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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2010, 12:58 AM
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Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is really funny ( and surprisingly educational.)

Amy and her husband are so entertaining together. I loved the meal they made, even Amy's one contribution, buttered matza.

What nobody's saying: All 6 FBI Kav investigations only went back to 1993.(no GP or Yale years)

According to the transcript of a Senate staffer phone call with Kavanaugh (9/26/18), the FBI has never questioned or investigated Kavanaugh on his life before 1993, presumably the year he became what seems a highly charged, protected Repub operative. The current accusations of sexual violence against women all occurred in the eighties at Georgetown Prep and Yale. So these six FBI investigations never investigated or questioned Kavanaugh or any of his classmates to provide any information at all about the
Kav eighties years now under vital examination.

How many times during the hearing and in interviews did Trump & the GOP Senators use these 6 FBI investigatioins as dodge & cover against reopening Kav's file. Even today it still appears that Trump,Grassly, McConnell etc are thwarting the FBi from investigating
accusors and witnesses to charges from these crucial, never investigated years: 1983-1993. And, by not allowing the FBI to reinterview Kavanaugh and question him on those years for which these accusations have been made, they pretty pointedly are protecting Kav from criminal charges when he lies to the FBI

https.//t.Co/khZG605jb4 (thank you, ehrnst for the link to the transcript the other day)

Murkowski, Collins if you're listening: Kavanaugh is a lifelong pervert, sexual violator of women

With as marked a pedo kink in torturing a vulnerable,raped teenage refuge (i.e. his recent gruesome campaign to force birth/enslave in Garza) to Kavanaugh's forced restraint, rape attempt against a girl in high school. He seems especially turned on by sexual violence when he thinks he has the girls helpless and under his physical or judicial power.

It's no coincidence that the misogynist Republican Senate is pushing for this lifelong sexual criminal to be seated on SCOTUS (next to fellow serial woman hater Thomas) at the same time as The Violence Against Women Act reauthorization languishes in both the Republican House and Senate.

Seantors Murkowski and Collins if you're listening....

Congress needs to stop this cringeworthy sexist protocol.

The first time I ever watched a role call vote in Congress, I was absolutely stunned by this protocol of blatant sexism:

Every male senator and congressperson vote called/recorded as "Mr.", every woman Senator/Rep as "Mrs, Miss or Ms." Couldn't believe this idiotic, antique, offensive tradition had never been corrected.

There is no defense for defining a Congressperson or Senator by gender. Much less a woman in Congress by marital status. No one in real life or the press would ever call any senator or congressperson by any other title than "Senator" or "Representative".

I used to write my female senator (now retired) all the time about changing this obviously offensive anachronism. Never got any response, never saw this insulting tradition ever discussed in or outside the halls of Congress. I was reminded recently of this gratuitous discrimination by the still photo of Senator Feinstein's courageous throw down of those Fusion GPS records.... with her name plate "Mrs Feinstein" behind the documents. Stomach turning.

On the eve of the National Women's March, Congress should pass resolutions in both legislative bodies to address all members only by the professional titles of respect that they have earned and deserve: Senator and Representative.


Just discovered Loudermilk,created by Colbert Report writer, so funny

It's as funny as Californication was, my all time fave show. So obviously my taste veers towards obscene adjacent, intellectual humor. If that's your milieu too, you'll love it! Definitely an adult show.
Posted by stuffmatters | Fri Nov 3, 2017, 05:39 PM (0 replies)

"If you get sick,old, have a family this bill will harm you"*Best kept secret: It harms everybody

* per Obama

The MSM and most Democratic spokespeople fail to mention the most basic fact about the Republican Death Bill: It robs everybody
of the right to humane health insurance and security.

Their bill ends ACA's Employer Mandate, which ACA enforced by fines for non compliance for those with over 50 employees.

It also explodes the requirement for insurance policies to cover basic needs (like prescription, hospitalization, tests, well..pretty much any medical necessity can be eliminated.)

The ACA prohibition of annual and life time caps also thrown onto the junk heap, so we're back to the days of bake sales to fight medical cost devastations.

