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Why the heck are we not celebrating Mexico's

The Story Of How A Mexican Immigrant Threatened With Deportation Became WWI's Most Decorated Texan

"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?".

Say what?

My son works with steel every day. This is what he said about non-American steel.

The first year of teaching is notoriously tough. Denver is experimenting with a new approach

A Survey of Homeless in Jails Asks if Marijuana Drew Them to Colorado

China Walks Away From Start Of Talks On Cutting Aviation Emissions

Sorry but I'm jumping into this primary.

Barely July And 30 Large Fires Burning In 12 States; CA Burned Area 2X+ 5Yr Average

The Story of Freddy Gonzales

Important notes to self

#SecondCivilWar: "We've taken Hobby Lobby..."

Why would Rep. Jim Jordan, former OSU coach, cover for a doctor molesting students? I have a guess.

UN Green Climate Fund Head Quits; Projects To Date 3.7% Of Annual Paris Commitments

New Belgium, Willie Nelson Call for American Hemp Reform

Progressives poised to shape agenda if Dems take back House

Situk River (AK) Red Salmon Collapse; Return Barely 10% Of Projections; Subsistence Season 36 Hours

RePutin CongressTraitors celebrate the 4th of July in MOSCOW!

German music for the 4th.

BC Foresters Watchful For Beetle Signs In Massive PEI-Sized 2017 Burn (12,000 km2)

In US Midwest, Most Utilities Required To Meet Renewable Portfolio Standards On Track Or Nearly So

Moody blues

Who's watching Steven Universe?

Trump's court appointments have been the smoothest part of his presidency because he's had some help

Highest Temp On Record For Scotland Confirmed; 91.7F On 6/28 Near Glascow

X - heeeyyy baby it's the Fourth of July

All-Time Temp Records Set Or Tied Thru N. Hemisphere; Montreal-97.9; Belfast-85.1; Yerevan-107.6

US Border Patrol Agents Stopping and Boarding Canadian Fishing Boats

Into the Setting Sun

Andrew Janz

Justice and Independence '85 - yes it was 33 years ago

An Interesting View Of The History of Immigration......

"We who come later have one advantage over them: we have their example before us."

I got exposed to Agent Orange

Waylon Jennings - America (VIDEO)

Huerfano County GOP: Jared Polis is "openly gay" and "against our American values"

Happy Fourth, Republicans!

Conservative pens scathing July 4th column calling for destruction of 'white-nationalist' GOP

Facebook Video: Feeling the Bern on the Fourth of July in Warren Vermont!

Danske Bank's Money Laundering Tops $8 Billion, Browder Says

Last Year at this Time

USCIS is Starting a Denaturalization Task Force...

How Trump's Policy Decisions Undermine the Industries He Pledged to Help

Anoles in my yard

Colorado primary results show signs of Democratic push

Black fraternity group says Alabama restaurant refused to host their event, citing 'problems with yo

My theory on why Pruitt still has his job:

Why some polls may be underestimating Democrats

I was happy to see no one wearing MAGA hats at the washington concert on PBS

The gazebo is ours. I await your warm embrace, Abigail.

Oh, the sweetness unleashed by trump. I hope twitter finds this woman, exposes her, and....

Fireworks for a person...

It sounds like WWII is being fought outside my house

Black female leaders say Maxine Waters treated unfairly

If Amy Coney Barrett is nominated as justice, will Democrats again target her faith?

After Promises Of 'Transparency,' Pentagon Under Scrutiny For Troop Number Blackout

Barack Obama Says Everyone Should Ask These Three Questions Before Choosing a Mate: New Book

Feds say ex-firm of Stormy Daniels' lawyer owes unpaid taxes

Thousands of firefighters battling massive wildfires in western U.S.

Sitting outside in the drizzle with my dog, Larry

US border patrol boat strayed into Canadian waters chasing migrants: fishermen

Oil Holds Gains Above $74 as Supply Drops Eclipse Saudi Boost

So I've had a running battle with Duer's today.

I am sorry, every day, I am hating these Republicans more...

How Trump Went From 'Fire and Fury' to Dismissing North Korean Nuclear Advances

The best of my 4th: SamBee (rerun?)

