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Archives: July 9, 2021

TFG seethed that he had the 'stupidest' attorneys in his second impeachment trial, book says

DLCC: Glenn Youngkin Wants to Ban Abortion -- And So Do VA GOP House of Delegates Candidates

I wonder if some here might be familiar with a concept referred to as the "veil of ignorance".

Pentagon pushes back at GOP lawmakers over critical race theory claims

Jen Psaki exposes Republican assault on Democracy matter-of-factly at the presser. That's messaging.

China Interested in Developing Nuclear-Powered Drones, Cruise Missiles Like Russia's

Former SDNY Asst. US Attorney Explains Why Trump Just Incriminated Himself - The MeidasTouch Podcast

Sheriff: Arrest in slaying of 3 men found at a golf course

TFG appointee erred in firing Voice of America whistleblowers: watchdog

Mexico announces steps to ensure free union vote at GM plant

Mexico announces steps to ensure free union vote at GM plant

C'mon.....let's go to the car wash.

Looks like Attempted Dog Murderer Karen is now a thing.

Accused Rioter Has His U.S. Capitol LEGO Set Seized by FBI as Evidence

TFG Says Washington Is Behind New York Criminal Probe

The Latest: Dominican Republic urges world action on Haiti

Texas Republicans Reintroduce Voter Suppression Effort - Zerlina.

Rand Paul vows to introduce public transportation mask mandate repeal

So happy I got out of SW Missouri! COVID cases are up.

King County Council advances proposal to put ranked-choice voting on November ballot

Live free and die: Inside the bizarre political philosophy of America's unvaccinated

Gavin Newsom asks residents to cut water use

The American people would be well-advised to awaken from their slumber ...

GQP primaries are going to be insane. Rubio's opponent 👇

'Tropical storm' getting to southern part of DMV,

Chaos, shooting in the air in Uptown

Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for Calvert and St. Mary's counties

GOP Women's Group Blasts Greene and Boebert: 'Carnival Barkers'

Tucker suggests the push for COVID vaccination is somehow a slippery slope to eugenics

Hungary activists vow to resist LGBT law, symbol of EU rift

Man who refused to wear mask on flight fined $10,500

Trump Deposition? 45 Braces As Trump Org Case Takes Twist - The Beat - MSNBC

Jeffrey says he will contest embezzlement charges, keep up Roanoke City Council duties

If it is ok to require you to wear a seatbelt in your own car, drive on the right side of the

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Republicans and public health

Lake Powell has dropped 51 feet in the past year.

Charlottesville City Council appropriates $1 million for removal of Confederate statues

OPA recommends firing 2 SPD cops for illegal activity during Capitol riot, 3 others cleared

GOP Should Embrace 'Trump Shot' Instead Of Turning Against Vaccine - All In - MSNBC

Imagine being Jewish...

CWA wants U.S. broadband funding to include worker protections

'I don't want to have to leave': Fort Lee barbers strike over alleged unfair wage structure

Joe Manchin's Bipartisanship Obsession Is Misguided, Young West Virginians Say

Access to Birth Control Lets More Girls Finish High School

'Those deaths were preventable': Unvaccinated parts of country are driving the pandemic now

Sen. Warren says borrowers can 'breathe a sigh of relief' after major servicer drops out of federal

Watching Rachel

2 from Babyface

Venezuela: intense gun battles rage in Caracas between gangs and police

update from the 5.9 erthquake in northern ca.

Canada will not welcome unvaccinated tourists for some time -PM Trudeau

Americans Will Need Masks Indoors As U.S. Heads For 'Dangerous Fall' w Surge In Delta Covid Cases

Fyre Festival ticket-holders proposed payout slashed

Liberal Redneck - Fox Weather

Unvaccinated Americans are catching COVID-19 and telling doctors they're 'shocked' the virus is real

Let's talk about Chip Roy's 18 months of nothing getting done....

7/9 Mike Luckovich-Approved teaching

Do you let folks you don't know into your home without a mask?

