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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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VA elections

I hope the upcoming elections in VA are desisive. It will only add more credence that Trump and GOP is in trouble.


After long thought and after talking to my friends in various states, I'm supporting Joe Biden. I'm, at heart, more of a Warren or Sanders, progressive. I supported Bernie in 2016. I love Beto and yearn for a fresh face like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. That said, Joe Biden will defeat Trump. Period. Joe can win Florida, Arizona, Ohio- he will expand the map. The others, in my opinion, can't. Warren will not win Florida. She just won't. She dosent have to but if you want to end election night early- take Florida. I'm supportive of any nominee and will work relentlessly for any. I want to beat Trump all over the map and Joe can.

States in play

As we make the case for our perspective nominees preferences I was thinking.....First..... any of these candidates that end up as nominee will likely win the popular vote. Second...Let's be real. There are only about 8 states in play ( give or take). I hope we choose the nominees that is in the best position to win those states. I think of Florida and if we can win there it's an early election night. I'm not so influenced by policy this cycle. I would support a horse over Trump but who can compete in Florida and put maybe Arizona or Georgia in play? FYI... the more I see Andrew Gillum and talk to my contacts at HBCU's - his addition would flat out add fire to that group..

My 95 year old aunt

A little perspective. My aunt is a fiesty, life long Democrat. A FDR Democrat. Still votes. We talked last night at her house and politics came up. She loathes Trump but made good points. She said is bad as things seem in America, it pales to past problems in America. She said race relations, infrastructure, health care ( at least ability to get care) is so much better than anytime in her life. She said she saw a Great Depression, world war and terrible racial atrocities that a person of my age simply could never imagine. She told me to vote, stay engaged but live life free of angst and fear. She said things will work out and blames social media and non stop news for the constant anxiety and divide. She said myself and my son have it "made in the shade" compared to generations past ( my son is biracial). She told me to "turn the damn tv news and internet off and go enjoy life and some things you can't control ". Good talk aunty

Our nominee with choose a VP early

Unlike our last two nominees who have won the Presidency ( young and/or minority), it looks like our nominee this cycle will be white and much older. This begs for a running mate that is youthful and or a more accurate representation of our base, a person of color. Two names are glaring. Abrams AND Gillum. Both came within a few thousand votes of winning in southern, conservative states. Better yet, both ran unusually progressive campaigns in those states. To be fair, as someone from the south, even in losing, thier campaigns were extraordinary successes. I think our nominee with choose early and it won't be someone they have shared the stage with.


I don't know who our nominee is going to be but I dont really care at this point. I'll support any of the current candidates. However, Trump is a different type of candidate and 2020 is a different election. We need a fighter. A brawler. Trump needs to be called a racist. A sexual predator. A bigot. A traitor. A supporter of terrorist states- every single day until the election. We don't need some mealy mouth, "come together" nominee. We don't need endless policy papers about positions that the public can't understand nor processes. The voters are not graduate students. We need a candidate who can articulate a vicious assault on Trump, his actions and yes- those who support his actions. Presidential elections are personality contests and were facing a bully who's will run a scorched earth campaign. We need a bully who will take him on and if the media has an issue with it- take them on too. Americans loves a fighter. Bill Clinton fought. Republicans fight. It's time we stop playing by the rules of past elections and push back- hard or we will lose

spot on really

Neither her or Nadler will act. The House leadership has a big bark but little bite.


These hearings are a dog and pony show. There are zero repercussions for refusing to attend or simply attending and snubbing your nose at the leadership. An emboldened group of criminals that can get free airtime for video clips of them standing up to the Democrats.

I just can't get excited

I'm still undecided and to be honest not particularly excited about any of the frontrunners. I'll support, vigorously, the nominee but I was hoping for a younger canidate outside the Washington establishment. I was looking forward to the potential generational contrast on a debate stage next fall. Bill Clinton and Obama were fresh and inspiring, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, although good people, just seemed like Wahington rehashed politicians. My hope was our party would be the face of the future and not the face of DC. Personality, not particular policy, wins General Presidential elections. Any of our canidates will win more votes, I just hope if it's Warren, Sanders or Biden- they can bring along a record turnout in the heartland to win the EC. I'll probably vote for Pete or Beto in primary. I just think they provide the best contrast to Trump going forward. Fingers crossed.

Biden will be the nominee

Joe isn't my first choice or my second but barring some catastrophic event, he's already been vetted and will be the nominee. I also think, after talking to my activist friends in Atlanta that he will pick Stacey Abrams as his running mate ( they seem to think the two have already discussed it). Agian, just my guy and early prediction from 30 years of working in the trenches.
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