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Chiefs QB: Why is Trump condemning football players more harshly than white supremacists?

(The Hill) Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith questioned why President Trump was condemning NFL players more strongly than he did white supremacists last month.

Smith called Trump’s criticism of NFL players who kneel during the anthem “alarming” because he was “targeting the NFL, targeting the quality and character of guys in this league for that very protest," according to the Kansas City Star.

“It’s the same guy who couldn’t condemn violent neo-Nazis. And he’s condemning guys taking a knee during the anthem,” Smith said.

“There are bigger issues out there that he probably should be worried about. But for some reason the NFL is on his mind.”


Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook

(WaPo) Nine days after Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg dismissed as “crazy” the idea that fake news on his company’s social network played a key role in the U.S. election, President Barack Obama pulled the youthful tech billionaire aside and delivered what he hoped would be a wake-up call.

For months leading up to the vote, Obama and his top aides quietly agonized over how to respond to Russia’s brazen intervention on behalf of the Donald Trump campaign without making matters worse. Weeks after Trump’s surprise victory, some of Obama’s aides looked back with regret and wished they had done more.


Kushner used private email to conduct White House business

(Politico) Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponded with other administration officials about White House matters through a private email account set up during the transition last December, part of a larger pattern of Trump administration aides using personal email accounts for government business.

Kushner uses his private account alongside his official White House email account, sometimes trading emails with senior White House officials, outside advisers and others about media coverage, event planning and other subjects, according to four people familiar with the correspondence. POLITICO has seen and verified about two dozen emails.


Fox Sports anchor blasts Trump for attacking NFL players

(The Hill) Fox Sports host Terry Bradshaw blasted President Trump on Sunday after Trump declared that NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem should be fired or suspended.

“If our country stands for anything, folks, it’s freedom. People died for that freedom. I’m not sure if our president understands those rights. That every American has the right to speak out also to protest," the longtime Fox commentator said.

"The president of the United States came out attacking NFL players for them exercising their freedom of speech. While I don’t condone the protesting our national anthem, this is America," he added.


Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers post messages of 'unity' as unprecedented NFL Sunday dawns

(Sporting News) Tom Brady's relationship with and feelings about Donald Trump have been a source of speculation since before the 2016 presidential election.

With Trump at the forefront of the conversation around the NFL on Sunday after his criticism of the league's players the previous two days, Brady weighed in via Instagram by expressing fellowship with his fellow players.




Jaguars owner joins players during anthem protest in first game since Trumps NFL remarks

(WaPo) Less than three hours after President Trump called on NFL owners to suspend or fire players who protest during the national anthem, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars — the first teams to play on Sunday — linked arms or took a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the teams 9:30 a.m. EDT kickoff in London’s Wembley Stadium.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh joined his players, linking arms, and Ravens Hall of Famer Ray Lewis took a knee. Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, who had contributed $1 million to the Trump inauguration, locked arms with his players in what is believed to be the first visible participation in relation to anthem protests by a league owner.


Chuck Grassley's Quote on Repealing Obamacare is Incredibly Telling

(NBC2) "You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered," the Iowa Republican said. "But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That's pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill."

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Collins to vote 'no' on Graham-Cassidy bill, likely killing latest Obamacare repeal

48 sec ago - Sen. Susan Collins announced Monday afternoon that she will oppose the GOP's latest plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, bringing the total number of public "no" votes to three and likely killing the last-ditch effort to repeal Obamaca ... (CNN)

White House: Absurd To Say We're At War With North Korea

3 min ago - By NICOLE LAFOND Published SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 3:01 PM The White House on Monday firmly pushed back on reports that North Koreas top diplomat thinks that President Donald Trump declared war with his tweet about Kim Jong Un this weekend. Not at al ... (Talking Points Memo)

Cassidy: If We Can't Win Over Susan Collins, My Repeal Bill Is Dead

6 min ago - By NICOLE LAFOND Published SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 2:45 PM Appearing on CNN Monday shortly before the one and only hearing on Republican senators last-ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) admitted his legislation is de ... (Talking Points Memo)