New Legal Trouble For Trump? Arizona Eyes Criminal Probe For Election Scheme - The Beat - MSNBC

Can't even get my hand/fingers like this. FG yesterday

Euro 2020: England charged by Uefa after 'laser' penalty incident

Bolivia denounces Argentina's Macri for munitions and tear gas shipped to aid 2019 coup

Bolivia denounces Argentina's Macri for munitions and tear gas shipped to aid 2019 coup

DAMN, redistricting/Gerrymandering.

Biggest boxing match of summer postponed - multiple COVID positives in 1 camp

New restrictions as NSW records 44 new locally acquired COVID-19 infections

Reliability-Wary California Will Procure More Energy Resources to Get It Through Summer

Elsa heading towards Maryland. Winds and rain bands are picking up in Calvert County near Solomons.

So, for those members of society who object to the teaching of 'Critical Race Theory'

This Anti-Clinton Donor Just Wrecked UNC's Reputation (A Must Read Article)

518 Illinois residents have been hospitalized with COVID despite being fully vaxd Most had underlyin

breaking news : the 5 . 9 in northern ca has been upgraded to a 6.0.

Imagine how dumb you'd feel if you caught COVID when you didn't have to.

WKRP in Cincinnati - Pink Floyd

Suspect arrested after 3 men found dead at Cobb County country club

Title 10 status... 125 Wisconsin National Guard troops to be deployed to southern border

Tornado warning St. Mary's County.

Steve Forbert - Romeo's Tune

Laura Ingraham tells parents, "hide your kids" because "the left wants to take them"

Andy Slavitt: I deeply regret that we live in a world where I have to respond to M. Taylor Greene

US Senate Elections that Democrats will end up winning in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Human Body Size Shaped By Climate, Evolutionary Study Shows

Trump's Colts Neck Golf Club Fined $400K For Patron's DWI Crash

Florida man who set up GoFundMe for Trump's border wall indicted on tax charges (Kolfage)

EPA recommends that Army Corps of Engineers not grant Mountain Valley Pipeline stream crossing

Stephen Miller: No President in history has been dealt a better hand on day one than President Biden

Increasingly likely that core of #Elsa will pass east of DC and we'll just get grazed by showers

Matt Damon brought to tears in Cannes

Researchers eye coal ash as a possible source of critical minerals -- and Southwest Virginia jobs

Food: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Across The Supply Chain

BREAKING: BRAVO! 👏🇺🇸 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde wins the National Spelling Bee,

Dr. Fauci Warns Young People About Risks of Long COVID - NowThis News

Boo Hoo Kevin (Boo Hoo is code for Fuck You)

Progressive Democrats pen letter to House leaders demanding climate action in infrastructure deal

What's in the new voting restriction legislation introduced in the Texas House and Senate

The climate crisis haunts Chicago's future. A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake

Trump MOCKED by Fox News LIVE ON AIR for his LIES - Christo Aivalis

New UC Berkeley study suggests cell phones sharply increase tumor risk

New UC Berkeley study suggests cell phones sharply increase tumor risk

Japan's Rise of Muscle Girls (turn on CC for translation)

Cry Of Love - Pretty As You Please

This goat is ecstatic:

Kitten vs crazy dog tail

Siswan's post about the garlic reminded me

Living in Japan with Tattoos s (use CC for translation)

Robert sounds almost as high as me...LOL

How Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona may embolden Texas' attempts to restrict voting - PBS NewsHour

DC Court Makes it Easier to Jail Insurrectionists Pending Trial; Prosecutors Hint at New Conspiracy

Carbon border adjustment mechanisms: Will innovative climate policy launch a trade war?

Better get him now, while he is an extraditable state....!

