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LeftTurn3623's Journal
LeftTurn3623's Journal
February 19, 2020

Bernie hate needs to stop and soon

If anyone pays attention ...reads & watches the news . Not the talking heads but the Analytical speakers, you would realize that the nomination process is pretty much over.

There is only a slight small chance Bernie will not be the nominee. It is pretty much a lock Bernie is going to be the nominee.

Really the only chance is if all the moderate type of Candidates agree to drop out of the race after Nevada and leave One moderate. That’s pretty much it.

And with the egos of the candidates we know that won’t happen.

The other thing is the candidate that would need to stay in to have a chance to beat Sanders is Biden. Latest poll shows Bernie head to head against Bloomberg he crushes him 57% to 37%. Against Pete 54% to 38%.

Biden is truly the only moderate to have a chance against Sanders and also shows he is the strongest against Trump.

Problem is Bloomberg with all his money will never drop out. And if Biden even places 2nd in Nevada and 1st in SC he will not have the money to compete on Super Tuesday 3 days later.

My point is while it might seem early in the process all the people that study this process and run the numbers all believe Bernie is getting the nomination.

Bernie is looking at getting over 200 Delegates Just in California. A number that will be almost impossible to over take.

Biden will be broke and will not be able to fight him off. And if Biden drops out. Bernie beats Bloomberg head to head pretty easy.

I know I will vote for Bernie over Bloomberg in PA. But if it’s Biden and Bernie I would really have to think about which direction to go. Even though I align more with Bernie I’m scared he might not win. That Biden is the safer choice to remove Trump.

But it’s not coming down to that because nobody will drop out. Bernie is almost certainly going to be the nominee, so putting him down and trashing Bernie at this point only helps elect Trump.

February 18, 2020

Biden supporters - how did Bernie & Pete attack Biden?

First I'm not trying to be combative.

2nd I think Biden has been doing a much better job of late - in the last debate (I thought he won) and on the trail and in interviews. To me he has seemed very Presidential. I actually hope its not too late for him because I want him in the other lane and not Bloomberg.Obviously Pete first but I'm a realist.

With all that said, he has been hammering Sanders and when asked why he is going after other contenders ... his answer is they have been attacking him and he is just now defending himself.

This was the answer to the Pete attack ad which I thought was really beneath Biden to pull such a thing & to him consistently going after Sanders.

Maybe I missed something and I'm really asking serenely. How and when did Bernie attack Biden ? and other than Pete saying in general terms about moving on from old ideas and having a new look at things in Washington, how has he attacked Biden. He hasn't called him out by name. Its no different that politicians running on their experience. Someone like Pete has to run on being an outsider. But I cant think of him calling out Biden directly.

Too me Biden saying he is defending himself is an excuse because he is falling behind these 2 and needed to start attacking them. But I cannot point to a time either went after Biden directly.
February 17, 2020

Question for Bernie supporters- VP pick?

Who would Bernie make as his VP pick?

I was always hoping stacey abrams would be someone’s pick but I do not think she would accept with Bernie. Not sure a Harris would either.

The only person that would be strong VP choice that agrees with him is Warren. That would be a great ticket but we lose a senate seat. I do not think as Dems we can afford to lose a senate seat for VP.

Just not sure if he can put forth a good VP.

February 17, 2020

Amy Klobuchar did not know the name of the Mexican President?

I normally do not care about this sort of thing but you would think knowing the name of the Mexican President in her position would be common knowledge. Specially when she plays the experience card so much. By the way Buttigieg knew the answer.

and whats with leaving before it was over?


Democratic presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were unable to name Mexico’s president during a Nevada candidate forum in Las Vegas.

Klobuchar, Steyer, and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg were asked during separate televised interviews with Telemundo on Friday whether they could name Mexico’s leader, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

"Can you tell me his name?" Klobuchar was asked by a reporter.

“No,” the three-term Minnesota senator said.

