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I am Thankful I got to talk to my Baby Girl yesterday

Cory Booker: The Second Coming of Obama - Only Worse

Let's start a petition to support SS legislation

After dinner conversation : "They're coming after your IRA."

New Smell Discovered

UPDATE: *THREE* Progressive radio stations stifled - Rush flushers are crippling the radio industry

What type of critter have you found in restaurant food? I was

Are the GD hosts playing games or something?

New horizons of election fraud will be realized in 2014 if smartphone & internet voting moves fwd

Bill O'Reilly's Nightmare (toon)

Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: PS Vita Assassin's Creed III Liberation Bundle $179.99

High-skill green cards get lame-duck push in Congress

Dressing/stuffing delayed.

I'm worried the hostess workers will somehow be convinced to buy the company.

Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill: MPs drop death penalty

Which activity seems, to you, safer and more worthwhile?

I must be a shitty Democrat.

Kansas City area people - Google Fiber rolling out.

So,...I'm fucked up,..and watching a Bill Hicks' documentary and recall a long forgotten acid trip.

"Off the Rails: How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Plutocrats"

The brain-wasting disease called consumerism ......

Jackass Quote of the Day

Post here if you hate K & R threads about K & R threads.

Ah, the 4 day weekend. Perfect.

GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss: 'I Care A Lot More About' America Than About Grover Norquist


Sneering, one-sided report from AP about the Walmart strike today . . .

Ah Yes ...Let's Allow OTHERS to Define Us ...the Language of Who Is Oppressing Whom

Michael Dunford of Renaissance Passes Away

"I need to lose a fucking turkey."

I plan on doing nothing this long weekend, needed a long weekend.

Dealing with Hamas’s human shield tactics

Mother of Hector "Macho" Camacho says the former champion boxer will be taken off life support Sat

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new kitty gif

World AIDS Day Is Almost Here

Is this the first?

Any Black Friday horror stories?


WGA Lectin

New Subscriber to the LBGT Civil Rights and Activism Group?

Full of B.S. in Arizona

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping -Black Friday 08

Pissing off a frog

20,000 police (in Bangkok), troops go on alert

Mixed pukka ginger and celestial seasonings mandarin orange spice tea. Yummy.

The parrot and the dishwasher repairman..

New Anthem

Thank ZEUS I'm home in the Lounge!1 n/t I hate holidays !1 n/t

Anyone else watching a PBS Frontline special on Poor Kids?

Takeaway lessons for a happy life.

Ed Blakely (disasterous Katrina planner) picked for New York disaster recovery committee

Straight Men Respond

War photos -Do we really want to go there?

"I don't mind that you are rich; I mind that you are buying my government"

I Got one correct..rare indeed..I posted this on December 18, 2011

(bangs head on desk) Obama is a hypocrite because of 6 pies...not the onion

Turkey (or chicken) and fruit salad.

Does this sound like an opportunist or what - New Shirtless "Elmo" Accuser Files Lawsuit

"Archconservatives: anger, denial but no acceptance of Obama's victory"

Ewe lookin' at me??

So,...why is it when I'm loaded I get all nostalgic?

Soooo.... the kids have decided that dinner Christmas Eve will be pies -

UN assessment confirms world is standing on the brink of climate catastrophe

Never Forget How Far We Have Come

Polar Bears get Chilly B-Day Surprise

(Video) Naomi Klein and Bill Moyers: Disaster Capitalism in Reverse

The most important question....

Update on Dem Candidates for PA Governor for 2014

Tree Lighting Ceremony!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, November 24 -- The Essentials: William Wyler

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 25 -- Tonight on TCM: Sinbads

Egypt unrest: Anti-Mursi protests intensify

Help 'DU' this petition!! STOP the Ugandan gay death penalty law!

Is anyone else reminded of how movies portray hacking with that Anonymous "statement"?

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY

Actor Larry Hagman, notorious and beloved as 'Dallas' villain J.R. Ewing, dies

I found some amazing footage of Black Friday shoppers...

Important global climate change summit next week starting Nov. 26!!!

