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Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich

He does such a great job making complex issues simple and arguing his point.

Trump's Lawyers Warn Him: Get Ready to Be Indicted by the Feds - Rolling Stone Mag

This is 4 days old but I searched and don't see that it was ever posted on DU.


SOME OF DONALD Trump’s lawyers and top advisers have given the former president an unwelcome, if not unexpected message in recent weeks: You should expect to get indicted this year.


This month, several legal and political counselors to Trump have bluntly informed him that they expect the Justice Department to charge him in the criminal investigation into his hoarding of highly classified documents following the end of his presidency, two sources familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone. The feds have also been probing whether or not Trump tried to obstruct the investigation prior to last year’s FBI raid of the ex-president’s Florida estate.

This, of course, comes on the heels of Trump’s indictment by local prosecutors in Manhattan in April for falsifying business records. Later this summer, officials in Fulton County, Georgia, are expected to decide whether or not to indict Trump on election fraud charges.

Trump’s attorneys and confidants have told Trump that though they view the federal investigation as “bullshit,” they would be surprised at this point if he wasn’t charged — particularly for alleged obstruction of justice — and have urged Trump to prepare for yet another historic fight. “Looks like they’re going for it,” one of the sources says. “People close to the [former] president have discussed with him what we think is going to happen soon, and how he and everyone else needs to be ready for it … it would be crazy not to.”

More: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/trump-lawyers-warn-federal-indictment-classified-docs-1234741855/

This video goes into the article:

I've heard hints from the media that Trump sold or tried to sell classified information to foreign

countries. If this is true I can't see how he can't go to jail for any less than 10 years. I'm interested in what others here think about this? Is this something we expect from Jack Smith or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

New 911 Tape RELEASED in NEW Massive GOP Scandal. (Boebert's son being abused)

I agree with this guys take. She is complete and utter trash who puts her career in front of the wellbeing of her own kids.

New Mexico motorcycle rally ends in mass shooting between rival gangs

Where Was Christopher Nolan's Movie 'Oppenheimer' Filmed?

ByJoe FintanPublishedDecember 27, 2022

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Oppenheimer, tells us the story of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and The Manhattan Project. It was the mission that caused the creation of the first atomic bomb and nuclear weapons in the 1940s at the time of World War II.

Where was Oppenheimer filmed? Where did Filming for the movie take place?
Fans might be interested to know that most of the film’s locations are precise to the real events and places in Robert Oppenheimer’s life. The Filming was done in and around Los Alamos, New Mexico, on a custom set, and also in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oppenheimer’s family home in Los Alamos was also a part of this movie.

He used to be a professor at UC Berkeley in California from 1929 to 1943. So, the production team of this movie visually sent the campus back to the 1940s because of the scenes filmed at the school. Filming on campus was done in May 2022, with the actual building at UC Berkeley, where he taught his classes. Few of the scenes were filmed at UC Los Angeles’ campus surrounding the greater Los Angeles area.

After World War II, Oppenheimer became director of a Princeton, New Jersey school. Similarly, the movie also filmed scenes on the Princeton University campus and around New Jersey. These are all the locations we know till now. However, the creative team of this film worked hard to secure accurate locations for the film.

Link: https://www.trillmag.com/entertainment/tv-film/where-was-christopher-nolans-movie-oppenheimer-filmed/

Red River, New Mexico Shooting: 3 dead, 5 injured in Red River shooting

Lauren Boebert is...Piss Cop The Daily Show

LIVE: Jack Smith Looks READY TO INDICT Trump Legal AF

The one that has my interest is Trump's business dealings with foreign countries. If he sold classified documents to foreign countries he is so toast he will be a pile of black crumbs.

Autonomous F-16 fighter jets being tested by the U.S. military

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