Steyer, a billionaire businessman, said he “forgot.”

Buttigieg was the only one of the three participants to correctly name the Mexican leader.

The Klobuchar campaign didn't immediately respond to a report the candidate left the interview before it was scheduled to end.

Nevada, which is more racially diverse than previous contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, will test candidates’ abilities to appeal to minority voters.

The state will hold its Democratic presidential caucuses on Feb. 22

February 15, 2020

I'm out on Bloomberg- recent donations to Republicans

On MSNBC it’s reported he just recently donated to Republican campaigns to help them get elected

Pat Toomey - Susan Collins - Pete King - Orrin Hatch

I live in PA. Pat Toomey is garbage. I can never support someone who helped elected Pat Toomey.

This guy is not a real democratic candidate. We have plenty of other good candidates. No need to vote for a wolf in sheep cloths

February 15, 2020

Amy Klobuchar Environmental Grade is awful


Senator Amy Klobuchar
Overall Grade = D

Wildlife = F
Public Lands = D
Environmental Justice = D
Climate = D+

If elected president Senator Amy Klobuchar would be an unmitigated disaster for the environment. Since becoming a senator in 2007, Klobuchar has consistently taken positions that harm the environment. She has repeatedly introduced legislation that would prematurely remove protections for endangered gray wolves and supports mines that threaten waterways in her own home state. Klobuchar’s climate plan is the weakest of any major candidate running for president and mainly consists of developing market incentives and voluntary measures to achieve “net-zero” emissions by 2050, without a single interim benchmark as scientists recommend.

Wildlife (Grade: F) – As a senator Klobuchar has repeatedly undermined the scientific integrity of the Endangered Species Act by sponsoring legislation that would remove protections for endangered gray wolf populations in the western Great Lakes region.12 She also cosponsored legislation to exempt lead ammunition and sport fishing equipment from regulation despite the fact that lead is known to poison wildlife and people.13 Klobuchar’s website contains no information regarding the protection of endangered species or the extinction crisis.

Public Lands (Grade: D) – Senator Klobuchar has supported the continuation of mining for fossil fuels on public lands. She has openly supported controversial projects like Twin Metals and PolyMet mines, which would wipe out 1,000 acres of wetlands and threaten Minnesota waterways. She supported legislation that would have short-circuited judicial review of the PolyMet mine, which would also have undermined the public’s right to hold the government accountable. Senator Klobuchar voted in 2017 to allocate $25 billion to fund the border wall as a part of a deal to protect the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but has since stated that she opposes the administration’s border wall.14

Environmental Justice (Grade: D) – Klobuchar’s climate plan briefly notes that she would assist communities that are most directly experiencing the impacts of climate change through strong new environmental justice programs. But she fails to provide any detail on her specific policy proposals. Senator Klobuchar failed to cosponsor the Environmental Justice Act in 2007, 2008, 2017 and 2019.15 Further, she has repeatedly proposed legislation that would limit or short-circuit judicial review and access to the courts, which systemically undermines environmental justice. She was also absent from the first ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice held in November 2019, indicating that she would not make environmental justice issues a priority during her administration.

Climate (Grade: D+) – Klobuchar would not declare that the climate crisis is a national emergency and does not support the Green New Deal, stating that she views it as “aspirational” only.16 She would end new federal fossil fuel leasing on public lands and waters, but she would not phase out existing production of fossil fuels, nor would she ban fracking or end the export of fossil fuels. Klobuchar would not set a 100% carbon-free electricity goal by 2030 or a transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Instead she has committed only to introducing legislation within the first 100 days with the goal of achieving “net-zero” emissions by 2050. She has promised to restore the clean power rules and gas mileage standards put into place by President Obama, but these modest measures are too limited and would not solve the climate crisis.17 Klobuchar’s plan is almost entirely incentive-driven, which would not be sufficient to make the emissions reductions necessary to effectively combat climate change. She continues to support dubious, unproven “clean coal” technologies.18
February 14, 2020

Argument for Bernie Sanders

Maybe its just cause of all the negative talk against Bernie I think we need a pro Bernie argument

One of the biggest arguments against Bernie is he will not pull in the moderate voters & moderate voters that voted for Trump

Did anyone stop and think that if a Bloomberg would win the nomination or even a Biden that while those 2 might pick up more moderate votes and some moderate Republican votes that those 2 could also lose a lot of Bernie supporters and far left leaning supporters. People could stay home.

