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Wonder Why

Wonder Why's Journal
Wonder Why's Journal
August 28, 2023

They opened the 1828 lead box found in a monument at West Point! Amazing news!

It was Hunter's laptop and all the evidence the Repugs need to impeach Biden!

Well, maybe not.


The tension Monday in West Point’s Robinson Auditorium could be cut with a knife. A nearly 200-year-old lead time capsule sat center stage in a room brimming with anxious onlookers, its sealed lid slowly prying open as an archaeologist meticulously slid a gleaming blade from one side to the other.

With one last incision, the lid wiggled free. The archaeologist reached for a flashlight, the cube’s dark interior preserving its final moments of secrecy. Top officers, senior historians, libraries, archivists and museum curators leaned forward, the oxygen in the room suddenly in short supply.

In what could either be the most dazzling illustration of an anticlimactic “hurry up and wait” gathering or one of the best pranks in military history — perhaps both — the culmination of a centuries-old mystery at the U.S. Military Academy amounted to little more than some dirt.

Academy staff said they expect to sift through the silt and will research a marking on the underside of the container’s lid in the near future, but for now, it appears as if the container’s contents — and its generational ties — are merely dust in the wind.

Well, so much for Republican dreams.
August 26, 2023

An Ode(?) to donald Trump

On First Gazing on Trump’s Mugshot

Much has unravell'd in the MAGA world,
With many goodly indictments on our screens;
But many red-state strongholds have I seen
Which hoards in fealty to the Donald hold.
Yet one world-wide exposure has been foretold:
That deep-brow'd loser, snapped at the scene;
Yet did I never dream of his tonsure’s sheen,
Till I beheld that basilisk stare, dead and cold:
Then felt I like a prisoner who’s surprised
When a decree comes to end his torture;
Thanks to brave Fani, who with eagle eyes
Has star'd down the traitors—election forgers
Look'd at each other with a wild surmise—
Silent, within a jail in Georgia.

This is NOT mine. Found posted as a comment on The Guardian by a poster named 7leagueboots on
August 25, 2023

Putin honors Trump with new postage stamp


It says, I think

Russia 1 kopek

Forever stamp

A kopek is 1/100 of a Ruble and a ruble is now worth about a penny.

August 25, 2023

Now we know the real reason Donnie wouldn't join the Republican debate

He knows that on Fox News, they ask all sorts of stupid questions unrelated to the subject at hand and he was afraid they might ask him

August 24, 2023

I'm proud to be a "Savage Animal"

The Evil Monster called Democrats "Savage Animals". I guess I am one of them and I'm proud to stand up as one. Anyone else want to join?

He's pushing for a Civil War.

August 20, 2023

Hilary approaches California. Republicans claim Biden is attacking Newsom

to insure his nomination by sending Hilary there.

As Hilary approaches California, leading republicans in congress are up in arms.

Matt Gaetz says that it proves the indictments of Trump are a Democratic plot.

McCarthy refuses to make any comment fearing he will be voted out as Speaker.

MTG makes a comment blaming Biden is controlling the weather and gets thrown out of the mental hospital as incurable.

MAGA supporters increase donations to Trump and buy more Trump Dollars.

Mike Pence says he knows Democratic Party doesn't like him but they don't want to hang him.

Trump rails against Hurricanes on Truth Social unless they hit Florida.

DeSantis says Hurricanes are 'woke'.

Giuliani was wondering if Hurricane Hilary would pay his legal bills.

Jordan thinks the hurricane was caused by Hunter's laptop and wants a new investigation.

A Georgia state politician says Willis was in cahoots with Hilary and should be indicted on charges she helped bring on the hurricane.

Kari Lake says Biden brought the hurricane to California instead of Arizona to feed FEMA money there like he did in Hawaii.

August 15, 2023

Trump's Last Song - Thanks to Gene Autry. Here it is

I'm heading for the last roundup
Gonna saddle old Paint for the last time and ride
So long, old pal, it's time your tears were dried
I'm heading for the last roundup

Git along little dogie, git along, git along
Git along little dogie, git along, git along
Git along little dogie, git along, git along
Git along little dogie, git along, git along

I'm heading for the last roundup
To the far away ranch of the Boss in the sky
Where the strays are counted and branded there go I
I'm heading for the last roundup

I'm heading for the last roundup
There'll be Buffalo Bill with his long snow-white hair
There'll be old Kit Carson and Custer waiting there
A-riding in the last roundup


"|Autry singing Donnie's song]
August 12, 2023

'Better martyrs': the growing role of women in the far-right movement

‘Better martyrs’: the growing role of women in the far-right movement

And here I thought that women couldn't possibly be as stupid as men except for a few nutcases. Oh well!

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