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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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News - The Warring Democrats Are Truly Divided This Time

Half of the Democrats think the planet is being ran by a Jewish cabal of pedophiles led by alien reptile people with fire starting lazers. The other half think the planet is being ran by a secret cabal of child trafficking pedophiles led by Hillary Clinton and is taking orders from alien bird people.

Stay tuned....

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is The Rotting Fish Tied Around All Republicans Necks

They are all walking/stumbling around, and are too stupid to know where the horrible smell is coming from.

It isn't just Trump.

I know some (right wing) folks are like bears, and the worse it smells the better, but the rest of America, yuk!!!!

I know today's Republicans want to lock up the Ku Klux Klan vote, and will do what's necessary, but there isn't enough Klansmen to keep them winning elections.

Yes, we gotta add the Q-Anon votes to the Klansmen's votes, but it still doesn't amount to 50% plus 1 in most of America. For the sake of unity I won't mention the parts of America where the Q/Klan/Nazi vote is over 50%. I'm being nice tonight.


We Love All Democratic Senators - If We Tax The Super Wealthy A Little Bit - No Deficit

It is simple. We can do what is needed to help struggling Americans without adding to the debt. I know the 1% or the 1/10th of 1% will have to buy yachts 10% smaller, but I think they could handle it if they really tried.

If we taxed some of "their" constantly growing $55 Trillion in wealth, we could pay for what it would take for our economy to recover quickly once vaccines are given out. The rest of America can recover as fast as Amazon stockholders are amassing wealth.

I know making the super rich pay taxes at the same rates working Americans do sounds cray cray but well, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Just remind the complainers we laid off all the scientists looking for viruses in China to pay for their last tax cut. That will shut them up.

Russia Groomed Trump For Decades To Destroy The Republican Party

Republicans used to be "hawks" when it came to Russia.

Now they love Russia, and travel there for directions and to get help it appears.

And the "party" defends Putin's number one asset in America.


Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Appeasing Cowards And Psycho Rabble Is Today's Republican Party

How is America to survive?

With little law and no order.

I fear Abu Gharib justice is coming. The night shift gets prosecuted and all the officers get ignored.

If I remember right Bush's grandfather lead a coup and got away.

I think our country only pretends to be America.

Thank God there wasn't a plan for a Trump Tower Tokyo on Dec 8th 1941.

We would all be speaking Japanese.

Will Senate Republicans Turn Out To Be The Biggest Cowards

In the history of the world?

If the Capitol Ravagers got ahold of Little Marco does anyone think he would have been spared? Anyone?

Is there a word that means coward worse than the word coward that describes the appeasement of Trump?

You can use pathetic coward, and treasonous coward, but I want one word.

Maybe we need to make a new word somehow.

Cowardice that sinks to the level of modern Senate Republicans.

Methinks we needeth a new word for the biggest chickens EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

Has Anyone Caught The Press Secretary Hiding In The Bushes Yet

I mean c'mon gimme a break.

What's the world coming to....

It's been a week of normal.

I can't hold out much longer.

When Can We Return To Lies Tweeted Every 5 Minutes - These White House Briefings

Hurt my brain....

1.2 Trillion Tons Of Ice Melting Per Year And Keeps Increasing - F Coal And Gas And Petroleum

Supporting coal, and fossil fuel is literally attempted murder.

Of your grandkids.

Tax carbon, and subsidize renewables.

It isn't rocket surgery.

Gas costs $20 per gallon if you count the wars, and pollution, and that doesn't even include climate change.

(We didn't drop 7 trillion in Iraq because of sand)

God humans need help understanding stuff....

Anyone Defending Trump After His Attempted Coup Is A Effing TRAITOR

Yes, that means you Rand Paul.


Every Single Effing One

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