Top NC lawmaker rejects Nikole Hannah-Jones' call for change to UNC board appointments

Civil Rights Leaders Warn Against GOP-Led Voter Suppression - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

US Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy by Zip Code, brief video

Chick Vennera, Actor In "Thank God It's Friday" & Golden Girls, Dies At 74

Police Officers Calling It Quits, Retiring Early at Alarming Rate

Swarm of earthquakes..largest 6.0 near lake tahoe

Why This Japanese Girl Became Homeless (use CC for translation)

Eric Holder: 'There Is Still A Fight' For Dems Against GOP Gerrymandering - The Last Word - MSNBC

Here is some juicy gossip: Book alleges bad Kimberly Guilfoyle behavior at GOP fundraisers

6.0 Sierra Nevada Earthquake Felt Across Bay Area

Some Republicans Liken Biden's Vaccine Push To Nazi Tactics - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Jen Psaki humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene with smackdown live on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Watchdog group asks Wake DA to investigate political contributions by former employees of Louis

Why do I look Asian? Mexican DNA test results reveal

U.S. Legacy Of Protecting Military Allies Looms Over Afghanistan Withdrawal - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Colonial Pipeline cuts deal with federal pipeline officials over Huntersville gasoline spill

Are New York and California State Legislators Interested In Defending Democracy?

Head of local conservative think tank publicly derides the concept of public education

Is the 2022 GA US Senate Election gonna decide which party controls the US Senate like in 2020?

Activists Prep For Voting Rights Battle In Texas And Across U.S. - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Members of UNC's Black Community Demand That the University Ensures Their Safety

Haiti police say president's killers were Colombian and US citizens

Haiti police say president's killers were Colombian and US citizens

Trump's Social Media Lawsuit Is As Dumb As You'd Expect - Ring of Fire

🎶No need to fear the dark magic 🎶

New petition calls for equal number of packaged hot dogs and buns

Columbia Univ masters film program grads. Median debt $181K, media salary $30K

The 2022 GA US Senate Election runoff is going to decide which party controls the US Senate in 2022.

Judge jails North Carolina editor over reporter's use of recorder in court

Republicans Unite To Defund A Specific Type Of Police - All In - MSNBC

"We will stand with you just as you stood with us"

"When seconds count, the National Guard is only hours away"

The U.S. Senate Race is Going Well for Democrats

The vast right-wing conspiracy just devastated UNC-Chapel Hill

Texas is the start: Texas GOP Unveils Renewed Effort To Pass Restrictive Voting Laws

Trevor Bauer administrative leave extended 7 days by MLB

Swarm of earthquakes, including magnitude 6.0 quake, felt across NorCal

$7B city impact, 3 major hotels at stake if Columbia doesn't expand convention center

Japanese public worried Olympics may be a super-spreader event despite spectator ban - PBS NewsHour

South Carolina Republican incumbent Joe Wilson draws first 2022 Democratic challenger

Biden's assault on monopolies launches TODAY

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 2 - 9 July (2021)

wealthy couple want Catholic school donation back.. likens social and racial justice to a "stench"

Breakfast Friday 9 July 2021...edited to correct year😁

Man sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for role in Charleston riot

Biden's Schedule for Friday, July 9, 2021

Looking to Adopt a New Pet at the Shelter, She Found Her Dog That Went Missing 2 Years Ago

Trump Secretly Planned 35% Tariffs On Foreign SUVs

Opening a can of TUNA while cat and dog sleep

Read a letter my friends son at benning, trooper is doing ok

Ex-SC GOP consultant Richard Quinn faces fresh charges in corruption investigation

Tucker Carlson calls jailed insurrectionists "political prisoners"

Friday TOONs - The Shift

A peaceful moment for you today

Greenville GOP leadership abruptly resigns in overthrow launched by 'true MAGA supporters'

DOJ charges 5 Floridians accused of attacking 7 police officers during Capitol insurrection

Probe into Haitian president's assassination reaches far and wide

Stephen Miller Claims Biden 'Dealt a Better Hand' Than Any Other President

The Revenge of John Roberts

How Trump's own Supreme Court justice undercut his Facebook lawsuit

GOP rep demands Air Force Academy professor be removed for teaching critical race theory

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Actor Tom Hanks is 65 today.