I don't have a problem with "feel good" "K&R" threads, but

If your local Pride Center posted this picture on FaceBook would you be offended?

What I am thankful for: my grandma's legacy, and a day in April 2008

Environmental damage left unchecked would be ‘suicide on a grand scale’, Prince Charles warns

Mankind must go green or die, says Prince Charles

Christmas Movies......bring 'em on....

This is what a natural gas explosion looks like

Can I tell who is ignoring me? n/t

Generic Lipitor, atorvastatin calcium, recalled over tiny glass particles

Tex Shelters from a bunker getting all paranoid Republican

Kick and Recommend if you're confused about the point of this thread!

Andrew Gelman on How Americans Vote

'Dallas' actor Larry Hagman, famous for playing J.R. Ewing, died Friday at age 81

"America and civilized people everywhere owe you a debt of thanks."

Exercise before school improves concentration: study

I/P isn't really the issue here, it's graphic photos and/or forbidden sites

The checkout girl in the grocery store

reincarnation show on biography

Several Top Economists Privately Told Obama That He Screwed Up The Recovery In One Major Way

Greatest hits of 2008: Black Friday Walmart Stampede Kills Store Worker

anybody know About Wall Mart Here in New Mexico?

Love what you've done with the place. But I don't care for rustic furniture

A Glimpse Of The Apocalypse: Walmart Customers Fight Over Phones On Black Friday (VIDEO)

The temperature depends on how much carbon we burn, not how fast

Naiveté of Tavis Smiley & Cornel West’s Attacks On Obama A Danger To Poor & Blacks

Apollo 18.

Chevrolet Volt Owners Caught in Political Crossfire

We subsidize Wal Mart

The Rollicking Life Of Larry Hagman

MBTA Get's new cars - Boston Globe

What about the mandate?

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, November 23)

Robert E. Lee’s birthday extends state holiday weekend?

Meet the Man Who Has Been Battling Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years

Kim Dotcom:"We've hit the jackpot!" (Indication of a FBI double-cross uncovered in cort docs)

Hey JonLP. Which Arizona team are you a fan of?

Hydro Quebec saves us! :)

Nike disses The Dude

Crayola partners with Pennsylvania utilities on 15-acre solar farm

Is this Larry Hagman's final TV interview?

Pathetic - Walmart Record Black Friday Sales Despite Strike

Road trip!

One BIG thing most people forget....


Some years ago I posted a photo of my new Mastiff grand dog, Argos

More road trip...

So i'm moving to Texas

Gospel According to Mark, Chapter 17 (Joke)

Is there an Un-Christmas Carol?

2012 Murders are Up in Oakland

Reappraising Obama

Help, please! I want to ditch cable TV and go with antenna and a subscription like...

Judge owned stock in firms he ruled on

½ Of Germany's Renewable Power Owned By Individual Citizens

Solar power is taking over

Elizabeth Kucinich Tweets about DK's future.

My grandmother died this morning.

Juan Cole: Top Ten Steps That Are Necessary for Lasting Gaza-Israel Peace

Did You Know? The Future Is Better Than You Think!

It's possible for Christie to win the nomination

Jeb Bush In 2016?

...and the Third highest Civilian Honor is You're Fired.

Health Insurance Exchanges May Be Too Small to Succeed

What's your opinion of teachers who cross the picket line?

Incidents Raise Suspicions on Motive: Killing of Journalists by US Forces a Growing Problem

One of my favorites from this President

Anti-Semitism gets a pass...again!

Pilger ~ As Gaza Is Savaged Again, Understanding The BBC’s Role Requires More Than Sentiment

Date set for Arafat exhumation over poisoning claim

The Tip Of The Toe Of This Particular

US says no conference on nuke-free Mideast for now

HopeHoops and his wife:

Maxi Priest - Wild World

If I were a Carpenter (John Holt)

This year I saw Americans lining up to vote the way they line up to shop

the Progressive Pro-Democracy Movement Is Savvy and Gearing Up to Take on Citizens United

Why Karl Rove's New Plan to Save the Republican Party Will Fail

black friday creeps into thanksgiving permanently?

