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Top Republican ADMITS Trump Won Wisconsin by Keeping Democrats From Voting

(Mother Jones) Election officials and Democrats in Wisconsin have repeatedly argued that the state’s strict voter ID law allowed Donald Trump to win the state in 2016 by keeping thousands of voters—predominantly in Democratic-leaning areas—from the polls. Now a top Republican official in the state is saying the same thing.

“We battled to get voter ID on the ballot for the November ’16 election,” Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, who defended the law in court, told conservative radio host Vicki McKenna on April 12. “How many of your listeners really honestly are sure that Sen. [Ron] Johnson was going to win reelection or President Trump was going to win Wisconsin if we didn’t have voter ID to keep Wisconsin’s elections clean and honest and have integrity?”


Poll suggests GOP lawmakers in New Jersey could be wiped out in November

(The Hill) Every Republican House member from New Jersey is in danger of losing their seat in this year’s midterm election, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

The survey released on Monday finds Democrats with a 19-point advantage statewide on the generic ballot, with 54 percent of respondents saying they plan to or are leaning toward voting for Democrats, compared to only 34 percent for Republicans.

Monmouth pollers say this puts all five of New Jersey's GOP-held seats at risk.


Trump Moves to Gut the Post Office

(Prospect) Whether Amazon actually is getting a special deal on shipping is open to intense debate. The company also happens to enjoy a discount on stamps, which they then mark up to their own marketplace sellers, a pure arbitrage deal to earn profits from a publicly issued product.

But these issues have almost nothing to do with the Trump executive order. The Amazon spat is a cover for the formal unveiling of a long-wished right-wing project to destroy the post office and have private industry take over its infrastructure, which taxpayers funded long ago. All the executive order really does is create a report; it would take a willing Congress to deliver the final hammer blow. But that report, with a government imprimatur, will become part of that right-wing wish list, living on for decades in think tanks and private shipping company boardrooms as a fervent dream.


Lyin' Ryan: Trillion-dollar deficits were inevitable

(MSN) Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says that trillion-dollar deficits could not have been avoided by the GOP-controlled Congress, responding to critics within his party who say that leaders have behaved irresponsibly.

"That was going to happen. The baby boomers retiring was going to do that," Ryan said on NBC's "Meet the Press" of projections that the country will start running trillion-dollar deficits as soon as 2020.


Scoop: Trump tried to block Pence national security appointment

(Axios) The White House kept it quiet until now, but on Friday the President nearly blocked the Vice President from getting his chosen national security adviser.

Why this matters: It's a highly unusual event, as Trump typically gives Pence a long leash on personnel appointments. This is the first time the President has tried to block Pence from filling a senior staff position. The scene also highlights — once again — the extraordinary importance Trump places on personal loyalty.

Inside the West Wing: Trump was furious when he learned Pence was bringing on Nikki Haley's deputy Jon Lerner, according to three sources familiar with the events. The President believed Lerner was a card-carrying member of the "Never Trump" movement because Lerner crafted brutal attack ads for Club for Growth's multimillion-dollar anti-Trump blitz during the Republican primaries.


Preet Bharara: 'The likelihood that Michael Cohen is going to be charged is high'

(CNN) "If I were still the United States attorney, no matter who the president was, and I was being asked to personally approve, as someone had to have been in the Southern District of New York, a search of someone's home and office who was counsel to the president -- I would want a lot more than the bare minimum proof of probable cause," Bharara, a CNN senior legal analyst who's a former US attorney, said on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" Tuesday night.

"So I predict, as we saw with Paul Manafort, that if they decided they had enough evidence to engage in a very aggressive, a very aggressive move, that the likelihood that Michael Cohen is going to be charged is high," Bharara added.


This Parkland teacher left his gun in a public bathroom. It was loaded

(Miami Herald) According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the weapon was left by Sean Simpson. If his name sounds familiar, he's the teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas who said he'd be willing to arm himself while on duty.

According to the sheriff's office report, Simpson told deputies he'd left his gun by accident. By the time the chemistry teacher realized his mistake, the Glock was already in the hands of a drunk homeless man who had picked it up and fired. The bullet hit a wall.

Simpson was able to grab the gun away from the vagrant, Joseph Spataro, who was charged with firing a weapon while intoxicated and trespassing.