Tropical storm sparks tornado warnings in trek up East Coast


"New Nevada" movement to create new state devoid of Las.Vegas.with its "urban prople"

Marked increase in Covid infections across UK

State OKs Spaceport Camden, few ways now for opponents to defuse it

Setting sun through tree leaves plus camera shake

Virginia should receive at least $80 million as part of a pending agreement between 15 states and...

New Yorkers wade through waist-deep floods to reach their trains as storms pummel the city

On this day, July 9, 1981, Nintendo released "Donkey Kong."

Giant digital cat in Tokyo

The origin of Super Villains: Killer Moth

Gila River Already Stressed By Irrigation, Development; Now Warming Is Coming For What's Left Of It

Today's Republican "party" is truly "all hat and no cattle"; "a mile wide and an inch deep".

How do we fix this mess?

New Record Early July Low For Arctic Sea Ice; Siberian Heat Flowing Out Over Laptev Sea

Pfizer says it's time for a Covid booster; FDA and CDC say not so fast

Science: The Delta Variant Isn't Just Hyper-Contagious. It Also Grows More Rapidly Inside You

Fanatic cultists try to take on one of the most distinguished scholars of politics in America ...

Crap, have to take the cat to Vet in 20 minutes. Mowers just arrived.......

Eric Boehlert: Tucker Carlson's NSA spying story gets dumber and dumber

Grieving mama dog adopts kittens after losing her puppies

Some Good News: Fox Weather "News" Streaming-Only, But It's All About Continuing Radicalization

Let's Make a Deal

Vibing Without O

Approved Teaching - The Slavery Chapter (Luckovich)

Fully vaccinated people don't need Covid boosters, U.S. health agencies say

Mike Pence reportedly once 'lost it' after Trump threw a crumpled newspaper article at him

Lockdowns in Asia as some nations see 1st major virus surges

A happy start to your day

Supply chain diversity buffers cities against food shocks

Woman eats 50 chili dogs in 22 minutes at Michigan bar

Baby Skunks Team up to Scare Snake Away

Province on board with building high-speed Calgary-Edmonton rail link: developer


Trump Fumed That He Had The "Stupidest" Lawyers During His Second Impeachment Trial

Vaccinated mom who contracted COVID-19 warns people to take virus seriously


Heineken faces boycott threat over pro-vaccination ad

Bitcoin miners break new ground in Texas, a state hailed as the new cryptocurrency capital

West Virginia is Trading Trump for Tech Workers

Brianna Keilar on the bogus AZ audit.

Stormy Daniels is thinking no amount of compensation is worth it tweet,

52 dead in Bangladesh factory fire as workers locked inside

This is starting to be an unusually good day, for me.

Top fashion brands face legal challenge over garment workers' rights in Asia

Fund the (tax) police

GM recall: Side air bags can explode in Chevy, GMC pickups

Nancy Pelosi's office calls Trump a 'twice-impeached Florida retiree'

Getting Ready to Sell a House Creates Lots of Local Jobs

Florida Man attacks Tesla Model 3

West Virginia is Trading Trump for Tech Workers

Did drumpf ever formally give up control of his business as POTUS?

The Christian Right Is in Decline, and It's Taking America With It

Feds put big Benson project on hold, suspend permit allowing construction

Wells Fargo tells customers it's shuttering all personal lines of credit

I realized I've changed substantially somewhat recently...

Breast MRI today

Pfizer says a booster shot will be needed in the future; FDA & CDC retort that it's not needed now.

How Crowded Are America's National Parks? See for Yourself.

Sunset seen through foliage and camera shake

PA Governor, Attorney General Blast State Vote Audit Attempt

Biden Will End Detention for Most Pregnant and Postpartum Undocumented Immigrants

Bird Overwhelmed by Own Cuteness

Fireworks caused fatal NE Portland apartment fire, authorities say

Americana: The Ubiquitous "STP" Decal

Watch this film tonight (Amazon) with someone you love, and tissues. Gorgeous. Supernova

It's Summer 2020 on Steroids in This COVID Tourist Trap

Undervaccinated COVID Clusters In Texas & 4 Other US Locations Putting Entire Country At Risk

