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Barr Was Appointed to Be AG Specifically to Do What He Did.

It was a carefully planned and executed appointment to serve exactly that purpose. Will Barr remain AG for the rest of Trump's time in the White House? Who can say? It probably doesn't matter. Barr has done his job and has whitewashed the Mueller investigation.

He was hand-selected for Trump by the Federalist Society, at Trump's request. He was brought in to be AG just at the time when the Mueller investigation was wrapping up. He was hired to do a very specific job, and he has now done it.

Once the disposition of the entire report is handled, there will be no reason for him to continue as AG.


Why did they all lie?????????????????

That's what's eating at me. Flynn is facing jail time because he lied . . . apparently needlessly. The same goes for the rest of them. If everything was above board, why did each and every one of them lie over and over and over and over again? This whole thing is just nuts. We need to see the whole damn report.


don't mourn, organize

OK, whether the bomb was a dud, or perhaps because a good republican like Barr made sure to piss on the wick, we did not get the boom we deserved. I say deserved because the second Trump took stuff from Wikileaks, there was collusion.

However, let us be clear, while he battle is lost, the war is far from over, especially as everyday, trump does something that proves why he is not fit for office. However, we need to energize those who wants to vote against him, but are afraid (or hopeless) we also have to play t the enemies weakness: fear. It will happen no mater how many times the preachers say “but we gotta take this one for jesus”, because thanks to trump’s policies, people are already losing more of their money and safety. It sounds arrogant, and it is arrogant, but Trump will only lose power when he can no longer feed the ego, and that will only happen with pain. Right now, we should be saying he is going to cut social security, medicare, all those things he promised not to do....


It looks like collusion between Trump and Barr...

It looks like Barr wanted the job of AG so badly that he decided to write a 19-page memo outlining his opposition to the Mueller investigation and his devout belief in the Supremacy of the Executive, so Donald Trump would hire him as his new AG.

Several weeks ago, the rumor was started that Mueller was about to finish his investigation. But Mueller was not ready to finish his investigation. He hung around for 3 or 4 more weeks....


When Hillary was cleared for Benghazi & emails, I don't remember R's saying it was a disaster for

the GOP. Trump hasn't been totally cleared yet either in this report. So for the love of God, enough with the sky is falling, death spiral posts. Also, as Jonathan Turley said, there are I believe 12 investigations into Trump right now and any one of them could be a torpedo that could do major damage to the Trump ship. This isn't a total loss, there IS dirt in the Mueller report and plenty of stuff Dems can use in political attack ads against Trump. Also, Mueller didn't look at things like Trump's finances in Russia which is most certainly where the fire is....


Barr Memo Reveals Semantics of Whitewashing 101

Barr says he's quoting Mueller when he says "[T]he investigation did not establish that Trump campaign members conspired and coordinated with the Russian GOVERNMENT in its election interference activities."

The key word here, of course, is "government." What Barr and his Republiscum cohorts are counting on is that most Americans don't understand the nature of exactly how Russia operates in the post-Soviet era. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, Putin's government does can be directly traced to it as a governing body. All is done through oligarchs, cutouts, and shell companies....

regnaD kciN

This feels like gaslighting...

I know that we're "not supposed to whine," but this experience is really puzzling in a very disturbing way.

Look, if we really had no idea of what had gone on during the campaign, and the report came out indicating no coordination, that's one thing. Or, if we did know what went on during the campaign, but the report spelled out that our interpretations of the facts or the law were incorrect, that's another thing. Or, if we were told that those things did indeed happen during the campaign, but that there wasn't evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, that's one more thing....


My explanation about Barr to the local Trumpies.

Look, all along I have said I simply couldn't tell if Trump was stupid or just a criminal. The constant changing of the story seemed to scream "criminal" to me but since I trust Mueller based on his lifetime of flawless service and past record, the conclusion must be that Trump is not up to his eyeballs in direct conspiracy that we can prove. While you're celebrating, keep in mind it actually means Trump is literally the stupidest and most useless president we have ever had who has put our country in grave risk....


Anyone who is attacking Mueller right now--check yo self. Wait for the full report.

The Barr letter was not the Mueller Report. Mueller served at the authority of the DOJ, who in the end was Barr.

If the Mueller report, the full Mueller report, was a similar whitewash as the Barr Letter, then criticism is due.

However we haven’t seen the Mueller Report. Just the Barr letter.

Wait for the report.

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