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Sat Nov 24, 2012, 01:47 PM

Time for some rain on Grover Norquist's parade--It's Time for A Public Forum


To disrupt the process of government without being an elected official is treason at best. One man is going to remove the concept of reasonable debate from our government. This is because he decides what is right or wrong. Would he like to bear the brunt of that type of thought in a public forum deciding whether or not his marriage to a Muslim is appropriate. For me to even make mention of this is anathema, but maybe an open discussion like this would be a healing for all. Let Dick Cheney join the discussion on gay and lesbian marriage. Newt Gingrich would be helpful if he joined in too with his sister. This could be a great public forum to be aired in between the elections. Mitt Romney could talk about his father living in Mexico and receiving welfare when he first emigrated to Texas. Marco Rubio could give a dissertation on "birtherism". Michele Bachman could lead a discussion on the age of the earth. Her husband could join in the Dick Cheney forum to help pray away the gay for those who felt the need. A participant could be Billy Graham on a discussion of what now constitutes a cult following the removal of the Mormon Church from his cult list. The NRA could talk about Mitt Romney's votes against their interests. Oh my goodness ----where do put Limbaugh in all of this-----maybe he could be the neutral moderator instead of one of those shills from NPR. (joke) I can not think of anyone to lead the abortion or rape discussion. Maybe some of you could help.

Yep----it's time ----it could start on saturday night live------a weekly forum section ---

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