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Praek3's Journal
Praek3's Journal
August 14, 2022

GQP Needs Preparation H

These Trump lovers need some Prep H. They are straining soooo hard to make him honest and not a thief, that they have turned themselves into hemorrhoids.

Quite hilarious.

May 3, 2022

Men's Pregnancy/Abortion Responsibilities

It is passed time that men are held accountable for their responsibility in reproduction issues.

First, if you want to stop unwanted pregnancies REQUIRE men to wear condoms. Financial and criminal penalties applied to lawbreakers. Simple.
Second, no more limp penis medical care. If you are flaccid, too bad.
Third, no more bent penis medical care. Don't use your penis if it is too bent for sex. Tough sh*t.
Fourth, rapists should be castrated.
Fifth, men causing unwanted pregnancies should be chemically castrated for at least nine months.
Six, male health matters to sperm quality just as does maternal health. Stop holding women solely responsible for procreative processes.


Think this isn't fair? Try carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Try telling your raped eleven-year-old daughter that she needs to stay pregnant because power-hungry Christo/facist conservative MAGAt GQP morons are happy to force their thinly held whims on her.

February 26, 2022

Russian Fighters

Vlad Putin fights from behind gold-leaf decorations, paid for with the blood of poor Russian citizens.

Don Trump fights from behind his dinner plate, as he spews verbal diarrhea, to anyone within earshot in the Mar a Lardo diner.

Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity-Laura Ingraham fight from their makeup chairs, as they try, and fail, to paint themselves as human.

Mike Pompeo and many others fight for Russia from the safety of American soil. Soil they refuse to defend.

P.S. Anyone else notice Pootie's rhetoric sounds like Trump's? I expect to hear bigly come out of Vlad's mouth soon.

December 4, 2021

GQOP Birth Control-Stay Pregnant

Dingaling Coney Barrett says pregnancy isn't a burden for women. She is a liar.

My unplanned pregnancy resulted in the birth of multiples. To maintain the health of the babies I had to quit my job at month five because of contractions. At month seven I had to leave my home, move 75 miles away, and move in with relatives to be closer to high risk medical care.

I was put on bed rest to protect me and the babies. But for me it meant the couch in my relative's living room. They took good care of me but don't tell me that the pregnancy was not a burden for me or my relatives. My spouse couldn't be uprooted so we couldn't even see each other with any frequency.

Women like Barrett or Rachel Duffy grunt out babies like it is their white-given right to over populate. Their choice of pregnancy as birth control is repugnant to me.

November 6, 2021

Brett and Aaron

Brett Favre showed us his dick.

Now Aaron Rodgers shows us he's a prick.

Go Pack.

August 13, 2021

Let It All Go to Hell

WARNING: Rant ahead.

Just let it all go to hell. Screw the American people of peace. Screw the world's people of peace. Congressfucks- keep taking your nearly $200,000 per year salary while you take enormous amounts of time off, pad your wallets with per diems, suck up prime medical care, and wallow in spectacular retirement entitlements. Do absolutely nothing to solve our multitude of problems.

Let America crumble to dust. Let Trump and his racist, hateful cult following (America's Taliban jihadists) take over the country town by town. The rich will fly out or board their $500 million yachts to escape. The rest of us will breathe dirt, toxins and smoke. Kill each other for food or water. We can pillage each other to death and hunker down to shelter in place behind our stacks of ammunition and murderous "2nd amendment" machine guns.

Don't try to stop polluting OUR ONLY FUCKING PLANET. My kids and grandkids don't need air, water, or shelter. Don't fix bridges. It costs too much. Never mind that you and your ilk have for decades sanctioned the erosion of our infrastructure. You are too busy trying to score political points so some filthy rich prick can toss some pennies your way to make you feel important. Screw the little people. You got yours.

Screw the people in Afghanistan. Let the females be raped and murdered. After all you did the same to the people of Syria. You abandoned those people after they helped the USA. You don't care that their babies froze to death. Hell, you don't care that Texans froze to death just months ago. And you sure as hell don't care about women or children. If a woman suffers a miscarriage you are going to charge her with murder and imprison her. If you rape and impregnate a woman you are just a man being a man. You don't give a fuck about the children who are here now. If you did you would mandate masks everywhere for all adults and let our babies safely learn maskless.

But you can't be bothered to mask up. You would rather spit in people's faces. Cough on the fruits and veggies in the store. It is against your god-given right to a $10 double decaf. You need a cut and color and a botox refill and can't be bothered to give a shit about anyone but yourself. You need huge pickup trucks to sit in traffic during your twice daily commutes. Electric cars are for pussies. Amiright? The IDEA of a green new deal is enough to drive to kill your librul neighbor. That neighbor is insane for wanting safe water lines, broadband connections, solar energy and asked to be kicked. Not. Your. Fault.


July 24, 2021

Olympic sized sexism

The Olympic governing body demands activity-appropriate attire. Tell me why female beach volleyball players are in bikinis, often wedged into a thong-shaped butt covering.
There is no escape from seeing these women's naked butt cheeks while watching a match.

Yet male beach volleyball players are wearing shorts reaching nearly to their knees. Their tank tops cover their abdomens. Never even a bellybutton to be seen or a pleasure trail to be admired.

I appreciate a finely tuned physique as much as anyone else. Explain to me why exploiting these women is okay. If they don't change this then I demand speedos on the men so I can clearly see the outlines if their penis and testicles. I want to see a speedo being adjusted to cover a male ass cheek.

I am sick of of the rampant females on display sexism EVERYWHERE. If it persists then it is time to exploit the men. Not my preferred option. But what is good for goose is good for the gander.

July 3, 2021

I heard the news that day, oh boy*

Q for You: what concert took place in the Twin Cities (area) on December 9, 1980? I have a ticket stub that says Schon presents and an act's name that has man in it. But I have no clue who it was.

*This was the night John Lennon was murdered. I heard it in the radio (prolly KQRS) on the way to the show.

My words can never convey my appreciation for John Lennon. It's best to just listen to his recordings. I will say that Mind Games and Instant Karma have impacted me throughout my life.

February 11, 2021

Laura Ingraham's Lies

Yesterday Low Life Ingraham said kids were "ratting out" their parents. Maybe their parents shouldn't be racist insurrectionists.

Today Shit Lip Ingraham whines that Trump's horrific immigration policies are being blamed for problems by the Biden team. She is so moronic. She has spewed presidential superiority for four years-how dare she criticize Biden.

Please God, place Ass Kisser for Hire Ingraham in my path. I desire to peacefully protest in her face.

January 22, 2021

Faux Snuz Phukkers

OMG Satan Miller is on Shit Lip Ingraham show. WTF? Sweaty, spewing racist bile.

She said a bit ago that immigrants cause low wages for construction workers. A lie. Consider Republican's Right to Work for Less laws that preclude paying living wages.

I am so effing sick of these liars.

Miller just expressed concern for children. Is he out of his mind? Stephen Babies in Cages Miller?

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