Expecting a Defeat, Ryan planned a speech on Election Night to DENOUNCE Trump

(Atlantic) No one in the GOP was better equipped, by position and disposition alike, to resist Trump’s racially infused, insular nationalism, or to define a more inclusive competing vision for the party. Instead, Ryan chose to tolerate both Trump’s personal excesses and his racially polarizing words and deeds as the price worth paying to advance Ryan’s own top priorities: cutting spending; regulations; and above all, taxes. The result was that Ryan, more than any other prominent Republican, personified the devil’s bargain the GOP has signed with Trump. And his departure crystallizes the difficult choices Republicans face as Trump redefines the party in his belligerent image.

From the exhaustive reporting of Politico’s Tim Alberta, who was first to telegraph that Ryan was likely to retire, we know that the speaker, expecting a Trump defeat, planned to deliver a speech on Election Night in 2016. He intended to denounce Trump’s racially polarizing agenda as a political dead end and a betrayal of conservatism’s ideals. Instead, when Trump won, Ryan folded the speech back into his jacket pocket—where it has receded deeper ever since.


Trump doorman paid to quash rumor of illegitimate child

(CBS News) The Associated Press confirmed the details of the Enquirer's payment through a review of a confidential contract and interviews with dozens of current and former employees of the Enquirer and its parent company, American Media Inc.

(ex-doorman) Dino Sajudin got $30,000 in exchange for signing over the rights, "in perpetuity," to a rumor he'd heard about Trump's sex life -- that the president had fathered an illegitimate child with an employee at Trump World Tower, a skyscraper he owns near the United Nations.

The contract subjected Sajudin to a $1 million penalty if he disclosed either the rumor or the terms of the deal to anyone.

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8 hrs ago - By Rebecca Savransky - 04/18/18 09:00 AM EDT Former FBI Director James Comey in a new interview railed against the Republican Party, saying he thinks the GOP has lost its way. "The Republican Party has left me and many others," Comey, ... (The Hill)

McCabe pushes back on Comey over watchdog report that faulted him

8 hrs ago - An attorney for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Wednesday that neither the Justice Department inspector general nor former FBI director James Comey “has it right” when it comes to the agency’s critical report on his disclosures to news ... (Politico)

Trump allies worry Cohen will flip

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Saudi Arabia to show 'Black Panther' to mark cinema opening

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Toddler shoots pregnant mom while playing with father's loaded gun

9 hrs ago - INDIANAPOLIS A toddler was playing with her father's handgun when she shot her pregnant mother Tuesday in a northwest Indiana parking lot, according to media reports. A 3-year-old girl in the back seat of a vehicle when she shot her pregnant mother ... (USA Today)

Trump decided to abandon plans for more Russia sanctions

9 hrs ago - President Donald Trump personally made the decision to abandon plans to impose more sanctions on Russia for supporting Syria's chemical weapons attack on civilians, according to three senior administration officials and a source familiar with the dis ... (CNN)

Haley sets a red line for Trump

9 hrs ago - The U.N. ambassador made crystal clear after initially being blamed for 'confusion' on Russia sanctions that she will not tolerate public humiliation quietly. By ELIANA JOHNSON and BURGESS EVERETT 04/18/2018 06:10 PM EDT In the span of 24 ho ... (Politico)

Former Trump advisor's father's death in Philadelphia labeled 'suspicious': multiple agencies invest

9 hrs ago - According to sources, the Philadelphia police homicide unit, the Philadelphia district attorney, the Attorney General's office and the health department are all investigating the death of former National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster's fathe ... (WPVI 6ABC.com)

Three Kansas Men Found Guilty Of Bomb Plot Targeting Somali Muslim Immigrants

10 hrs ago - Three Kansas men were convicted Wednesday of plotting to bomb an apartment complex where Somali immigrants lived and worshiped in Garden City, following a four-week trial in Wichita. Just a day after beginning deliberations, a federal jury found Cur ... (NPR)

GOP chairman poised to subpoena DOJ for Comey memos

11 hrs ago - The head of the House Judiciary Committee is expected to subpoena the Department of Justice (DOJ) as soon as this week to obtain copies of the so-called Comey memos, The Hill has learned. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) is e ... (The HILL)

Trumps former attorney warned him not to trust Cohen: report

11 hrs ago - One of President Trump's former attorneys said he urged the president not to trust Michael Cohen to fully protect him, and warned that Cohen would eventually cooperate with federal prosecutors. The attorney, Jay Goldberg, told the Wall Street Journa ... (The Hill)