Having Bernie as the nominee will also generate more young voters. I promise you that if Biden or Bloomberg get the nomination there we be less young voters.

The people that we gain with a Bloomberg could just as be easy to lose same number of people

In the latest general election poll on MSNBC, Bloomberg was beating Trump 51-42 and Bernie was beating Trump 51-42. Those two had the best numbers head to head against Trump.

That 52% is not the same people they are pulling from. There is more than one way to build a path to beating Trump.

Just getting the turnout up in Wisc, Mich, PA and we beat trump. He won those 3 states combined by less than 70,000 votes.

All this talk that Bernie can not win is just chatter. Maybe its a little harder or close. Does not mean Bernie can not win. And I know this much. As a far left leaning person. I rather have Bernie in office than Biden or Bloomberg.

February 12, 2020

Amy Klobuchar Has Similar Struggles As Pete Buttigieg with Black voters


In a Washington Post poll of black voters earlier this month, Klobuchar was at 0% to Buttigieg’s 2%.

Now Klobuchar is facing criticism there this week over revelations about her decades-old prosecution of a black teenager. A group of black leaders in Minnesota called for her to suspend her campaign in light of an Associated Press investigation suggesting the 16-year-old boy Klobuchar put in jail for life may have been innocent.

Her home state’s two most prominent black politicians, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison, endorsed Bernie Sanders. Outside of Minnesota and the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, she has scarce support from people of color, including just one elected official, California Rep. Linda Sanchez, who endorsed her Saturday. No black elected officials have announced their support for Klobuchar in other states.

Perhaps more significantly, Klobuchar faces serious hurdles to winning over black voters moving forward: She spent a chunk of her career as a tough-on-crime prosecutor and has been criticized for failing to prosecute a single killing by the police when she headed prosecutions in Hennepin County, Minnesota’s largest county.

The revelation of serious flaws in the case Klobuchar built against Myon Burrell, the teenager Klobuchar charged with the murder of an 11-year-old girl, Tyesha Edwards, in Minneapolis, is likely to cause a further issue for Klobuchar.

Klobuchar has repeatedly used Burrell’s prosecution to bolster her own political career — including during her first Senate run, when she cut an ad with Edwards’ mother, who said, “When our little girl, Tyesha, was murdered, Amy saw to it that those gang members were put away.” And she brought the prosecution up in a recent Democratic debate, where she cited the case to deflect criticisms that she had not been committed to racial justice.

“I would say that Amy Klobuchar does not have any real connection to the black community in [Minneapolis] or in Minnesota,” said Nekima Levy Armstrong, a community activist and civil rights lawyer who joined calls for Klobuchar to suspend her campaign and address the Burrell case.

“She has portrayed herself as a tough-on-crime prosecutor while working to appeal to mainstream white middle-class voters. But the reality is that Klobuchar did measurable amounts of harm to the black community when she was the lead prosecutor in Hennepin County,” Levy Armstrong said.

Klobuchar has also been criticized for failing to bring charges against a single police officer who killed a citizen in her eight-year run as the top prosecutor in Minnesota’s most populous county. There were more than two dozen police-involved killings in that period. Minneapolis police have long faced allegations of excessive force — leading to unrest that culminated in widespread protests over the 2015 killing of Jamar Clark.

