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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
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Bernie And Elizabeth Gets Little Credit For Telling It Like It Is

A billionaire ran country with mounting insane debt, wealth inequality worse than at any time in our history, a warming planet close to collapse, and a system where billionaires get our tax $$$ in corporate socialism, but we are expected to pay our taxes like good citizens to fund their private jets, and 100 room mansions across the planet.

Thousands of Americans die each year from lack of proper medical care simply because saving their lives is not profitable enough for our government's owners.

For any politician to do anything that is not a direct benefit to the 1% they face an army of lobbyists with billions in backing to attack them with. Soshillizzim. Having billionaires pay taxes like working people is soshillizzim.

I am sick of living in an oligarchy. Monopolies own everything with little choice for services.

Google America Is An Oligarchy" This is what you get from Wikipedia:

"The modern United States has also been described as an oligarchy because economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence."

I am the one with little to no influence.

Thank you Bernie, and Elizabeth for not being "moderate" while I am being robbed blind.

I can handle the truth.

It is our job to let the lemmings understand they are being robbed blind too. Eventually it will get through to them. Hopefully before they need help that will never be there unless someone makes a profit.

A.B. Stoddard Just Shut The F Up About Bernie

90 Trillion in Bernie Plans no one can pay for. Bullsh*t.

Like we aren't paying trillions now for corporate profitcare when 68,000 a year die from crap or no healthcare.

They don't go to the doctor because they can't afford it. By the time it gets "bad" it is stage 4 everything and it costs millions to ease their suffering while they die. Of course their families go bankrupt too, so they lose a loved one and their house, and everything else. I know media mouthpieces have great healthcare and big paychecks so nothing regular people have to deal with affect your type.

A.B. just come out and say you hate Bernie before babbling your lies and distractions.

How do we pay for healthcare now? We don't. People die by the thousands IN AMERICA. Of course they go bankrupt before they die.

College? How does everyone else pay for it. Not by grinding students into the ground making them debtors for life.

MSNBC get A.B. out of my face. She makes my skin crawl.

No really. She has to go.

A Little Help For Mayor Pete

I just realized something about you (and others) asking Bernie "how you going to pay for" Medicare For All.

Reality. If every American is covered overall health will improve immensely.

Now for your help.

Even though fewer Americans will be sick with universal coverage, and treating them will cost a whole lot less with M4A, there is something you and your "friends" are overlooking.

Millions of people will be getting sick in the future. Now, with the current system they are not getting treatment. In the future they will simply go bankrupt and die unless something changes where ALL AMERICANS GET QUALITY HEALTHCARE. It is not "how much it costs" at all. We need to treat the sick Americans. Period.

How much it costs does matter but keeping them alive matters 100 times more.

Many will fight to keep their "current healthcare" which is far better than the average American's healthcare. Like my Cadillac with gold plated hubcaps Healthcare, which I appreciate. Spouse working for a University is good for my family. Too bad spouse can't quit so we have to join healthcare lottery nightmare.

Mayor Pete. How much it costs is not the problem. All them people dying while we play word games, and play on people's fears is the real problem. I saw a number of 68,000 needless deaths per year somewhere. Other countries deliver healthcare far better on average than we do for half as much. They pay less for EVERYTHING and get far better outcomes when their corporations are not in charge.

Did I help?

Our Kids Know Who The Horrible Establishment Really Is - They Want Change

Younger Americans how bleak all of their futures truly are.

This is why most "young people" support one candidate over the others.

Let's get started. "The Establishment" covers a lot of ground.

Younger Democrats and other non fossils like me can see trillions in debt and a collapsing planet with 500 extinctions a day on the horizon. Bees? Meh. Who needs 'em. Good luck kiddies. Greta understands. So does her friends. They have eyes. Just not futures.

