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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
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Trumped lied about his losses to keep from having to pay taxes for 8 years.

If this can happen for the wealthy with no penalties then something is wrong with our laws and our tax laws. They need to be changed. Everyone, including corporations who are determined to be "people" should have to pay some amount of taxes. They reside in the US, use our roads, highways, utilities etc. they should have to pay taxes.

Stopped by to hear what the folks on C-SPAN were talking about.

Couldn't listen for more than four callers. Yuck! Are they owned by FOX noe?

Issues that voters need to understand about prisoner voting rights etc. It's not that complicated

I have been trying for years to get people to understand what is behind the prison-industrial-complex racket. (PICR)

(Not sure if this belongs here or in the Primary Discussion)

This can explain some of it if you care to understand it. You can see why so many southern and poorer states want more and more prisons built in their states and why the Congress-critters from those areas sneak funding for building prisons in their home states. Here is a snip of the issue:

"What do we mean by “prison-based gerrymandering”? A long-standing flaw in the decennial census counts some 2 million incarcerated people in the wrong place for purposes of redistricting and undermines the “one person, one vote” principle of the 14th Amendment. Census data, of course, forms the basis for re-drawing state and local districts each decade to ensure that each district will contain a similar number of people and each resident will therefore have the same access to government, a result required by the one-person, one-vote rule.

However, although people in prison can’t vote, and remain legal residents of their home communities under the laws of most states, the Census Bureau currently tabulates people in prison as residents of their prison cells, not their homes. Using this flawed data to draw legislative districts grants the people who live near large prisons extra influence at the expense of voters everywhere else"


Bernie needs to examine his passion for this and we the voters need to read and understand the issues involved. Another example of one of my favorite quotes: The person can read and doesn't has no advantage over the person who can't read.

How did Trump see Putin smile over the phone? Was is a video conference call? nt

Why TF are we not being educated about RANSOMWARE? Are you watching 60 Minutes?

Unbelievable. Our elections are not safe and this is so damn scary. We could be stuck with Donald Trump for another 4 years.
Do we have time for all paper ballots?

How do we know it didn't already happen in 2016.

Why should any former WH official abide by what Trump allows or does not allow?

Neither Trump nor Barr abide by laws, traditions, requirements. Mueller should resign and then testify, and any other of the former Trump administration who wants to testify before Congress should do so.

Trump and Barr have set the stage for ignoring orders, laws and practices.

We all know how Trump projects his own behavior on to others. So you can be sure that

he has asked Barr to investigate ...god know who...at least half of the GOP House Committee members plus Hillary and Obama.
His constant allegation that he was "spied on" during the campaign these many months after the election means that he has a list of opponents he has asked the FBI under Barr to investigate.

After today, Biden must step up and put some gravitas behind what the Dems did in Barr hearing today

He may want to stay above the fray but he is the person who can speak to the issue in ways that will bet many of the Trumpsters to learn the truth.

There is a thread of patriotism among most red-staters that has not been framed in the right way by our side. Biden could get them to see that Trump is literally handing over the reigns of our government to Russia. They have become entrenched into our country in ways most people do not even recognize. Is this what alll those who fought and died for during the "cold war?"

The GOP and Trump get us to hating each other as they destroy our laws, regulations, and as they go about embedding in our banks and financial system, the Executive Branch of our government, and exercise influence over us in devious ways.

Biden can frame this issue in a way to make the FOX-brainwashed think hard about what is going on.

After today's Senate Judiciary hearing, I conclude that we are missing a very important focus:

It's ok to want to impeach Trump but what we really need to do is concentrate of unseating as many GOP Senators as possible. NONE of them deserve to hold the office Senator.

Whatever it takes the DNC and all parties interested in getting rid of Trump should concentrate their efforts now on taking the Senate back. Without them, Trump is just a wounded bullying coward and wouldn't know what to do (short of a war).

Basically, he has not done anything on his own accept go after immigrants, which is pretty horrible in itself. He merely signed the a tax bill that McConnell and Ryan had sitting and waiting for him. He appointed his first SCOTUS appointment from a seat stolen by McConnell and the second one a pick of the Heritage Foundation. Everything else he has done has been disastrous for the country, including NAFTA abandonment, withdrawing from the TPP (Japan is eating our lunch with that move), pulling us out of the Iran nuke deal which AIPAC had ready for him. Remove his protectors and he will be putty.

Did Barr even read the entire Mueller Report? Sometimes I wonder.

I think he used is "fast reading" skills to skip over important details.
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