Citizens, Not the State, Will Enforce New Abortion Law in Texas

Oligarchy: When Brutal Capitalism Becomes More Important than Democracy

Judy Garland's long-lost 'Wizard of Oz' dress turns up at Catholic University

CDC says students vaccinated against the coronavirus can go maskless in fall

This woman's soulmate is a bunny

Good Day DU (July 9, 2021)

Judy Garland's long-lost 'Wizard of Oz' dress turns up at Catholic University

'There's nothing you can do': The Legacy of #PizzaGate

A Positive Wells Fargo Bank Story - It's Not All Bad

Serious Flooding late yesterday in NYC

How to Read the Weisselberg and Trump Entities Indictment: A Conversation with Andrew Weissmann

Colombia recycles terrorist conspiracy theory ahead of new protests

Looking for bord games

Ibram X. Kendi: There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory

Republicans know that's a popular agenda, and that's exactly why they are trying to stop us.

GOP Fundraiser WinRed Flips Sh*t Over Investigation Of Its Grifty Donor Schemes

New June record for deforestation of Brazilian Amazon

New June record for deforestation of Brazilian Amazon

Pillow idiots prophecy and flying saucers...which will be fulfilled?

Rep. Ronny Jackson describes Democrats as "socialist communist Marxist"

921 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 6 deaths

Republicans were caught on video thanking Manchin & Sinema for blocking Dem legislation.

Two arrested Americans claim they were just 'translators' in the assassination plot, a Haitian judge

Two arrested Americans claim they were just 'translators' in the assassination plot, a Haitian judge

Who Arms The Taliban?....

Gym Jordan has officially gone ***5,300*** days in Congress without passing a single bill

'Simply Not Credible': Seattle PD Oversight Agency Recommends Firing Officers Present At Capitol...

Puppy Grows Up With Little Girl During Quarantine

Just your average tourist visit. Cops just letting them into the building.

Justice Department says Trump's reinstatement talk could fuel more violence from his supporters

Six Suspects in Haiti President Killing Were Ex-Military, Colombia Says

Speculation continues about the removal of Confederate statues in Charlottesville

Biden To Deliver Voting Rights Speech In Philadelphia Next Week (MSNBC)

New York City subway stations flooded in waist-high water ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa

Americans in custody after assassination of Haiti president - GMA

Shadow chasing after birdies. Ah, but she may as well try and catch the wind . . .

capitol police running out of money

Conservative groups mount opposition to increase in IRS budget, threatening infrastructure plan

TFG called AG Bill Barr a 'phony' who would 'lick the floor if I asked him to,' book says

I was a bit of a Karen last night

IMHO, we'd better start learning to pronounce Jake Auchincloss's name. This young Democratic

Extend the freeze on student-loan payments until January, Education Department officials reportedly

Heat-related deaths continue to rise in state after historic heatwave

'The Most Spectacular Example of Incitement': First Amendment Icons Back Swalwell in Lawsuit

The MAGA cult concocted this picture?:

Comic Artiste Ben Garrison Wasn't Talking About *That* Don Quixote, You Guys

Oh lord, please give me a sign!

Bill aims to spend billions to fix nation's aging dams

Southwest heat wave at highest level risk as brutal heat peaks this weekend, endangering all-time

Charlottesville Confederate Statues to be removed tomorrow!

Mama beaver can't keep her baby out of the water:

Accidental dupe. Self-delete.

A video clip from the musical "Annette"

Gov. Hutchinson: Arkansas 'losing ground' against COVID-19 after winning the battle in the spring

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Biden tells Putin the U.S. will take 'any necessary action' after latest massive ransomware attack

Guards Staffing Empty Texas Prison As Officials Work On Abbott's Plan To Use It For Immigrants

*Something to do @ midnight, TCM Chinatown

John Fugelsang tweet:

Yesterday was a sad day

Charlottesville plans to remove statue of Confederate Gen. Lee that drew white supremacists to city

White nationalist Nick Fuentes has been banned from Twitter.

Ospreys (and nest) FINE, after 'storm.'