Wal-Mart Union Protests Fail to Deter Bargain-Seekers

National Guard soldiers and airmen face unemployment crisis

King David

Both Benghazi And The Petraeus Scandal Suggest US Media Is Way Too Cozy With The State

The BEST Wal-Mart Black Friday strike/protest in the country: Paramount, CA (*PIC HEAVY*)

First U.K. pilots begin training to fly F-35

Larry Hagman RIP

The BEST Wal-Mart Black Friday strike/protest in the country: Paramount, CA (*PIC HEAVY*)

The BEST Wal-Mart Black Friday strike/protest in the country: Paramount, CA (*PIC HEAVY*)

Museum preserves Chinese-language computing breakthrough

Harper government seeking alternatives to troubled F-35 fighter jet: sources

'Black Friday' Strikes Mark Start of Walmart Workers Fight

With Biggest Strike Against Biggest Employer, Walmart Workers Make History Again

Larry Hagman -- What Were Your Favorite "I Dream Of Jeannie" Episodes?

Occupy Shows Solidarity With Walmart Employees

Hoosiers for Huskers

Air Forces React To JSF Delays

Josh Eidelson: Walmart Is a Pioneer in Union-Busting

H.R. 6328: Clothe a Homeless Hero Act

An Antipoverty Thanksgiving

Body armor used by special ops troops recalled

Timothy Egan: Give Pot a Chance

Good article on Obama being bi-racial:

Another Lost War: Defeated in Afghanistan

the great zumba case

Project Wild Thing: how can we get kids to love nature more than TV?{video at link}

Going HAPPILY and PROUDLY to Wal-Mart on Black Friday...

The Endangered Repairman

rare hardwood sparks gunfights, corruption in asia

Procedures aren't the GOP's problem

A riddle for you. "When is a Liberal Democrat not a Liberal Democrat"?

I used to watch I Dream of Jeannie with my Mom of blessed memory...

Farms are small businesses!

How's everyone doing with the holiday food orgies?

Grover Norquist warns Dems, GOP: The anti-tax pledge will hold

Meanwhile in Arkansas

Does anyone know

It Gets Better - November 23, 2012 -Stephen Colbert

Lounge Daily Inspirational Message

Black Friday

Nice discussion on Lincoln and Obama on

Wal-Mart gets through black Friday

Who's Really to Blame for the Wal-Mart Strikes? The American Consumer

Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa

The most fantastic music I have ever heard - this runs awhile,

Right Wing Whackjob: Only Eyewitness Testimony Can Determine the Age of the Earth

Went to see It's A Wonderful Life yesterday. It may be more relevant today than when it was made

Scott already filling reelection war chest, as potential rivals fire warning shots

why must we buy? black friday's powerful pull

Why Pentagon won't say how it would cut $55 billion starting Jan. 1

So today I take a big step towards carbon neutral

Karl Rove Can't Handle The Truth, What Went Wrong With Mitt Romney?

Boxer 'Macho' Camacho dies in Puerto Rico

Name a product you weren't sure would work when you bought it, now can't live without.

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 24, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on November 24, 1970

Group pushes to take the pill OTC

Just for fun ....... Freeper English ..... feel free to make any needed corrections.

Activists hope storm-struck US will deliver at Doha climate talks

Is Gallup’s place atop poll world slipping?

NY Times Actually Published an OPED *Critical* of ED Reform Yesterday

They're Doing Us Wrong

Costco vs. Walmart - Lessons from investing in employees

Hector 'Macho' Camacho, Ex-Boxing Champ, Dies At 50 After Being Taken Off Life Support

Today's Reality News

'anonymous' poem winging across the Internet

Kan. honor flights halted after money goes missing

An additional Host has been added to the Economy Group.

Should "Ask the Admins" be brought back?

Do men and women experience flu differently?

