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Member since: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 01:15 AM
Number of posts: 1,689

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No mention of Charlottesville or

The sailors who lost their lives today.

This was nothing more than a hate rally.

From Twittersphere

CNN: Grand Jury
MSNBC: Grand Jury
WSJ: Grand Jury
NYT: Grand Jury
Fox News: How much is too much for a fidget spinner?


Ok...I held my breath and....

...plunged into freeperville.

Nothing....nada......zilch...on the big Grand Jury news.

Why am I not surprised?

eta: oh wait....I found one. All the GJ is made up of Dems. Nothing to see here.

This just in!!!

The WH will propose building the wall with HRC emails. The Republicans figure since they can't get over it, nobody else will either.

(Stolen from Facebook)

Did anyone else notice

that when McCain voted no, many Dems started clapping and Schumer waved them off? They stopped immediately.

Classy move by Chuck, methinks.

I did something today for the first time.

I called a Congresswoman. Rosa DeLauro.

I saw her on MJ this morning. They didn't give her much time, but I immediately downloaded her book. I'll probably spend all day reading it. Because she speaks to my heart.

She champions the poor and disadvantaged.

The book is called, "The Least Among Us."

If you can, give it a read.

Her staff was incredibly kind.

May I ask a question?

A simple one.

How many Muslims are members or lurkers on this board?

The event in Portland just leave me sick at heart.

Are there Muslims here that are afraid to identify as such. Because if you are here....I detest the hate against you and wish there was something, anything, I could do to stop this assault on you.


She's in labor!! No kidding.

I've been losing sleep watching. It's happening right now.


I've been thinking...

I don't post often, so when I do, I give my words a lot of thought before posting them.


It has been on my mind lately that many Americans cannot comprehend the concept of war. Other than what they see on the evening news or in the paper, it is a faraway concept. To those people, it is like watching a movie. Something that happens on screen but not in real life.

But, if bombs were dropping in, say, an Atlanta suburb, or terrorist cells began blowing up large Christian churches in the Bible Belt...if people died en mass, as they are in the ME, they would be reconsidering their concept of war. I imagine they would want it to stop, no matter what it took.

Why are these people so willing to commend our out of control Supreme Leader for dropping an MOAB that devestates an area a mile in diameter, killing every man, woman and child? If it were their families or their friend's families, they would be clamoring or an end to the violence.

My fear is that when (not if) it begins to happen right here at home, many Americans will not really get it. They will be shocked, because they believe we live in a country that is impervious to attack. We are not.

Our so-called pResident is dragging us straight down that rabbit hole.

I'm scared for this country.


How can we get State by State threads here for the RESISTANCE? A thread for each State's protests, marches, boycotts..etc?

I live in Northern VA. Where are the rallys on a state level?l. List them!



My 18 month old granddaughter depends on me....and on you.

The Tea Party will look like weak tea compared to us!!

I have finally come out of my shock and depression. I am ready to fight!! Are you?

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