It's Trump's most frequent complaint: people profiting off his name. The latest offender? Kimberly G

Former GOP Hill aide pleads guilty in child porn case

Charlottesville preparing to relocate Confederate statues

The Supreme Court's Term Appeared To Be Cautious. The Numbers Tell A Different Story

9,000 D.C. Residents May Have Left Permanently During The Pandemic, Data Shows

Looks like the cult have received their new marching orders re: Covid memes.

Biden order on broadband competition could hit wall at FCC

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates sold to private equity firm for $1.2B

White nationalists prep for "physical" altercation with security at Dallas CPAC conference

Cartoons 7/9/2021

School blamed gay student for the horrific bullying he endured. His two dads are suing.

Coming soon: EvCC crossing Broadway for new student building

What's a sign that someone is not as smart as they think they are?

The renovated Snohomish County courthouse: Under budget and now open

FDA head calls for inspector general investigation of agency's dealings with Biogen

No shot, no return: Some employers requiring vaccine to come back to the office

Orthodox Jewish man struck with broken pieces of furniture in unprovoked anti-Semitic hate crime att

Just Egg review - plant based egg product

An escalator made of cardboard:

Demand for apartments roars back to life in Seattle area

Biden's a speech about Economic Competition is on CBSN right now!

Republicans hope to hammer Democrats over gas prices

Regulating the Economy: turn on Joe's speech RFN

So a dog

Afghan pilots assassinated by Taliban as U.S. withdraws

Reich Wing Understood

52 Dead In Bangladesh Factory Fire As Workers Locked Inside

"We'll never be a socialist country" yet it is already a hulking presence in the heads of the 30%

Lithuania toughens Belarus border with razor wire to bar migrants

Positive coronavirus tests near 7,000 as Dutch government plans new measures

Mayor: Death toll in Florida condo collapse now 78

Trumpification complete: The mess in Ohio is a terrible sign for America

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says Sydney lockdown will need to be extended

McConnell Hit With Some Home Truths After Saying He's 'Perplexed' By COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

McMaster directs health officials to prohibit door-to-door COVID vaccine efforts in SC

Banking is becoming more and more of a corrupt, criminal enterprise.

Rudy Giuliani's election fraud hotline was inundated with 'thousands of dick pics' and animal porn,

"Fuck him." Rupert Murdoch Made Decision to Call Arizona

THe Man Who Created Those Iconic Beatle Bobs/Wigs Died Today

Seattle lifeguard shortage closes Seward Park swimming beach

BRUTAL New Insurrection Video: Mob to Police: "You're going to die tonight"

"To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" - Donovan

Just givin' er!!

Trump & DeSantis on Collision Course: "There's going to be a blowup-Trump f__king hates DeSantis"

How superficial are you?

This is an old documentary but I highly recommend watching it now. "The Last Days"

Unite the Right's Nick Fuentes banned from Twitter

More Bad News for goppers

Money pours into statewide races, fueling 2022 Georgia showdown

"To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" -- Donovan

Debit card was hacked

Is this weird? Seems weird to me.

It's been a long time since I uploaded new images to the website

Trump Supporters Gather In Florida To Demand Release Of Insurrectionists

Blue Dream at 34 days flower and sunflowers

50 Years Of Massively Cheating On His Taxes And Never Audited - But The IRS Is All Up In My Crap

Altercation: How to Cover the Big Lies, and Understand Those Who Fall for Them

Virginia man sentenced for crash cover-up in cyclist's death

Sunny Hostin of "The View" blasted Van Jones as being two-faced...

Biden to nominate L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to become Ambassador to India

Citing Rise Of Delta Variant, Los Angeles Reports 165 Percent Increase In Covid Cases

"Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy"

Doctors Might Have Been Focusing on the Wrong Asthma Triggers

Well not even Math escapes criticism of being CRT. I don't know if I should laugh or cry anymore

Five Low- Vaccinated Hot Spots Putting US At Risk As Delta Spreads

Lebanon struck by power cut as major plants shut down

Lebanon struck by power cut as major plants shut down

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2022 is 53.