Protests greet shoppers at Wal-Marts nationwide

Hello Everyone

Neuroscience: Under Attack

RIP Hector "Macho" Camacho

Death of Traditional America (Toon)

The "takers" outnumber the "producers" now

H.R. 6118: Taking Essential Steps for Testing Act of 2012

Promises on Gun Control

Catholic Charity, Casa Maria Free Kitchen, Turns Down Walmart Gift, Calling it "Blood Money"

U.S. officials tell state(Pa.)to use same standards to grade charter schools

H.R. 3012: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2011

A smart t-shirt

Just in case it gets lost in the crossfire about those Rotherham UKIP folk ...

Salvation Army Official: Gays Deserve Death

RIP Larry Hagman, 'Dallas' Star, Dead at 81

LOL! Remember when Mitt Romney ran for President?

A little more sanity from Colorado.

The Last Time We Tried This We Ended Up Selling Them For Scrap

If These Two Brilliant Investors Are Right About Future Growth, The World Is Screwed

Social Media as Lynch Mob

RIP Larry Hagman...a true television icon...

Another fox news take on food stamps: make burritos, french toast (a treat)

TCM Schedule for Monday November 26 - TCM Spolight: Great Adaptations


Launching Planes from Catapults - Airbus's EcoClimb Project

Saxby Chambliss Is Breaking With Grover Norquist To Make It Easier To Cut Social Security

North Carolina town split over sheriff's treatment of Latinos

Thom Hartmann: I'm Jumping off the Cliff!

Thom Hartmann: Behind closed doors - What Wal-Mart is really saying about strikers

Thom Hartmann: Agenda 21 & the Republican Fear Machine

Church program bans Muslim call for prayer

The war *against* the war on Limbaugh

Don't waste your time and money on Black Friday and Holiday shopping

The headline alone gives me chills

Time for some rain on Grover Norquist's parade--It's Time for A Public Forum

"Peace on Earth, good will to men" my ass.

Ben Stein Has Done The Math. Breaks The Rule Of Telling The Truth On Fox News

Ezra Klein: Why rich guys want to raise the retirement age

I know I am drinking early for the game but did I just see what I saw?

Call volume shuts down FBI’s firearm background checks, stops Maine sales on Black Friday

LIVE NOW! Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies–Let’s Go Over The Cliff?

Gun-related violent crimes drop as gun sales soar in Va.

Sacramento bans outdoor cultivation of medicinal marijuana


Dakota 38

This Small Business Saturday, I'm gonna *ink* a great deal at Tressel's Tattoo & Pawn Shop!

World's biggest crybaby.....

Today's College Football Thread (11/24)

POWERFUL! This 52 Second Clip Will Produce A Lump In Your Throat

Black Friday Meditation Flash Mob in Toronto (video)

Mexican president calls ending drug trade impossible, a matter of Supply and Demand

I have decided what I want to die of.

"threads from all forums and groups with five or more recommendations (last 24 hours)"

We need to work to make sure those that serve us have the basics --at a minimum

Can we really pick our moment to die? We're 14% more likely to die on our birthday!

For profit Charter Schools should sound just as disgusting as for profit health Insurance Co.s do!..

Who is this group: "National Senior's Council"?

The US Revolt Against the Revolting: Election 2012! Absurdity Today, November 12, 2012

NYT: Code Found on Pigeon Baffles British Cryptographers

So, a society gets productive enough that not everyone is needed...

Chaos reigns in Syria

Here is picture of a young Larry Hagman from "Fail-Safe (1964).

Never go to an Irish Pub for brunch...

NBC News Vetoed Chelsea Clinton Marriage Equality Ads

Democracy at Work

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Nov 24th

Israel has moved to the right, but it is not an apartheid state

Social Security and income tax increases coming in 2013

Toon: Life of O

I Keep Waking Up in the Morning Thinking the Election Hasn't Happened Yet

Wasn't Hostess Just a Big Nasty Overpriced Sweets Pimp That Screwed Its Workers?

South Carolina 2014 Election hacked-What do you think?

