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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 11:10 PM
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MIRT rules

Nothing in particular, etc, you rule.

Ending today with a laugh because otherwise I'd cry, the best orb I've seen

The Onion Has Obtained Hundreds Of Classified Documents From The Trump White House

OMG. 700 pages.

Link to the main page, other links there to groupings.

Here's a couple daily briefings. So much more to look at, including a fill in the blank EO.

Looks like Sheriff David Clarkes army medals might be B.S.


At almost all of his public appearances, Clarke either wears a pristine cowboy hat with a natty suit or, more famously, a uniform festooned with shiny military medals. On Thursday, Twitter user Charles Clymer, an army veteran, pointed out that those military medals might not be all that legit.

“Look at this fucking guy’s uniform,” Clymer said, in the second of a long string of tweets on the subject. “You see all that shit pinned all over his dress uniform jacket? That’s not supposed to be there.”

Clymer went on to break down each individual medal, their placement and their apparently spurious provenance. Clymer acknowledged that legitimate medals are earned, and should be worn with pride, but accuses Clarke of “stolen valor” and calls Clarke’s collection, “a sloppy assortment of badge replicas arranged neatly, looks imposing.”...(list of tweets)

Even RW is picking this up.

"that's what I like to do"??????????


I am looking forward to Trump's trip

It's like gawking at a car accident. Or waiting for the man with the knife to jump out at you during a scary movie.

What will happen? There is no way in hell he won't fuck up. The potential is amazingly horrific.

I'll sit on my couch, peering out from the pillow on my lap when I check the news.

I've been semi-hysterical today

I mutter or say "Israel" and break up laughing.

This is so bad. Yes, it may not been illegal, but how damn DUMB do you have tho be to not recognize the seriousness, repercussions and reactions to sharing classified information like that.

And with Israel.

Let's pick an ally with intense spying who shares lots of info to keep us safe, and piss them off.

And then not understand why they cut us off.

I've not bought into the "he's going to kill us all" mentality up until now, but he's going to kill a lot of us.

I can either cry, or laugh hysterically.

The source was compromised the instant Trump told the Russians

Has ISIS gotten to them?

Trump and his ilk didn't warn them. Did he have no idea the danger for the person, the people, or did he just not give a fuck?

Will other governments share intelligence info in the future?

Not only did the narcissistic asshole endanger sources, let ISIS learn how they were infiltrated, share info without the source's permission, but WHO will be stupid enough to share intelligence in the future with the USA, not only while Trump is in power, but for a long time.

Release the white house tapes

It's an easy way to prove what he said. Right?
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