Our kids and grand kids will get to see it all collapse so the 1% of today can keep their yachts and their private jets, made possible by armies of lobbyists. Un-taxed corporations are actually writing legislation voted for BY BOTH PARTIES. Their major stockholders just want returns. The future of the planet means NOTHING to our un-taxed owners. Weather "problems" don't affect the wealthy.

Millions of kids and Bernie understand what is around the corner (and already here)


How few understand what's coming.

It's not just deplorables denying reality.

California and Australia's fires are not even getting fun yet. And it's not even warm yet. The world's coral reefs are not all dead yet. Yet. I read within 30 years commercial fishing in the ocean will be non-existent. Can anyone here imageine 3 to 5 degrees celcius?

1% has half the world's wealth and 95% of the power. They are reaping record profits and will stop anyone (candidate) who gets in their way. They have armies of lobbyists taking on the lobbyists fighting for the future of the planet, fighting pollution, and promoting economic justice.

Their money is what fuels "The Establishment" here, and elsewhere.

Who is brave enough to take them on?

We all know the answer.

Stay away from places like Paradise CA, or Pateros WA my friends in the meantime. Fire season is almost here. Being burned alive really can ruin your day. Have you ever watched your town burn to the ground? I have. My rage comes from a special place. Reality in Eastern Washington. Fire zone every summer. My mom had to evacuate 8 times one year she said. Trump is only a symptom of the disease. All those victims voted for Trump because he lied and told them he would make things batter. They (like fools) believed the con man. No one here was that stupid.

"The Establishment" is anyone helping the 1% maintain control, regardless the consequences. Folks looking to "get paid" for their "work". Who pays? The corporations who need 5 million a year lobbyists. I watched my friends give Boeing (who pays zero income tax) 10 BILLION DOLLARS in tax cuts to "stay" in Washington. Insane. And it had to be done "because". The game is rigged. Against me, you, and our families.

Sorry. Someone had to explain it.

Someone has to change it. It may already be too late.

Saying we need a revolution is putting it mildly. It's a pay to play world.


It Would Be Easy For Bernie To Win - Zero Income Tax SS Medicare On First 50K Earned

Bernie could claim give me a super majority in the house and senate and we will repeal the Trump tax scam. We will pass legislation raising the SS cap to infinity, and apply it to sensible capital gains. Eliminate loopholes were the 1% and the corporations they own pay no taxes and start paying down the national debt by using some of the 50 trillion the 1% has amassed. Do it in a way that would make Robin Hood proud.

With non corporate owned "politicians" in charge it would be doable.

You only get YOUR tax cut if you vote for Democrats who approve of the new "Real Fairness Tax Act" of 2021.

No super majority then Mitch will stop it like he stops all other good legislation.

Put it out there.

See what the droolers think about their REAL TAX BREAK, and not the fantasy one the Republicans tricked them with.

It won't happen, but it would be nice to fix the (untaxed billionaire) problem for once.

David Koch Inherited 10 Billion Died With 50 Billion And Paid No Income Tax SS Or Medicare

Don't you love paying taxes so the David Koch's of this world don't have to?

Wake the F up people.

How To Shut Up A Trump Cult MAGA Moron

Say "I'll bet you $50 you can't name one thing Trump hasn't lied about".


Now bugger off....

Dear Mr. Trump Go Ahead And Tweet Something

So Mr. Bloomberg can rip your pathetic lying ass to shreds. Again, and again, and again.

Yes Donnie Dipsh*t, they are laughing at you, and your stupidity, like always.

Being a bully surrounded by a cult of disturbed racist scum isn't really all it's cracked up to be is it Donnie Boy?

We Still Haven't Seen The Mueller Report

All the bad stuff Trump's friends did is still secret.

Don't forget.

Rachel Is Right - Today We Officially Became A Banana Republic

Where law enforcement protects the dictator's allies, and goes after his enemied.

It is now official.


Trump has Barr standing on one side of the scales of justice, helping Trump's criminal accomplices and pursuing Trump's enemies.

Welcome to the "New" America.

Just like Russia!!!!
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