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essme's Journal
essme's Journal
January 20, 2021

That felt like the metaphorical metamucil kicking in....

Jesus Christ- what a relief.

January 20, 2021

Is the helicopter outside the WH yet?

I am trying to find a live stream

January 10, 2021

Has anyone seen Melania or that vapid daughter

for the past several days?

One would think they would be enjoying the last few days in DC on their new tennis court, or hosting cocktail parties in that little house thing Melania put by the tennis court-

January 9, 2021

DONJR.com Please do not sign up on this website

I know most DUers will be thinking, "why in the HELL would I sign up for that mess?" (Yeah, me too)

However, I know it's fun to watch RW nuts in real time on the internet; two decades ago, we DUers would organize AOL chat rooms, and read "FreeRepublic."

But, this is different: this is an unsecured website that collects too much data- data that should not be needed to just watch the loons. Here is the privacy policy: https://donjr.com/42521100455/policies/privacy-policy.html?locale=en

You do not want these fruitcakes having the information they are asking for; if you have to read his horrid, silly assed, ghost written book, either borrow it from the public library on overdrive, or buy it from a 3rd party source. Better- in a month, you will be able to find it at Goodwill for a dollar.

January 8, 2021

OK, who wrote Trump's new "speech?" (it lasted 3 minutes or so)

Reminded me of kind of a Peggy Noonan tone.

Didn't sound like him at all- in the least. Phoniest shit I have seen in years.

But, the speech writer did a good job.

January 4, 2021

OK, DUers- I need advice, and this is not a political post

If this belongs in the Lounge, please let me know- and I will post there.

My sister in law and her husband have had terrible problems with addictions for years. They are in their 40's--- right now, they are in a treatment program.

Their folks- my inlaws- have always tried to "help" them, but it feels like they have always set them up for failure: "If you jump through THIS hoop, then we will do this..." type of help.

We are in a position (thank goddess) to help- but, we are looking at permanent solutions to help them get on their feet and get healthy.

Neither of us have ever had a drug addiction (and this IS drugs- not alcohol) and don't know where to begin. I am somewhat scared to move them in with us as they are constantly having "accidents." They are always in trouble with the law for driving without a license, etc. Their trailer burned down, and the only explanation we got had something to do with a space heater.

I need something other than "rock bottom." Homelessness is not "rock bottom" for them. I literally cannot face them dying while we have the means to help.

Any advice? I have heard of "Al anon" for family members. Is that a good start?

Maybe it's me, but I just feel like if they had a stable home, and learned to do things like get their oil changed in their car, learned that paying their phone on time would mean it wouldn't be cut off....Maybe they could get it together?

I really do not know where to turn at this point-

January 3, 2021

It's time for groups to step up and make statements

Sierra Club
Audobon Society
University Chancellors

Let their members know where they stand on whether they support this bullshit coup attempt.

And it's time for us to hit the phones and emails tomorrow, even if we don't live in a contested state. Call your Reps and let them know that you do not approve.

January 2, 2021

During the last week, I posted that we were up at a ski resort in NC

to be very clear, we were there to maintain and clean our property- we took all of our food with us, and did not go outside except to walk, or go on the deck. We did not go to a grocery store, liquor store, or take out from a restaurant. Our place does not share an HVAC system with any other place.

I wrote that I was shocked at the number of people out without masks- Our place overlooks the ski lodge....so, I don't have to answer the question of "how do you know that?"

This week, we got this email from the place we normally use to rent to skiers: "We wanted to make everyone aware that we have had to temporarily suspend booking for guests from today 1/1/20 to Tuesday 1/5/20. We are still honoring bookings already made, however, we have over half of our staff members including housekeepers out with covid. We unfortunately do not have the manpower to take on any more bookings until the beginning of next week when we are able to get more staff in. We apologize for any inconvenience and want to thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time."

I absolutely believe now there is the possibility that popular vacation spots in NC may shut down again to tourists. They did last March.
I hope they do again.

And yes- for any Republican reading this- we ARE losing money. And no, I don't care- I want to see people live.

January 1, 2021

Parler, and other forums like it are the 21st Century "Jonestowns"

My oldest friend- of 35 or so years has been going nuttier and nuttier for the past several months. Let me give a bit of background information:

We (I am a 56 year old female) met when I was 21, living in a communal atmosphere in Asheville, NC. It was so much fun; the entire group was pretty liberal, we all had jobs and contributed to the upkeep of the house, monthly bills, etc. We hung out, had friends over, wonderful conversations. I don't recall any of us ever drinking- I can't even remember seeing a bottle of wine in the house. We were pretty healthy; our greatest fun was cooking huge meals and enjoying each other's company. The house (which has been sold) is in North Asheville near the Grove Park Inn. We were all involved with something creative, whether it was school, the environment, bird watching, photography- etc.

Over the years, we all moved on as people do- got married, had kids, got divorced (in my case, I traveled- and decided to go back to school and attend grad school)--- the usual. Nothing serious- just normal life.

My friend (who is male) was always interested in the paranormal- UFO's, ghosts. I have an open mind, so thought it was interesting, and sometimes fun. He was also- at the time, a computer genius. This guy was on the forefront of installing satellite TV, then cable- Electronically, he knew what he was doing- no doubt about it. There was nothing electronic he couldn't fix.

He is also Poly. Again, not interested in that lifestyle for myself, but I really just don't worry about how others self identify their preferred family structure.

Since Trump was elected, I have been getting some pretty strange emails. Again, nothing new- usually it's about UFO's, ghosts, etc. But, now it's become weirder and political. He is sending me emails that read like Qanon crap. Political conspiracy theories. "Deep state crap." I don't need to tell you guys what they say, because you all probably have an idea.

However, now? I am getting emails with the same theme: "You don't know what I do- you don't know what is REALLY going on."

I am a firm believer now that we have a serious problem in the US: A cult- and one whose space is defined by URL's as opposed to a plot of land. This one is bigger than anything we have ever seen, and should not be taken lightly.

Cults require a few things to define them:

1. Leadership. (Trump, and minions in the House, Senate, and on the state level)
2. Membership in a defined space. (Parler, Qanon....There are probably many wesbites I don't know about)
3. Paranoia about "the other" --- don't talk to them, don't mix- hence, the rise of Parler for the middle class-
but, more importantly:

4. A belief that requires that one is a "member." Part of a "family." That feeling of "belonging," and that you and the others are privvy to information ONLY available to YOU and other members. All humans need a family, or a "pack." Even Incels- that's why they join Incel groups- there are very few TRUE loners- even Thoreau needed an audience.

Old fashioned cults would have hated the internet- they self-defined by physical geography. They hated the rest of the world, and went out of their way to NOT allow others in. Jonestown, Heaven's Gate, the Manson "family." The last thing they wanted was scrutiny.

This is going to be one of the biggest issues facing us as we move forward. It's scary as crap.

And yes- I miss my friend. I do. He's a neat guy- and I am NOT cutting contact. I keep writing him back and saying, "this is not a credible source," and explaining why.

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