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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 279

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If Trump can't be impeached, nobody can. If Barr can't be disbarred, nobody can.

Both of them need to go in order to save the nation. The new mantra and bumper stickers should be

Disbar Barr and trump Trump!

Some countries are rebelling against international Trumpism.


Germany hold "no to nationalism" rallies.

So, Alabama, the second poorest state in the country is against abortion even by rape or incest"

i really don't get it.

What if we gave a war and nobody came?

Only the US, Israel, and SA are looking for a war with Iran. iranians don't want war, they want survival and a competitive economy.

Two reasons Trump pulled out of the Iran deal was he wanted to trash any success that Obama had and Israel wanted Trump to front their war with Iran.

Trump will negotiate in a heartbeat with Iran so that he can say he struck a better deal than Obama. He really doesn't give a shit about Israel or peace. He just engaged them the way he has because Obama didn't. Bibi know this and uses it to his advantage. Obama is Trump constant albatross. It hangs around his neck and every action he takes or doesn't take. He only hates Hillary so much because Obama didn't. Check his past comments and events regarding Hillary.

Trump and the GOP have serious Obama derangement and the folks around him don't understand how deep and serious it is.

My new bumper sticker and T-shirt


It's time for the DOJ to go back and make sure the Benghazi investigations were not witch hunts.

The Dems in Congress should ask for it.

My goddaughter was carrying triplets. They had to abort one to save the other two.

What would happen to the doctor and my goddaughter under the dracoanian anti-abortion laws today?

WTF are we waiting for, Nancy??? Don't avoid impeaching Trump because of Clinton impeachment.

The public soundly rejected what happened to Clinton because it understood that Clinton lied about a consensual sexual affair...yes under oath. But the underlying crime was not viewed as a crime by the majority of the people. And Bill Clinton was a terrific President for the economy and his decency toward diverse people. His meme was making a government more like its people and putting people first. I was there.

Trump is hugely disliked by domestic and foreign populace except for the like-minded miogynit and racists. Trump was smart to not testify under oath and that is yet another reason to impeach him.

Clinton destroyed his marriage and his own trustworthiness among family and friends. But he still respected the law and abided by it.

Trump is destroying the country, disrespects our laws and institutions, and is willfully being bribed by the Saudis, Israel, and Russia.


As soon as they make adultery punishable by 99 years in jail for male adulterers I might think about

not holding them responsible for unwanted pregnancies.

When do Trump and Jared take their Civics Test?

Neither would pass a 5th grade civics test.
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