Greitens files request for temporary restraining order against Hawley

11 hrs ago - Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens filed a request for a temporary restraining order against Attorney General Josh Hawley. The governor filed the request in Cole County on April 16. According to court documents, Greitens wants Hawley to recuse himself and ... (KSHB TV)

SpaceX lifts off with NASA's planet-hunter TESS

12 hrs ago - SpaceX lifted off with NASA’s planet-hunting TESS satellite on Wednesday, delighting science and space fans who anticipate the spacecraft may discover planets that could harbor life. The space company also successfully landed the first-stage booster ... (Orlando Sentinel)

Oil soars 2.9% to 3-year high, settling at $68.47, as US crude stockpiles drop

13 hrs ago - Oil prices rose to their highest level since late 2014 after government data showed U.S. crude stockpiles fell last week and as the market continued to worry about supply disruptions in key fossil fuel-producing nations. U.S. West Texas Intermediate ... (CNBC)

Bitcoin heist suspect flees Iceland on flight carrying PM: state broadcaster

13 hrs ago - REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - An Icelandic man arrested on suspicion of stealing about 600 computers used to mine the cryptocurrency Bitcoin escaped prison and fled the country on a commercial flight to Sweden, Icelandic state broadcaster RUV said on Wednesd ... (Reuters)

UK government loses key Brexit vote

13 hrs ago - London (CNN)The UK Government has lost a key Brexit vote, with the upper House of Parliament backing calls to remain in the EU customs union after Brexit. The House of Lords voted 348 to 225 to amend the government's EU Withdrawal Bill, which will n ... (CNN)

Airlines start inspecting engines after Southwest engine failure causes passenger's death

14 hrs ago - At least two U.S. airlines announced new inspections of engines on some of their Boeing 737 jets after federal safety officials said the engine on a Southwest Airlines flight that failed Tuesday had signs of metal weakness. United Airlines and South ... (LA Times)

Ex-Playboy Model, Freed From Contract, Can Discuss Alleged Trump Affair

14 hrs ago - By JIM RUTENBERG APRIL 18, 2018 The tabloid news company American Media Inc. agreed to let a former Playboy model out of a contract that had kept her from talking freely about an alleged affair with Donald J. Trump, her lawyer said. The settleme ... (The New York Times)

Federal judge finds Kris Kobach in contempt of court

14 hrs ago - U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson has found Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in contempt for failing to comply with her orders in a lawsuit over the state’s voter registration law. Robinson didn’t impose a fine but ordered Kobach to pay ... (Topeka Capital-Journal)

U.S. appeals court says Ohio cannot block Planned Parenthood funds

14 hrs ago - APRIL 18, 2018 / 1:20 PM / UPDATED 2 HOURS AGO Nate Raymond (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Wednesday blocked an Ohio law that would cut federal taxpayer funding to 28 Planned Parenthood clinics, holding that conditions it imposed that de ... (Reuters)

Republicans refuse to back opioids bill sponsored by vulnerable Dem

14 hrs ago - BY PETER SULLIVAN - 04/18/18 06:00 AM EDT Republicans are declining to back Democratic measures that would crack down on suspicious opioid shipments — including legislation offered by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), one of the most vulnerable memb ... (The Hill)

Parkland survivors David Hogg and Lauren Hogg to publish book #NeverAgain

14 hrs ago - David Hogg and Lauren Hogg, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and survivors of February’s deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida have signed a deal with Random House for a book to be published in June, EW has confirmed. The sibling ... (Entertainment Weekly)

Trump Pressures Sen. Paul On Pompeo Vote: Rand 'Has Never Let Me Down'

15 hrs ago - By Matt Shuham | April 18, 2018 3:17 pm President Donald Trump on Wednesday applied pressure on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to vote for Trump’s nominee to become the next secretary of state, current CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Paul is the only Republican ... (Talking Points Memo)

170 Members Of Congress Call For Scott Pruitt's Resignation

15 hrs ago - By Kate Riga | April 18, 2018 4:38 pm One hundred and seventy members of Congress signed a resolution calling for the resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Wednesday afternoon. A group of 131 representatives and 39 senators, all Democrat ... (Talking Points Memo)