A horn-wearing 'shaman.' A cowboy evangelist. For some, the Capitol attack was a kind of ...

I'm grumpy today and need to vent

Three celebrity birthdays today

Spanish lessons...

Bonus Quote of the Day

Taking Trump's cue, Bolsonaro clouds vote with fraud claims

Taking Trump's cue, Bolsonaro clouds vote with fraud claims

Capitol Rioter Who Pleaded Guilty Asks Court Not To 'Cancel' Him With Prison Time

Michigan Probes Election Fraud Profiteers

Missouri Inmates Sew Custom Quilts For Foster Children: 'It Kind Of Breaks Your Heart'

Aduhelm: FDA head calls for inquiry into Alzheimer's drug review

Police testimony will lead off panel's first Jan. 6 hearing

Police testimony will lead off panel's first Jan. 6 hearing

President Joe Biden offers to send 'strike force' to help Chicago violence crackdown

Redux: Vote nullification is KEY, NOT voter suppression, which we can beat.

The Trump administration used an early, unreported program to separate migrant families along a remo

Biden Kills Republican Howls Of Socialism With Executive Order On Competition And Net Neutrality

Something Positive for Today


Ashli Babbitt martyr. (also.... Putin)

FBI to join assassination investigation in Haiti (Thank you USA)

It's time.

How did Taiwan become embroiled in Haiti's political crisis?

How did Taiwan become embroiled in Haiti's political crisis?

Replacing natural gas heat

Augusta Commissioner Charged with Destroying Records, Lying to Federal Investigators

Anybody receive a sample edition of The Epoch Times? Do you know who put this out?

Curious, are the humming birds tending to their families now, i've noticed not as much activity

AT&T's Bellboy pager at the Seattle World's Fair, 1962.

Baby Cow Who Didn't Have Any Friends Now Cuddles With His Chicken Best Friend

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 9, 2021

January 6th... here's some patriots just "getting caught up in the moment"

James Altman, Priest Who Said Catholics Can't Be Democrats, Removed From Posting By Bishop

Biden plans to confiscate your guns and bibles... doncha know?

Florida sees 48 percent jump in weekly coronavirus infections as delta variant spreads

Jen Psaki Clarifies Comments That Government Would Be Going 'Door-To-Door' To Promote Vaccination

Defeating Every Argument Against Gun Control - Steve Hofstetter

Ben Meiselas: The GQP is a F**king Death Cult The MeidasTouch Podcast

Taliban sweep through Herat province as Afghan advance continues

LA mayor.Garcetti going to Work for Biden admin as ambassador to India

So my thinking is that the men who killed the Haitian president

Report reveals Atlanta police union head removed over alleged misuse of funds

Good News: Road Rage #7

A Group of Scientists Presses a Case Against the Lab Leak Theory of Covid

Biden Moves To Restrict Noncompete Agreements, Saying They're Bad For Workers

Florida high school shooting defendant wants hearings closed

On this day, July 9, 1937, the Fox vault fire happened.

Does this make sense?

50th person from Pennsylvania arrested in U.S. Capitol riot, charged with assaulting cop

Look around

McConnell Hit With Some Home Truths After Saying He's 'Perplexed' By COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

When Republicans whine about cancel culture we should ask them

Biden fires head of Social Security Administration, a Trump holdover who drew the ire of Democrats

Texas lawmakers take first steps to restore Legislature's funding after Abbott's veto

Surfside cat found!

Question about these undemocratic election laws.

President Biden extends the Executive Order declaring war on Transnational Organized Crime -RU Mafia

The definition of chutzpah - digby

Belgium Is Returning 2,000 Artifacts Looted From Congo - Just 118,000 Left

Card being handed out to CPAC attendees

EXCLUSIVE: Trump called Netanyahu's congratulations to Biden 'an ultimate betrayal,' new book claims

On this day, July 9, 1944, Root Boy Slim was born.

