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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
July 5, 2023

Remember that if you are detained and your relatives cry to the

U.S. government to exchange you for a criminal, spy or dissident.

June 29, 2023

Right-wingers trying to destroy New York pizza! That's it! WAR!

Seven years ago, the city imposed a requirement that coal-burning pizza parlors had to put filters on their exhaust fans to limit the emissions that can harm neighbors. Most restaurants in NYC already had that regulation as do pizza places in Italy. Most NYC pizza places have already installed them in spite of the fact that the regulation, originally required by 2020, was delayed until now.

So those out-of-state right-wingers who probably don't know real pizza from an old tire, are blaming liberals for "killing New York Pizza" when in fact their scare tactics will be the cause of any problems. See The Guardian article.

It's bad enough they deny civil rights, run insurrections, try to be fascists and want to destroy NYC but when they attack our pizza, it is time to rise up and make them eat Texas pizza as a punishment!

June 25, 2023

"Harvard professor who studies honesty accused of falsifying data in studies"

From The Guardian:

So ironic!

A day later, a blog called DataColoda and run by three behavioral science academics published a four-part series of posts that detailed extensive evidence of the alleged fraud in four academic papers co-authored by Gino.

“We discovered evidence of fraud in papers spanning over a decade, including papers published quite recently (in 2020),” the blog authors, ESADE Business School’s Uri Simonsohn, University of California, Berkeley’s Leif Nelson, and University of Pennsylvania’s Joseph Simmons wrote.

“In the fall of 2021, we shared our concerns with Harvard Business School. Specifically, we wrote a report about four studies for which we had accumulated the strongest evidence of fraud. We believe that many more Gino-authored papers contain fake data. Perhaps dozens,” the scholars said.

No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
June 25, 2023

But Prigozhin claimed nobody was killed. How can multiple planes and helicopters

be shot down and trucks be hit on the road as well as the HQ bombed and there not be any deaths?

I'm not sure I believe any of the whole thing. It all seems fake.

June 25, 2023

Yes. And I've said this many times. Corporate crimes will not stop until

the people that do it are held accountable instead of blaming the corporation, having their insurers pay part of the money and their shareholders pay the rest as their stock value goes down.

When corporate executive know they will be blamed (after all, they get the big bonuses for "success&quot , they will think the next time and so will execs from other companies.

June 21, 2023

Half of Texas voters believe the impeachment of Ken Paxton was justified, poll finds

Texas Tribune

I guess the other half says it's okay as he is a Republican and that's normal behavior or haven't figured it out yet.

17% say it wasn't justified with 31% saying they had no opinion. Those with no opinion don't read or watch the news, I guess.

June 15, 2023

There ARE UFOs!

If nobody has yet figured out what it is, it is UNIDENTIFIED

If it is moving through the air (other than just falling straight down), it is FLYING

If it is "something perceptible by one or more of the senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing", it is an OBJECT

So if I hit a baseball in the air or shoot an arrow and nobody knows what it was, but saw it moving, and couldn't identify it, then it is a UFO.

Ban Major League Baseball. We need Bow Control laws.

How come there are so many reported landings and "creatures" come from them but all the evidence suddenly disappears?

I know. After they destroy half the world, some obscure scientist comes up with a bizarre argon-generating blaster that kills them all then governments cover it all up by changing all the maps to show the destroyed cities never existed.

Then again, aliens would explain why so many people in this country turned into idiots and bow to Lord Donald. Mind Control.

Hey, it's not like I am against mind control as people have a right to have no brain. I don't want to be bigoted at those without brains. There is nothing wrong with mind control as long as it's me doing the controlling.

June 12, 2023

Republican official appears to have moved $1.3m from nonprofit to own law firm

Source: The Guardian

San Francisco lawyer Harmeet Dhillon is a fixture on Fox News who has garnered support from the likes of Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham; she also helms a nonprofit that appears to have directed more than $1m into her law firm, Dhillon Law Group.


Last November, Dhillon was able to mount a serious challenge to Ronna McDaniel for chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Archived snapshots of her campaign’s official website touted endorsements from elected officials such as Gaetz and conservative media figures such as Carlson, Ingraham and Jack Posobiec.
Fox News said Carlson was in breach of contract and that it ‘reserves all rights and remedies which are available to it’.
Tucker Carlson lawyer hits back at Fox News claim of contract breach
Read more


The Guardian has found that at least $1.32m has been transferred from the CAL to her law firm, Dhillon Law Group, in a move one charity expert described as “problematic”. Additionally, state and federal filings show Dhillon takes a $120,000 salary from CAL for a two-hour work week.

Meanwhile, the nonprofit has entered into a close relationship with a well-heeled rightwing foundation whose financial generosity has been matched by a seat on the nonprofit’s board.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jun/12/harmeet-dhillon-republican-lawyer-rnc-fox-news

Yet another important figure in the Republican Party gets caught dipping their fingers into the till.
June 9, 2023

I guess Jack Smith likes Trump's lawyers. He invited them back again to see him!

Guys, we had such a nice discussion a couple of days ago. How about stopping by next Tuesday? Bring your white-haired friend with you. He's more than welcome. I insist and so does the judge.

June 8, 2023

Have you heard the story of the American Christian Evangelist who

died and when he got to heaven, he was personally met by St Peter? Moreover, there were legions of angels singing and playing harps. He was amazed at the reception. St. Peter personally showed him to his place in heaven which was a lavish mansion. It was decorated with bunting and a large sign welcoming him to heaven. He turned to St. Peter and said he anticipated what heaven would be like but this far exceeded his wildest dreams. He asked if everyone was treated so royally and St Peter replied "No. This only happens for really special people. I've been here for 2000 years and you are the first Christian Evangelist or Baptist in all that time to make it up here."

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