President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Ri

13 min ago - Hillary Clinton ✔ @HillaryClinton President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens. https://twitter.com/samynemir/status/911401368983924736 … 11:04 AM - Se ... (HRC on Twitter)

CBO finds 'millions' will lose coverage from repeal bill

13 min ago - BY PETER SULLIVAN - 09/25/17 06:03 PM EDT The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected Monday that the last-ditch GOP ObamaCare repeal bill would result in "millions" of people losing coverage. The agency did not give a specific numb ... (The Hill)

Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry to Canada

15 min ago - Chelsea Manning was turned back at the Canadian-U.S. border because she was convicted of espionage for passing information to Wikileaks, the former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Monday. Manning told Reuters via direct message on Twitter that she ... (Reuters)

U.S. appeals court allows part of Texas law targeting 'sanctuary cities'

34 min ago - AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Monday issued a mixed decision on a Texas law to punish “sanctuary cities,” allowing a section requiring localities to abide by federal requests for checks on detainees’ immigration status to take eff ... (Reuters)

Sen. Collins a "NO" on GOP Health Care Bill

39 min ago - Update: https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status/912441532988276736 ... (MSNBC)

Air traffic slowly returns to Puerto Rico, but dire conditions continue after Maria

57 min ago - By Luz Lazo September 25 at 2:53 PM Puerto Rico’s largest airport is in a crisis. Hundreds of would-be-travelers remained stranded Monday at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, where terminals are dark, air conditioning is out, ... (The Washington Post)

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit divisions over black political activism and Muslims

1 hr ago - By Adam Entous, Craig Timberg and Elizabeth Dwoskin September 25 at 5:15 PM The batch of more than 3,000 Russian-bought ads that Facebook is preparing to turn over to Congress shows a deep understanding of social divides in American society, with ... (The Washington Post)


2 hrs ago - Ivanka Trump, the first daughter and adviser to the president, used a personal email address to communicate with a government official after her father took office, according to documents that the nonprofit American Oversight obtained through the Fre ... (Newsweek)

Oversight Dem investigating Kushner's use of private email account

2 hrs ago - Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) announced Monday that he was investigating senior White House adviser Jared Kushner over his use of a private email account to communicate with Trump officials. Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight and Government ... (The Hill)

All five living former presidents are raising money for Puerto Rico

2 hrs ago - Becca Rotenberg 51 mins ago All five living former presidents are raising money for Puerto Rico OneAmericaAppeal.org All five living former presidents — Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — are fu ... (axios.com)

The GOP Health Care Bill Is Near Collapse With Rand Paul Still Opposed

4 hrs ago - A spokesman for Sen. Rand Paul says the Kentucky Republican remains opposed to the GOP bill repealing the Obama health care law. Paul's opposition would almost certainly doom the measure. Just three Republican opponents would kill the bill in the na ... (Time)

The Supreme Court canceled a hearing on the previous Trump travel ban, asking both parties to file

4 hrs ago - BREAKING NEWS The Supreme Court canceled a hearing on the previous Trump travel ban, asking both parties to file new briefs in light of the latest order. EDIT: The court asked lawyers in the case to submit briefs by Oct. 5 discussing the effect of ... (NYT)

North Dakota's bill rises for oil pipeline protest costs

4 hrs ago - BISMARCK - North Dakota's bill for policing protests of the Dakota Access pipeline continues to rise. The North Dakota Emergency Commission is set to borrow an additional $5 million to cover law enforcement costs. That will bring the total line of c ... (KFGO News)

Target raises minimum hourly wage to $11, pledges $15 by end of 2020

4 hrs ago - CHICAGO (Reuters) - Target Corp said on Monday it would increase its minimum hourly wage this year by a dollar to $11, vowing to raise this by the end of 2020 to $15 an hour -- the so-called "living wage" labor advocates across the United ... (Reuters)

The VA conducts gruesome experiments on dogs, then kills them. Investigation draws outrage

