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corkhead's Journal
corkhead's Journal
January 13, 2016

Letter from an Oregon Militiaman

Don't know if this hasn't been already posted somewhere. I got a kick out of it. Ken Burns would be proud.

September 29, 2015

My Mackinac Island Photo Essay, or "Don't it always seem to go"...

...That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone

They took Gerry's head

put up a Totem Pole!

This was originally planned to be a pilgrimage to see Michigan's own Easter Island homage, featuring the head of Homer Simpson, (actually it's supposed to be Gerald Ford). Turns out our scheduled weekend coincided with the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference Sadly the big bronze head was gone so I couldn't pose with it wearing my Bernie shirt.

I did have the chance to get a picture in front of the Governor's Residence on the island. Hard to see but I was pretty sure that was Governor Rick Snyder in the window on the right, behind the tree. Sadly that was the closest I got to any of the several Republican luminaries and clown car passengers that were on the island that weekend

Of course the obligatory photo in front of the now famous Horn's Bar where the fight between the two staffers took place

Here's one with my wife, in the mouth of Cheney's Kitchen I wore the shirt 2 solid days during the conference and received nothing but positive comments and thumbs up from the people there on the island with me, including from some "Republicans for Sanders" that got a picture taken with Jeb

Got a kick out of seeing this Kasich bumper sticker...

On this pedal driven "honey wagon"

Finally, you can't leave the island without bringing back fudge from one of the great Michigan chocolate producers...

If you get handed lemons, make lemonade!

November 8, 2014

In Michigan - Democrats Get More Votes, Lose Anyway

In the 14 congressional races, Democrats received more votes than Republicans:
Democrats: 1,515,716 (49.15%)
Republicans: 1,463,854 (47.47%)
Democrats got more votes, but Republicans were victorious (again) in 9 of the 14 races. They accomplished that by stuffing as many Democrats into as few districts as possible. The average margin of victory for winning Dems was 86,410; the average GOP win margin was 42,243.

Read it and weep. Much more at the link

August 1, 2013

Republicon "survey" fell into my mailbox yesterday - priceless comedy

Mrs. Corkhead and myself live in Michigan and voted in the Republicon primary in 2012 so we are on the mailing list for this kind of stuff now. I am supposed to be working so I don't have time to add any commentary other than to say I find this quite an amusing tool for them to herd their sheep. Enjoy!

December 14, 2011

A bug or a trippy hallucination regarding the testing of ignore

about 1pm et, today, I saw a new thread come up posted by "Eladtest" (if I recall correctly) that said "Testing the ignore feature" "Please ignore me". I thought I would volunteer some assistance, so I poked around, found ignore, and when I picked it, I got a "page not found" error. My subsequent reply ended up in the "Vegetarian, Vegan and Animal Rights group", where it was quickly locked because it looked like I was barking at the moon. To add to this weirdness, I was briefly knighted "Host" of that forum for about 5 minutes before my "superpowers" were revoked by Skinner.

Paging Lewis Caroll... What the hell happened? Were those magic mushrooms in my pasta primavera?

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