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Green Line

Profile Information

Name: Judy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Mass
Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 1,058

Journal Archives

Just got my shot of Moderna

Sitting waiting out the required 15 minutes. Im in MA, been trying to schedule for a week, I guess I got lucky this morning after reloading the page a hundred times.

Anyone just see Biden's beefed up motorcade?

Looks like a Presidential motorcade.

A good omen?

I was driving to the grocery store this afternoon, the car in front of me had a bumper sticker, 864511320. I went to the deli department and took my number, it was 86.

Did anyone watch Charlie Cook on Lawrence,

Hes predicting a Biden win, a senate win and picking up seats in the house.

I was watching MSNBC tonight and decided I'm done

For the next 3 days Ill be watching Netflix or Prime Video. Theyre driving me nuts with their predictions.

I'm watching Bernie on Anderson Cooper

Has he done any campaigning for Biden? Hes saying hes going to work as hard as he can, but what has he done? Have I missed it?

Just tracked my ballot in MA

Mailed it Sunday the 11th, it was accepted today.

So many signs

I live in Biden country, just a few miles north of Boston, but the number of signs I'm seeing is shocking even here. I went about 10 miles to shop, I took one route to the store and another back, I think every other house had a Biden/Harris sign. I've never seen this many signs, looks like a lot of enthusiasm to me. Not one single Trump sign.

They may be mailing SS recipients checks instead of DD

A friend of mine who has SS direct deposit just received a check by mail. Anyone else?

If anyone is looking for hand sanitizer, I found some

from a distillery in KY: https://mbroland.distilleryspirits.com/

This is the description from their website:

This is the 80% ethanol World Health Organization formula 1 recipe, in a liquid form.

$20 for a half gallon
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