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Member since: Wed Oct 26, 2016, 05:18 PM
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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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Imagine Dragons - Enemy...from the outstanding Netflix animated series 'Arcane'

League of Legends 'Arcane' is simply some of the best animated storytelling I've seen in years

This is an origin story for League of Legends (a game which I have never played), and it is simply one of the best series I have seen in recent years. Season One came out late last year and Season Two is scheduled for some time next year. It's kind of a steampunk/Blade Runner/ Clone Wars kind of thing but with rock-solid complex characters with next-level 3D/2D animation. By the time you've watched the first three episodes these characters will be living rent-free in your head, guaranteed. I put this series up there with likes of David Milch's 'Deadwood' for it's strikingly complex characters. One of the most violent pieces of animation I have ever seen, but absolutely nothing in it is gratuitous. Three groups of three episodes each were released, nine 45-minutes episodes for a total of 4 1/2 hours. You can binge watch it all in an afternoon, but I found myself pausing after the first three episodes just to try to digest everything I had seen.

Rather than spend an hour trying to compose something intelligent to say about the series, I'll simply paste a couple of reviews here for your perusal. To quote one of the reviewers, "Arcane absolutely draws you in from the first bloody scene and doesn't let go until that final, epic moment, and I was invested in every single second of it."

Cross-posted from Entertainment...maybe the best story-telling I've seen in years

Just watched the Netflix series 'Arcane' from last year. This series is an origin story for the video game League of Legends. I have never played the game and don't plan to do so as I'm not really into multi-player arena games.

That being said, this series literally blew me away.

I'll just leave these two reviews here...

Knocked my socks off...some of the most compelling story-telling I've seen in years

Just watched the Netflix series 'Arcane'. This series is an origin story for the video game League of Legends. I have never played the game and don't plan to do so as I'm not really into multi-player arena games.

That being said, this series literally blew me away.

I'll just leave these two reviews here...

Go gently

Opinion: Withdrawal is no longer sufficient

There are an increasing number of reports of horrific war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine in the last couple of days...rape, mass executions and burial. If these reports are verified, sanctions should be left in place until Putin is handed over for prosecution.

I'm in a very martial mood today

Binge-watched the ITV series Sharpe again...can't get the song out of my head.

The economy improves...with capacity limits in place...milestone gaming totals reached in February

As usual MSM fails to notice...


February marked the 12th straight month of Nevada’s gaming industry bringing in more than $1 billion in gaming revenue, hitting a new milestone even amid lower-than-anticipated Strip resort gaming totals.

With the Omicron variant quieting the normally busy Chinese New Year’s celebration on the Strip, casinos statewide still produced more than $1.1 billion in gaming revenue during February, eclipsing the month’s previous record of $1.07 billion set in 2013.

The slower-than-normal Chinese New Year’s celebration led to a softness in baccarat play, and its contribution of $62.1 million to the Strip’s revenue total of $599.1 million was just 10.3 percent. In February 2013, baccarat revenues were 38 percent of the Strip’s revenue.

Still, the Strip’s February revenue total was the region’s third-highest ever for the month and was up 1.2 percent from the pre-pandemic figure in February 2019.

“For the state to set an all-time win total for the month and the Strip to record its third-highest win total all-time in February without a strong Chinese New Year illustrates the strength we are seeing from locals, domestic customers and leisure travelers,” Gaming Control Board Senior Economic Analyst Michael Lawton said.

The state’s February figure was 44 percent higher than the total recorded a year ago, when casinos were still operating under COVID-19 capacity limitations that had been in place since casinos reopened on June 4, 2020, following a 78-day shutdown.

Nevada tribes taking advantage of improved voting access


In 2021, the Nevada Legislature passed a bill allowing tribes to request a polling site or ballot drop box on their reservation that would automatically return each election cycle. Prior to 2019, tribal governments in Nevada did not have the option to request a polling place. The regulated process also makes it more difficult for election officials to deny tribes requests for voter services.

The legislation to safeguard tribal voting in Nevada came after a successful lawsuit by citizens of the Pyramid Lake Paiute and Walker River Paiute tribes in 2016 against Nevada and two counties for routinely denying the tribes early voting polling locations.The location of polling places matters, say tribal leaders. After the litigation by the Walker River Paiute Tribe spurred polling sites on their reservation, Mineral County recorded its highest voter turnout at 80.74% in 2020.

Emergency pandemic voting accommodations in 2020, like universal mail in ballots and extensive drop boxes, were made available to Nevada tribes and further expanded voting access.

Native voters in Nevada had the highest turnout of all demographic groups in 2020 and turnout was up 25% from 2016, according to Megan Gall, a consultant specializing in voting rights.

“That is the largest increase of any sub-population in the state of Nevada,” said Stacey Montooth, executive director of the Nevada Indian Commission and citizen of the Walker River Paiute Tribe “I think it is likely due to voter choice or the ability for our people to vote by whatever method they wanted: in person, early, by mail, or via drop boxes. This momentum will carry us into the next election.”

Anybody wanna buy a lightly used P-82?

Military aviation unobtanium...


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