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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,826

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Democrats have been handed midterm victory on a plate.

Kavanaugh is the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee of all time, with a history of extreme political positions and misogyny not seen before, since Trump. We need to build on the anger and outrage that is out there.

The fact that Trump and Republicans have seen a boost in support is only because they are winning the propaganda war and influencing those who are not paying a lot of attention.

We have a month to get our messaging across in a way that is not drowned out by the Republican lies. Democrats seeking election cannot be passive, but must capitalize on values that are alien to both Kavanaugh and to Trump. The contrast between the values of Democrats and Republicans has not greater for generations, and most people support most Democratic positions. I believe we need to make those differences clear. We have been handed a blue wave. It is ours to lose.

If Manchin is a yes, should he be thrown out of the party?

Not for freely exercising his right to vote as he wishes, but for voting for a nominee who showed under testimony that he is a partisan POS by attacking the integrity of Democrats.

What happened to Lindsey Graham?

I remember when he called Trump a race-bating xenophobic bigot. He was a moderate voice. Now he has ditched every principle he ever held. He has no empathy for anyone, apart from the man he dismissed as an irrelevant racist. He cannot even show empathy for a woman who says she was the victim of an attempted rape. People don't just change into a different person. Something happened. Something got to him. Something changed beyond all recognition. What happened?

What happened to Trump's army of Twitter defenders, bots and trolls?

Have you noticed that when you now read a Tweet from Trump, there are barely any posts that support him? You can now read dozens of replies to his Tweets that call out his lies and narcissism, without any of them defending him. This is a good change in the last week or so. Were nearly all his defenders bots that have been banned?

If Trump is mentally ill, is it acceptable to mock him?

Caught on film, Alex Jones to Marco Rubio: "The Democrats are raping Republicans."

“Marco Rubio the snake,” Jones replied. “Hur hur hur. Little frat boy over here.”

Jones then patted Rubio on the shoulder.

“Don’t touch me again, man. I’m asking you not to touch me,” Rubio said.

- SNIP -

Jones then asked if he would be arrested for touching the senator.

“You’re not gonna get arrested, man. I’ll take care of it myself,” Rubio said.

Jones then accused Rubio of threatening physical violence. When Rubio went back to speaking with reporters, Jones again interrupted.

“The Democrats are raping Republicans. The Democrats are raping Infowars.”


538: Trump meltdown as approval average sinks below 40% to lowest level since February


I will pay Gregory Bailey, 58, dispatcher and driver in Oklahoma City, $100,000

if he can provide proof that Robert Mueller "only hired Democrats for the investigation," as reported by USA Today. Repeating the Idiot-in-Chief is not proof.

Gregory Bailey, 58, dispatcher and driver for an auto parts company in Oklahoma City, is among the Republican faithful, calling Mueller "corrupt" and his inquiry "a farce." He echoes some of the arguments Trump has made on Twitter against the investigation. Mueller "only hired Democrats for the investigation," Bailey says. "It doesn't take a year and a half to find something on Russian collusion, and collusion is not even a crime."


What will Trumpy Troll be doing on the day of John McCain's funeral?

1/ Go into a crazed Twitter rant with threats or unsubstantiated allegations against his perceived enemies that will focus attention on Trump.

2/ Make a controversial announcement to focus attention on Trump.

3/ Fire somebody to focus attention on Trump.

4/ Hold a rally or give a controversial speech to focus attention on Trump.

5/ Another asshole act to focus attention on Trump.

Should and could there be another election before 2020 if election was hacked?

If it is proven that the election was affected by a Trump/Russia conspiracy, should there be another election before 2020?

If so, what do you think the red line should be that triggers that decision? Would it have to include the actual hacking of the election results? What form of proof would we need?

What mechanism would be used to call for a new election? Example, at least a two-thirds senate and house vote in favor?

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