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Member since: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 1,361

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Of Mice And Men : Spoiler Alert

Just watched the 1939 classic again last night. I've seen the remakes. Remember reading it about 40 years ago. So what do you think happened to George after The End? Did they lynch him before the trial? Did he go to prison and maybe serve on a chain gang? Was he pronounced guilty and executed? Did he do life or did the law take mercy on him with a lighter sentence? Did George do the right thing by Lenny? Just asking.

I Have This SICK Feeling

that Americans are already forgetting about the mass murdered gun victims in Parkland Florida. There wasn't much about it this weekend and the kids are kind of quiet. We have to keep being loud and in their face. The toxic NRA must crumble like a year old cup cake and be tossed into the trash heap of history. Don't stop till the only thing left of the NRA is their cold dead hands.

Why Doesn't The IOC Strip The Russian Hockey Goons Of Their Medals?

So should the Russian hockey team be forced to return their medals for breaking the Olympic rule by singing their stupid banned anthem? Wouldn't demanding that they return their medals be a good way to show that Russian rule breaking will not be tolerated by Russian dopers nor their murdering gangster ruler Vladimir Putin? We all know that toxic orange will side with his cheating Russian support team.

CNN Did A Promo For A Kennedy Series Coming In March

I think the next episode was on tonight.



Wow for a minute I thought Preston Sharp was Barron Trump

After they cleaned him up and removed the 666 from his head. I guess Barron would dissolve in the light.

Maybe Someone Will Invite Hillary To The SOTU.

She doesn't have to do anything she can just sit there and read Fire and Fury like she did at the Grammy Awards tonight. Maybe all the Dems should be reading Fire and Fury just to remind everyone that America is not normal while that thing is in our White House.

So Who Will Have The Guts To Shout Out YOU LIE At The SOTU On Tuesday Night?

Bernie Sanders? Liz Warren? Kamala Harris? Cory Booker? Julian Castro? Oprah Winfrey? Who will have the courage to call the king of liars what he is on coast to coast TV?

So Will SNL Open With President Oprah Or President Shithole Sketch?

Until yesterday I thought they would open with President Oprah but they probably will go with president shithole instead. Maybe Alec Baldwin will say the the s word 50 or more times like they did in the famous penis sketch from the 90s. A couple of weeks later Mary Tyler Moore hosted the show and talked about that sketch. Then she reminded the audience that her guest that night was Elvis Costello's penis. Will SNL have the balls to say shithole tonight?

Much Distress Over The Dems Nominating A Black Female Celebrity

But #45 isn't even the first repibliklan inserted into our White House. Here's Ronnie before he was giving out bj's at the 1964 RNC.

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