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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
Number of posts: 39,238

Journal Archives

TOON: ICE Agent's Rookie Mistake

More at DailyKos.

TOON: This Modern World: Goofball & Galahad candidates

Original & more at DailyKos.

TOON: Trump's abortion bill

You're welcome.


GOP so scared of Ocasio-Cortez they fake an interview with her

I do not like the term "fake news" because it was abused the second it was born, but this definitely qualifies.


Malcolm X on one of our on-going debates here:

Gallup: problems with Russia not mentioned by significant number as important

Trump is a dangerous, incompetent, immoral pustule of a person, who should never have become president, and seeking foreign help to win the election is definitely worth removing him from office among his many, many moral and legal offenses.

But Democrats need more on the table in 2018 than just the Trump/Russia, because that's not on most people's radar.


PALAST on NY Times finally covering cross-check voter purges


I'm glad they are covering it, but this article leaves out WHO is doing (mostly Republicans) and who they are purging (mostly minorities who vote for Democrats).

PIC: How do we pay for Medicare for All?

It is one thing for Republicans to ask that questions, but Democrats know better.

Medicare has far lower overhead because there are no profits skimmed, exorbitant exec salaries, advertising, or legion of customer "service" operators to deny claims.

Medicare's disadvantage is that it cannot make campaign donations, or offer lobbying or exec jobs to politicians who support it when they are voted out of office, a serious bipartisan disadvantage for any well-run government program.

Trump's next supreme court pick...

If he were still alive.

Trump's immigration & voter suppression could be related

Republicans know they are dying demographically, so to postpone the inevitable, they are trying to keep non-whites from voting.

They can't stop immigrants who are already here and legally in the pipeline for citizenship from eventually becoming citizens and voting, but they can make the country a lot less attractive for legal and illegal immigrants.

One side effect of the child separation policy is illegal immigrants being less likely to bring their kids with them, but since families still need the money & businesses LOVE exploitable cheap labor, dad and/or mom will still come but more likely for limited stays instead of setting down roots.

I don't think it will work long term because minorities are too large a percentage of our population unlike Jews in Germany who were less than 1%.

But to fight back, we need candidates motivated more by principle than the big payday at the end of their time in elected office.
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