Brian Kemp's first ad focus: 'Stacey Abrams and the liberal mob'

GOP's Madison Cawthorn: Biden may use door-to-door vaccine program to 'take your Bibles'

'I'm just devastated': Owner of African cat must give up pet after escape

the first African-American spelling B champion - Zaila Avant-garde

Frustrated Doggo Pines For French Fry. 😂😍

I need some gift suggestions from you old geezers out there.

Coronavirus in Florida

Canned Social Security Chief Andrew Saul says Biden had no right to fire him and plans to show up...

Controversial Brazil Environment Minister Resigns After U.S. Investigation The Brazilian government

Judge Refuses to Seal Names of 'Kraken' Witnesses Who Have Asked to Remain Anonymous

A Caravan of Cuban Americans Are Marching 1,300 Miles to Transform U.S.-Cuba Policy

Checking in from Surfside Rescue

Heart inflammation link to Pfizer and Moderna jabs

I'm going to my first ballroom dance in more than a year and a half...

Charged special assessment fees and did no work

Warnock reports raising $7 million for 2022 Georgia Senate contest

DDOT Will Replace Collapsed Pedestrian Bridge In Ward 7, Bowser Announces Ahead Of Council Hearing

Spill Some More Tea, Adam Kinzinger. We're Listening.

Vaccination frustration

My ONE hummingbird/year!!!

Committee investigating Capitol attack by pro-Trump mob will hold first hearing later this month

Cawthorn NC-11: Door to Door Vaccine effort? "They could then go door-to-door to take your Bibles,"

Jackson Browne with Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Grow wild in and near my yard. wineberry

Just saying. I bet Nikole Hannah Jones' and Ta Nehisi Coates' classes are already full. LOL

The Other Americans: Guatemala's Far Right Seeks Amnesty for War Crimes

Haiti requests US send troops following president's assassination

Fed judge enjoins Tennessee's anti-LGBTQ law (HB 1182) just *14 days* after the complaint was filed

Did Surfside building official mishandle engineer's report on doomed condo? Experts think so

Does anyone here get their prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies?

Don Jr is a POS

Biden Targets Big Business in Sweeping Executive Order to Spur Competition

U.S. Sends FBI Team to Haiti to Investigate Moise Assassination

No fans? No problem! A look back at substitutes for sports during the pandemic

COVID 19 Vaccine - Pfizer Booster Shot Coming - Doctor Mike Hansen

FEC wants to know about the joint fundraising committees that transferred cash to Mitch McConnell

why are Republicans blithering about Captain America?

Raphael Warnock Raised $7 Million Last Quarter

Biden admin won't accept 'partial deal' with Iran on release of American prisoners, U.S. envoy says

My evening snack will be a little unique among those on this board. Earlier, I picked a pint or

Missouri: "We are screwed."

Binx, the lucky black cat, has been reunited with her owners from Surfside

Texas man who waited seven hours at polls is charged with voting illegally

Mr. Frothy caught on tape saying Republicans 'don't want the people's will to be done immediately

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 43

How long before Jr. dumps Kimberly?

The Worst Charlatans of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Loses It And Claims Biden Is Secretly Confiscating Bibles And Guns

National Spelling Bee Champion, Zaila Avant-garde of LA Makes History, 1st African American Winner

Uh...I think CPAC broke Junior.

Tomi Lahren is latest to compare pandemic rules to Nazism in critiquing flight attendants' mask

Julia Ioffe was told "Trump has been good for many reporters professionally"

U.S. Capitol Police May Be Forced To Furlough Officers Due To Cash Crunch - MSNBC

rob thomas - streetcorner serenade (live-2017) now that q-tine is somewhat winding down and ...

Dana White said TFG will attend UFC 264 for McGregor-Poirier bout

Storms are exiting southern MD as a cold front approaches the region.

no, really, I am having a lot of fun with this...

Biden taps LA Mayor Garcetti as ambassador to India

Washington farmers still dealing with fallout from record-breaking heat wave

Fix for corrosion problem on new Colman Dock piles could cost as much as $10 million

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I get the feeling Covid is going to explode in certain regions the next 2 to 3 weeks

White House calling out critics of door-to-door vaccine push