4 hrs ago - Donovan Slack, USA TODAY Published 6:30 a.m. ET Sept. 25, 2017 | Updated 12:00 p.m. ET Sept. 25, 2017 An investigation uncovering surgery failures and deaths in VA experiments on dogs has led to more scrutiny from the agency's chiefs and Congres ... (USA Today)

Turnout high as Iraqi Kurds defy threats to hold independence vote

5 hrs ago - ERBIL/SULAIMANIYA, Iraq (Reuters) - Kurds voted in large numbers in an independence referendum in northern Iraq on Monday, ignoring pressure from Baghdad, threats from Turkey and Iran, and international warnings that the vote may ignite yet more regi ... (reuters)

Ex-HSBC currency chief's motives debated as U.S. fraud trial starts

5 hrs ago - NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former top HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L) executive threw his Scottish client “under the bus” by using his knowledge of its large planned currency transaction to do his own trading first, a U.S. prosecutor said on Monday at the sta ... (reuters)

Secret Service arrests man with guns near White House on Sunday

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Law enforcement officers arrested a man with multiple firearms near the White House on Sunday morning, the Secret Service and Washington Metropolitan Police Department said. The man was arrested after he approached uniformed ... (reuters)

NFL owners donated big money to Trump

5 hrs ago - NFL owners -- including many who sided with their players in protests this weekend -- were big donors to President Trump's inauguration festivities. At least $7.75 million of the $106 million raised for Trump's inaugural committee came from NFL owne ... (CNN)

US boosts surveillance amid Russian threats in Syria

5 hrs ago - (CNN) — US forces in Syria have increased surveillance of Russian troop locations following Moscow's suggestion that US troops could get caught in Russian military operations, according to a US official directly familiar with US military planning. T ... (CNN)

Republican health care bill revised to target key votes

5 hrs ago - (CNN) — As the Republican Party's last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare hangs by a thread, a revised version of the Graham-Cassidy bill was circulated to Senate Republicans on Sunday with the aim of winning over key votes. Even with the new changes, ... (CNN)

White House stonewalls Capitol Hill over records in Russia probe

5 hrs ago - (CNN) — Tension is rising between congressional investigators probing Russia meddling and the Trump administration, as the White House and Justice Department withhold a number of records sought by Capitol Hill at a critical time in the investigations ... (CNN)

GOP senators to unveil new Dreamers bill

6 hrs ago - By SEUNG MIN KIM 09/25/2017 12:00 PM EDT Updated 09/25/2017 12:33 PM EDT A new Senate GOP proposal is being released Monday that creates a pathway to legalization for so-called Dreamers, but it won’t allow them to sponsor family members to the Un ... (Politico)

Trump says he groped Melania in public, Ivanka looks down on him, in newly released recordings

6 hrs ago - BY NINA BURLEIGH ON 9/25/17 AT 8:29 AM September 25, 2017 Donald Trump thinks Ivanka “looks down on me,” concedes he groped Melania in public and knows his compulsive hand-washing “could be a psychological problem,” according to a new archive of ... (Newsweek)

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: There will be 'American deaths on your watch' if you wait on PR

6 hrs ago - Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: There will be 'American deaths on your watch' if you wait on Puerto Rico BY JUDY KURTZ - 09/25/17 11:45 AM EDT ? Lin-Manuel Miranda on Monday warned President Trump that there will be a lot of American deaths on your ... (The Hill)

Travelers swamp Puerto Rico's main airport; dam on verge of collapse

6 hrs ago - SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 / 9:19 AM / UPDATED AN HOUR AGO Dave Graham, Robin Respaut SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - Hundreds of stranded travelers filled the sweltering halls of San Juan International Airport on Monday anxious to know when they coul ... (Reuters)

GOP lawmaker calls for stripping $400 million from New Orleans Saints to punish players for protests

7 hrs ago - DAVID EDWARDS 25 SEP 2017 AT 11:10 ET Louisiana state Rep. Kenny Havard (R) on Monday called for the state to end tax subsidies for the Saints NFL team because some players have refused to stand for the national anthem. In a statement on M ... (RawStory)