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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 10:14 AM
Number of posts: 1,823

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Politico's site for ongoing returns

is easier to follow that than the cable networks.


Anti-Abrams posts on Facebook

Haven't seen anything sketchy on FB until yesterday when I say posts saying that Abrams was supported by the communists and another ancient picture of three Black Panthers saying that the new Black Panther party supported Abrams.

I said I'd "drop dead" if Georgia

elected a black, female governor. I'm officially taking it back. It's beginning to look like I might actually live to see this miracle. GO STACEY ABRAMS!!!!!!!!!!


Birthright citizenship revocation

will have to hinge on the mother, right? Otherwise anyone could point to a male citizen and say, he's the father. Am I thinking right here?


The Devil’s Triangle is NOT a drinking game. Kavanaugh lied.

“—skies” means brewskies, and everybody knows it. Kavanaugh lied.

"Boof" means taking in alcohol anally. Kavanaugh lied.

“FFFF” is an acronym for Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them." Kavanaugh claimed this was not an acronym, but rather a play on a friend with a verbal tic who "wound up" his F's before saying the F-word. Kavanaugh lied.

The “Renate Alumnus" entry in his yearbook refers to Renate Schroeder and clearly was a reference to sexual familiarity. Schroeder was one of 65 women who signed a letter sent to the Senate attesting to Kavanaugh's honorable treatment about women. Kavanaugh lied.

“Barfing” is a slang term for throwing up and everybody knows it. The reference in the yearbook occurred in relationship to Kavanaugh’s barfing on a prep school trip that involved heavy drinking. Kavanaugh claimed it was a casual reference to his well-known weak stomach. Kavanaugh lied.

Kavanaugh claimed that his beer consumption in high school was legal because the drinking age in Maryland was 18. In reality, by the time he was 18, the drinking age was 21. Kavanaugh lied.

He repeatedly said that all witnesses had refuted Dr. Ford’s testimony. That was a whopper. KAVANAUGH IS A LIAR.

I am a child?

My youth in Memphis contains recollections of the Sanitation Strike which drew MLK to town and ultimately led to his assassination. The marchers then, if you've read your history, wore signs that said, "I am a Man." I remembering wondering then about the need for stating something so obvious. But here, SO many years later, this terrible, sad echo.


Eve, the apple, and I'm outta' here

This forum was the main thing I enjoyed and the main reason I've stayed in DU, but it's just become too mean-spirited for me. I did want, as my last post, to say thank you to those who've helped me with ideas for my book and my Meet UP group and for the thoughts, and especially the laughs. you shared. Stay strong. Illegitimi non carborundum.

Eve and the apple

While this may be unsettling to many of you I feel compelled to pass on an enlightening tidbit from this week’s research. The food item, eaten by Eve in the Garden of Eden and condemning man to sin and guilt, was most definitely NOT an apple. The misconception may have resulted from monkish wordplay (the Latin word for apple is mala, the word for evil, mali) in translations, but it tweren’t no apple! Other suggestions for the actual edible have been wheat, a fig, a grape, a nut, an olive, and my personal favorite, a banana. At any rate, if millions of believers have been misled, for millennia, about the fabled fruit, is it possible that Judeo-Christian credo contains (gasp) other errors?

Dressing Divinely

Ok, folks, I'm back at the trough. You've helped me tremendously in the past, not just with my book in progress, but with ideas and thoughts for my Meet-up group Deep Dives on issues of concern to Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists. This is an appeal for material for a chapter on religious clothing, (and accessories and hair and jewelry, etc.). Beyond the Mormon underwear and the Pope's red shoes, there's a TON of material, but I want to know what YOU think is funniest, most ridiculous, most ironic in terms of what folks wear/have worn to identify themselves as "Holy." And what you think when you see such garb. All ideas gratefully accepted.

How weird is this?

and should I worry about my devotion to my new MacBook?

Apply Causes Religious Reactions in Brains of Fans

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