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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,330

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What's with the ads?

Don't know if this has been addessed already, butt what's with the ads showing up in the forum?

Carlson and his colleagues need to understand something

And this goes for every political commentator on TV: they are accountable for what they say.

Yes that demonstration outside his home was wrong. Dead wrong. Americans -- all Americans -- are supposed to be better than this. And yes he was exercising his right of free speech, which he is entitled to do. But being on TV and making a fortune commenting on whatever they want does not give anyone a free hall pass. And especially in this day and age, with the pervasive anger, and demonstrations all over, it's stupid to think you won't get some people so angry that they will do something like this.

I remember when commentators were scarce. We had reporters and anchors, and the occasional analysis. But ever since the networks discovered this new formula of using commentators to deliver an audience to an advertiser, they have multiplied like rabbits. And they make a fortune doing so. But what they seem to fail to realize is that sometimes what they say will get people pissed off at them, and that some people will get pissed off enough to do something about it. They are accountable for what they say, just like the rest of us.

Is anybody else fed up with candidates bashing opponents?

Yes, I know it's a long-standing SOP, but it seems the vast majority of political stuff we get in the mail (and we get a lot) consists of the candidate telling us how bad/dishohest/clueless his or her opponent is. To me, this is just a way of getting your name out there without saying anything about yourself. IOW, hot air. And a waste of money donated to the campaigns.

I first noticed this way back in college when somebody was running (I think it was Ted Kennedy), and it seemed like all he ever said was what a jerk the other guy was. It left a crappy taste in my mouth that keeps coming up.

I can't even look at this bashing crap anymore. It just goes directly from the mailbox to the recycle bin - althought sometimes I think it belongs in the garbage.

"I can do it but you can't."

With all this talk about white male entitlement, I find it fascinating that some people feel it's okay for them to do something, but not okay for someone else to do the exact same thing. I first noticed it as a little kid, then saw it in school, college, work, and other activities, and it had nothing to do with rank or age. For instance:

"You left the light on."

"You left it on too."

Silence for a moment, then, mumbled, "That's different."

I've seen people get incredibly defensive over this, and it doesn't seem to sink in. Fascinating.

I'd love to see "Abby" and "Tim" take over the investigation

from "Fornell."

They would probably complete it in an hour including the commercials. Or it might be a two-parter.

Dear American Bar Assoc.: give Kavanaugh an ultimatum

Okay, maybe ultimatum isn't the correct term. In any case, the ABA has standards of professional conduct which they do enforce. Given their response so far (and the Yale Law School's dean's comment), I think they should "threaten" something along the lines of temporarily disbarring him until there's an FBI investigation.

This idea is solely based on the fact that he refuses to have an investigation. Other than that, I'm okay with whatever the investigation reveals.

I'm just waiting for some journalist to look into a cover-up

Maybe somebody from the Wash Post: "what are the Republicans covering up?"

I am so sick of all this bullshit partisan politicking. Just do your jobs and run the country, f'chissake!

Has anyone asked Georgetown Prep for a statement?

I haven't seen anything about this. Obviously there's only so much they can say, but I'd think someone would have asked them for a comment.

I think Dr. Ford will testify on Monday

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but there seem to be a lot of little dots scattered among the MSM that make me want to connect them. Let's see what her answer is tomorrow.

Congressional leaders are certainly setting a good example for us

Nothing new here, but geez, the name-calling, the insults, the intimidation, the general antics.

Kids in my schools used to get detention for less than what some of these people do.
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