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Feeling the Bern

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Member since: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 02:46 PM
Number of posts: 3,839

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Principle before party is my belief. Lifelong Democrat, but I have no tolerance for blue dogs, tepid centrists, or weak Democrats that feel apologetic to Republicans. The way to win a political war is to fight the enemy using their tactics against them.

Journal Archives

A joke in response to Assfaced "I'm so smart, I don't need DIB" Shitgibbon: A joke

The Pope, Assfaced Shitgibbon, LeBron James and a 2nd grader are on an airplane. The pilot has a heart attack and the dies. Instantly, the plane starts to fall to Earth. However, there are four people and only three parachutes.

LeBron takes the first one and says "I am an international celebrity. Millions people look up to me. I need to live." He takes a parachute and jumps.

Assfaced Shitgibbon takes the second and says "I am the greatest president ever, and the smartest." He jumps.

The Pope looks at the 2nd grader and says "My child, I'm old and lived a long life. You take the last one. I am ready to meet God."

The 2nd grader smiles and says, "Your holiness, we both can live. The 'smartest, greatest president ever' took my backpack."
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Mon Dec 12, 2016, 02:26 AM (7 replies)

I love the Scots: Oldie but goodie: Choose your Trump insult and put it in your sig line


I'm adding "Leather-faced piss jar" to my sig now.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Mon Dec 12, 2016, 02:19 AM (2 replies)

Check in if you feel the same way I do: I will never respect the Shitgibbon ever, ever, ever!

I won't even call him by his name. He is Comrade Shitgibbon. We are told to respect the office.

Check in if you will give that leather faced piss jar as much respect over the next four (unless his Happy Gilmore ass gets impeached and convicted) years as I will.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Mon Dec 12, 2016, 02:15 AM (57 replies)

No. I will not call him president. No, I will not "respect the office." No, I will not give him a


No, I will not listen to his agenda

No, I will not give him the benefit of the doubt

No, I will not change my mind that Jefferson and Jackson were wrong about giving the common man the vote

No, I will not change my mind that the electoral college was a bad idea when Hamilton suggested it

No, I will not accept my "rejection" by the American people because only 1/4 of the American people voted against me, and of those that voted, I got more votes.

No, I will not accept authoritarianism or the believe that "he is my president." See the first "no" statement I made

No, I will not give "your side" respect because your side is made up of racists, bigots, sexist homophobes, klansmen and Neo-Nazis

No, I will not say "alt-right." I will say what you are: anti-American fuckwits.

No, I will not support the police. Especially when they get away with murder and have no problems doing the bidding of corporate America. We all know who they protect and serve now. Ask the Sioux.

No, I will not support the troops, since that is nothing more than a mask for "support the war." And I will not support wars.

No, I will not be bipartisan. Fuck that. You motherfuckers weren't under Obama, why should I be now?

(a self criticism) No, I will not be nice because Bernie Sanders is a nice guy (and I support him). I am me. I loathe those people. I loathe everything about him. And if politics would allow it, I do believe Bernie would call Trump, his supporters, his voters, his surrogates and his handlers fucking Nazi motherfuckers.

No, I will not temper my language when it comes to racism. I don't care the age of the racist. I don't care the sex of the racist. I don't care any more. All racists deserve the "boot to the head" treatment. Don't like it? You can lay on the ground. We Jews did that and six million of us were exterminated while the rest of the world looked on. We were also subjected to pogroms, inquisition, expulsions from countries, forced conversations, torture, beatings, genocide, murder, and the rest of the world didn't care. Black people were treated the same way, and still are. No one cared then, no one cared now. Then look out gays and lesbians. Matthew Sheppard anyone?

No, love does not conquer hate. Making people who are racists and sexists realize the error of their thinking through the same tactics they use against "un-American" types. Sorry, sometimes, you need to get down to their level and off the liberal high horse.

No, I will not stop thinking this is a war for the soul and future of our country. And we are losing!

Basically, I will give the Republicans and this Orange haired, cheeto faced shitgibbon, his trophy trollop (who told us how hard it was growing up a black woman in Chicago), the adult demon spawns of Hell he calls his children, or anything somewhat attached to him.

Even if he were the second coming of FDR and brought about an America that I wished we were, I still wouldn't support him. Fuck him. Fuck his third trophy. Fuck their bastard offspring (the adult ones). Fuck their supporters. Fuck their sycophants. Fuck anyone who gave him money.

And, to be honest, if anyone has a problem with my language or the caustic nature of this post. . .you know where to go to. As fast as you can. I am so sick of being nice.
Posted by Feeling the Bern | Fri Dec 9, 2016, 01:04 AM (78 replies)

"We beg for your forgiveness." Veterans to Native elders in Standing Rock ceremony

Posted by Feeling the Bern | Mon Dec 5, 2016, 09:11 PM (7 replies)
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