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How child molesters justify their actions

(PhysOrg.com) -- Men who sexually abuse children generally blame external factors to explain their actions and diminish their guilt. “Every reason they give is a cognitive distortion,” says Sarah Paquette, a student who investigated the issue as part of her master's thesis at the Université de Montréal School of Criminology.

To confirm the rationale often cited in the scientific literature Paquette interviewed more than twenty men convicted of sexually molesting children. Some of the men had been violent and others had not. The semi-structured interviews were conducted under the supervision of professors Franca Cortoni and Jean Proulx.
“Molesters admit to raping and know it is wrong,” says Paquette. “But they rationalize their actions to cope with the situation they find themselves in. These rationalizations are cognitive distortions that allow them to act on their impulses, and there are as many rationalizations as there are molesters.”

However, all reasons given can be grouped into six major categories.

First, the alleged impossibility to control one's urges: hormones, stress, alcohol, drugs or God are all factors deemed uncontrollable by the molester. “It's always because of something else,” says Paquette.

Second, the right to do as one pleases. Those who use this argument believe their status, as head of the family for instance, bestows upon them certain privileges that must be satisfied by others. The example of Roch “Moïse” Thériault comes to mind. “These people also believe that sexual relations with children will one day be accepted by society, like they were in ancient times,” says Paquette.

Third, some claim the act didn't harm the child in any way. Those who invoke this argument often highlight their restraint: “I touched, but there was no penetration;” “I didn't sodomize;” “She didn't bleed;” “It didn't last long,” or “she was asleep.”

Fourth, some believe adult women are either “dangerous” manipulators or out-of-reach given their beauty and purity. This belief often goes hand in hand with a very positive image of children who are non-threatening and easier to control.

Fifth, some molesters perceive children as sexual beings capable of consent. They believe children appreciate sexual contact and need it, as it is part of life's pleasures.
Finally, Paquette defined a sixth category overlooked in previous studies. This category suggests that molesters see themselves as children. They feel they have the mental age of a child and believe they are living a reciprocal love with the child.

Provided by: University of Montreal


This is new to me, and very interesting....

Russia recognizes Palestine as a state. Who knew?

In Jericho, Russian president says Moscow has not changed its position since 1988 when it 'recognized independent Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem'

Elior Levy |Last update: 18.01.11 , 16:36

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday Moscow had recognized an independent Palestinian state in 1988 and was not changing that position adopted by the former Soviet Union.

But on his first visit to the Israeli-occupied West Bank as Russian head of state, Medvedev stopped short of making a ringing declaration of recognition of Palestinian statehood by the Russian Federation that he represents.

At a news conference with Medvedev in Jericho, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said: "We remember that Russia was one of the first states in the world to recognize the state of Palestine in 1988."

Medvedev responded, saying: "Russia made its choice a long time ago ...we supported and will support the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to an independent state with its capital in east Jerusalem."

The Soviet Union recognized a Palestinian state in 1988, after it was declared by the late Yasser Arafat in a move that won broad support in the Communist bloc and Third World but had little real impact on diplomatic and political realities.

Medvedev also expressed his willingness to take on a greater role in the peace process. "Everyone - the Palestinians and Israelis - will benefit from the establishment of a Palestinian state. The region will benefit all the Middle East nations will benefit. This is the goal we should aspire to," he said.

*more at link...https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4015504,00.html

Reporter asks Sanders if she has ever been sexually harassed-The Hill

BY AVERY ANAPOL - 12/11/17 03:10 PM EST

Amid an ongoing national discussion about sexual misconduct, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to answer directly when asked during Monday’s press briefing if she herself has ever been sexually harassed.

CNN’s Brian Karem asked Sanders the question during a tense briefing in which Sanders had sparred with reporters over “fake news” and discussed the sexual harassment allegations against President Trump.

“As a woman standing up there talking to us, I know your job is to relate what the president says, have you ever been sexually harassed and do you understand — and I’m not saying by the president — I’m saying ever,” Karem asked. “And secondly, do you have any empathy for those who come forward? Because it’s very difficult.”

Sanders responded that she does empathize with sexual harassment victims, but did not say whether she had personal experiences with harassment.
“I absolutely would say that I have an empathy for any individual who has been sexually harassed, and that certainly would be the policy of the White House,” she said. “I’m not here to speak about my personal experience on that front, but I’m here to relay information on behalf of the president.”

The press briefing came after several senators called for Trump to step down over the resurgence of the more than 16 accusations that he sexually harassed or assaulted women. Three of Trump’s accusers held a press conference Monday in which they called for a congressional investigation into their allegations.

The official White House position on the Trump allegations is that all of the women are lying.


Who is that African American man with Roy Moore all the time?



Waiting for Trump to blame Schumer and Obama for this mornings attack in NYC


BREAKING -Some type of explosion in Manhattan subway; Port Authority:


It just happened, more information later.

When Trump invited Lindsay Graham over for 'golf' or 'lunch'

he had one thing in mind. Trump ordered Graham to go to Hilary and reopen that email case. Well, Graham is going after Hillary. Trump sees the senators as brown shirts, Gestapo, to do his will.

Schiff: There's "damning" evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

Erica Pandey 5 hrs ago

Rep. Adam Schiff — the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee investigating contact between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin — said the evidence of coordination is "pretty damning" on CNN's "State of the Union."

"We have all of these facts in chronology, you'd have to believe that these were all isolated incidents, not connected to each other — just doesn't make rational sense ... We do know this: the Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help, the Russians gave help and the president made full use of that help. That is pretty damning, whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of conspiracy or not."


Dem law makers, please resurrect Trump's sex allegations....

When the allegations and the women came forward you should have stayed on it

Trumps dangerous move will result in people being hurt ,or even worse...dying.

and he will blame Obama as soon as it happens.
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