And, of course, the Medicaid slash means that 2/3s of Americans who are or will ever get old & vulnerable will not have Medicare to cover the unaffordable costs for most for homecare or for nursing homes.

Finally the Ryan Republican House passed their bill specifically continuing Obamacare coverage for themselves(!) as they voted Death Care for the rest of Americans. Seriously doubt that this outrageous privilege isn't extended to Senators as well in McConnell's versions.

There are hundreds of millions of Americans who think they are somehow protected from the Republican Death Bill because they now have good coverage through their employer. This is probably the most sweeping and dangerous myth that Repugs are delighted is floating out there; it goes systematically unchallenged by either the MSM and even our best Dem voices don't utilize this most useful, fundamental Framing.

Judge Dismisses Issa's 10 million$ Defamation Suit ag Opponent Applegate

This was mentioned fast on the tv news here on Thurs, and I've intermiitently been able to pull up a longer report at the La Jolla Light since. Today I can't pull up the LJ Light piece and the SD Union, which controls the print story, not accessible for me. Perhaps a more skilled DUer can list a link to this truly up cheering(!) story.

This was a tentative Superior Court ruling ag Darrell Issa on Thurs(3/9/17) that was supposed to be finalized on Friday; I cannot find any Friday info on the development.

The tough Doug Applegate campaign against the long entrenched Darrell Issa was difficult in a media market highly dominated by conservative print and tv and excruciatingly late coming $ support from the DCCC.. However Applegate, a truly grass roots, bold speaking candidate built enormous local support among his constituents and used his limited advertising resources against Issa so wisely..

These two ads (that Issa sued him over) were textbook examples of how to advertise against a dug in Republican. Especially Applegate's ad megaphoning Issa's vote against the 911 Responders Bill. If Dems would run ads simply describing a Repub's voting record, all stomach turning to decent people, as Applegate so smartly did, then all Repubs would have a hard time holding onto their seats. The Judge's tentative dismissal on Thurs found this Applegate's ad true/factual, the Judge stating simply that Issa did in fact vote ag the 911 First Reponders Bill.

Applegate will run again and, I predict, win in 2018. District 49 is definitely becoming more Democratic in the last 2 years, and Applegate's support is a wonderful coalition of an increasing demographic of coastal liberals, fair play minorities and, in this case, patriotic military (for whom an anti 911 Responders vote is just not acceptable).

Lesson to Dems...if you want to defeat a Republican incumbent, just run factual ads on his/her atrocious voting record. And lesson to Repubs...be careful what hateful votes you make, because they will come back to haunt you from a smart and strategic opponent. Lawsuits, like Issa just waged against Applegate, will not knee cap an opponent with $10 million threats nor will courts protect Repubs from opponent campaigns based on the facts of their sadistic voting histories.

Last night's debate winner :The TPP by ommission

Not one word opposing this corporate coup d'etat of our American democracy and "NAFTA on Steroids." This is as powerful and crucial a Democratic coattail issue as protecting Soc Sec/Medicare and Net Neutrality.

On his Tour de Victime/Mendace Charles Koch just challenged Bernie to a debate!

There it was front page Yahoo interview today, Koch throwing down the gauntlet, calling Bernie and others "liars" who are "afraid" to debate the Koch ideology and machine. It's a flat out challenge and open invitation to draw the hermetically protected Koch into an actual debate with a genuine fact based liberal opponent.

Charles Koch will look like the self-promoting coward he is if he tries to weasel out of this debate into which he just slurred Bernie and liberals. Bernie should loudly and repeatedly announce that he accepts Koch's challenge and demand this debate.

I don't think this violates DNC rules on candidates debates. But if it does, then have another excellent liberal, coherent messenger like Liz Warren or Sherrod Brown follow through with this opportunity to get a Koch into an actual debate of ideas (instead of the typically lying junk Charles' tour is currently peddling through the MSM.)

San Diego Union Tribune sold to Los Angeles Times

Great News! Our Poppa Manchester RW nightmare is over.
Posted by stuffmatters | Fri May 8, 2015, 05:00 AM (2 replies)
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