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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 2,514

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I exercised my right of free speech this morning.

I'm driving down the street and a parade of trumper cars is coming the other way. So I said, okay, they have a right to express their opinion. No problem there. This is the US of A.

So I opened my car window, stuck out my hand as high as I could, and gave them the courtesy finger. That's my opinion.

My cussing has increased exponentially over the past four years.

I've always cussed to some degree, but yikes.

Forget the clear plastic panels tonight.

Just put a trap door under the person.

Okay, maybe I missed it, but is that really Rudy in the film?

Or an actor?

Does the GOP want to turn the US into a medieval feudal state?

Just an observation based on watching the news over the past couple of years...

There seem to be two major types of people who support the GOP and that person in the Oval Office. One type is mostly made up of filthy rich corporate executives, lobbyists, and similar people. The other type seems to be mostly average American workers, the ones who do the work that makes it possible for those executives to be filthy rich. And it would appear that most of the average American workers who support that person in the Oval Office listen mostly to Fox and similar outlets, if at all.

Now, there have been several items in the news about the ginormous disparity in pay scales between CEOs and front-line workers. A recent item (I don't remember which company) said the CEO made like 7,000 times more that an entry-level worker.

And, a number of major corporations have already put small businesses out of work, either by buying them or by competition.

A lot of Europe back in the Middle Ages consisted of small feudal states run by lords who had their own fiefdoms. They had the castles and huge residences and had farmers and tradesmen who supported them by paying taxes. Except in a few very specific cases, there was no real way for these serfs to rise above their station: they were stuck for life, and part of it was due to a lack of education.

So nowadays we see more and more large corporations hiring lots of people at low salaries and with minimal benefits. We see more and more small independent businesses going bust. We have the GOP wanting to dismantle the ACA. And we see a lot of average American workers, who work for these corporations in one way or another, listening to another huge corporation (Fox) that's encouraging them to support a system that's slowly turning them into little more than medieval serfs.

Again, just an observation.

Trump on Biden: "He'll listen to the scientists."

From his campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada (via HufPost):

If you vote for Biden, he will surrender your jobs to China. He will surrender your future to the virus. Hes going to lock down, hes going to want us to lock down, Trump said.

Hell listen to the scientists, Trump continued. If I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression, instead of, were like a rocket ship. Take a look at the numbers.

Once more, I have to wonder how dumb he thinks his followers are. Listen to scientists? Sure, okay, some of his followers will swallow that without batting an eye, but I refuse to believe some of them aren't turned off when they hear that bullshit. Like, when you go to the doctor, do you do what they tell you to do, or cuss them out for infringing on your constitutional rights by wanting you to take your medicine?

And how would you feel if you knew your doctor's most recent 210,000 patients HAVE DIED?

From "Dilbert:" Boom.

I know... I know... Scott Adams is such and such. However, as a long-time corporate type, I can totally relate to a good chunk of his cartoons. So here's today's, from my Dilbert 2020 Desk Calendar:

Manager: People tell me you're underperforming.

Dilbert: Did you hear it from anyone credible?

Manager: No, but I know it's true because my gut tells me it's true.

Dilbert: I'm curious where you stick your head to listen to your gut?

Maybe I missed this, but do we know for sure there was a laptop?

Has anyone besides the rag sheet seen it?

A big shout-out to the folks who post animal videos here!

They are a refreshing break from the general tone of the news nowadays. We all need a smile now and then.

So, did Barrett answer ANY questions?

I don't have the stomach to watch those hearings, but it seems the reports all pretty much say she weaseled out of answering most questions.

Did she answer any?
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