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RockCreek's Journal
RockCreek's Journal
February 13, 2024

Cannot get credit card option up for onetime star member payment.

I will not use PayPal directly.
Using Android Galaxy - newer version. Never had this problem before.
Thank you.

November 18, 2022

"Don't feed the Beast" - A basic rule regarding narcissists.

"Don't feed the Beast".
This is a basic rule for dealing with narcissists. And Trump is a narcissist.

The investigation of Trump was always going to be politicized. It was inevitable that the Republicans and media would yell that this investigation was political until millions believed it.
It was also inevitable that if alive Trump would run for president again. This is both in his narcissistic nature, and because it seems to afford him some immunity. A snake like him will always seize any shelter to escape consequences of his actions. He has been doing so for over 70 years.

Given all of this, I did expect the DOJ to have had the foresight to appoint a Special Counsel from the get-go.

I am not saying this in hindsight. I thought this from the time Garland was appointed and the DOJ took on the Trump cases.

I am angry about any delay that results from appointing a SC almost 2 years into the game. I am angrier about Trump and his announcement receiving more attention by appointing the SC now. This is feeding the beast. This is exactly what one should NOT do when dealing with a Narcissistic Snake.

November 18, 2022

Hillary Clinton for Special Counsel!

As long as we're nominating our favorites, I'm just going for the gold

(No, not meant seriously!!)

November 17, 2022

And the first Female Speaker!

From her web site, https://pelosi.house.gov/biography-0
"Nancy Pelosi is the 52nd Speaker of the House of Representatives, having made history in 2007 when she was elected the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. Pelosi made history again in January 2019 when she regained her position second-in-line to the presidency – the first person to do so in more than six decades"

Jan 4th, 2007 was the great day that she first became Speaker. She served as Speaker from 2007 - 2011, and then again from 2019 - the present. And, of course, she served as the Minority Leader from 2011 - 2019.

November 17, 2022

To honor Nancy Pelosi

To honor Nancy Pelosi, I think that work on a statue of her to be placed in the Capital Rotunda should begin immediately. She should know that this is being done, and not be initiated posthumously. This way, she could add her touches to it -- the way presidents have a say in their official portraits. And any statue would gain from her input. What doesn't benefit from her contribution?

It would also be a beautiful, and beautifully ironic, way to move the Rotunda past the stench of January 6th.
"Where is Nancy Pelosi?" -- Waiting for you in the Rotunda, of course.

Not that I have any say or input whatsoever, but please add a comment or rec if you agree. Maybe a power that be will be skimming through DU, and know that this community at least wants her honored now!

November 9, 2022

What would DUers think of "Senator Katie Porter"?

Katie Porter hangs on to a narrow lead in her district. Watching that race got me thinking "what ifs?"
- what if she isn't reelected? She'd make a great CA senator if Feinstein couldn't complete her term for any reason. Or if Feinstein decided not to run in 2024 (at 91 years old), or any similar situation. And Newsom just won re-election, so he would be making the pick in any replacement situation.
I don't know much about the differences between being a Senator and a Rep. But she'd be great on that Senate Judiciary Committee!

November 9, 2022

The BBC and Guardian both highlight Drump's Mob-like threads against DeSatan.

Mob threats by a politician - even Trump- made it to near the top of each of these British web pages.

BBC: "Donald Trump has warned Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis against running for president in 2024, saying doing so would harm the Republican Party.

"I think he would be making a mistake. I think the base would not like it," the former president told Fox News.

He also threatened to release unflattering information about the 44-year-old, without providing details...."


The Guardian:

"Speaking to reporters on his plane on Monday night, Trump said: “I think if he runs he could hurt himself very badly. I think the base would not like it – I don’t think it would be good for the party.”

The former US president also warned that he would tell reporters “things” about the Florida governor “that won’t be very flattering”.

Trump is expected to announce his third run for the Republican presidential nomination later this month, seeking to piggyback predicted Republican success in Tuesday’s midterm elections. At a pre-midterms rally in Ohio on Monday, he indicated an announcement could come in Florida on 15 November.

DeSantis has emerged as the most powerful rival to Trump in Republican circles, governing his state with rightwing policies popular with the party’s Trumpist base...."


March 7, 2022

Ukraine decries 'immoral' Kremlin offer of civilian corridors to Russia or Belarus

Source: The Guardian

Ukraine has criticised a proposal by Moscow to open refugee corridors as “completely immoral” after the Russian defence ministry announced that civilians fleeing some cities would only be allowed to leave for Belarus or Russia.
As Russian forces continued to pound Ukrainian cities, with rockets hitting residential buildings, Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, said negotiations were under way with Russia on establishing safe routes out.

But humanitarian corridors were unlikely to be set up while Russian forces keep trying to advance, Arestovich said, adding that although Ukrainians should be able to decide individually where they wanted to go, evacuating to Russia was not advisable.

A spokesperson for the Ukrainian presidency, meanwhile, said people must be allowed to flee their homes through Ukrainian territory. “This is a completely immoral story. People’s suffering is used to create the desired television picture,” he said.

On Monday, Russia announced humanitarian corridors would open in several Ukrainian cities, a day after some of the hundreds of thousands of civilians trying to flee cities including Mariupol came under fire as they attempted to leave.

More at www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/07/russia-humanitarian-corridors-ukraine-war-mariupol-kyiv

Read more: www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/07/russia-humanitarian-corridors-ukraine-war-mariupol-kyiv

IMO this is 1) attempt to create propaganda films of Ukrainian's "fleeing Nazis" to the "safety of Mother Russia"
2) Although I know this analogy is exaggerated, it feels not very different from offering Jews dying in the Polish ghettos "humanitarian corridors" to get to "safety" in concentration camps.

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