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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 14,981

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: If The GOP Establishment Thinks Their Nightmare Is Over On Election Day...

Don't worry everyone, Trump is just an aberration within the GOP!

He’s With Her: Inside Paul Ryan’s Months-Long Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton President (Warning: Breitbart)

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Bigly Confident

Mike Pence to make campaign visit in bid to shore up Utah support

Trump D.C. hotel to hold grand opening two weeks before election

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

Trump campaign manager: We're too busy to sue sexual accusers

Busted: Jake Tapper unearths clip of Kellyanne Conway saying Trump ‘whines’ about rigged elections

Gingrich: 'Of course' we can afford to have president with split personality

The Exact Same Joke

Trump Campaign Releases Statement Threatening That Trump Administration Will “Break Up” Media Conglomerates That Have Criticized Trump

Classy Trump Supporter Holds Sign With Bullseye Over Clinton’s Face At Virginia Rally / A quick look at the anti-Hillary merchandise for sale outside Donald Trump's rally in Naples, Florida

Pic Of The Moment: Care To Repudiate Trump's "Nasty Woman" Comments, Republicans?

GOP congressman on Clinton: 'A lady needs to be told when she's being nasty'

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Kansas...

Kansas House leader calls Hitler’s words ‘profound’ in Facebook post

Pic Of The Moment: Four More Years

Trump-Clinton debate transcript

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Debate

Pic Of The Moment: Supreme Hypocrisy

McCain statement on President Obama naming a Supreme Court nominee

Sen. McCain Says Republicans Will Block All Court Nominations If Clinton Wins

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Now At War With His Own Running Mate Over What To Do When They Lose

Mike Pence: 'We Will Absolutely Accept The Result Of The Election'

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Finds Way To Blame Mexico For His Reported History Of Sexual Assaults

Trump to blame Mexican billionaire for groping allegations: report

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