Deborah Berry, a Buttigieg supporter who served for 14 years as one of Iowa’s few black legislators, said she felt Klobuchar’s appeal to people of color should be receiving equal scrutiny.

“I do feel like it’s unfair,” said Berry, who endorsed Buttigieg in December and defended his record on race in a phone interview on Friday. “He encourages people to speak out,” she said, asking why voters didn’t have similar questions for Klobuchar. “It’s really frustrating.”

Leslie Redmond, the president of the Minneapolis NAACP, who had joined calls for Klobuchar’s campaign to be suspended, raised another contrast: between Klobuchar and another former candidate who was a prosecutor, Kamala Harris.

Black leaders in Minneapolis say they want Klobuchar to suspend her campaign in order to focus on helping Burrell, who is now 33.

“There’s no way that a person who represents good, old-fashioned Midwestern values can sit back silently and allow an innocent person to suffer inside the criminal justice system, knowing that they had a role in putting them there, and even using the case as a talking point in the debate,” said Levy Armstrong.

“Her response has been to try to deflect and put the focus on the current prosecutor. But if she’s going to take credit for putting this man behind bars in the first place, she needs to take responsibility now.”
February 12, 2020

Warren its time to say goodbye

I love you & your policies but staying in the race at this point is not for the American people it is for yourself.

A 3rd place finish in Iowa then losing more ground and finishing 4th with 9% in NH, a neighboring state to your home state.

Currently polling at 3rd or 4th in Nevada & 4th in South Carolina. There is no state on the map that the campaign can point to and say they will win. There is no road to victory at this point.

This only hurts you politically. You will be taking up space on the debate stage for candidates that still have a chance to win.

I would be making the same case for Joe but he is currently ahead in South Carolina & Nevada. He is also in top 2 in national polling. There is a path to winning the nomination. I would actually say a strong one. If he wins Nevada and South Carolina you will hear all the "comeback kid" talk and he will have lots of momentum.

But nobody can look at what has happen and look at the numbers for future states and make a case that Warren has any shot.

February 11, 2020

Biden's attack Ad against Pete backfired - bigtime

Not sure who is advising Biden but they need to be fired. The attack ad against Pete backfired.

First several people I have talked to the ad turned them off. They felt he shouldn't have attacked another democratic candidate. A lot of voters do not like that kind of negative ads.

But here is the part that really hurt. The ad did work that it lowered Pete's numbers but the support than went to Amy.

This is a nightmare scenario for Biden. Because Biden was looking at a 3rd place finish in NH which obviously is not good but its easier to dismiss as he turns to SC & Nevada.

But with Pete losing support and Amy gaining support, Amy could end up passing Biden. This would be a massive blow to the former Vice President. Then add into it that Warren could also pass Biden and we could be witnessing the start of the end of his campaign.

It was shortsighted attacking Pete because Pete in the long haul is little threat to Biden. After New Hampshire Pete polling numbers are not that good and Biden could easily pass Pete after Nevada & SC.

The real threat to Biden is Sanders after New Hampshire in the following two states. With Pete losing support, it will give Sanders an even bigger margin of victory and make Sanders look like a stronger candidate and harder to beat.

It would have been better if Pete could have upset Sanders in New Hampshire which he was on his way of doing just that. That would have made Sanders look weaker. Yes, that would have gave Pete momentum going into Nevada & SC but he is polling so far behind Biden that ground would have been hard to make up.

Pete is polling at 7 percent in Nevada compared to Biden at 21 percent. Sanders is at 17.5 percent. South Carolina Pete is at 5.5 percent with Biden at 31 percent and Sanders at 17.

If Sanders comes out of New Hampshire with a big victory and Biden finishing 4th or 5th that could help Sanders overtake Biden in Nevada and close the gap in South Carolina. Sanders then claim he won 3 of the first 4 states and Biden could look like a damage candidate. If this happens, we can look back at the attack ad Biden put out against Pete Buttigieg. A candidate that was never really a long term threat to Biden.

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