DEMOCRATS: THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, Concert Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Obama Inaugural

"And for the support of this Declaration,

Chelsea Handler issues July 4 apology to world: 'We're sorry about our president'

US pork producers prepare for steep tariffs: 'I don't want to be the patriot who dies at the end of

ACLU membership grew from 400,000 to 1.84 million after Trump was elected: report

Precedent and Jurisprudential Disagreement (stare decisis) by Amy Coney Barrett

Michael Avenatti vs. Groper Trump in 2020 ?!!

Canada investigating US Border Patrol agents boarding fishing ships looking for undocumented immigra

Black Oregon lawmaker: Police called as she knocked on doors

USVI: Oil refinery to reopen under $1.4B deal with ArcLight

Del Vikings - Come Go With Me

Key GOP senator: I won't support any Supreme Court nominee that has shown 'hostility' to Roe v. Wade

Major illegal fireworks going off in my neighborhood

The Hidden History of Trump's First Trip to Moscow

She is an immigrant activist -

Really funny!

Spring Creek fire grows to 95,000 acres, becoming third largest in Colorado history

WOW! It WAS a HAPPY 4th after all! Melanie's smiling and holding hands! I CARE! REALLY! DO U?

Man sentenced to 5 years for marijuana grown on federal land

Update from Washington

Irving Berlin, "GOD BLESS AMERICA"

Independence Day Rain Totals Hit Nearly 10" In Harris County; San Jacinto Above Flood Stage

Fireworks Accident Blows Off Tip Of Florida (tweet)

Ruffatto gets 18 months, $14.4M penalty for Two Elk fraud and stealing from DoE stimulus grant

Colorado: Spring Creek 3rd-Largest Fire In State History; Grows 15,000 Acres In 1 Day To 94,000+

Craig Raymond Turner, eldest son of Tina Turner, dies from gunshot wound

The clock is ticking...tick tock

Two 4,500-Year-Old Homes Found Near Giza Pyramids

When i try and post a reply over 100 characters the du tells me it is too long

Wilbur Ross shorted more stocks than previously reported

Ancient Human Ancestors Had to Deal with Climbing Toddlers

Therese Okoumou - "I'm not coming down from Statue of Liberty until all the children are released"

Utah drillers struck gold with Pruitt's EPA

As water shortages loom, Wyoming seeks water-bank bill

Bree Newsome took down the Confederate Flag and Theresa Patricia Okoumou...

Chilling quote from John Brennan

Gordon sputters, Galeotos and Throne shine at governor debate

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan to Call Cops Over Sex Abuse Victim's 'Bullying' Emails

NY State Attorney General Barbara Underwood may be on to something.

Energy boosts Wyoming's tax income at start of year

Las Vegas investor who owes $2.2 billion to Nevada company arrested outside Yellowstone

How to Make Trump's Tax Returns Public

Gerry Rafferty-Baker Street

Confederate flags on The Fourth of July

Not too late for the Left Coast...Dave Alvin...4th of July...

Cheyenne diocese says former bishop sexually abused two Wyoming boys, calls previous investigation

Sometimes, when I am replying to a post with over three lines a dialogue

Hey Rhode Island! WTF? A Trump voter as party leader?

ELO -Telephone Line

Laramie vigil memorializes Matthew Shepard's death

Hope you had a terrific evening. We took our baby boy down to the huge firewooks display.

It's campaign season, which means Wyoming officials are getting complaints about election signs

Ives: "Symphony No.2"/Copland: "Fanfare for the Common Man", Slatkin conducting/Joan Tower:

Is it great to be a worker in the U.S.? Not compared with the rest of the developed world.

Man leads police on chase through Gillette after demanding free gas

Movie tickets - membership club - Monthly fee?

Jackson LGBTQ Ordinance Passes Second Reading Despite Increased Opposition

Beware of School Choice in Wyoming - A billionaire is making her rounds across the state

Billings Democrats hustle to fill empty seat as special session looms

So if half the country thinks tRump is a racist,

Police, protesters gear up for Trump's visit to Great Falls

Dakota Access accused of violating North Dakota corporate farming law

Montana Sen. Tester 'welcomes' Trump by touting passed bills

Republicans aren't optimistic they have votes for special session

Competing visions of closing costs at Colstrip

Linda Haney for Knox County (TN) Mayor (AUGUST 2 Election)

Complaint Details Fraud Allegations Against Kalispell Regional Healthcare

Possum makes surprise appearance at Whataburger Field during Hooks game

U.S. facing shortage of injected painkillers

Judge orders halt of debris removal in Coryell County hospital explosion

Texas A&M's newest wind tunnel is a blast

Twin Peaks shootout forfeitures following path of criminal cases

What time did the fireworks end at your house?

Kobach brings Jeep with replica machine gun to Lenexa Independence Day parade

Cartoon of Deb Milbrath - July 4, 2018 / July 4, 2019

Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe

EJ Dionne: solution to polarization is defeat of Republicans

Thursday TOONs - Pick-y Edition

The final and last analysis of Trump-voters you will ever need to read:

Babe in the Woods: The Cowboys' Color Man and His Son Endure a Black Period

I'm so sad.

oh shit wave the

'Abolish ICE' is a gift to Republicans

Two Words: F-k Giuliani

Liberty is mere millimeters thick in places and extremely fragile due to decades of neglect

He is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group; So Why is He Working for a Defense Contractor

'The GOP Must Be Destroyed Before It Can Be Rebuilt'

**July photo contest comment thread**

**July photo contest submissions**Closed

A white supremeicist with security clearance-what could possibly be wrong with that?

Anti-Gay Hate Group Paid Missouri Senate Candidate

Black Man Who Had Cops Called On Him By 'BBQ Becky' Running For Oakland City Council

Democrats in Disarray? No, That's the Myopic Media.

Lloyd Doggett Sandbagged the Unveiling of Trump's Not-So-Simple Tax "Postcard"

Trump not planning for Dem House takeover

Inside the Online Campaign to Whitewash Donald Trump's Russian Business Ties

Ex-wrestler says Rep. Jim Jordan witnessed lewd shower acts while a coach at Ohio State

"Do You Know What A Lawyer Is?"

China tries to ease retaliation fears with pledges to help foreign businesses weather trade war

'This is their Hail Mary': California GOP bets on gas tax repeal

In 2017, Texas Union Membership Rose at the Highest Rate in Over Three Decades

Trump's trade war with China is finally here -- and it won't be pretty, analysts say

Injured Beavers See Each Other For First Time And Fall Instantly In Love

Novichok poisonings: UK points the finger at Russia

Amid Tariffs, Chinese Factory Starts Production On Trump Campaign Flags

Novichok poisonings: UK points the finger at Russia

Bad Hair could set a tray of drinks on that head with zero spillage. MAGA!

Sure sign that it truly is Summer

This dog is so smart he can walk himself!

Former Ohio State Wrestler: We 'Begged' Rep. Jordan to Get Involved With Sex Abuse Investigation

Amid Tariffs, Chinese Factory Starts Production On Trump Campaign Flags

London mayor APPROVES baby Trump blimp to fly over city during visit

Inside the Online Campaign to Whitewash the History of Donald Trump's Russian Business Associates

This dog is so smart he can walk himself!

Native Americans seek to rename Yellowstone peak honoring massacre perpetrator

Hey Joey Chestnut!

I'm feeling gratitude for

MAGA Trolls roll out Fresh Astroturf

Republicans in Russia?

Michael Cohen Removes Trump Affiliation From Twitter And LinkedIn

Joe Walsh is "pretty damn sad" that Trump supporters tell him they're OK with Trump's lying

Trump and staff aren't even bothering to plan for possibility that Democrats will retake Congress

Trump's trade war with China is finally here -- and it won't be pretty, analysts say

Diodado: Those who seek humanitarian aid for Venezuela will be considered traitors

Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe

Dearest wife, Quick thinking saved my platoon today from the Red Hats.....

Walter Shaub volunteers to lead investigation into Melania working illegally first weeks in US

Trump's summit with Kim could foretell catastrophe with Putin - By George F. Will

Can you pass the US citizenship test?

Forget "civility": Take Donald Trump's threats of violence seriously, before it's too late

Trump's racist views have not gone unnoticed. America really is better than Trump

Dems seek to one-up each other with Trump attacks

Open Borders

UK urges Russia to give details of nerve attack after two more people struck down

50 Immigrants From 22 Nations Become U.S. Citizens In A Ceremony Before.....

How do you deal with you tube anthropology?

The red hats are coming! The red hats are coming! Oh, wait...

Marcy Wheeler: I shared this information with the FBI, concerning cooperation w/ Syria and Russia

Lincoln is spinning in his grave

Dude that headed BREXIT/Vote Leave group tied to Kochs, De Vos family and Trumpy trump trump!

He Is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group. So Why Is He Working for a Defense Contractor

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 177,000 Jobs in June

Democrats are all in on Robert Mueller.

Is There Really a Bomb in Gilead?

Dem journalist posts PERFECT response to Trump troll labeling Trump sons 46 and 47

This is all the more inspiring if you understand the bone spur pain he is enduring

Trump's New Pageant: SCOTUS Pick Will Have To Look 'All-American,' Jibe With Trump

It's the sexism, stupid

Trump: Supreme Court pick will be a 'home run' - Add your translation.

He Is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group. Why Is He Working for a Defense Contractor...

James Woods Dropped by Talent Agent Over Politics, Actor Says

"America Is Guilty of Neglecting Kids...

Is there polling on percentage of Republicans turned Independents due to Trump?

I know! Let's have a Parody Presidential Election in 2019!

Trump and his staff aren't even bothering to plan for the possibility that Democrats

Democrats Lining Up to Take on Rabidly Anti-LGBT, Anti-Choice, Extremist State Sen. Dick Black

Serious question: What are the best issues Democrats have to run against Trump and Repubs?

"Lions kill and eat at least three rhino poachers at South Africa nature reserve"

Refreshing Gazpacho Soup

Trump compares border enforcement to keeping people off your lawn

Female Deplorable cites Trump while calling man 'rapist,' 'illegal' in viral rant

House Republicans Are Still Fixated On Making It Harder For Poor People To Eat

A twitter truth today

Where is the uproar? Trump is going to have a private meeting with Putin

WWI "God bless America : French schools welcome Americans"

Workers in this town may become victims of Trump's trade war,but they're behind him 'no matter what'

When TV Weather Gets It All Wrong

The Rundown: July 3, 2018

The Rundown: July 4, 2018

The Rundown: July 5, 2018

"It is a mountain of bourbon barrels": Rest of whiskey storage warehouse collapses in Kentucky

"Thought's a crock!" . . . Please come CAPTION "O'l Liar for Hire": Rick Santorum!!!

Mother arrested for allegedly selling young children

Wrong Lady Liberty on stamp to cost US Postal Service $3.5M

20,000+ barrel Whiskey Warehouse collapses ...

Get a voter on board

My Gut Tells Me That Trump Will Pick Amy Barrett For SCOTUS......

It just never stops!

A gathering of Republicans? No, Nat. Geo. 2018 Travellers pix winners

Heard two interesting things on MSNBC this am.

It looks like Jim Jordan is getting a taste of his own medicine. It's called KARMA.

Kaepernick receives civil rights award from the National Education Association

Trump 'Angry Baby' blimp gets permission from London mayor to fly overhead during visit

Ex-House staffer, subject of conspiracy theories, pleads guilty to bank fraud charge

Seth Rogen calls out Twitter's Jack Dorsey for the platform's white supremacist problem

Former GOP Congressman: Trump-voters know that he's lying and they don't care.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Continues Her White-Tears Tour Despite Being Satan's Mouthpiece


We have a new family member

WaPo: As it slides toward authoritarianism, Venezuela targets one of its last independent newspapers

Has anyone watched "Turn: Washington's Spies" on AMC?

This post is not for me, but for all the people you haven't answered.

I came to realize as a child the only reason I had a middle name was so I'd know

Wonderful Independence Day greetings !

Medical emergency at my redneck neighborhood

Thai Cave Rescue

Options for professional services in these troubled times

I'm seeing increased incidents where lefties "hit" back against MAGA people.

2 in UK critical condition after exposure to same Russian nerve agent - British citizens

No birthday cards

The Senate Intelligence Committee Refutes Trump...As Quietly As Possible

Saw the new Purge movie last night...

Former friends of Alan Dershowitz destroy his complaints about being 'shunned' in Martha's Vineyard

Mayor of city in England 'bans' Trump

RI Dem Party rescinds 2 controversial Assembly endorsements

Tomasky: Bogus Dems in disarray media narrative belies positive news for November

Yes! We have no bananas: Why the song may come true again

EU votes to block controversial copyright law that would ban memes

Art of the Week: Week of 7/4/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 7/4/2018

The Guy #BBQ Becky called about is running for Oakland Parks & Rec

"ZERO TOLERANCE" Parody of "Casual Conversation" Don Caron

Rodney Howard-Browne: Spiritual Revival Will Shut Down Congress For Days

Is Donnie Short Fingers really going to meet with

What Patriotism Looks Like: A 6-Year-Old Raised $13,000 For Migrant Kids

Some say Donald Trump eats babies

EU votes to block controversial copyright law that would ban memes

Very early days - Tropical Depression 2 has formed in the Atlantic

Toast of London

Recent advertising for "Feelin' Good Tees"

Got my weekly

Schumer privately asked Trump to nominate Merrick Garland to Supreme Court: report

Sandy Koufax

A few greetings from Europe

4th of July to remember (perhaps to forget)

Former Fargo radio personality, MSNBC broadcaster Ed Schultz dies at 64

Most of the fireworks in the US are brought here by one Chinese businessman

Happy Birthday NHS - great read

Here's how Russia is trying to divide the Democratic Party

U.S. terminates funding for Zimbabwe rights groups ahead of election

Nothing Out of the Ordinary: How a Russian Law Normalizes and Legalizes Domestic Violence

Nothing Out of the Ordinary: How a Russian Law Normalizes and Legalizes Domestic Violence

Ed Schultz has passed away.

U.S. Navy says will protect commerce in face of Iran oil threat

Nothing Out of the Ordinary: How a Russian Law Normalizes and Legalizes Domestic Violence

Bloomberg: Mueller hires more prosecutors.

Trump to OPEC: 'Reduce pricing now!'

Trump focused on Kavanaugh, Kethledge for Supreme Court: source

The Expanse - SPOILER ALERT!!!

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine joining White House communications team

Daring to Remember: From El Paso to Juarez and Back Before Roe (NEVER AGAIN)

Why Trump's inauguration money is a major part of Mueller's Russia investigation

Daring to Remember: From El Paso to Juarez and Back Before Roe (NEVER AGAIN)

Daring to Remember: From El Paso to Juarez and Back Before Roe (NEVER AGAIN)

Daring to Remember: From El Paso to Juarez and Back Before Roe (NEVER AGAIN)

Hightower: New York Times strikes out about Sanders

#BREAKING: Police are investigating a hazmat situation at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Swing Left - Novel Grassroot campaign strategy.

'That's Not the Kirstjen We Know' ; "This almost Cruella de Vil press conference that she held was s

Trump repeatedly suggested Venezuela invasion, stunning top aides - report

Dissolving the Fermi Paradox

Man with Metaphoric Name and Terrible History Joins White House Team

"Dear Queen Elizabeth" Sandy and Richard Riccardi ( for dotard's visit to UK)

Did I hear that Hannity's Bill Shine is heading

Former Fox exec Bill Shine proves "alleged sexual misconduct" isn't necessarily "career limiting."

What's the deal with this Walkaway hashtag guy?

25 Families Own $1.1 Trillion Between Them as the Global Wealth Inequality Gap Grows

Larry Nassar Faces Additional Charges

Larry Nassar Faces Additional Charges

Larry Nassar Faces Additional Charges

Mueller hires still more prosecutors

Central Florida companies scramble ahead of Chinese tariffs

Rick Wiles: Democrats Will Start Killing Republicans To Prevent Them From Voting In 2020

boy I wish Jennifer Granholm had been born in the U.S.

Seagull With Diarrhea Barely Makes It To Crowded Beach In Time

A lot of great stuff here if you haven't seen it before

What are your plans for the Aphelion?

HHS secretary says Trump administration rushing to reunite migrant families separated at the border

White Civil Rights Rally' Approved For D.C. In August

Native Americans seek to rename Yellowstone peak honoring massacre perpetrator

Native Americans seek to rename Yellowstone peak honoring massacre perpetrator

So I watched the British comedy, "Catastrophe" season 1 on Amazon Prime...

Report: Post-Hurricane Harvey, Officials Kept Homes in Flood Zones

We MUST Vote and in HUGE numbers this fall. The Republic is at stake!

For Democrats, Pragmatists Are Still Trumping Progressives Where It Counts

Trump's approval has actually been the most stable of any president in polling history,

If four out of five people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that

Conservative politics is built on disgust

The Onion: Does The World Cup Enforce The False Construct Of Borders Imposed On Us By The Ruling

I don't think this can be said too often: it is imperative that we all pledge to vote for

Democrats Are Now Spending More on Obamacare Ads

2 at Mother Teresa's charity arrested over alleged baby sale

Church vs State

Perfect fit

Inside the Effort to Whitewash Trump's Ties to Felix Sater

"Jim Jordan should get what he denies others: The benefit of the doubt"

Ed Schultz, Former MSNBC Host, Dies at 64

"Oh noes, think of the businesses...."

I sincerely hope that Chuck Schumer has a grand plan & isn't this naive.

I've already composed my response to whatever Trump will say he and Putin

The Beautiful, Ugly, and Possessive Hearts of Star Wars

A giant blimp depicting Trump in a diaper is likely to greet the U.S. president when he visits Londo

Scientists spot a planet as it's being born

Hightower: New York Times strikes out about Sanders

Newsrooms Nationwide Hold Moment Of Silence For Maryland Shooting Victims

A July Fourth celebration on the Rhein River. What the Germans think about us now

Seriously, this is ridiculous

Richard Spencer learns about strong borders, barred from European travel

ICE To Open Immigrant Detention Center In Texas At Site Of Former Prison

Already in trouble, Wisconsin dairy farmers are now getting hammered by tariffs

Already in trouble, Wisconsin dairy farmers are now getting hammered by tariffs

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 5, 2018

GOP Rep Jordan: Teen sex scandal is deep-state plot concocted by Rosenstein

From Brit Land With Love

Workers in this town may become victims of Trump's trade war,but they're behind him 'no matter what'

Therese Okoumou released on her own recognizance:

Regarding Republicans and Russia, just let this sink in.

I left the Republican Party. Now I want Democrats to take over.

E.P.A. Aide Questioned Deleting Sensitive Meeting Details. Then She Was Fired.

Roanoke towing company settles dispute over car for $120,000

Tweet Of The Day!!


Pruitt resigns:

Pruitt resigns. CNN

Embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns amid ethics scandals

Scott Pruitt just resigned.


Poor Trump!

When I was a little-bitty baby

Congrats to DUer gopiscrap for winning the Scott Pruitt EPA career death pool

Reagan in Pro-Immigration AD: Make America Great Again

Manafort back in court...AGAIN...I don't know the outcome of this yet, but this is just fun:

Keith Olbermann comments on passing of Ed Schultz, age 64 today

How Will We Know What a Supreme Court Nominee Really Thinks?by Linda Greenhouse

Gay Swans in Austria Attacked Humans to Protect Their Adopted Baby: A Plastic Cup

Who is Andrew Wheeler and why you should be afraid of him.

'He's so scandal-ridden': Scott Pruitt confronted at restaurant

For the first time, U.S. resettles fewer refugees than the rest of the world

Doesn't anybody read thread titles before adding a new one on the same topic?

DUers I Need Help RE Scott Pruitt

Another unknown burial

I hear that at the resignation party

Great Russell Simmons tweet:


Trey Gowdy, a dog with a bone. A bone named Benghazi

Pierce: This Ought to Run in Campaign Ads from Now Through Eternity

Well, maybe that used mattress will benefit Pruitt after all?

Pork Rinds: Cracklin Good 😋 or Nothing But Nasty 🤢?

Scott Pruitt is stepping down because of "the unrelenting attacks on me personally."

GOP celebrates the 4th of July in Russia, announces $550B arms purchase & trade

They fired the shit heard round the world!

US companies telling the Fed they are putting capital spending plans on hold due to Trump threats

Now that Scott Pruitt is toast, let's have the JOHN KELLY WHCOS Career Death Pool

Just in: Sen. Sanders holding a press conf. tomorrow afternoon ...ongoing labor dispute UVMMedCenter

Brett Kavanaugh - potential SCOTUS justice

What countries weapons have killed the most American soldiers,

Video, Therese Okoumou, "I went as high as I could"

Hello Mudda!

Fireworks explosion kills 17, injures 31 near Mexico City

Too fucking true: "Hey Democrats, Fighting Fair Is for Suckers"

Pruitt in resignation letter to Trump: You are president because of God's providence

A not so bold prediction:

Sen. Sanders: 'Scott Pruitt was the worst EPA administrator in the history of the agency ... '

Chick Fillet to possibly give Pruitt a job as dishwasher!

Bill Moyers on Scott Pruitt-Predicting the future

Wouldn't Dump/Putin one on one meeting violate Presidential Records Act? eom

Ed Schultz dead at 64.

Andrew Wheeler--Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Sad! Unfair! Internet responds to the Pruitt resignation with calls for Trump to resign as well.

Boeing to Take Over Embraer's Commercial-Jet Business

Buck Sexton: I'm confident the Supreme Court will scrap affirmative action before Roe v. Wade

Backers turn in more than 133,000 signatures in effort to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot (NE)

Trump-supporting Texas teen gets attacked, doused in soda for wearing 'Make America Great Again' hat

Beto O'Rourke playing onstage with Willie Nelson, July 4th

Breaking: Trump to name leaking barrel of pesticides to replace Scott Pruitt as head of EPA.

does the swamp creature still get investigated? Did he resign because he thought it would stop?

Doesn't anybody read thread titles before adding a new one on the same topic?

Susan Collins Is Lying About Her SCOTUS Vote. Here's Why.

Steve Daines (R) tweets photos purportedly showing him in DC while he's actually in Moscow:

Trump to pull tariff trigger at midnight in trade war escalation

Do you think the timing of this Pruitt resign is to take the news off those rethugs in Russia now?

Funny how Nicole Wallace failed to mention the Senate Intel bipartisan report

$700 billion will disappear from Social Security's coffers in next decade

Since Scott Pruitt was the only casualty of the #secondcivilwar where should he be buried?

Tropical Storm Beryl forms, expected to weaken before hitting Caribbean

GOP took out the trash Tuesday night & the media let them.

Bernie Sanders asks if private equity owners 'deliberately' killed Toys 'R' Us

Mark Hamill trolls IQ45's language on Pruitt

Today's dedication goes out to Scott and Donald, who are having a rough time this afternoon.

Illinois governor clarifies: 'Vote for anybody' but the Nazi

It's nice to live in a city with decent services. I wonder how long it will be

Note on thread about Trump taxes from David Cay Johnston (call to action)

Per Haberman, NYT, Cohen, that GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT, has another new lawyer

CNN Video: Sen. Sanders on phone interview concerning Scott Pruitt

Russian court fines US-funded outlets for violating foreign agents laws

Starbucks employee fired after mocking stuttering customer

You don't know me but I'm your brother

Yep, they're morons alright...

Russians Will Target Liberals on Social Media for the Midterm Elections (e.g. #WalkAway)

Man pleads not guilty to hate crimes in attack on protesters

Need some help! Been watching The Five on Netflix. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! I swear I've seen

Jail guard fired, charged with beating shackled inmate

Possible first hurricane of the Atlantic season has become a tropical storm - Beryl

Can't Find My Way Home

Tweet on Michael Cohen step:

Raymond Kethledge - potential SCOTUS justice

Having no ethics is a job requirement for dismantling the EPA

Judge largely rules for California in 'sanctuary state' fight

Once zealously controlled by a religious sect, a small town tries to rehab its image -- with beer

''Ed Schultz was a passionate defender of American workers and strongly supported trade policies ...

Moving the blame is the game!

Brazil labor minister suspended amid corruption probe

Pop the popcorn, buckle up and

Stealth obstruction? Mueller may be running out of time.

He Man and Skeletor re-enact Dirty Dancing

Almost 500 new citizens take oath -- 'faces replenishing democracy'

E.P.A. Aide Questioned Deleting Sensitive Meeting Details. Then She Was Fired.

In the midnight hour, she cried

Heat Waves and Climate Change: Mass Media Fails to Make the Connection

Couple Allegedly Committed Unthinkable Crimes Against 15-Year-Old Who Escaped During Bathroom Break

Fox's Guilfoyle photographed with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist

US Military Surveillance Drones Are Being Grounded By The Pentagon

Fed: US business have 'scaled back' investment, growth over trade tensions

DeVos Family Launches Fake Democratic Super PAC to Attack Gretchen Whitmer

Fox News host: Trump suspending military exercises was a 'big give to the North Koreans'

NC-09: GOP Candidate Questioned Careers for Women

Pollster: Immigration won't help GOP woo Independents

Does anybody read thread titles before adding a new one on the same topic?

Lpez Obrador's Youth in His Home State Shows Why He's Not a Demagogic Populist

Bernie Sanders asks if private equity owners 'deliberately' killed Toys 'R' Us

Michael Cohn hires Lanny Davis

4th Ohio State Wrestler says Jim Jordan knew about the sexual assualts

2 Years After Going Viral, Ieshia Evans Reflects On Her Iconic Protest Photo

"Yeah, I 'member 'Merica..."

Two questions about Pruitt:

Trump's Mar-a-Lago has asked the government for permission to hire 40 foreign workers as workers

U.S. Army has moved in recent weeks to discharge dozens of immigrant recruits and reservists.

How Far will the Morbidly Rich & Donald Trump Go?

Rhode Island Democrats RESCIND Endorsements Following Backlash

The Power of Putin


Why Trump's inauguration money is a major part of Mueller's Russia investigation

Donald Trump's explanation for committing voter fraud.

Rhode Island Democrats RESCIND Endorsements Following Backlash

What's better than the World Cup?

Jay Goldberg says Cohen is defiinitely cooperating (or will be).

Justin Trudeau at center of "inferno out of control" tweets one of Canada's top pollsters

Michael Cohen Hires Lanny Davis, Lawyer Close to the Clintons

Revenge is sweet:

Any thoughts on how the market will react to the Pig's trade war tomorrow....

Scott Pruitt's replacement at EPA is a formal Coal Industry Lobbyist.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 6 July 2018

Woman finds nearly 50 Brown Recluse spiders in her bedroom

"Is Donald Trump still president?" asked Piglet...

Just a note......CNN and MSNBC. ARE NOT SHOWING the orange blob in Montana......

Isn't this ethnic cleansing?

Maybe Kristin Mink has "the gift". She goes to Pruitt's table at a restaurant and

Trump Just Hired A Controversial Former Fox News Executive

Begala tweet:

BREAKING: A dejected Scott Pruitt found shopping alone for lotion ("It's just not the same")

"We're the schmucks who are paying for it"


Pruitt resigns. Does this mean that confronting Trump cabinet members in public is working?

Racism alleged at community pool after white man asks black woman for ID

Fourth Ohio State wrestler says Rep. Jim Jordan knew about sexual abuse when he was coach

Michael Cohen Hires Former Bill Clinton Lawyer Lanny Davis

Diaper-clad 'Trump Baby' blimp to fly over London during president's visit

Pics from the protest in NJ that my son attended...

Hey Solly! Look what I found in MY backyard!

Have the children been reunited with their parent(s)?

The fraud is telling a Montana audience that Putin is "fine." Now saying he is Elton John

Aunt Crabby is too much!

Dogs native to America were wiped out by Eurasian dogs

The real-life court experiences of immigrant children separated from their parents

Once zealously controlled by a religious sect, a small town tries to rehab its image -- with beer

Pruitt replacement shortlist, complete with their qualifications

LOL @ Mike Luchovich: Pruitt's Last Raid

Here are the first two paragraphs of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:

Dear God! He'a on another rant about the NFL. n/t

Boss: Are you good at Microsoft Office tasks?

The President Without a Party

Here's to you Scott Pruitt...

He Is a Member of a Violent White Supremacist Group. So Why Is He Working for a Defense Contractor W

"USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!" x infinity from "our friends on the right" in Montana. n/t

"We will make America sick again!" n/t

Thank you Kristin Mink! The pissed of Mother that confronted Pruitt.

4th wrestler said Jordan took part in locker-room conversations where athletes discussed the abuse

Went to see the fireworks in Seaside Heights NJ

Inciting words: Kessler gets a win and $5

Trump: Democrats "don't know who they're playing with, folks"

True love.

Even if you're already at peak outrage, this one needs your attention, BIGLY!

Ex-officer involved in Rodney King beating charged with DUI

Do you think Trump will try to overturn the 14th Amendment?

MSNBC Breaking News - Trump goes off the rails at Montana Rally

Judge rules against group seeking Koch Foundation gift info

#Lose45 to Lose 45