Kick and Recommend if you think the purpose of this thread is attention-whoring

President Obama and Shop Local Saturday

I don't know that we have the culture for effective labor organization

Now don't get me wrong, but this is why people hate law enforcement:

Tom Waits -- "Tootie ma is a big fine thing"

UK, U.N. hope Mideast nuclear talks take place next year

Robert Greenwald on his experiences while filming victims of U.S. drones in Pakistan...

I just want to do my part...

The UAW negotiated the beginning of a 4-day, 8-hours per day workweek in 1979

When Ego Drives Politics Can There Be Any Hope?

House bill directs TSA to give unclaimed clothes to homeless vets


I've eaten so much that I am about to explode

Forward this: The President's plan to keep your taxes low and reduce the deficit

New corruption scandal rocks Brazilian government

American Madness - Character

AFP - SARS-Like Coronavirus Confirmed In Persian Gulf - Six Cases Confirmed So Far

UK - Aggressive New Stance From Cameron On Climate - 4 Years Delay In Deciding On Targets

Obama shops local on small business Saturday

Yay, Austerity! Greece Facing Return Of Malaria In Absence Of $ For Spraying, Epidemiology

Changes in a Christmas Flight Itinerary.

LSD: The Trigger of Drugs Larry Hagman's near-death experience

Something to remember this holiday season...

To sustain the momentum of Obama's re-election, we need to keep young Americans civically engaged

Some humor to end Black Friday...

One of the last decent Republicans...

extraordinary joy: virtual choirs

Thanksgiving Cleanup

My favorite kind of Thanksgiving leftovers:

By My Own Definition

Tony Kushner on UP with Chris Hayes today!

Why I'm really really thankful this season!!

Floods in Britain and more rain on the way

You just lost the presidential election. What are you going to do next?

I hope legal pot in 2 states dispels the myth that pot smokers are lazy and unmotivated!

Petraeus aims to be Secretary of State and win a Nobel Peace Prize

Just seen on Facebook: A new 'toon on secession:

Abandoned toddler found in K-Mart parking lot after Black Friday sale

UN Climate Chief Calls Out U.S. For Climate Inaction: Hurricane Sandy Is ‘Yet Another Wake-up Call’

What's Next For Marijuana Laws? (CBS News)

Sleazy died two years ago on my birthday

Fox News guest: ‘We do want to destroy the imaginations of our children’.. Anthony Esolen was Great!

Cute: Tis the Season To Get Trampled...

Israel and Palestine's leaders – and cheerleaders – have failed them

Extreme Fox News Bias: Walmart Interview

Germany's economic strengths make it like the U.S. of yesteryear

Occupy Lives, and Changes Lives

Getting a little dusty in here

Occupy Sandy Serves 10,000 Thanksgiving Meals

Avatar challenges...

Bill Press is keeping it ‘Current’

Have you started your (non Black Friday) holiday shopping yet? I have.

Turkey expects NATO Patriot missile decision within week

Women and Violence

Whatever happened to that Obama talking point about "turn off the TV set, put away the video games?"

Don't swift boat McCain, he is doing fine on his own

Fire breaks out at State Dept., 3 seriously hurt

Can’t find a job? Move overseas.

What are you reading the week of November 25, 2012?

Reason Rice will be SoS: #4: Because McCain is being a jackass—and Obama is sick of it.

The Faustian Bargain between States and Banks

My Thanksgiving – A Turkey Sandwich at WalMart

These are fish, btw

WARNING!!! ***DO NOT POST*** "The Little Drummer Boy" on this website at Christmas time!

It's a sad, sad day in Columbus today!

The only way to deal with republicans.

"I'm not a scientist, man."---Well Marco maybe you should

UPDATE!!! Good news!!! - Johnny Shelton's cats need homes.

State Department HQ in D.C. catches on fire

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein Says Americans Should Work Longer and Receive Fewer Benefits

Oregon's Woodstock (1970). Or, where have all the good Republicans gone?

My Small Business Saturday Shopping

Florida wants to raise property taxes to pay for more charter schools, yet public schools lack funds

Topless marriage equality supporters fight with right-wing bigots -- Ooohlala Paris

HopeHoops fired from his McDonald's gig.......

A response to sore-loser trolls in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette