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logosoco's Journal
logosoco's Journal
November 8, 2020

This is one i keep going back and forth on.

I am one of those who is a little bit love and light and a little bit go f**k yourself.

I want to move forward. There is much work to be done. But it feels like if we don't start holding the big ones at the top accountable that is worse than cleaning the house when the kids are still home.

We have seen videos of black people being killed by the police when they committed no crimes or very minor crimes. But at the same time the ones at the top, in the Bush and Trump administrations who have done so much harm to so many, even the world over and they don't have any consequences at all to pay.

What is that they say about Bernie Maddoff? The only reason he went to prison was because he ripped off rich people, too.

If we don't start holding the ones at the top accountable i think we will just keep seeing them doing worse and worse things because they know they can get away with it.

The trump kids and Bannon, they both got busted for taking money for "charity" and then pocketing it. What would happen to me if i did that? I would like to think i would end up in jail. They are out and about still spewing how wonderful they are.

That don't seem right.

November 6, 2020

I am sure that my fellow DUers can relate

to being political junkies. My family is a bunch of political junkies!

We have a running thread message: myself, my three young adult kids and my almost 13 year old grandson.
This morning around 6 AM, my son messaged about how close it was in PA. My grandson chimed in with the exact percentage point difference. Then my daughter said "Aren't you supposed to be in a zoom meet?" He is in 7th grade doing all virtual this year. I said I had to screen shot this exchange because it says so much about our family and this year.

This afternoon, my son (age 29) said this: I bet 200,000+ is finally starting to sound like a lot of people to the president.

April 14, 2020

Thank you for posting this!

I am making a note to get this issue of Rolling Stone (yes, I am that old that i still like paper back ups to what is on the net!). It is a wonderful timeline. Years from now I can show this to my grandsons, who are now 12 and 10 and their lives have been very much changed by this and they will it will not ever be "quickly forgotten" as the orange monster has suggested. I want them to know this story with the details and this writer has them down very well.

We are going to be fine...eventually.

I hope!

I guess much of that depends on if the trumpsters can see what is in front of their faces. Finally.

April 5, 2020

Can we all just be Enlanders today?


I was very touched by the Queen's address. I told my daughter to play it for my grandsons so they would know what leaders SHOULD sound like!

She never once accused the NHS workers of stealing supplies!

March 20, 2020

If people in New York and California are now expected to stay in their homes...

is trump going to be going to Mar-a-lago?

What has been the longest amount of time during his "administration" has he actually stayed at the White House?

February 19, 2018

ANOTHER post about Facebook!!!!

I use Facebook and i enjoy it. It keeps me in touch with people I have history with. Yes, I have to roll my eyes a lot and ignore them. I like to think they notice I am not liking some of their stuff, but anyway...

I think I have come to the conclusion that it is the same folks who were bashing Kaepernik and those who chose to take a stand against the injustice of the judicial system by taking a knee during the anthem are the SAME ones who are all "I have to have my guns! It's my right".

I don't think they even see how these two thoughts in the same head show hypocrisy and quite a bit of selfishness. Everyone has forgotten that we are all made of the same stuff and came from the same place. Things get out of whack when a person either values themselves too much (like trump does) or not enough and then when they don't care about themselves they can't care about others.

I think there is a major lack of critical thinking skills in this country. Along with not a good understanding of the Constitution or a good study of history.

Has anyone else noticed this? I guess this question is directed to those who have facebook and still follow people who they don't agree with.

August 15, 2017

I imagine there are an extraordinary amount of people coming to/already here

from all over the world to experience the eclipse.

Is there any change the protestors can keep tRump in his tower while they are here? Kind of like that old dog that has to be put in the back room when company comes.

March 3, 2017

The Great American Eclipse**Where will YOU be?


August 21, 2017

Where will you be????

I am lucky enough to be in the path of totality! SW of St. Louis. I told my family members up in Madison, WI as soon as I learned of this event. They are all coming down to experience this amazing phenomenon!!!

I am posting this tonight because i am getting so depressed over all of what has happened since November. They can't take this away or fuck it up!!!!!! (I don't think!!!)

I am looking forward to hearing from other DUers. Those in the path and if anyone will be making special travel to be in the best spots.
March 2, 2017

I Almost agree with Melania here:


from the article:
Melania Trump talked with patients and their families about “how the gift of nature and the beauties of the outdoors can contribute to the healing process,” according to the hospital.(snip)

I do know the healing benefits of nature. Our local hospital, built within the last 10 years, took this into consideration when building and the entire back part of the hospital faces natural space for the patients to enjoy while there. The morning I left there after my gallbladder surgery I watched a deer from my hospital window.

And I do know the healing powers of the cannabis plant. I have also seen many moving stories of how it has helped children with seizure disorders. That is straight from nature.


The best thing we can do for the health of children now and in the future is to ensure that they have clean water, a food supply free of the overuse of pesticides and that the air they breathe has the lowest levels of pollution. The choice of her husband for the head of the EPA does not seem to feel any of that is necessary.

So, while i think it is nice of Melania to take her time and visit this children's hospital, I hope she can see and understand what her husbands policies are setting up for the children now and in the future.

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