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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,651

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I Am So Sick Of The Narrative - Media And The People Who Are Supposed To Represent Me - Capitol Riot

Intelligence Failure My Ass
The riot and attack on the capitol building was PLANNED.
The "leadership" of ALL SECURITY REGARDING THE CAPITOL willingly let the attack take place.
Anyone with a working brain knew there was most likely to be trouble and they PURPOSELY did not prepare for trouble because they thought it would upset Der Fuhrer Trump seeing National Guard in place, just in case.

The media, and everyone else is refusing to state this FACT.

What happened was no surprise. The assault on the capitol was planned, and lots of people knew about it in advance and decided to "let it happen" instead of defending our nation's capitol.

There were basically in on it.

Now that is the narrative.

It's like we knew the Japanese Fleet was approaching Pearl Harbor but didn't want to do anything because it might upset the Emperor of Japan.

No intelligence failure. Every single person in intelligence knew Psychopath Trump Supporters were gonna be coming looking for blood.

The media is basically LYING to us again, and no one representing me has the courage to just say "They Were All In On It".

Intelligence failure just like 9-11 after Bush was warned in his face in Crawford.

I have very little hope for my country when no one has the courage to state the obvious truth.

They Stood Down On Purpose. I don't know the reason for sure but they stood down on purpose.


America Can't Let Ron Johnson Get Away With What He Said

Look around. We are where we are because of lying treasonous scum craving power. Human filth who spread hate and lies for money and support.

This crap has to stop.

Biden can't fix what Ron Johnsons lies create.

It's up to us to do something.

I don't know what but Johnson needs TO PAY FOR HIS LIES.

I Am Sorry If You Are A Republican You Are My Mortal Enemy And My Country's Deadly Enemy

Some of you can reach out to Republicans. That is fine, and if you have the stomach for that go for it.

For me today's Republicans are worse than 1930's Nazis. They must be utterly destroyed.

Now not every single Republican is as bad as other ones, but the "party" is a criminal pack of traitors who would gladly watch millions of Americans die if they thought it would help them amass a tiny bit of power. If you disagree, name one thing Republicans did to help Obama create jobs. Yeah, thought so.

My mission in life is to destroy the Republican Party and the unquenchable greed, terror, racism, and death it represents and promotes.

When I was suffering in 2008, and 2009 Republicans (admittedly) were working to destroy Obama (and make him a 1 term president) and to hell with my family.


I applaud Mitt, and Lisa, and even Susan for the times they voted to not kill me, but those votes barely move the needle. John McCain also voted to not kill me once or twice, and I called his office to thank him, back when Republicans answered their phones. Mitt, Lisa, and Susan need to leave their party of Trump / McConnell / Sick Bastards Withy Rat Brains or be destroyed. They won't be able to fix it. Ever. EVER.

My job isn't president, and I support my president's efforts to work with my enemies, because that is necessary. He can be the carrot, and I will be a thousand BIG sticks. When Republicans start giving a damn about Americans who aren't insanely rich, or living in a "trickle down" fantasy world I may change my mind. As for today all Republicans are an organized criminal gang who would burn our country to the ground to hold onto power.

To hell with them.

I checked my Act Blue Express and it says $6,232.82. I had over $12,000 in my Act Blue before I got the express. Republicans need to be defeated/destroyed everywhere, even if it means spending money I shouldn't be spending.


Neera Tanden Went Easy Tweeting About Treasonous Lying Republican Filth

The truth is that Republicans are far worse overall than any tweet anyone could type.

If I said what I truly thought I would get a visit from folks in dark suits.

All Republicans are scum who support voter suppression at every level, and hate democracy.

Every Single One.

Republicans Are A Disease.

Well Trump You Killed Your Half Million Americans Ya Happy Now?

Are you worried about how "those numbers" look now?

Covigula Trump.

Makes Caligula look like a lightweight.

Republicans Who Have Done No Crimes Have Nothing To Fear From Garland Or Vance Or Any Others

Democrats don't do political prosecutions.

Criminals? That's another matter.

Covid Relief Includes Helping People Affected Economically From Covid - Tell The Republicans

It is not just about vaccine distribution.

I know they play stupid, so we need to point out how stupid they act whenever possible.

Even their rat-brain followers can hopefully figure out Republicans only care about billionaires.

Use Texas Tax Dollars To Pay Electric Bill Ransom

That is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

Jerry Jones doesn't need more billions.

Utility rape?

I say no.

$17,000 electric bill for a week in one house?

Do I look stupid.

Have The U. N. Take Over Myanmar And Take The Coup Leaders

To the Hague if they open fire.

Make the U. N. not useless for once.

Q-Anon Problem Solved - Have Parents Family Members Committed

Put their assets in a trust for safekeeping till they are de-programmed.

Only thing I can think of.

Any better ideas?

All ears.
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