -- Your table is ready...

Democrat Carol Blood Check Saves Bellevue, Ne $20,000 Scam(story and video)

Potato salad recipe (everyone's got one). This came out good -

The Sheriff that may have threaten his immigrant lover with deportation... Had resign as Romney's


Obama trails three of four Republican candidates in latest Iowa Poll

What is the scariest ride you have ever been on. I've been white water canoeing but

'Finished' Court IT Project to Cost State 100s of Millions for Years

Anyone ever play this?

Three very diffeerent photos, this afternoon in Encinitas

Court rules U.S. airlines must comply with Emissions Trading Scheme

If having Store cards doesn't seem like a big deal to you read this.

What is the next thing you are going to watch on dvd? I have year two of Cougar Town. I loved year

What are you watching on Netflix?

What is the song you can sing the best? "Dreams" by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 19 -- 31 DAYS OF OSCAR: FRANCE, DAY TWO

Someone was asking about guilty pleasures, TV shows. Mine is Angry Boys

AJE: Gaddafi's servant recounts final days (video & article)

Your NATO/G8 primer Interesting article about logistics and the protests

4 stats that show Apple alone could take out the US stock market gains to a large degree

Rick Santorum must read this group...

GOP Deceptions About Gas Prices

INFLATION: How Prices Have Boomed Since The Year 2000

Because it is this day and getting towards CLUB time. My friend..Little Richard!!!

Palestinian Villages May Soon Go Dark: Israeli Government To Remove Solar Panels And Wind Turbines

Ohio state House speaker jokes that Obama should be sent to jail

Photo of Panel in charge of Viagra distribution. Most wanted to hand out Aspirin.

Leaders of the Fuel Cell Pack

...I'm just sayin'...

Next Tuesday is election day here in Sheboygan

How Not to be Defensive When Accused of Transphobia (A Guide For Cis People)

question about group policy here