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mrmpa's Journal
mrmpa's Journal
January 12, 2017

Ben Carson, you've got to be kidding.......

I just moved my 86 year old mom into a HUD senior high rise. Her rent is approximately 20% of her income. Her medical expenses from my understanding reduce her income. So the rent covers everything but phone & cable. It is very manageable for her.

I'm afraid that Carson will attempt to raise the income requirements for HUD housing, make the payment of utilities the responsibility of the renter and take money away for the management and maintenance of these buildings.

So Carson along with every other Trump nominee scares the bejesus out of me.

January 10, 2017

I am back.........

Minus a toe,but back. Been going between my mom's new place and my place with my brother and sister-in-law..finally got to my tablet and accessed mybrother's wi fi

Foot hurts pretty bad and will have to find a pair of diabetic shoes i have a pair but they are getting painful

I'm just glad to be back

December 10, 2016

well in the hospital where no one quite

Gets what their job is During intake told the RN that I take novalog (in the pen) twice a day before breakfast and before dinner 4 UNITS she puts the order in for 2 units 4 times a day & she shows up with it after dinner & its not the pen i refused it THey want me ona probiotic but cant give me a reason as to why other than im on antibiotics i refused
Im on lantus pen 36 units nightly the Rn put it in for the morning when i get that settled itsnot the pen i refused

She put my lisinipril in for the morning even though i told her i take it at bed time so irefused it for tonight after they got that righted

A man came inand saidhe was dr so and so hesaid my podiatrist asked him to check in on me blood pressure kidneys told him my bp was 129/59 and my kidneys were good he said "dear" may i examine you i told him no and it wasnt dear it was either ms or my first name

The toe will be amputated on Monday after consult with vascular surgeon

December 6, 2016

Going into the hospital on Friday..........

been fighting a toe infection for 2 weeks. It really doesn't look like it's gotten any better, even though I was on Keflex for one week and beginning my 2nd week on Cipro tomorrow.

Podiatrist said that as of right now it looks like I'm going to lose my toe. Throw good thoughts and Karma my way, please.

December 3, 2016

A woman died in my building last week............

I used to sit on the board of my condominium association and back in the day she used to call me with problems and complaints. I used to listen patiently, until about 6 years ago.

She began ranting against President Obama and used the "n" word. I shut her up quickly and told her in no uncertain terms would I listen to her use that word and she was to never call me again.

She never called me again. The only thing I'm sorry about is that in all probability she voted this year.

November 29, 2016

So here's the quandry..........

I lost my home through foreclosure (too involved to explain). I have to be out on the 9th. My 86 year old mom lives with me & I found her an apt. in a HUD Senior high rise, she absolutely loves it. She will probably be moved in this weekend.

I am not working and have no income. I have a friend who lives on the 8th floor of my current condo. We have known each other since 1980. She is single, gay and in a long distance relationship with a wonderful woman, I just wish one of them would retire and they could be together. My friend has offered me her second bedroom in exchange for helping her de-clutter. We talked about it last night. In order for me to have the 2nd bedroom, my friend has to move lots of boxes out of the bedroom in order for me to move in my bed. She also needs to clean out the first floor so that I can get the bed into the unit.

Her refrigerator is broken and I offered her mine (stainless steel, freezer on the bottom) and she said no, she'll just continue to use duct tape to keep the fridge door closed. So I won't be able to store my insulin & will have to leave it at mom's.

I know that my friend is a hoarder (just as her father was). This will be no easy job, as I talked to her about just taking one box, 1/2 hour a day and making three piles 1. Toss 2. Keep 3. Donate. She said she can't do that. Also the 2nd bathroom is not in working condition (our building has maintenance people) who can fix this & she won't call them.

I gave it a lot of thought today after coming home from the Podiatrist's http://www.democraticunderground.com/1018907137
I do not think this will be a healthy situation. I called a brother who at one time offered me his basement, it's basically his man cave. He says he has to talk to his wife again.

I can't live with my friend, and if my brother doesn't come through, what do I do?

November 29, 2016

Went to the Podiatrist today.......

I've been fighting an infected toes for over a week. Called his office last Wednesday & got a call in to my druggist for Keflex. Taking it 4 times a day & appt today.

First thing he says, "you need to be in the hospital" I told him I can't I need to be out of my condo by the 9th, and I'll do anything he says to do. No argument from him. He took x-rays, a culture, wrapped the toe & put me in a boot, and an appt. next Monday. If I have a fever or chills I am to go to the ER.

Until the culture comes back, his opinion is that it's cellulitis.

November 16, 2016

Guess that things haven't changed in the last week..........

Honest to God I hadn't even been on DU for 4 seconds when I was asked to be on a jury.

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