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La Lioness Priyanka

La Lioness Priyanka's Journal
La Lioness Priyanka's Journal
July 22, 2017

So many on the left tried to convince us that this Russia story was bogus

Thank the gods for the persistence of establishment neoliberal corporatists.

Thank the gods that Russia wasn't able to hack our opinions and make us believe that Hillary lost in a fair fight.

I thank everyone who stood up for our first female nominee who won the popular vote by 3 million, despite so much bullshit.

July 14, 2017

It took an international criminal conspiracy to take HRC down

The news is making that more and more clear.


if you were one of those people who laughed at us when we said there was Russian interference in this election, FUCK YOU.

if you said, we invented a red scare to cover up for a poor candidate, FUCK YOU.

if you said someone else would have won because she was flawed, FUCK YOU.

If you said she was not taking personal responsibility and demanded an apology from her, FUCK YOU.

Seriously fuck you for being so blindly misogynist that you were willing to ignore an international criminal conspiracy. Seriously, FUCK YOU.

June 23, 2017

I really fucking love Cecile Richards. We need 10,000 of her.


Her tweet with wonderwoman that says "I #StandWithNancy because no one has fought harder to protect and expand women's ability to get affordable health care."
June 21, 2017

Nancy pelosi is the strongest member of the resistance

Which is why the GOP are demonizing her.

The fact that some liberals are going along with it says a lot about the deep rooted misogyny even among liberals.

For shame.


June 16, 2017

It's exhausting to witness how we are all told to come together for Steve Scalise

to ignore that he spoke at a rally to white supremacists, that he belongs to a party that routinely stops ALL sensible gun regulations from passing, that he voted for a bill to deprive 24 million people of healthcare.

Meanwhile a black kid gets shot and immediately every little real or imagine shitty thing about that kid is dragged out in public.

It's exhausting to be a person of color (and I am sure that much more exhausting to be a black person) and watch whiteness in action.

May 11, 2017

I am grateful that people are finally realizing the level of corruption and conspiracy it took

to bring HRC down.

That it wasn't bullshit concepts of economic anxiety, but 'cultural anxiety'



That Russian interference that she warned us about from the debates, are real


That James Comey did cost her the election


That even if she had campaigned every day in Wisconsin her voters were not allowed to vote


It took some extraordinary level of bullshit to bring her down. I really hope Kamala, Kirsten, or Corey have a plan to battle some of this in 2020.

February 24, 2017

While people are arguing over 2 men trying to lead a largely administrative job at the DNC

(yes, i know it has some tactical elements and a huge fundraising component)

The real resistance to Trump is being lead by women.

The stars in the senate right now are Liz Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris who are leading voices against Trump Cabinet nominees.

Sally Yates who refused to defend an illegal exec action.

Gabby Giffords who is shaming GOP to show up to townhalls

Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi in the house trashing Trumps every actions.

Laverne Cox and Janet Mocks who are leading the pushback against this anti-trans regime

Cecilia Richards of Planned Parenthood who is pushing back against more anti-choice legislation.

Not to mention women who marched in the women's march and women leading the pro-science resistance

Hillary was right when she said the future is female.





February 19, 2017

Naming liberal values after a single politician is fucking weird

i don't know why that is a thing except to keep the infighting in the democratic party going.

I support social justice and economic justice and politicians who can stand up for these values. I don't have Andrew Cuomo values or Bill de Blasio values, they both represent my values in some significant ways.

February 17, 2017

I have realized I don't give a shit if Ellison or Perez wins the DNC chair job

i had a slight preference for Perez because of his ties to Obama, and I still have a slight preference for him. But I don't really give a shit.

If Keith wins it, good for Keith and I hope good for us too.

What i do care, is people falsely maligning Tom Perez, who is a hardworking, liberal, loyal Democrat. That I care about.

Tom Perez is not (a) neoliberal (b) corporatist and (c) or whatever the fuck establishment means.

And people who malign him as such are lying, dumb, and trying to break apart the Democratic party because they are still butthurt about something.

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